Daily Synopses: January-June, July-December

JANUARY 3 - 7, 1977
Jamie jumped to conclusions when he saw Dave comforting Rachel. Marianne told Pat about Dave's "infidelity" with Rachel. Ada warned Ken to stay out of Rachel's life. Jeff and Clarice grew closer. Sharlene told Russ that she fears past abortions have left her sterile. Russ went into a drunken rage at the news, causing Sharlene to move out. Keith ended his relationship with Iris.

JANUARY 10 - 14, 1977
Pat accused Dave of using Rachel. Brian Bancroft became Cory Publishing's corporate attorney after Keith elected to leave Bay City. Ada encouraged Gil to search for his missing son Tim in Bolivia. Mac moved out of Iris's house. Rachel feared she's lost Mac to Gwen.

JANUARY 17 - 21, 1977
Ken left town. Mac attempted a reconciliation with Rachel. Gwen focused her attention on Brian. Russ moved in with Aunt Liz, who urged him to divorce that tramp Sharlene. Sharlene learned she can bear children. Olive blackmailed Jeff into pressuring Pat to divorce John.

JANUARY 24 - 28, 1977
Jeff confessed Olive's schemes to John. Olive agreed to divorce Ray, then she left town. Iris tried to stall Gwen and Brian's relationship. Willis convinced Russ to take Sharlene back, but Russ's drinking problem escalated. Gil flew to Bolivia in search of Tim.

Gil and Tim were both killed in an explosion. Burt McGowan, Gil's other son, broke the news to Ada. John followed Olive to California. Russ attacked Sharlene in a drunken fit, but Pat saved her. Mac hired Helga Lindeman, a new housekeeper.

FEBRUARY 7 - 11, 1977
John convinced Olive to return to Bay City with him. Russ swore off alcohol, but Sharlene continued to live with Alice. Darryl convinced Marianne that Olive isn't right for John. Iris spread ugly rumors about Rachel and Dave's relationship. Ada slipped into a morbid depression over Gil's death.

FEBRUARY 14 - 18, 1977
Ted Bancroft, Brian's son, arrived. Liz threatened to expose Sharlene's ugly past if she doesn't leave Russ. Mac and Rachel celebrated their second anniversary with a reconciliation, but trouble is brewing with Helga. Dr. Richard Gavin treated Ada's depression. John fired Jeff over past deceits.

FEBRUARY 21 - 25, 1977
Alice hired Jeff, who was envious of Clarice's interest in Burt McGowan. Olive plotted against Pat. Jim and Russ put a stop to Aunt Liz's meddling. Russ and Sharlene reconciled. Evan, Willis, and Gwen vied for a new architectural project. Brian's former lover Corinne Seton arrived.

FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 4, 1977
Jim consoled Ada about Gil's death. Sharlene began therapy with Dr. Gavin. Brian told Mac that he's interested in Iris. Gwen and Willis won the new account, but Evan cried foul when one of his designs was stolen. Dave found the missing design in Gwen's portfolio. It was revealed that Evan had planted the design himself. Iris invited Corinne to be her houseguest.

MARCH 7 - 11, 1977
Iris discovered that Corinne and Dave are cousins. Ada tried to accept Gil's death. Mac believed in Gwen's innocence. Olive convinced John that they can both divorce and remarry in Haiti. Sharlene and Russ reconciled yet again. Darryl and Michael grew suspicious of Evan.

MARCH 14 - 18, 1977
Darryl and Michael broke into Evan's files and found a copy of the missing design. Ted took an interest in Molly. Iris plotted to keep Brian and Corinne apart. Gwen and Dave got together. Sven Peterson, Helga's Swedish cousin, arrived and forced Helga to get him a job in the Cory house.

MARCH 21 - 25, 1977
John and Olive were married in Haiti. Russ and Sharlene broke up permanently, and Sharlene moved back to Oklahoma. Brian and Corinne reconciled, despite Iris's scheming. Evan demanded that Darryl be jailed for breaking and entering, while Willis discovered that Michael was Darryl's accomplice. Helga and Sven plotted to get rid of Rocky.

MARCH 28, 1977 - APRIL 1, 1977
Evan tried to blackmail Darryl into implicating Willis in the office break-in, but Darryl left town without making a statement. Ray and Alice argued about Evan. Brooks caught on to Helga and Sven's schemes.

APRIL 4 - 8, 1977
Jeff learned that Evan framed Gwen, then blackmailed Evan into helping him keep Burt away from Clarice. Michael quit college and confessed his involvement in Darryl's crime to Alice, who dropped the charges against Darryl. Alice and Ray's relationship deteriorated.

APRIL 11 - 15, 1977
Ray and Angie decided to date after Ray and Alice ended their relationship. Ted was interested in Marianne. Alice hired Michael. Pat inherited stocks which could invalidate her divorce settlement from John. Jeff schemed against Clarice and Burt.

APRIL 18 - 22, 1977
Mac and Rachel decided to start a family. Olive and Evan schemed to invalidate Pat's divorce settlement, while Jeff continued to blackmail Evan. Iris successfully destroyed Brian and Corinne's relationship.

APRIL 25 - 29, 1977
Evan confessed Jeff's blackmail threats to Ray and Alice, who reconciled. Sven and Helga tricked Rocky out of his job. Sven took a mysterious trip to Sweden. Gwen told Brian about Iris's machinations, but Brian insisted he hadn't been duped.

MAY 2 - 6, 1977
Alice decided to fire Jeff and retain Evan. Molly and Ted joined forces to reconcile Brian and Corinne. John wasn't happy about Olive's interest in Pat's divorce settlement. Ray proposed to Alice, who accepted.

MAY 9 - 13, 1977
Ray and Alice planned a June wedding. Sven returned to Bay City with Helga's daughter Regine. Clarice declined Jeff's marriage proposal, but she loaned him money. Marianne feuded with Olive. Iris convinced museum curator Quentin Ames to commission a sculpture from Rachel.

MAY 16 - 20, 1977
Marianne tried to convince John that Olive only married him for his money. Mac and Rachel played matchmaker for Burt and Regine. Gwen suspected that Evan plagiarized a new design.

MAY 23 - 27, 1977
Alice and Ray got wise to Evan's schemes and fired him. Evan and Olive plotted to ruin Frame Enterprises, while Sven schemed to unite Mac and Regine. Dave convinced Rachel to accept the museum commission, though she was wary of Iris's involvement. Ted decided to leave Bay City for an extended stay in Europe.

MAY 30 - JUNE 3, 1977
Rachel accepted the museum commission. Mac and Rachel's plan worked, when a jealous Clarice began dating Burt to spite Regine. Olive insisted to John that she's living in Pat's shadow. Willis offered to help Ray at Frame Enterprises.

JUNE 6 - 10, 1977
Michael and John reconciled. Alice and Ray re-hired Willis, then hired Cliff Tanner as Willis's assistant. Rocky discovered Sven and Helga skimming money out of the Cory household account. Marianne caught Olive and Evan kissing.

JUNE 13 - 17, 1977
Olive blackmailed Marianne into leaving town, but Marianne warned Pat about Olive and Evan's schemes first. Cliff was caught between Willis and Ray. Brian toyed with Iris's emotions. Louise urged Rocky to tell the Cory's about Sven and Helga. Mac learned he's sterile.

JUNE 20 - 24, 1977
Ray and Alice were married. Pat told John about Marianne's reason for leaving Bay City. John sided with Olive, who continued her secret relationship with Evan. Rachel learned about Mac's sterility. Iris and Brian played masochistic head games with each other.

JUNE 27 - JULY 1, 1977
Olive threatened John's receptionist Joan Barnard. Rachel considered adopting a baby. Iris accused Gwen of lusting after Brian. Evan and Olive found a secret love nest. Liz pressed Mac for a job.

JULY 4 - 8, 1977
Mac hired Liz and violently opposed Rachel's adoption plans. Countess Elena DePoulignac arrived as Iris's houseguest and immediately set her sights on Brian. Molly and Michael grew more suspicious of Evan and Olive's relationship. Ray feared that Willis wants Frame Enterprises and Alice for himself. Sven framed Rocky for stealing. Later, Rocky mysteriously vanished.

JULY 11 - 15, 1977
Rachel told Ada and Dave about Mac's sterility. Mac found out and quarreled violently with Rachel, who moved in with Ada. Iris tried to align Elena and Mac, but Elena gravitated toward Brian. Evan ingratiated himself to John's secretary Joan, while Michael and Molly moved to expose Evan's schemes. To please Ray, Alice changed the name of the company to Gordon Enterprises.

JULY 18 - 22, 1977
Brian used Elena to make Iris jealous. Iris bribed Sven to keep tabs on Mac. Sven plotted to make Regine Mac's bride. Helga flashbacked to Sven's murder of Helga's husband. Olive caught on to Michael and Molly's plan to expose her lies.

JULY 25 - 29, 1977
Olive and Evan gained the upper hand over Michael and Molly. John signed over his house to Olive. Brian continued playing head games with Iris by dating Gwen, while showing interest in Elena, too. Rachel assumed the worst after finding Mac and Pat together. Alice dreamed that Willis is his late brother Steve Frame.

AUGUST 1 - 5, 1977
Mac was depressed when Rachel left to lecture in France. Sally contracted hepatitis. Sharlene wrote to Russ and asked for a divorce. Michael confronted John with the news of Olive and Evan's affair, but John didn't believe it and threw Michael out of the house. Olive overheard Evan propositioning Joan. Brooks and Louise planned to expose Sven.

AUGUST 8 - 12, 1977
Pat urged Mac to overcome his depression through work at Cory. Ray fired Angie after Willis set him up to lose a multi-million dollar account. Jim warned Alice about Ray's unsteady work performance. Brian pursued a relationship with Gwen. Iris hired John and forced him to fire Quentin as the museum curator.

AUGUST 15 - 19, 1977
Iris convinced Mac that Quentin was fired because he's in love with Rachel. Dennis and Louise contacted Mrs. Baldwin, Sven's former employer. Alice forced Ray to re-hire Angie and make amends with Willis. Ray was furious when he spotted Alice and Willis hugging. Russ agreed to divorce Sharlene.

AUGUST 22 - 26, 1977
Ray lost a major project for Gordon Enterprises and pushed Alice away when she attempted to comfort him. Willis gloated over Ray's defeat. Rachel returned from France, but Sven maneuvered her away from Mac. Iris forced John to draw up legal papers in which Rachel would renounce all claims to Mac's fortune. Dave left town after Iris convinced him that Gwen and Brian are lovers. Gwen vowed revenge against Iris. Elena hired Quentin to manage her new art gallery.

Rachel attempted a reconciliation with Mac but left in a fury when he accused her of leading men on. Quentin offered Rachel a job in his and Elena's new gallery. Rachel accepted and decided to concentrate solely on her art. Sven threatened Louise. John hired Greg Barnard, Joan's brother, as his new law partner. Alice and Ray left for a belated honeymoon.

SEPTEMBER 5 - 9, 1977
Burt and Clarice were married. Mac discovered he's no longer sterile then told off Iris, whose schemes against Rachel were exposed. Brian agreed to marry Iris if she agrees to sever all ties with Mac. Olive and Evan plotted to make it look as though John and Joan are lovers, so Olive will have satisfactory grounds for a divorce. Corinne ignored Russ's hints of a marriage proposal.

SEPTEMBER 12 - 16, 1977
Mac professed his love for Rachel, but things turned sour when they got into another argument. Rachel stormed out. Alice and Ray returned. Russ proposed marriage to an unhappy Corinne. Sven continued to exert control over Helga and Regine, while exploiting the animosity between Mac and Rachel. Cliff dated Regine.

SEPTEMBER 19 - 23, 1977
A despondent Mac sought solace in alcohol. Rachel hired Greg to prepare separation papers. Alice and Ray quarreled after they lost another major account. Ray nixed Willis's offers of help, but Alice reminded Ray that she makes the final decision. Corinne informed Russ that she's not interested in marriage and decided to move back to New York.

SEPTEMBER 26 - 30, 1977
Rachel spotted Mac and Pat in a friendly embrace and seethed. Olive and Evan manipulated John into a compromising situation with Joan. Ray moved out of the house and apologized to Willis. Sven conned Iris into hiring Brooks away from Mac.

OCTOBER 3 - 7, 1977
Molly caught Evan and Olive in bed together, but Olive bribed her into silence. Alice decided to turn over Gordon Enterprises to Ray and resume her nursing career. Willis fantasized about marrying Alice. Angie warned Willis that he's becoming a reincarnation of Steve Frame. Rachel was jealous of Regine's obvious attraction to Mac. Liz tried to play matchmaker for Russ and Elena.

OCTOBER 10 - 14, 1977
Olive exploded when John named Michael and Marianne as sole beneficiaries on his insurance policy. Cliff and Regine argued about Sven's influence over her. Ada got wise to Sven's schemes and threatened to tell Mac. Liz feared that Gwen would snare Russ before Elena.

OCTOBER 17 - 21, 1977
Regine admitted to Sven that she's pregnant with Cliff's baby. Sven drugged Regine and Mac, then arranged for Iris to find them in bed together. Iris saw through Sven's schemes and told Brian, who proposed marriage. Rachel refused to hear Mac's explanation about the Regine incident, so Mac left for Europe. Olive suggested that Molly go after Cliff, when Molly admitted being bored with Michael.

OCTOBER 24 - 28, 1977
Brian and Iris were married. Cliff got cozy with Molly after he and Regine argued about Sven. Greg discovered that Olive is having an affair. Ray and Angie grew closer, as did Alice and Willis. Iris decided that Rachel was a better mate for Mac than Regine and planned to reunite them.

Iris admitted her schemes to keep Mac and Rachel apart to Ada and Rachel, hoping that Rachel would return to Mac. Charlie Hobson, Clarice's father, arrived. Olive told Molly that she'd better testify against John at the upcoming divorce hearing or Olive will expose Cliff and Molly's affair to Michael. Willis and Alice declared their love to each other.

NOVEMBER 7 - 11, 1977
Mac returned from Europe. Sven told Mac that Regine is pregnant with Mac's baby. Regine wanted to tell the truth but feared Sven. Mac agreed to sign Rachel's separation papers. Charlie reminded Ada of Gil. Willis decided he loves both Angie and Alice. Evan plotted with sleazy private investigator Claude Kelly, who devised a plan to get rid of John permanently.

NOVEMBER 14 - 18, 1977
Olive was horrified when Evan and Claude plotted a hit-and-run "accident" for John. Jim was jealous of Charlie's attention to Ada. Alice dissolved Gordon Enterprises and returned to nursing. Ray refused to divorce Alice. Sven forced Regine to fake a suicide attempt in order to force Mac into proposing marriage. Elena and Gwen agreed to fight for Russ's attentions.

NOVEMBER 21 - 25, 1977
Austin and Amy Cushing arrived from Point Claire. Quentin sold one of Austin's paintings. Ray hired Charlie at the insurance company. Liz got Pat's old job at Cory when Pat received a promotion. Cliff prepared to leave town after Willis confronted him about the affair with Molly. Mac proposed a quickie divorce to Rachel. Iris fumed at Mac's plans to marry Regine once the divorce from Rachel is final.

Iris begged Rachel to save Mac from Sven and Regine. Brian was furious that Iris broke her promise about staying out of Mac's life. Regine and Cliff broke up. Liz seethed when Jim expressed jealousy over Ada and Charlie's relationship.

DECEMBER 5 - 9, 1977
Rachel left for Point Claire with Austin and Amy. Molly refused to testify against John, so Olive told Michael about Cliff and Molly's affair. Alice offered Ray a loan if he'll grant her a divorce. Ray refused. Evan and Claude made final preparations for John's "accident".

DECEMBER 12 - 16, 1977
Before leaving town, Molly exposed all of Olive and Evan's schemes to Michael. Olive lured John to the accident site, unaware that Evan plans to kill John and frame Olive. Rachel refused to divorce Mac, who fired Sven. Brian forgave Iris.

DECEMBER 19 - 23, 1977
Evan's gun went off during a struggle with John. Evan died, and John slipped into a catatonic state after realizing that Olive and Evan were conspirators. Ray left Bay City for California, while Marianne returned from Amsterdam. Quentin moved to New York. Liz was miffed that Charlie's opening a repair shop in Ada's garage. John was arrested for Evan's murder.

DECEMBER 26 - 30, 1977
John was jailed in a psychiatric ward. Mac blamed Iris for all of his problems with Rachel. Greg investigated Olive's past while preparing John's defense. Marianne consoled Pat about John's mental state. Ray returned briefly.