Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

DECEMBER 29, 1980 - JANUARY 2, 1981
Clarice and Blaine worried about Larry wanting the good life. Miranda questioned Brad's reason for leaving town because of his pursuit of Kit. Rachel was skeptical about Mac believing Mitch is alive and efforts to find him. Joey comforted Ada after realizing that Charlie died in his sleep. Russ and Tracy realized the conflicts in their marriage and careers while Jason kept Tracy busy with work. Marianne noticed Pat's drinking problem. Cecile planned to dig into Miranda's life while suspecting that she is interested in Mac. Leigh arrived to attend Charlie's funeral. Larry agreed to accept a loan from Jordan while secretly vowing to nail him. Joey helped Ada grieve for Charlie. Kit and Jerry began dating. Jamie joined Mac with his pursuit of Mitch. Olivia denied having an interest in Russ to Jason. Jamie and Cecile spent more time together. Zachary tried to convince Miranda to be his ally.

JANUARY 5-9, 1981
Zachary called in the FBI when Rachel broke out of prison to track Mitch down. Mac and Jamie hit the road to search for Rachel. Larry told Blaine that he has grown tired of waiting for the good life. Russ asked Olivia to be his assistant. Jason stalled for time when Jordan offered to share ownership of the Supper Club with him and Mitch. Clarice decided to buy the Roller Disco and convert it into a beauty parlor for Ada. Cecile fired Pat. Marianne was concerned over Rick, who later collapsed and was hospitalized due to suffering from a flu. Margo was assaulted as she was leaving town to go live in Florida. Miranda decided to leave town upon realizing that Mac would never return her affections.

JANUARY 12-16, 1981
Rachel learned Mitch is alive. Philip resigned when Cecile fired Pat for being a drunk. Olivia lectured Pat about booze after Pat slashed her hand while cutting veggies. Rick was hospitalized with a raging fever. Larry, who worked with the FBI to find the fugitives, allowed Mac and Jamie to escape. Leigh agreed to work with Joey on construction of Ada's beauty parlor. Tracy told Jason their business relationship will be terminated after the Vegas trip because Olivia blabbed to Russ that Jason suggested Olivia break up Tracy and Russ.

JANUARY 19-23, 1981
Mitch rescued Rachel from a jeep crash but didn't remember her. In Las Vegas, Jason contacted Jordan's health-club owner, Ilsa Fredericks, who arranged for lady's man Sandy to give Tracy a "massage" she won't forget. Sandy complained to co-worker Melissa, who hustles men for Ilsa, that he wants to escape Ilsa's domination. Larry opposed Zachary's arrest of Jamie for obstruction of justice.

JANUARY 26-30, 1981
Bill Eastlake of the FBI caught up with Mac, Rachel, and Mitch and escorted them back to Bay City, where the charges against Rachel were dropped. Rachel assured Mitch he would regain his memory. Zachary finally released Jamie from prison after being pressured by Brian. Tracy befriended Sandy and encouraged him to forge a relationship with Mac. Jason accepted when Ilsa offered to have Russ taken care of permanently. Joey and Kit played matchmaker with Marianne and Rick, who's recovering from his illness. Pat and Philip cleared the air about their relationship and agreed to work together. Ada warned Cecile against using or hurting Jamie while disapproving of Mac and Rachel's efforts in helping Mitch with his recovery. Jerry flirted with Kit while banding together with Larry to nail Jordan. Blaine warned Joey their friendship makes Jordan jealous. Jerry and Brian investigated Margo's whereabouts. Brian and Russ worried about Mitch's memory and love for Rachel returning.

FEBRUARY 2-6, 1981
Rachel and Mac decided to put Mitch up at their home. Tracy was blasted to smithereens in the car meant to terminate Russ. Sandy skipped to Bay City with Ilsa's client book, which implicates Ilsa and Jason in the explosion. Mac, dismayed by Cecile's firing Pat, considered rehiring Pat and upping her to co-editor of Brava. Cecile warned Marianne to stay away from Jamie, who was sprung from the slammer. Zachary suspected Mitch shot the unidentified man who was in the stable and ordered Mitch to remain in Bay City.

FEBRUARY 9-13, 1981
Rachel and Mac told Mitch he is Matthew's father. Jamie became Mac's legal heir and Cecile's bed partner. Jamie investigated unexplained problems at the Halloway site, where Sandy got a construction job. Jordan plotted to blackmail Zachary with his gambling markers when Zachary discovered Jordan's loan to Larry. Jess ordered Jordan and Blaine to purchase Miranda's former home and join the Bay City elite. Jordan gave Blaine a shiner after Jerry accused Jordan of engineering Margo's disappearance.

FEBRUARY 16-20, 1981
Sandy sustained a concussion after saving Jamie from a forklift that Jordan sent in Jamie's direction. Jordan blackmailed Zachary into forcing Larry to quit the police department, then hired Larry to work at the arena. Jerry and Larry feigned an end to their friendship to fool Jordan. Rachel asked Mitch's permission for Mac to adopt Matthew. Alice Matthews returned to Bay City to become head nurse at Russ's emergency unit. Joey befriended Sandy and smooched Blaine. Blaine overheard Jordan discuss the bungling of Jamie's "accident" with foreman Ken Steele, then told Jerry she thinks Jamie's accident was no accident. Leigh took notice of Sally.

FEBRUARY 23-27, 1981
While sheltering Sandy, Mac remembered an affair with a woman, Miriam, who ditched him while she was pregnant with his child. Mac doesn't realize Sandy is that child. Alice was suspicious of Rachel's interest in Mitch, who remembered his love for Rachel. Clarice mourned that Larry chose his job with Jordan rather than happiness with her. Melissa and Blaine set up an escort service. Marianne slept with Rick, then put him off because she has a yen for Jamie. Margo's dead body was found and Jerry blamed Jordan. Sandy suspected Ilsa caused Tracy's death.

MARCH 2-6, 1981
Leigh flipped over Alice's daughter, Sally. Zachary wouldn't listen to Mitch's remembrance of shooting the barn intruder. The shooting had started the fire. Sally accepted a dinner date with Leigh. Melissa made eyes at Mitch, who flirted with Alice. Olivia decided to divorce Robert and date Brian. Jordan forced Blaine to help Melissa with the escort service. Jason had visions of Tracy when he heard Melissa singing.

MARCH 9-13, 1981
Jamie exploded at Mac for spiriting him out of town and making major company decisions without him. Liz sensed Cecile has the hots for Sandy, whom Mac hired as Pat's assistant. Jamie and Cecile had a quickie marriage. Jordan caught Blaine embracing Jerry, who witnessed Blaine and Joey in a similar situation. Jordan retaliated by having Jerry run over by a car. Cecile fumed when Mac gave Pat two Brava projects in Cecile's absence. While Marianne resolved to accept Jamie's marriage to Cecile, Rachel resolved to end it.

MARCH 16-20, 1981
Mitch kept company with Alice but thought mostly of Rachel, who Mitch tried in vain to reunite with Jamie. Blaine suspected Jordan ordered the hit on Jerry, who was seriously hurt. Jerry gave Larry a partial license plate number from the hit car. Jess squirmed when the police posted guards outside Jerry's hospital room. Ada feared Blaine was falling for Jerry, whose romance with Kit was strengthened.

MARCH 23-27, 1981
Alice blamed Rachel for Jamie's stress symptoms. Sandy warned Jamie about Jess's sabotage campaign. Philip broke off with Pat, who wouldn't give him a commitment. Jamie fired Ken. Sandy showed the client book to Joey, who quit The Arena. Larry and Blaine snooped for evidence against Jordan. Brian suspected that Zachary is in Jordan's pocket. Rachel fumed at Mac for being suspicious of Mitch's intentions towards Matthew. Jason bought into the Sporting Life for Jess. Jess harangued Jordan for his failure to terminate Jerry, who's off the critical list. Russ recognized Rick's old drug patterns in Jamie.

MARCH 30 - APRIL 3, 1981
Sandy grew chummier with Cecile, who came close to discovering Sandy is Mac's son. Rachel left town with Matthew to decide who would adopt him. Jamie's erratic behavior wreaked havoc at the Cory Complex. Alice blew a gasket when Sally planned a Montreal weekend with Leigh. Jordan had Ken plant a bomb in the complex. Larry admitted to Blaine that he's working undercover to nail Jordan. Jamie used Rick's hospital key to lift pills. Jason romanced Melissa and thought he recognized Sandy. Phil pumped Joey about Sandy's background. Jordan ordered Larry to photocopy the police report on Jerry's accident. Jerry was touched when Kit paid his hospital bills.

APRIL 6-10, 1981
Sandy saved Mac and Jamie after explosions rocked the complex. Sally returned home after Leigh neglected her for hockey practice in Montreal. Mitch searched for Rachel in St. Croix to tell her about Mac and Jamie's injuries. Melissa told Larry she had overheard Jordan plan the explosion. Kit was jealous when Jerry and Blaine headed south to escape Jordan. Marianne learned she's pregnant with Rick's child. Philip investigated Sandy. Jim advised Alice to give Sally breathing space. Jason and Melissa took to the sack.

APRIL 13-17, 1981
Rachel decided to let Mitch adopt Matthew but she cooled her heels fearing that Mac would retaliate against Jamie. Cecile found Sandy's birth certificate which proves he is Mac's son. Sandy was concerned for Cecile after a drugged Jamie accidentally hit her. Mac discovered Mitch and Rachel spent the night together before returning to Bay City. Jordan ordered Ken to find Blaine and Jerry, who reached Georgia where Jerry contracted a fever. Joey and Kit comforted each other over Blaine and Jerry's disappearance. Kit insisted that Marianne admit to Rick she is pregnant. Jamie disapproved of Mac's decision to sell the dock project.

APRIL 20-24, 1981
Rachel decided to divorce Mac and marry Mitch with whom she made love. Jamie mixed booze with pills. Alice fumed when Sally and Leigh spent the night together. Kit disapproved of Marianne and Rick's engagement. Blaine, Jerry, and Sandy narrowly escaped Ken in Florida and headed to New York. Sandy borrowed money from Mac and delivered medication to Jerry. Olivia warned Alice against dating Zachary. Jason lit into Melissa for holding back about Sandy. Mitch sold his half of The Supper Club to Jason. Jordan's men ransacked Brian's office. Louise returned to the Cory household.

APRIL 27 - MAY 1, 1981
Mac warned Rachel that he wants Amanda's custody. Rachel moved to Ada's. Cecile blamed Rachel for Jamie's anxiety. Jordan's goons chased Sandy, Blaine, and Jerry through the streets of New York. Jamie unwittingly sold the dock project to one of Jess's cohorts. Jason exploded when Jordan had Mitch beaten up. Liz and Cecile questioned Mac's loan to Sandy. Jerry looked back on their break-up. Kit suspected Marianne doesn't love Rick. Liz gave Mary's wedding dress to Marianne.

MAY 4-8, 1981
Jamie accused Cecile of marrying him for his legacy. Jamie was arrested for drugged driving. Mitch resolved to fight Jordan and Zachary's escort service plan. Jordan caught up with Blaine and Sandy after Jerry was hospitalized. Philip told Jamie that Jess was the secret purchaser of the dock site. Mac gave Pat some of Jamie's workload. Pat questioned Marianne's lack of pre-wedding jitters. Kit feared Jerry and Blaine would reconcile. Denny, Clarice and Leigh's lawyer brother, arrived.

MAY 11-15, 1981
Mac refused to return Amanda to Rachel after Amanda was hurt in a fall. Jamie eased up on Rachel. Marianne married Rick after a romantic interlude with Jamie. Cecile sent Jamie packing to Mac's house. Blaine reconciled with Jordan to protect Sandy and Jerry, and the four returned to Bay City. Jordan raped Blaine and forced Sandy to join the escort service. Larry told Clarice she has no chance of winning Jerry away from Kit. Pat became publisher of Brava. Denny sought the position of Zachary's assistant.

MAY 18-22, 1981
Mac dated Alice. Brian advised Rachel to avoid Mitch until after the custody suit. Leigh considered quitting school and getting an apartment to avoid Denny's interference. Mac kept Amanda at his house. Jamie returned to Cecile's but thought of Marianne. Mac's board members ousted Jamie from the Ledger. Sandy advised Joey and Jerry to steer clear of Blaine, who became Jordan's punching bag. Jason fumed at Jordan's decision to send Melissa back to Las Vegas. Rick assured Marianne he'll wait for her love. Kit caught Marianne's bridal bouquet.

MAY 25-29, 1981
Cecile told Rachel that Sandy is Mac's son, but Rachel kept mum fearing Mac would disinherit Jamie. Mac won temporary custody of Amanda. Blaine shot Jordan in a struggle and fled, then Jordan was murdered. The culprit lifted Jordan's black book. Clarice reconciled with Larry after he admitted to working undercover, but she remained enamored of Jerry. Jerry neglected Kit to console Blaine. Mac confided in Alice, who nixed Zachary's offer of a date. Sandy and Melissa hoped Ilsa wouldn't order them back to Las Vegas. Leigh regretted driving Denny out of Clarice's house.

JUNE 1-5, 1981
Ada told Mac that Sandy is his son. Jamie thought about his father, Steve Frame. Mac hired a detective to tail Rachel and Mitch. Cecile was aghast when Jamie drained their savings to help finance Rachel's gallery. Mac was grateful to Alice for getting him through the rough times. Kit posted bail when Blaine was arrested for Jordan's murder. Jason swore to protect Melissa from Ilsa. Philip investigated Sandy. Pat, who got chummier with Brian, was elected to oversee the European version of Brava. Mac named Jamie as Pat's temporary replacement.

JUNE 8-12, 1981
Sandy moved in with Mac, but swore him to secrecy about their father-son relationship. Mac pretended to honour Jamie's request that he release Jamie as his heir. Jamie and Cecile bickered. Rachel refused to avoid Mitch during Amanda's custody free-for-all. Sally became Cecile's assistant. Kit broke off with Jerry, who was drawn to Blaine. Larry and Jerry found Ken dead. Rick discovered Jordan died an hour after Blaine had shot him. Cecile played up to Sandy, who smooched Melissa. Zachary pushed for an early trial for Blaine. Pat left for Europe.

JUNE 15-19, 1981
Cecile set Jamie up to look like he's losing his marbles. Mac assured Jamie he probably won't use the photos his detective took of Rachel and Mitch in a clinch. Cecile feared she may be pregnant. Leigh moved to a new pad. Cecile told Kit that Jamie fathered Marianne's child. Sandy was unable to reciprocate Melissa's feelings. Jason warned Melissa he doesn't want to be her No. 2 man. Joey and Kit agreed to date. Jerry met with stiff opposition after asking the court to exhume Jordan's corpse. Larry accused Clarice of carrying a torch for Jerry.

JUNE 22-26, 1981
Rachel plotted to make mincemeat of Mac and Alice's friendship in Amanda's custody trial. Sally, who admired Cecile's go-getter traits, shacked up with Leigh and went on the pill. Cecile drugged Jamie's coffee. Marianne miscarried after a confrontation with Cecile. Blaine's trial began. Mitch and Rick discovered a medicine bottle in a photo of Jordan's body. Rick recommended a physical for Jamie. Kit half-believed that Jamie impregnated Marianne. Jason and Melissa played dumb when Philip pumped them about Jess. Cecile set her sights on Jordan's mansion, which Blaine inherited.

JUNE 29 - JULY 3, 1981
Jamie collapsed under the influence of Cecile's pills. Amanda's social worker caught Mitch exhibiting a bare chest in Rachel's apartment. Rachel resented Alice's attention to Amanda. Cecile fantasized about being Sandy's better half. Denny was hired by mystery man Mr. Black. Mac was shocked when Sandy confessed his stud past at Blaine's trial. Sandy surrendered Ilsa's client book to Zachary. Rick discovered a chemical which may have killed Jordan. Jess's men monitored Mitch. Ilsa insisted that Jason be her link to Sandy. Rick feared losing Marianne to Jamie. Black businesswoman Quinn Harding arrived in Bay City as part of the Blackhawk Project.

JULY 6-10, 1981
Alice learned second-hand that Sally and Leigh are engaged. Cecile isolated Jamie from visitors after his collapse. Ilsa ordered Sandy's demise. Jason admitted to Melissa that he and Ilsa rigged Tracy's fatal explosion. Jerry quit Brian's firm after discovering Blaine was mob property during their marriage. Joey sensed Kit still loves Jerry. Rick persuaded the court to exhume Jordan's body. Denny offered to purchase Mitch's gallery building for his employees, the Blackhawk Project.

JULY 13-17, 1981
Jamie realized Cecile is drugging him. Larry investigated the unseen Mr. Black for Denny. Mitch feared Rachel would dump him for Mac. Ada sensed Leigh is hesitant to marry Sally. Leigh ordered Denny out of his life. Blaine was acquitted after Zachary confessed to Jordan's murder. Hannah and Lenny, Ilsa's goons, searched for Sandy in Bay City. Denny tried to discourage Jerry from joining the force. Sandy warned Melissa against Jason.

JULY 20 - 24, 1981
Mac made noises about linking Mitch to the syndicate. Sally admired Denny's professional ambitions. Jamie and Blaine looked back on the good ole days. Jamie and Sandy switched identities to avoid their adversaries. Hannah and Lenny located Jamie at Mac's cabin with Jason's reluctant help and believed Jamie was Sandy. Sandy checked himself into a clinic as Jamie. Jason admitted to Mitch that Ilsa owns him. Denny discovered his bosses are buying up land for a heliport and moved to the fancy pad they bought him. Kit rejected Jerry in favor of Joey. Rick sensed Marianne is turning away from him. Blaine moved back to the mansion. Brian investigated the mob.

JULY 27-31, 1981
Mr. Black's assistant ordered Denny to compile dossiers on Alice, Mac, Jamie, Rick, and Taylor. He also warned Denny to halt Larry and Jerry's investigation of Mr. Black. Joey and Kit declared their love. Blaine testified against Jess and Jason, but failed to convince Jason to turn state's evidence. Mac walked in on Hannah and Lenny holding Jamie captive. Cecile caught up with Sandy and manoeuvred him out of the clinic. The police cleared Blaine and Melissa of blame for syndicate dealings. Jerry paid off Kit's loan. Hannah almost seduced Jamie. Jess promoted Jason.

AUGUST 3-7, 1981
Leigh disapproved when Sally nixed returning to school in favor of furthering her career. Alice helped Rachel through her guilt over mistreating Mac and Jamie. Liz and Sally bickered because of overwork. Sandy levelled with Mac about his past as a male prostitute, and Mac forgave him. Ilsa was arrested. Sandy and Cecile caught up with Mac, Jamie, Hannah, and Lenny. Mac refused to identify Sandy to Hannah and Lenny. Kit predicted doom for Marianne and Rick's marriage. Blaine encouraged Melissa to win back Sandy. Larry suspected Mac and Jamie were in trouble. Joey and Kit worked to iron out past difficulties.

AUGUST 10-14, 1981
Hannah and Lenny shot Mac, then were nabbed in a police shootout. Mr. Black sent a plane to help rescue Jamie, Mac, Sandy, and Cecile. Mitch felt alienated when Rachel rushed to Mac, who was hospitalized. Denny became increasingly suspicious of Mr. Black. Louise advised Alice to steer clear of Rachel and Mac. Jason admitted his love for Melissa. Rick treated Mac.

AUGUST 24-28, 1981
Pat advised Alice not to rush into a heavy relationship with Mac. Cecile made Jamie stumble onto proof that Sandy is Mac's son. Mac allowed Rachel to care for Amanda during his convalescence and placed Jamie in charge of the complex. Mitch considered a San Francisco job. Marianne admitted to Rick that she has feelings for Jamie, who assured Rick he didn't bed with Marianne. Melissa accused Cecile of chasing Sandy. Joey proposed to Kit and began paramedic training. Sally sided with Cecile against Pat. Jerry assumed police duties. Denny hired Frankie Cavallo, Sandy's construction buddy.

Cecile followed Sandy to Santa Monica, where they almost entwined on the beach. Cecile made it appear that Jamie had stolen Mac's memoirs. Mitch planted seeds of doubt about Cecile with Jamie. Jamie felt Mac betrayed him by keeping mum about Sandy's identity. Leigh disapproved of Sally's money-hungry plans. The Black Hawk gang pilfered Mitch's photos of the dock site, which is now their property. Jerry was clunked on the head in a police chase. Doris Wagner, Jamie's analyst, advised Mac not to smother Jamie. Blaine and Rick became confidantes.

SEPTEMBER 7-11, 1981
Mitch moved to San Francisco, while Rachel planned to join him later. Denny learned Mr. Black is on his way to Bay City. Sandy moved in with Mac, who convinced Sandy to use Cory as his last name. Jamie refused the Cory name out of resentment toward Mac and Sandy. Rachel locked horns with Alice, who became Mac's live-in nurse. Rachel returned Amanda to Mac. Larry promoted a match between Jerry and Rhonda, a teen. Clarice received obscene phone calls. Louise warned Alice that Rachel and Mac aren't necessarily fini. Brooks, now married to Louise, rejoined Mac's household. Rick decided to become a psychiatrist.

SEPTEMBER 14-18, 1981
Jamie began divorce proceedings against Cecile after she lied to him that she sacked with Sandy. Clarice chastised Denny for arranging Leigh's acceptance in a Wisconsin hockey program. Clarice wanted another baby. Mac and Sally were hoodwinked by Cecile's sympathy pleas. Denny hired Blaine full time. Fed up with battling with Rick, Marianne took a vacation alone. Blaine cried on Rick's shoulder about her nightmares. Melissa warned Sandy not to get in deep with Cecile. Rick became a resident in psychiatry. Olivia transferred out of Bay City.

SEPTEMBER 21-25, 1981
Sandy and Cecile hit the sheets. Rachel blamed Mac, Sandy, and Cecile for Jamie's problems. Leigh left for Wisconsin sans Sally. Philip revealed that Jason was involved in the explosion that killed Tracy. Jason was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony against the mob. Blaine kept frequent company with Rick, but exchanged glances with Jerry. Jamie gave Cecile's office to Pat, then split to sort out his life. Cecile implied to Pat that Jamie and Marianne might have run off together. Jerry dated Rhonda. Kit learned that Taylor had a heart attack.

Mac and Alice became engaged. Mac allowed Rachel to take Amanda to San Francisco where she joined Mitch. Jamie took an apartment and landed a menial dock job with Black Hawk, Mr. Black's company. Pat and Rick saw a rendez-vous with Marianne recorded in Jamie's appointment book, unaware that Cecile planted it to alleviate Sandy's guilt about their affair. A masked voyeur viewed Clarice. Jerry suffered more headaches. Russ decided not to seek revenge against Jason. Sandy, who photographed the dock site for Philip, aimed a crowbar at Jamie thinking he was an intruder. Larry investigated Clarice's breathy phone calls.

OCTOBER 5-9, 1981
Jamie and Sandy narrowly missed each other on the docks. Jamie was suspicious of the secrecy in the Black Hawk operation. Jerry was hospitalized after passing out from a headache. Clarice's peeping Tom broke into her house. Jamie convinced Rick he didn't go away with Marianne, who was hurt that Pat and Rick doubted her fidelity. Marianne realized Cecile played with Jamie's appointment book. Russ moved to Seattle to pursue Olivia.

OCTOBER 12-16, 1981
Edward Black arrived and studied news clippings about Alice. Sandy and Cecile admitted their affair publicly. Denny saw Sandy snooping in Mr. Black's penthouse. Denny informed Jamie that Mr. Black has intentions of an executive position for Jamie. Ed Sadowski, Rhonda's cop brother, disapproved of Jerry and Rhonda's relationship. Jerry was released from the hospital and came close to pinpointing Clarice's tormentor. Marianne and Rick separated. Pat and Brian became chummy. Kit ordered Blaine away from Rick. Jamie dated Blaine. Marianne warned Cecile she's wise to Cecile's plots.

OCTOBER 19-23, 1981
Cecile accepted Sandy's marriage proposal after learning she's pregnant. Jamie and Cecile's divorce was granted but not yet finalized. Rachel returned for Amanda's custody hearing. Mac nixed his lawyer's idea to drag Rachel and Jamie through the mud. Denny dated Sally. Mr. Black and Denny probed into Mac and Alice's relationship. Rachel found Mitch's file containing Black Hawk photos. Rick and Blaine got lovey-dovey. Alice encouraged Pat to admit her feelings for Brian. Rick helped Larry and Jerry investigate Clarice's caller.

OCTOBER 26-30, 1981
Rachel recognized Mr. Black as Steven Frame. Mac won custody of Amanda. Cecile tried to conceal signs of morning sickness from Sandy. Sally told Jamie that Cecile is pregnant. Steven had his assistant, Curtis Eldan, send Jamie on an out-of-town mission. Steven nixed hiring Jason. Marianne accused Blaine of lusting after Rick's bucks. Marianne broke a date with Jamie to visit Taylor with Rick.

NOVEMBER 2-6, 1981
Steve told Rachel that he intends to reclaim Alice and Jamie and that he has a step-daughter, Diana. Rachel told Ada and Denny that Mr. Black is Steve. Rachel postponed joining Mitch. Rick heard Jamie's taped admission to Doris that he loves Marianne. Rick sacked out on Blaine's couch after he boozed too much. Melissa raged at Sandy for becoming engaged to Cecile. Jerry cooled his relationship with Rhonda. Joey and Kit made wedding plans.

NOVEMBER 9-13, 1981
Denny and Sally became love doves. Steve confronted Alice and Jamie, who now calls himself James, but they rejected him. Jerry had violent temper flare-ups. Louise resented Alice's importance in Mac's household. Philip urged Sandy to pursue a journalistic career. Mac sold the Ledger. Kit and Joey decided to elope.

NOVEMBER 16-20, 1981
James accepted Steve after Steve revealed his identity to all at a posh wingding. Mac was hurt that Alice didn't tell him she saw Steve. Cecile informed Sandy she's pregnant with his bundle of joy. Jerry, who was Clarice's caller, raped Clarice in a schizophrenic fit. Rick and Blaine made love. Steve landed a building contract and consulted union rep, Harry Shea. Pat asked Brian to "court" her. Pat advised Marianne not to crowd James. James started a novel about Bay City hypocrisy, A View of the Bay. Curtis had no sympathy over Denny's gripes about overwork. Blaine moved up in the Black Hawk operation. Steve purchased Blaine's house. Rick doctored Jerry and suspected Jerry's condition is psychological. Jerry attacked Rick and threatened Clarice when she identified him has her rapist

NOVEMBER 23-27, 1981
Frankie fired James, who resisted Steve's efforts to rehire him. Liz advised Louise not to interfere with Mac and Alice. Liz suspected Denny is using Sally to extract information on Steve. Marianne stalled divorce proceedings because of conflicting feelings and her marriage. Sandy and Cecile planned a hasty marriage. Sally assumed it was out of love when Denny lied he has too much respect for her to live together. James and Marianne admitted their feelings after she was impressed by his writing style. Blaine hoped to marry Rick and was hurt because he wanted to cool things between them. Rick performed brain tests on Jerry to determine whether or not he should be jailed for raping Clarice. Denny hired a housekeeper to spy on Steve. Doris helped Clarice and Larry cope with the rape. Rick advised Marianne he's willing to make their marriage work. Jerry wished Larry happiness in his marriage once they made peace. Blaine ensured Steve had full media coverage when Steve presented a large check to the union in hopes of avoiding a strike. Harry and Pete had a disagreement over plans for the future.

Sally planned to quit school and marry Denny. Sally was jubilant when Alice weakened toward Steve. Liz fretted about her granddaughter Julia. Cecile lied about her pregnancy due date suspecting James is the father. Mac allowed Rachel to take Amanda to visit Mitch. Steve hired Pete to care for his horse, Captain. Mac promoted Liz. Denny clamored for a piece of Curtis's company power. Marianne pressured James to become her roomates, while James buried himself in his writing. Harry warned Steve that a construction strike may be imminent. Melissa resented Jason's possessiveness. Steve and Rachel picked up Steve's step-daughter, Diana, from the airport. Cecile told Sandy that James was insincere over his good wishes for their impending nuptials. Rick considered leaving the practice of psychiatry. Jerry was institutionalized. Alice had pangs of her past with Steve. Curtis warned Denny to tow the line when he and Jim discovered Denny has been overpaying Latimer for construction supplies. Alice had doubts over marrying Mac while making plans. Steve was depressed over the strike and risk of losing millions on the Bel-Aire project.

DECEMBER 7-11, 1981
Sandy married Cecile, who obtained a divorce from James. Denny decided to marry Sally and received Steve's approval. Pete and Diana argued over Captain's care and her horse riding skills. Alice broke her engagement to Mac. Marianne convinced James to console Mac, who was touched that James still considers Mac and Rachel his parents. Cecile tried to squash James and Sandy's friendship. Denny started shady dealings and forced Curtis to resign after Quinn found a dossier on him and threatened to reveal Curtis's past to Steve. Blue worried about James' floundering ways. Blaine hired a gourmet cook for Alice so Steve could arrange a date with her. Mac decided to live life to the fullest and date again. Cecile planned to pass the baby off as Sandy's to make sure Sandy doesn't leave her. Brian pressured Pat for a serious relationship. Sally befriended Diana but confessed to Denny she intends to become Steve's heiress. Harry tried to match Pete and Diana, who agreed it would not be romantic. Liz learned Julia's hanging out with the Deep Six, a rock group, who are headed for Bay City. Joe clamored to replace Harry as the union president. Steve and Harry faced negotiation breakdowns. Jason hired James to bartend and help renovate the Connection.

DECEMBER 14-18, 1981
Mac and Rachel agreed their marriage is over despite spending a romantic night together. Pat admitted her feelings to Brian and they made love. Pete and Diana enjoyed each other's company during their two dates despite themselves. James concluded he fathered Cecile's child. Louise gave Rachel an herb tea which made Rachel too sick to meet Mitch in San Francisco. Denny got Latimer to lower their prices, which caused Jim to admit he was mistaken over discrepancies in Denny's account books. Steve and Alice agreed to be parents to Sally and Diana. Marianne was touched that James wants to make her happy but confused over her lingering feelings for Rick. Mitch demanded Rachel come to San Francisco once he learned Rachel spent the night with Mac. Cecile made Sandy feel guilty when Sandy had doubts over her baby's paternity. Rick was intrigued by Anne Whitelaw, who confessed her bouts of depression and attempts at suicide. Steve was upset that Curtis resigned and unhappy with Denny's work. Harry warned Steve against Joe, who effected a construction strike.

DECEMBER 21-25, 1981
Alice advised Steve she needs time before they can be together. Pete eased Diana's embarrassment over pressuring him into dating. Mitch failed to return Rachel's phone calls. Liz learned Julia ran away because Susan refused to let her visit her father, Dan. Rick treated Anne, attributing her mental illness symptoms to physical and suggested a nutrition plan. Jason and Melissa became engaged. Steve and Alice were displeased by how quickly Denny and Sally's relationship is moving. Rachel decided it was for the best that Mitch ended their relationship. Sandy and Cecile clashed over the life style they want for their baby. Pete and Diana spent a night together while taking care of Captain. Steve suspected Denny was responsible for Curtis Eldon's resignation. Brian and Ada consoled Rachel, who was depressed over having failed relationships and Mitch's threats to sue for custody of Matthew. Jim expressed anger towards Denny for ordering supplies while builders are on strike. Cecile guilted Sandy into moving in with Mac, claiming his expectations of her being a career woman, wife, and mother were unreasonable. Steve was hurt when James spent Christmas with Mac. Joe questioned Harry's loyalty to the union.

DECEMBER 28, 1981 - JANUARY 1, 1982
Quinn lied to Steve so Denny could remain at Blackhawk. Brian informed Rachel that Mitch promised not to sue Rachel if he's granted visitation rights. Sandy suspected Cecile is using him. Blaine encouraged Rick to open a family clinic since he no longer wanted to practice psychiatry. Louise grew tired of Cecile's phoniness and put poisoned mushrooms in her meal. Jason went into a jealous rage and punched Sandy, who lamented to Melissa she's the only one who loves him unconditionally. Rachel supported Steve in his competition with Mac to be the most powerful man in Bay City. Diana quelled Steve's anger over spending the night with Pete, assuring him it was platonic and they were caring for Captain. Sandy began an investigative report about middle-class drug abuse. Pat admonished Cecile for using her pregnancy to manipulate Sandy. Alice agreed to Steve's request she discuss sex with Diana but voiced disapproval over Steve and Rachel appearing in the papers. Harry was furious with Denny for telling Blaine the builders planned a violent protest at the Bel-Aire site. Sally nixed Alice's suggestion she return to college and got Denny to consider marriage. James asked Marianne for a commitment and that they live together.