Daily Synopses: January - June, July - December

JANUARY 1 - 5, 1979
Pat agreed to plead "not guilty." Karen and D.A. Tom Albini argued about using Olive's testimony. Scott got Olive drunk and tricked her into confessing why she wants to testify against Pat. Kate moved to Seattle with Rick. Willis hired Roy Barry, a new architect. Buzz told Blaine that Rachel is encouraging him to break up Jamie's marriage. Angie was thrilled that Gwen left town.

JANUARY 8 - 12, 1979
Leueen went to New York to find Gwen. Susan and Dan's divorce was finalized. John advised Pat to enter a temporary insanity plea. Marianne fumed over Michael's relationship with Karen. Olive told Karen and Albini that she can't testify against Pat. Iris feared that Blaine may make a play for Mac.

JANUARY 15 - 19, 1979
Albini vowed to get even with Olive. Scott dated Janice. Clarice filed for a divorce from Burt and discussed marriage with Larry, then Burt returned. Eileen insisted to Joey that they're too young for marriage. Rachel admitted to Jamie that she fears Blaine because Blaine reminds Rachel of herself. Liz informed Willis that Gwen's fooling around in New York with an old boyfriend.

JANUARY 22 - 26, 1979
Marianne took the witness stand against Pat. A furious Jim threw Marianne out of the Matthews house. Dan testified that Pat had confided in him about her plans to get Greg out of Marianne's life. Iris discovered that Rachel hired Buzz to break up Jamie and Blaine. Buzz wanted Blaine to leave Bay City with him, but she refused. Burt resisted Clarice's divorce plans. Janice pushed Willis and Alice together, but Willis insisted he still loves Gwen.

On the witness stand, Pat denied memory of Greg's murder. Vince told Angie that he wants a divorce. Willis met with Gwen in New York. Gwen agreed to return to Bay City on the condition that Willis gets Alice out of his life permanently. Burt wanted to confront Larry about Clarice, but Charlie warned him not to. Buzz instructed Blaine to ask Rachel for money.

FEBRUARY 5 - 9, 1979
John and Michael convinced Marianne that Pat killed Greg in self-defense. Marianne spoke with the judge, and all charges against Pat were dismissed. Marianne then left town. Willis conceded to Gwen's demands. Angie was miffed about Gwen's return to Bay City. Mac rehired Willis.

FEBRUARY 12 - 16, 1979
Albini filed perjury charges against Olive, who was bailed out by John. Ted Bancroft returned. Blaine told Rachel that she'd leave Jamie for 1.5 million dollars. On the pretext of a business investment, Rachel asked Mac for the money, but he declined.

FEBRUARY 19 - 23, 1979
Rachel skimmed money from Mac and paid off Blaine. Blaine gave the money to Buzz, who left Bay City. A deranged Olive plotted to stop Alice and Dan's wedding. Albini sent Pat flowers and offered to find Marianne. Angie caused trouble for Willis and Gwen. Iris maneuvered Ted between Elena and Dennis.

FEBRUARY 26 - MARCH 2, 1979
Ted put the make on Eileen. Elena ordered Iris to stop interfering in her relationship with Dennis. Mac learned that Rachel used his money to pay off Blaine. Olive planned to murder Alice.

MARCH 5 - 9, 1979
Olive set fire to Alice and Dan's honeymoon cottage, trapping Alice inside. Olive's plan backfired when Dan saved Alice, and John died in the inferno. John's death brought Marianne back to Bay City. Marianne and Pat reconciled. Mac revealed all of Rachel's machinations to Jamie, who left town in disgust with Blaine. Rachel and Mac moved into separate bedrooms over the incident. Iris received a threatening note from Buzz. Angie dated Roy to make Willis jealous. Dennis caught Ted kissing Elena. Olive escaped police pursuit, which put fear into Alice. Susan contemplated a return to Boston. Burt decided to sue for custody of Cory.

MARCH 12 - 16, 1979
Alice and Eileen instigated a plot to capture Olive, who threw acid in Eileen's face in the melee. The police captured Olive. Alice felt guilty about John's death and Eileen's injury. Pat worried about the depth of Marianne's grief. Ada read Burt the riot act over his custody suit. Janice got closer to Mac and persuaded him to bankroll a new Frame Enterprises. Rachel promised Mac she'd leave Blaine and Jamie alone, but then hired a detective to find the couple. Dennis was jealous of Ted's attention to Elena.

MARCH 19 - 23, 1979
Burt agreed to Clarice's divorce, dropped the custody suit, and returned to Japan. Alice canceled her wedding to Dan. Olive was incarcerated in an insane asylum. Mac left Rachel after discovering her plan to find Blaine and Jamie. Angie arranged for a business meeting between Vince and Gwen, then tricked Willis into thinking it was a romantic dinner date. Ted was attracted to both Gwen and Marianne. Roy and Willis agreed to be partners in Frame Enterprises. Rachel considered vacationing at an artists colony.

MARCH 26 - 30, 1979
Eileen recovered from her injuries with no permanent damage to her eyes. Clarice asked Ada to be her matron-of-honor. Angie spent the night with Willis. Marianne fretted about the state of John's law practice. Alice accompanied Susan to Boston. Mac was livid when Rachel took Amanda to the artists colony without his knowledge. Ted resisted being a pawn in Iris's plan to split Dennis and Elena.

APRIL 2 - 6, 1979
Mac ordered Brian to get Amanda away from Rachel. Marianne opposed Michael's decision to put John's house on the market. Ted confessed his involvement in Iris's schemes to Brian. Brian forced Iris to stop interfering in Elena and Dennis's relationship. Gwen flipped when she learned that Angie moved out of Rose's house and into Willis'.

APRIL 9 - 13, 1979
Mac wined and dined Janice, who saw dollar signs. Rachel returned for a reconciliation with Mac but had second thoughts after finding a bracelet (Janice's) in the Cory limousine. Fred Ewing, Larry and Blaine's father, arrived in Bay City, and attempted a reconciliation with Larry. Marianne flipped out and locked herself in John's house. Alice learned that Sally has been exhibiting behavioral problems at boarding school.

APRIL 16 - 20, 1979
Rachel accused Mac of having an affair with Janice. Sally was caught shoplifting and told Susan that Alice isn't a loving mother. Marianne came to terms with John's death. Gwen insisted that she won't give up Willis. Janice planned to seduce Mac. Fred reconciled with Larry, as the wedding approached. Alice learned that Sally has a boyfriend named Phil Higley.

APRIL 23 - 27, 1979
Blaine, Jamie, Alice, and Sally returned to Bay City for Larry and Clarice's wedding. Sally's boyfriend Phil arrived, as did Buzz, who planned to blackmail Blaine and Iris. Alice refused to reconcile with Dan. Dan and Pat grew closer. Sylvie bought Olive's house. Kirk Laverty, Sylvie's business partner, moved to Bay City. Janice seduced Mac, who wants a legal separation from Rachel. Willis pressured Gwen into signing divorce papers, but she refused.

APRIL 30 - MAY 4, 1979
Larry and Clarice were married. Rachel learned about Mac and Janice's one-night stand. Mac escorted Janice to the wedding, which infuriated Rachel. Dan reconciled with Susan after ending his relationship with Alice. Buzz and Blaine blackmailed Iris. Michael proposed to Karen. Phil and Sally swiped jewelry. Angie decided to get pregnant in order to trap Willis into marriage. Jamie admitted to Ada that he and Blaine are estranged because Blaine is obsessed with wealth.

MAY 7 - 11, 1979
Buzz stole jewelry from Iris then split. Iris had Blaine arrested for blackmail. Brian assumed that Iris and Buzz had schemed to break up Blaine and Jamie's marriage. Karen avoided Michael after her brother Ben got into trouble in Atlantic City. Gwen planned to get closer to Willis on a proposed business trip. Ted insisted that he'd find Rachel a good divorce attorney. Behind Rachel's back, Jamie arranged for Mac to visit with Amanda.

MAY 14 - 18, 1979
Brian forced Iris to drop the charges against Blaine, who agreed to divorce Jamie. Brian walked out on Iris and moved into Elena's guest house. Ted and Kirk took an interest in Rachel's art career. Eileen succumbed to her family's objections and dumped Joey, who was pursued by Sally. Angie was furious to learn that Willis and Gwen spent time together during the business trip. Scott admitted to Alice that she bears a striking resemblance to his late fiancee.

MAY 21 - 25, 1979
Susan and Dan decided to reconcile. Willis grew weary of Gwen's stalling tactics. Blaine left town, while Buzz was caught and arrested. Rachel fought with Jamie after she caught him setting up a visit between Mac and Amanda. Ben continued to nag Karen into paying off his gambling debts. Alice learned that Sally is a thief. Kirk was attracted to Rachel. Vince proposed to Mimi.

MAY 28 - JUNE 1, 1979
Janice convinced Mac to legally kidnap Amanda. Gwen threatened to harm Frame Enterprises if Willis pursues a divorce. Karen returned Michael's engagement ring. Ted offered to pay Ben's debts in return for a relationship with Karen. Kirk rented a suite across the hall from Iris. Phil is involved with a fake religious sect called Serenity House. Vince and Mimi prepared to marry.

JUNE 4 - JUNE 8, 1979
Mac and Janice kidnaped Amanda. Iris pursued Kirk, who comforted Rachel over Amanda's kidnaping. Brian and Ted became roommates when Elena's step-daughter Cecile DePoulignac arrived in Bay City. Angie fainted. Phil pressured Sally to join Serenity House. Kirk planned to buy Frame Enterprises. Vince and Larry were involved in a serious car crash, before Vince could marry Mimi.

JUNE 11 - 15, 1979
Vince and Larry lay near death after the car crash. Mimi feared Vince might die. Jamie and Dennis both found Cecile attractive. Angie discovered she's pregnant. Michael uncovered part of Ben's gambling problem and was upset that Karen hid the truth from him. Willis tricked Roy into selling him his share of Frame Enterprises, then sold the company to Kirk. Willis still holds a controlling interest, though. Mac returned Amanda to Rachel in exchange for unlimited visitation privileges.

JUNE 18 - 22, 1979
Brian and Iris reconciled. Ted dated Karen. Mac allowed Rachel to take Amanda to New York. Angie held off on telling Willis she's pregnant. Frank Lansing arrived in Bay City with details of Eliot Carrington's death. Iris and Dennis were suspicious of Frank's motives. The car accident left Larry paralyzed.

JUNE 25 - 29, 1979
Vince regained consciousness and married Mimi in his hospital room. Vince and Mimi considered moving to LA, where Vince could receive better rehabilitation. Angie revealed her pregnancy to Vince. Marianne decided to attend a Chicago nursing school. Blaine returned after hearing about Larry's accident. Brian left Iris when he learned that Iris schemed against Janice and Mac. Iris told Mac that Rachel is staying in Kirk's New York apartment.

JULY 2 - 6, 1979
Vince and Mimi moved to Los Angeles. Sally was arrested for shoplifting. Eileen tried unsuccessfully to seduce Joey, who offered to help Sally. Brian left town when Iris confessed she's interested in Kirk. Gwen discovered Angie's pregnant. Ted kept Michael and Karen apart. Rachel returned from New York. Larry and Blaine settled their differences.

JULY 9 - 13, 1979
Dennis and Jamie vied for Cecile's affection. Willis learned that Angie is pregnant. Larry regained partial feeling in his legs. June Laverty, Kirk's wife, warned Rachel that Kirk's New York apartment is reserved for mistresses only. Rachel was furious when Mac hired Janice to develop a new woman's magazine. Phil told Sally he'd keep Eileen away from Joey if Sally promises not to reveal Serenity House as a fraud. Kirk insinuated himself deeper into Iris's life. Jumbo, Ben's loan shark, beat Ted to a pulp.

JULY 16 - 20, 1979
Jeff Stone returned to Bay City, and he has a past relationship with June. Iris and June vied for Kirk's attention. Sally drugged Joey and tricked Eileen into thinking Sally and Joey made love. Elena and Dennis broke off their relationship. Michael learned that Jumbo is threatening Ben and Ted. Rachel taunted Janice that she'll never marry Mac. Ted threatened to write an expose on Jumbo's loan-sharking.

JULY 23 - 27, 1979
The mob ordered a hit on Ted, Ben, and Karen. Jumbo went gunning for Ted, who chartered a boat and planned to escape with Karen. Frank kissed Rachel. Kirk told Jeff to expedite Mac and Rachel's divorce, then cozied up to Iris to get info on Cory Publishing, which Kirk intends to takeover. Blaine showed a renewed interest in Jamie. Elena contemplated a move.

JULY 30 - AUGUST 3, 1979
Elena closed the gallery and returned to Europe. Kirk's business practices aroused Sylvie's suspicions. June was jealous that Kirk spent the night with Iris. Iris considered bribing Blaine into stalling her divorce from Jamie, so that Dennis will have a clear path to Cecile. Eileen got mixed up with the Serenity House sect. Willis and Kirk celebrated their merger.

AUGUST 6 - 10, 1979
Jumbo tracked down Ted and Karen. During a struggle with Jumbo, Ted plunged off the boat to his presumed death. Michael and Ben captured Jumbo, who was arrested. Blaine tried to seduce Jamie. Phil raped Eileen. Kirk promised Iris that he intends to divorce June. Iris bought the story and refused to listen to Sylvie's warnings about Kirk. Brian returned and got close to Pat. Janice signed a "no palimony" agreement.

AUGUST 13 - 17, 1979
Joey searched for Eileen, who was mugged then captured by pimps after running away to Chicago. Mac and Rachel's divorce was finalized. Mac and Kirk drew battle lines over Kirk's hostile takeover of Cory Publishing. Larry took his first steps. Karen had visions of Ted. Pat helped Brian deal with Ted's death. Janice's power at Cory annoyed Liz. Ben resumed gambling and refused to testify against Jumbo.

AUGUST 20 - 24, 1979
Blaine revealed to Jamie that she's pregnant. Mac was jealous of Rachel's closeness to Frank, who had nightmares about Vietnam. Karen had more visions of Ted's ghost. June and Jeff slept together behind Kirk's back. Iris urged Vivien to spy on June and Jeff. Eileen was saved from the white slavery ring.

AUGUST 27 - 31, 1979
Blaine feigned an attempted abortion to win Jamie's loyalty. Kirk convinced Iris Mac's company was in jeopardy, then hired a detective to dig up dirt on Janice and Sylvie. Michael feared for Karen's sanity when she insisted that Ted is still alive. Vivien's mother died. Sally taunted Eileen about Eileen losing her virginity to Phil. Larry considered joining the police academy.

SEPTEMBER 3 - 7, 1979
Ted turned up alive and kidnaped Karen. Iris got proof of June and Jeff's affair and blackmailed June into giving up Kirk. Blaine moved in with Sally, who plotted with Phil to keep Joey and Eileen apart. Mac continued to feel jealousy about Rachel and Frank. Kirk used Iris to con Mac. Joey went to Boston to get more information on Serenity House.

SEPTEMBER 10 - 14, 1979
Michael and Ben rescued Karen from Ted. Eileen cried to Joey about her relationship with Phil. Kirk and June agreed to pretend estrangement until Kirk can get Iris's vote at the Cory stockholder's meeting. Later, Kirk learned that Sylvie is a recovering alcoholic and threatened to tell Iris unless Sylvie sides against Mac. Rachel consoled Mac about the troubles at Cory. Michael and Karen reconciled.

SEPTEMBER 17 - 21, 1979
Michael, Karen, and Ben moved to Florida where Michael and Karen plan to marry. Ted was institutionalized. Joey learned about Phil's seduction of Eileen and beat him up. Phil pressed assault and battery charges against Joey. Kirk learned that Sylvie served prison time for murdering Iris's biological father, and Iris was actually born in prison. Before fleeing Bay City in shame, Sylvie threatened to kill Kirk.

SEPTEMBER 24 - 28, 1979
Kirk left Iris at his mountain retreat not knowing June was there too. June pulled a gun on Iris but she wouldn't kill her, waiting instead for Kirk to destroy Iris. Joey eluded an arrest warrant. Kirk received info about a dark secret from Janice's past. At Gwen's urging, Mac appointed Willis to the Cory board of directors on the condition that Willis sides with Mac at the stockholder's meeting. Kirk threatened to expose Janice's past to Mac, unless Willis votes with Iris and Kirk. Frank wanted to get closer to Rachel, whose thoughts were with Mac. Frank told Rachel he was searching for his daughter, Su-Lin, who was born in Vietnam. Alice accepted a prestigious job in Chicago. Cecile asked Jamie to divorce Blain before Blaine had her baby. Sally stole a brooch from Liz.

OCTOBER 1 - 5, 1979
All hell broke loose at the stockholder's meeting when Iris and Willis voted against Mac. Mac gained the upper hand and defeated the takeover attempt. Mac raged against Iris and Willis for their betrayal. Gwen told Mac that Janice knows how Kirk had blackmailed Willis. Kirk confronted June and Jeff about their affair. Joey turned himself in to the police while Paul considered going into debt to bail him out. Willis and Gwen admitted they still have feelings for each other. Rachel realized that she wants Mac back. Blaine put on a problem pregnancy act. Janice fretted that her sordid past with an older man would be revealed by Kirk.

OCTOBER 8 - 12, 1979
Mitch Blake, who has a past connection to Janice, arrived. Mac got the wrong impression after seeing Frank kiss Rachel. Mac and Janice suddenly left for San Francisco. Jeff quit Kirk's company and begged June to leave Bay City with him. Kirk insisted to June that he still intends to marry Iris. June threatened Kirk's life when she realized he would go through with a divorce to marry Iris. Texan Dr. Kevin Cook arrived hoping to establish a cardiac care unit in Bay City. Blaine had more fainting spells, after Jamie said he wanted a divorce before their baby is born.

OCTOBER 15 - 19, 1979
Brian and June exposed Kirk's schemes to Iris, who went into a rage, threatening to kill Kirk. A jealous June reported him to the SEC and made similar threats, as did Willis who was left with a financially troubled company. While typing a letter to Iris, Kirk was shot and killed by an unseen assailant. Russ Matthews returned to Bay City and planned to head a new cardiac wing with Kevin. Sally and Eileen amassed enough evidence to exonerate Joey. Joey proposed to Eileen, who accepted. Willis and Gwen rekindled their affair and decided to build a new company together. Larry entered the police academy. Rachel asked Jeff to check out Mitch's relationship to Janice. Ada and Charlie got engaged. Mac thought Rachel and Frank were planning to have a baby, but Rachel was just agreeing to take Frank's daughter into her home if he finds her. Frank left town. Liz caught Sally trying to swipe a brooch. Willis went to bed with Gwen after planning to start a new company and arguing with Angie about Kirk.

OCTOBER 22 - 26, 1979
Rachel was stunned to learn that Mac and Janice were married while vacationing in San Francisco. Rachel admitted to Mac that she's in love with him, but Mac told her that it was too late. Blaine signed Jamie's divorce papers and he made weekend love plans with Cecile. Angie found blood stains on Willis's shirt. Scott suspected June and Iris in Kirk's murder. Sally got over Joey and set her sights on Dennis. Willis continued to sleep with Gwen behind Angie's back. Larry claimed he couldn't perform sexually because Clarice is methodically trying to conceive a child. Kirk's autopsy revealed bite marks on his body. Russ introduced Kevin to Pat. Rachel met Mitch when he arrived looking for Janice.

Iris's dental records proved she had bitten Kirk before he died. But, Sylvie returned and claimed she was the one who bumped off Kirk. Janice was forced to back Mitch when he used Mac as a reference to buy the coffee shop. Mitch wants to turn it into a disco. Jamie vacationed with Cecile while Dennis rushed Blaine to the hospital with pregnancy pains. Joey gave Eileen a ring. Angie packed her bags after arguing with Willis about his whereabouts the night Kirk was killed. Brian admitted to Pat that he still cares about Iris. Rachel made an office for herself in Mac's complex. Ada and Charlie announced their engagement.

NOVEMBER 5-9, 1979
Angie had a car accident while running from Willis, who told her he was returning to Gwen permanently. Brian was suspicious of Iris after she bribed Jeff to frame June for Kirk's murder. Jeff reported the bribe to Scott and insisted that Iris be arrested. Sylvie's business partner supplied her with an alibi. Kevin was smitten with Pat, but his wife, Reena, is joining him in Bay City from Dallas. Rachel followed Janice and Mitch to New York and learned that Janice was the mistress of Howard Battis, who died mysteriously. Janice told her lawyer to stop the court battle to get Howard's inheritance. Then she warned Mac that Rachel is spreading gossip. Mac refused to believe Rachel's tales about Janice and Mitch. Clarice wasn't happy that Larry invited Blaine to live with him and Clarice. Jamie ignored Blaine while Dennis tended her.

NOVEMBER 12-16, 1979
Rachel and Brian forced Janice to reveal her past with Howard to Mac. Mac fumed at Rachel for spoiling his happiness. Willis was arrested since Kirk's blood type matched the blood found on his shirt by Angie. But, under hypnosis he remembered the bar where he spent the night Kirk was killed and the bartender gave Willis an alibi. Angie miscarried and has memory lapses. Mitch hired Gwen to remodel his disco. Sally squealed to Iris about Dennis dating Blaine. Before departing, Sylvie advised Liz and Jim to admit their attraction for each other. Kevin inferred to Pat that Reena is a tyrant. Eileen underwent tests for her dizzy spells. Rose and Joey blamed Willis for Angie's accident.

NOVEMBER 19-23, 1979
Eileen has an inoperable brain tumor. But Joey kept the news from her while they were married and then took a honeymoon. Iris's financially pressed society pal, Tracy DeWitt, moved in with Iris. Vivien found a gun in the linen closet but Iris threw it in the garbage. Mac and Janice reconciled. Dennis ordered Iris to butt out about him and Blaine. Pat cooled toward Kevin when Reena announced her arrival. Willis's alibi couldn't substantiate that Willis was at the bar during Kirk's murder. The hunt continued for another bar that Willis might have frequented. Cecile and Jamie made wedding plans.

NOVEMBER 26 - 30, 1979
Vivien's boyfriend Rudy found Iris's gun in the trash and turned it over to the police, who proved it was the murder weapon and arrested Iris. Iris posted bail and plotted to break up Dennis and Cecile by bringing Cecile's former boyfriend Philip Lyons to Bay City. Blaine miscarried Jamie's baby. Mitch flirted with Rachel, then commissioned her to do a sculpture for his new disco. Rachel agreed, hoping to use Mitch to get info on Janice. Janice was annoyed by Mitch's attention to Rachel. Reena seduced Kevin. Angie recovered from her injuries, but Eileen's condition worsened.

DECEMBER 3-7, 1979
Joey grieved when Eileen died peacefully in his arms. Janice told Mitch to steer clear of Rachel but he taunted her that Rachel has more money. Brian bailed out Iris. Jeff let it slip that Kirk wrote Iris a letter before he died. Vivien and Rudy snooped in Kirk's apartment for Kirk's typewriter ribbon which would contain the message since the letter vanished. Pat was assigned to interview Reena and her rich Texas daddy, Striker Bellman, an oilman. Gwen was upset that Willis took a job with Mac rather than allowing her to finance another business. Kevin assured Pat he's divorcing Reena. Larry made love to Clarice. Cecile isn't over her love for Philip.

DECEMBER 10-14, 1979
Mitch and Rachel were snowbound but she resisted his physical advances. Jeff held Vivien and Iris captive after they found his name on Kirk's typewriter ribbon as Kirk's killer. Joey went berserk after Eileen's prolonged death and was snowbound on a hilltop. Jamie was devastated to find Cecile and Philip together. Janice told Mac she's investigating Mitch's background for a story but it's only an excuse to keep tabs on Rachel and Mitch. Larry realized that Jeff killed Kirk, then raced to save Iris and Vivien.

DECEMBER 17-21, 1979
Larry shot Jeff and saved Iris and Vivien. Janice had a weird reaction after Mac had a bout with food poisoning. Student nurse Kit Farrell tended Joey after Dennis and Sally rescued him from exposure. Larry's new police partner, Bud Parker, and Bud's wife Hazel, don't get along, and Hazel is seeing someone on the sly. Reena was upset that Striker invited Pat to stay with them while writing her magazine article. Gwen was jealous that Willis and Tracey will work together. Blaine got along famously with Hazel. Cecile denied to Dennis that she has feelings for Philip.

DECEMBER 24-28, 1979
At his disco opening, Mitch reminded Janice that she could have saved Howard's life by giving him medication. Janice pleaded that she needed to be stopped from doing the same kind of thing to Mac if Mitch continues dating Rachel. Rachel suspected Iris brought Philip to town in order to confuse Cecile and steer her away from Dennis. Cecile put Jamie off and daydreamed about Philip, but insisted she loves him. Dennis grew interested in Sally. Tracey's eyes lit up when Pat told her how wealthy Striker is. Angie moved to Chicago. Striker and Reena arranged to stall her divorce from Kevin to keep Kevin away from Pat. Tracey suspected that Philip is using her to make Cecile jealous. Larry and Bud's police buddy, Jerry Grove met and was intrigued with Blaine.

DECEMBER 31, 1979 - JANUARY 4, 1980
Angie left town determined to put Willis behind her. Ada and Charlie were married. Willis was conflicted over Gwen starting a new construction firm. Joey became close to student nurse Kit as she reminded him of Eileen. Blaine began a romance with affable cop Jerry. Gwen agreed to design a restaurant for Rose and a cardiac post-operative unit for Kevin. Bud, Larry, and Jerry investigated a drug ring. Pat and Tracy went to Houston to complete their story on "Texas Women." Dennis admitted to Joey he hopes to win Cecile. Blaine wondered if Hazel planned to appoint her as a replacement when Hazel mentioned she plans to quit. Striker and Reena made sure Kevin and Pat never had a moment alone. Cecile daydreamed of making love to Philip. Mac told Rachel he objects to Mitch spending time around Rachel and Amanda. Pat ignored her attraction to Kevin and warned him they'll be nothing more than friends. Philip blackmailed Iris into getting more money. Brian's suspicions of Iris's involvement in Jamie and Cecile's problems grew after learning Iris is low on cash and Philip has none of his own. At his disco opening, Mitch urged Janice to go through with the plan to drug Mac since Mac and Rachel are getting closer.