Daily Synopses: January - June, July - December

John turned to Barbara out of loneliness, and she found herself falling in love with him. Pat kicked Liz out of her life when she realized it was Liz who precipitated the family tragedy. Mike was upset when Pat started going on friendly dates with Dave. Pat was shocked when she walked in on John and Barbara's passionate embrace. Later she realized there was always something lacking in her marriage to John. Barbara was angry with John for lying to her that he had settled things with Pat. She broke it off with him and left Bay City.

Liz was upset that Jim was dating Beatrice. Liz felt that Jim belonged with Helen. Helen and Jim were both horrified to learn that Liz was trying to set them up.

Iris commissioned Ken Palmer to sculpt a bust of Jamie for Mac and Rachel. Iris resented the attention Mac gave to Rachel during her pregnancy.

Willis fumed when Sharlene refused to talk Alice out of being involved in Frame Enterprises business.

Angie agreed to marry Neil when she realized she would never be able to win Willis away from Carole.

Sharlene and Russ secretly became engaged. Willis taunted her that he knew what happened in San Diego. He said that while on shore leave from the Navy, two buddies took him to meet a "B-girl" at a sleazy bar, who turned out to be her. In a panic, Sharlene took off for Chadwell.

Learning that Mac was going to Washington on business, Iris gave him the number of an old girlfriend, Tracy DeWitt, now unhappily married. After discovering that Clarice was pregnant with Robert's child, Iris rushed Robert into a quickie marriage. When Clarice learned of the marriage, she vowed never to tell Robert of the baby.

At home alone, Rachel experienced abdominal pains. She telephoned Iris and asked to speak to Mac, but Iris refused. When Rachel passed out, Iris assumed that Rachel had hung up. Mac was distressed to arrive home and find Rachel unconscious. In hospital Rachel began hemorrhaging and required immediate surgery. Mac feared for her as Iris's own mother had died in childbirth. Mac told Dave, "If you must make a choice, save Rachel." Mac sat at Rachel's bedside all night after she lost their baby. Dave told Mac that if they could have gotten to Rachel they might have been able to save the baby. Rachel mumbled in her sleep about asking Iris to speak to Mac, but Iris told Mac that Rachel was just delirious.

Robert bristled when Iris tired to control his professional life. Dennis was upset to hear Robert and Iris fight. Tracy, who was with Iris when Rachel phoned, left for Washington, but not before telling all to Scott.

Jamie found himself interested in Marianne, and was jealous of Daryll Stevens, a young man Mike had fixed her up with.

Pam told Vic that she found out that Willis signed a contract for Frame Enterprises with Jamison and Pratt without telling them. Alice tried to settle the dispute between Vic and Willis by having them be responsible for different areas of the company.

When Sharlene admitted to her that Willis was blackmailing her, Emma returned to Bay City with Sharlene. Sharlene insisted that she can't tell Russ the truth about her past. Emma brought her teenage daughter Molly with her, and Dennis was immediately smitten with her. Iris was aghast to learn Dennis was interested in a common thing like Molly and decided to nip their romance in the bud.

Iris tried to pay off Clarice into leaving town before her baby was born. When Clarice refused, Iris threatened to have her declared an unfit mother and have her baby taken away. Iris then tried to keep Rachel quiet by having a studio built on the grounds of the Cory estate.

Scott told Rachel what happened the night she lost her baby, because Rachel didn't fully remember. Rachel then agonized over whether to tell Mac. Rachel decided to use the information to threaten Iris to stay away from Mac. When Iris went crying to Robert about Rachel's blackmail, Robert defended Rachel, then went to Mac and told him everything. Mac was shaken to the core. He told Iris that he was cutting her out of his life forever. As he turned to leave, she blurted out, "Rachel didn't tell me she was ill!" Mac just stared at her and replied, "I no longer have a daughter." Iris screamed in hysterics and collapsed on the sofa. Louise did her best to comfort her.

Louise and Rocky delivered Rachel's bust of Mac to Iris when she lied that it was promised to her. Mac resented the time Rachel spent with Ken.

Helen hid her hurt feelings when Jim informed her that he has hopes of marrying Beatrice.

Daryll comforted Marianne when she was hurt to discover her father's affair with Barbara.

Angie was reluctant to finalize her wedding plans with Neil. Thinking it would help if they left Bay City, Neil accepted the manager's post in the new Washington branch of Delaney Architects. Afraid that Angie's replacement will tell Vic about his secret deals, Willis realized he can't let her leave town. He kissed Angie and convinced her that he never stopped loving her. When an ecstatic Angie broke it off with him, Neil left town and had Clarice take over the lease on his apartment. Angie realized Willis was using her when she went to his apartment and saw Carol stroll out of his bedroom.

On the afternoon of Russ and Sharlene's engagement party, Willis told Sharlene that he found one of her former johns. When Sharlene didn't show for the party, Emma threatened Willis that she'd tell Alice that years ago she came to Bay City to ask Steve for money to keep Willis out of jail. Russ tracked Sharlene down in San Francisco and married her despite her reservations.

Willis worried over the developing closeness between Alice and Ray, since marriage to Alice was one of his alternate plans for the takeover of Frame Enterprises. Ray admitted that his estranged wife wants a reconciliation, but told Alice that he no longer loves her.

Iris refused to give back the bust of Mac when Brooks was sent to take it back. She had it bolted to the floor and spent her days talking to it and caressing it as if it were actually Mac. Mac arrived at Iris's intent on retrieving his sculpture, but Iris dropped to her knees and clutched his legs, pleading for the bust. Mac agreed to ask if Rachel would make a duplicate for Iris.

When Robert noticed that Clarice was pregnant, he quickly surmised that he was the father. Iris told Robert that Neil might be the father because Neil and Clarice were involved before Robert came into the picture. Iris visited Clarice and threatened to take the child after it is born and raise it with Robert. Robert was desperate not to lose this child, because his wife, Jessica and their baby died in a car accident before he came to Bay City. Afraid that Iris would take her child, Clarice lied that Robert wasn't the father.

Robert flew into a rage when he discovered that he was indeed the father, and that Iris had been threatening to take the baby away from Clarice. He destroyed the bust of Mac, then slashed her portrait with the fireplace poker. Gil refused to believe Iris's claim that it must have been Rachel who destroyed her possessions. Robert went on a binge after Clarice refused his marriage proposal. Robert left Bay City to protect Clarice from Iris.

John begged Pat to take him back, but she refused. Dave declared his love to Pat, who became a receptionist at the Cory Complex. Liz and Marianne both tried to drive a wedge between Pat and Dave. Marianne's obsession with reuniting her parents caused her to fail her sculpture classes with Ken, and to lose her beau Daryll to Molly.

Ada warned Rachel that her sculpting was starting to alienate Mac. Troubled by Robert's departure, Dennis moved in with Mac and Rachel.

Willis flew to San Diego to meet with Ray's wife Olive, and promised to foot all her bills if she comes to Bay City to break up Ray and Alice. In town, Olive forced Ray to take her to the Tallboys for dinner, where they ran into Alice.

JUNE 7 - 11, 1976
Willis forced Vic to resign, but Carol felt the pressure of added responsibilities. Rachel decided not to attend the library dedication, in order to spare Alice's feelings. Ada warned Rachel that Rachel's dedication to art is interfering in her marriage to Mac. Dennis moved in with Mac and Rachel, which infuriated Iris. Later, Iris fired John.

JUNE 14 - 18, 1976
Willis flew to San Diego on business, but Sharlene feared that he's digging into her sordid past. Olive laid a guilt trip on Alice about Ray's family responsibilities. Alice told Willis that Ray will assist her at Frame Enterprises.

JUNE 21 - 25, 1976
Molly thinks she's in love with Daryll and refused to return to Oklahoma with Emma. Iris ordered Rachel to stop interfering in her relationship with Dennis. Aunt Liz continued to meddle in Jim's and Pat's affairs. Rachel turned to Ken for comfort after an argument with Mac.

JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 1976
Molly flirted with Dennis to pique Daryll's jealousy. Rachel and Mac fought bitterly when she learned that Pat accompanied him on a New York business trip. Willis brought Olive Gordon to Bay City, and they schemed to break up Alice and Ray.

JULY 5 - 9, 1976
Iris met with attorney Keith Morrison in New York. Iris saw Mac and Pat together and later blew the situation out of proportion for Rachel's benefit. Willis confided his schemes against Alice and Ray to Carol. Clarice feared that Iris wants to take her baby.

JULY 12 - 16, 1976
Mac and Rachel continued to quarrel over her devotion to art. Olive told Ray that she'll sue for custody of the kids unless he reconciles with her. Sharlene feared that Willis is going to expose her past.

JULY 19 - 23, 1976
Dave told Iris to leave Clarice alone. Iris brought Therese Lamonte, Carol's mother, to Bay City. Therese attempted a reconciliation with Carol. Ada warned Rachel that she'll lose Mac unless she eases up on the art work. Rachel refused to be "just a housewife."

JULY 26 - 30, 1976
Mac accused Rachel of caring more about her career than her family. Mac threw a welcome home party for Keith, but the festivities turned nasty when Mac and Rachel got into an argument. Iris escalated her harassment of Clarice.

AUGUST 2 - 6, 1976
Clarice left Bay City to escape Iris's threats. Iris spotted Dennis and Molly kissing and planned to ship Dennis off to a boarding school. Jim decided to propose to Beatrice. Meanwhile, Rocky and Louise played matchmaker for Beatrice and Brooks.

AUGUST 9 - 13, 1976
Molly slept with Daryll. Ray hired Keith as his divorce attorney. Mac was furious when Rachel got a New York sculpture exhibit. Attorney Jeff Stone arrived in Bay City.

AUGUST 16 - 20, 1976
Therese collapsed during an argument with Iris. Iris learned that Clarice is hiding in Ogden and drove there to blackmail her. Jim defended Molly to Beatrice. Ada found Clarice, who passed out after a violent altercation with Iris.

AUGUST 23 -27, 1976
Gil speculated that Iris caused Clarice's collapse. Clarice went into labor and gave birth to a baby boy, which she named Cory. Angie learned that Willis brought Olive to Bay City. Liz returned from her vacation and immediately began to meddle.

Angie revealed Willis and Olive's schemes to Alice, who confronted them. Willis told Olive to get out of town, but she blackmailed him instead. Russ agreed to Sharlene's demands that they leave Bay City. Willis retaliated by bringing some of Sharlene's old johns to town.

SEPTEMBER 6 - 10, 1976
Sharlene was forced to confess her past to Russ, then she took an overdose of sleeping pills. Russ saved Sharlene, then beat Willis to a pulp. Mac pressured Rachel about having a baby, but Rachel admitted she's more interested in work.

SEPTEMBER 13 - 17, 1976
Pat announced that she's filing for divorce. John threatened to expose her past abortion and murder trial in court. Iris denied involvement in Clarice's emergency. Iris offered Molly money to stay away from Dennis. Molly took the bribe and set her sights on Michael. Carol left Bay City to make Willis jealous. Sharlene survived the drug overdose.

SEPTEMBER 20 - 24, 1976
Angie set up Olive and Willis, whose schemes were fully exposed. Alice fired Willis. Dennis was suspicious when Molly gave him the cold shoulder. Willis ordered Angie out of his life. Mac was angry when he learned that Rachel is using her maiden name at the New York art show.

Russ couldn't make love to Sharlene, who was released from the hospital. Mac planned a surprise party for Rachel's return, but she stayed in New York to dally with Ken. Mac and Gil insisted that Clarice sue Iris for harassment. Carol returned from Washington, but Willis rebuffed her advances.

OCTOBER 4 - 8, 1976
Willis suggested that Carol quit her job at Frame Enterprises, and she agreed to placate him. Angie convinced Mac to offer Willis a job at Cory Construction. Pat and Dave decided to stay away from each other until her divorce from John is final. Mac and Rachel reconciled. John and Jeff hired Olive.

OCTOBER 11 - 15, 1976
Mac invited Rachel to join him on a business trip, but she went to Ken's cabin retreat instead. Willis moved in with Mac, and Carol left town after she realized she's lost Willis for good. Olive promised Ray she'll sue for custody. Dennis overheard Iris's plans to send him away. Dennis and Jamie planned to sail to an island in the middle of the lake, but their plans were thwarted when a storm arose.

OCTOBER 18 - 22, 1976
Willis saved Dennis and Jamie, whose boat capsized in the storm. Dennis was hospitalized with a recurrence of his old heart condition. Ada and Mac blamed Rachel's absence for the accident. Iris reconciled with Mac during Dennis's crisis and vowed to change her ways. Alice hired Evan Webster to replace Carol. John decided to sue Dave for stealing Pat.

OCTOBER 25 - 29, 1976
Mac hired architect Gwen Parrish to assist Willis. Daryll dated Marianne and confessed his affair with Molly. Iris sensed an attraction between Gwen and Mac, but Gwen denied it. Michael and Molly slept together. John wants Pat back.

NOVEMBER 1 - 5, 1976
Dennis moved into the Cory mansion. Iris discovered Michael and Molly in bed together and threatened to expose their relationship unless Molly stays away from Dennis. Sharlene and Rachel warned Molly that she's headed for misery. Jeff showed an interest in Clarice.

NOVEMBER 8 - 12, 1976
Rachel's art show was a huge success, and she was offered a Chicago university teaching position. John dropped his lawsuit against Dave. Iris told Liz about Michael and Molly's affair, then Liz blabbed the story to half of Bay City. Therese collapsed while chastising Iris for meddling in people's lives.

NOVEMBER 15 -19, 1976
Therese begged Mac and Keith to always stand by Iris. Mac was livid when Rachel accepted the teaching position. Ken admitted that he's in love with Rachel. Pat grew concerned about John's growing friendship with Olive. Beatrice reminisced with Sally about Sally's dead mother Jenny, which alarmed Alice.

NOVEMBER 22 - 26, 1976
Therese died peacefully in Iris' garden. Mac left Rachel and was seduced by an eager Gwen. Jim threw Liz out of the Matthews house after her gossip about Michael and Marianne caused grief for John and Pat. Liz moved in with an unhappy Pat. Rachel realized she needs to put her marriage first.

Rachel told Mac that she'd abandon her art career for him, then left in a rage when Mac confessed his one-night stand with Gwen. Ada sided with Mac against Rachel and blamed Rachel for the rocky marriage. Pat delayed her divorce from John until she can prove to John that Olive is trouble. Dave forced Pat to choose between him and John.

DECEMBER 6 - 10, 1976
Molly and Michael fled to Ogden to escape parental disapproval. Russ finally made love to Sharlene, and they agreed to start a family. Pat was unhappy with Aunt Liz's presence. Rachel resumed her art work. Gwen admitted that she'll fight Rachel for Mac's love. Sharlene forgave Willis for his misdeeds.

DECEMBER 13 - 17, 1976
With Willis and Angie as witnesses, Michael and Molly were married. John offered financial support, but Michael refused to Molly's chagrin. Cory was christened. Rachel let Rocky and Beatrice go. Beatrice flipped out, kidnaped Sally, and fled to Florida.

DECEMBER 20 - 24, 1976
Alice discovered Sally missing and called the police. To ingratiate herself to John, Olive gave Michael and Molly a car. Sharlene grew despondent over her inability to conceive. Mac and Rachel spent the holidays apart. Sally phoned Alice from Sarasota. Gwen sunk her claws deeper into Mac.

DECEMBER 27 - 31, 1976
Mac couldn't resist Gwen's advances. Rachel informed Ken that they can no longer work together. Beatrice and Sally were found in Florida. Alice refused to press charges against Beatrice, who declined Jim's proposal and decided to return to California. Michael was suspicious of Olive's motives.