Daily Synopses: January - June, July - December

DECEMBER 31, 1984 - JANUARY 4, 1985
M.J. and Jamie realized that Carl is trying to convince everyone that Mac is losing his sanity. Kathleen tended Cass's wounds after Tony had Rocko beat up Cass. Cass worried that he can't raise the money he owes Tony within the two-week deadline. Kevin doesn't like sharing Sally's affections with Catlin. Clarice accused Carl of planting the bomb that nearly killed her a few months ago. Quinn warned Lily to level with Grant that Lily arranged for Grant to manage Tallboys Restaurant. Wallingford was disappointed that Felicia doesn't consider him a beau, only her best friend. After sleeping with Carter again, Thomasina asked Alice for birth-control advice. Kathleen set the police on Cass's trail after he "borrowed" her car without permission. Nancy was upset that Perry doesn't seem romantically interested in her.

JANUARY 7-11, 1985
Kathleen refused to post Cass's bail since she believes Cass is safe from Tony as long as he's in jail. Cass was suspicious that Tony readily accepted Cass's romance novel manuscript as insurance that Cass will repay Tony's "loan." Thomasina fretted that her and Carter's futures are doomed because she's got pregnant. Carter made Grant realize it's okay that Lily bought Tallboys and then gave Grant a job there. Carl, who's short on cash, blackmailed Donna, who's worried he'll squeal that she's Marley's momma. Carl fumed that Sandy kept him from selling a racehorse that's in her name.

JANUARY 14-18, 1985
Grant and Quinn tried to come to terms with Thomasina's pregnancy while Thomasina and Carter considered getting married. Hoping that Peter and Emily can entrap Carl, Donna allowed Peter to hide Emily in Donna's secret cellar room. Kathleen was elated when Cass finally admitted that he's falling in love with her, and they decided to face up to Tony together. M.J. and Larry are suspicious of Peter, who lied that he hadn't seen Emily. Nancy cried buckets of tears when her plan to make Perry jealous failed.

JANUARY 21-25, 1985
M.J. was distraught that during a shoot-out, she had killed a fellow officer, who had been on Carl's payroll. Emily gave herself up to the police. Larry didn't believe Emily, who said she doesn't know Carl's plans. Mac is still on Carl's trail in Europe. Cass flipped that Tony wants him to play "Pygmalion" to Tony's punkrocker niece, Dee, who Tony wants turned into a debutante. Quinn suggested that Thomasina have an abortion. Perry and Nancy reconciled.

Alice and Sandy suspected foul play when Emily died of a dose of poison after she had supposedly slashed her own wrists. Mac relayed the news that Carl's private plane had crashed but Carl, who didn't die in the crash, schemed to return to Bay City. Peter and Donna learned that Carl had funnelled their family fortune into his Swiss bank account. Cass was upset when Felicia turned down big bucks to print the novel she had written about Catlin and Sally's romance. Acting as a chaperon, Lily moved in with Wallingford, who's looking after Dee.

FEBRUARY 4-8, 1985
Nancy was intrigued by Ben's cousin, Jake McKinnon, who she caught lurking around the hospital. Thomasina accepted Carter's marriage proposal. Sally was upset that Catlin hasn't mentioned the mystery girl, Willa, he's been seen talking with. Mac offered Sandy a big-wheel job at KBAY-TV, which Mac purchased. Peter vowed to fight Donna's wish to name Sandy administrator of her hospital, Bay City General. Carl arrived in New York City at the same time as Mac and Rachel. Catlin is worried that he'll be cut from the police academy. Kathleen and Cass romped in the sack while Dee hid her mad crush on Cass. Rejected romantically by Cass, Dee reverted to her old behaviour pattern.

FEBRUARY 11-15, 1985
Carl kidnapped Rachel after Mac left New York City. Catlin was kicked out of the police academy after Willa was found dead with a photo of herself and Catlin clutched in her hand. Catlin didn't believe the police, who think Willa died from a drug overdose. At Sally's request, Peter agreed to defend Catlin if he's accused of killing Willa. Ben left to attend prep school in California, leaving Jake a clear field to Marley, with whom Jake is smitten. Dee wrote down in her diary secret fantasies about Cass. Donna was outraged that Marley wants to get a job. Cass and Kathleen asked Donna to recommend that Dee be included in the upcoming society set's debutante ball.

FEBRUARY 18-22, 1985
Larry had learned Willa had received a blow to the head before her death. Larry also learned Catlin had been seen around town with Willa. Peter went to Cheyenne, Wyoming with Catlin, who faces assault charges there. Carl turned mean after Rachel rebuffed his sexual advances. Maisie gave Marley a waitress job and agreed to keep mum that the Love family is nearly broke. Donna agreed to recommend Dee for the debutante ball after Kathleen threatened to reveal Donna's financial woes. Jake made videotapes of Marley, who he's smitten with.

MARCH 4-8, 1985
During a struggle with Carl, Nancy fell down a flight of stairs. Carl later took Nancy to a clinic, but they returned to his hideout when a doctor recognized Carl. Mac kept mum to the police that he's arranged to meet with Carl. Blaine and Sandy's marriage is falling apart. Against Larry's orders, Jamie and Sandy launched their own search for Rachel and Nancy. Marley was humiliated when Donna conned Maisie into pretending to be a servant so Donna wouldn't be embarrassed to entertain her society pals.

MARCH 11-15, 1985
Rachel underwent surgery after being wounded during a shoot-out between Carl and Mac. Carl was arrested and extradited to Chicago, where he faces Federal criminal charges. Donna fumed that Carl nixed returning her fortune to her. Catlin checked out evidence that drugs are being removed from the local hospital. Larry found clues that led him to believe Willa didn't die from a drug overdose. Blaine accused Donna of having sexual desires for Sandy.

MARCH 18-22, 1985
Peter saw wedding photos of Catlin and Brittany Peterson, who he plans to meet in person. Sandy and Blaine accepted a San Francisco job offer. Sandy rebuffed Donna's continual sexual advances toward him. While transporting a gorilla in a truck, Felicia lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into Tallboy's restaurant, causing the place to burn to the ground. Mac realized that a recovering Rachel is suffering from amnesia. Brittany's friend Zane Lindquist told her that he's discovered Catlin's whereabouts. Nancy is convinced that Jake is stealing drugs from the hospital. Tony the Tuna realized that Dee is in love with Cass.

MARCH 25-29, 1985
Jake and the McKinnon's new boarder, Bridget Connell, are conspiring against Marley on behalf of a mystery person. Nancy snooped in Jake's room where she found photos of Marley. Jake took photos of Donna's secret room. Catlin told Sally about his marriage to Brittany, who he thinks is dead. Catlin also admitted he and Brittany had a son who had died. Rachel is upset she can't remember her family members. Dee wrote in her diary that she loves Cass. Kathleen nixed reconciling with Cass, who she saw holding Dee's hand. Jake insisted to Nancy that he's not stealing drugs from the hospital. Zane knocked Peter unconscious when he arrived at Brittany's home. Zane's madly in love with Brittany, who can't forget Catlin, who she believes is dead. Felicia, Wallingford, and Lily planned to build another restaurant.

APRIL 1-5, 1985
Cass broke up with Kathleen after he saw her innocently kiss Jamie. Donna decided to brick up the secret cellar room after she learned someone had recently been in the room. Brittany was stunned to learn that Catlin is still alive. Zane brought Brittany to Bay City so she can see Catlin, but Liz kept them away from Catlin. Catlin and Sally's wedding was interrupted by a power outage. Peter tried to warn Catlin not to marry Sally, but Liz intercepted Peter's telegram. Catlin isn't aware that Brittany is alive. Jake gave Bridget a sample of Marley's handwriting. Mac was upset that Rachel refused to sleep with him and then moved into a guest bedroom.

APRIL 8-12, 1985
Jake's secretly having a torrid affair with Marley's twin sister, Victoria, who suddenly surfaced in Bay City. Zane and Brittany arrived too late to stop Sally and Catlin's wedding. Jake and Bridget photographed Marley's bedroom and some of her clothes. Peter returned to town and agreed to help Brittany win back Catlin. Bridget took a job as Donna's housekeeper in order to get a look at the Love mansion. Wallingford and Zane share a past association. Nancy was upset that Dee passed a pre-cotillion interview. Everyone learned that Brittany is deaf.

APRIL 15-19, 1985
Larry promised to help Brittany after learning that she's still married to Catlin. Victoria passed herself off as Marley when Donna caught her searching Marley's bedroom. Donna doesn't know that Victoria is Marley's twin. Felicia fumed that Wallingford talked her into buying the North Woods Inn, just before the restaurant was condemned. Mac realized that he'll have to court Rachel to get her to love him again. Dee flipped out when she learned that Cass had hired Dee's cotillion date from an escort service. Nancy and Perry smooched after admitting they love each other.

APRIL 22-26, 1985
Thomasina didn't tell Carter that she's experiencing abdominal pains. Brittany was disappointed that Catlin didn't rush into her loving arms upon returning from his honeymoon with Sally. Mac was upset that Rachel decided to get her own apartment. Donna accused Bridget of stealing one of Marley's bracelets, but Victoria committed the theft. Donna is still unaware that she's really the mother of twins. Dee admitted that she loves Cass and refused to believe that he loves Kathleen. Cass fumed that Peter serialized Cass' exercise book in Brava Magazine. Sally was shocked to learn that Brittany is still alive and thus still married to Catlin.

APRIL 29 - MAY 3, 1985
Bigamist Catlin must decide which wife he wants, Sally or Brittany. Cass and Kathleen's tryst in a secluded cabin resulted in another lover's spat. Dee snuck into Cass' bed while he was asleep. Victoria spent a night trapped in Marley's bedroom. Marley's haunted by nightmares that she has a twin sister. Carter punched out a guy who came on hot and heavy with Thomasina. Thomasina experienced more abdominal pains. Mac was dismayed when Rachel took him to a disco. Victoria was jealous to see Jake giving Marley an innocent kiss. Peter schemed to get Sally away from Catlin. Sally was upset that Brittany is teaching Catlin to use sign language. Dee moved in with Felicia.

MAY 6-10, 1985
Perry overheard Jake and Bridget plotting to get Marley away from Donna. Rachel partially regained her memory. Mac was upset that Rachel recalled her past with Steven Frame, not Mac. Donna cast a roving eye on Mac, who rebuffed her advances. Cass threw Dee out of his bed, and she later insisted that she no longer loves him. Jamie talked Kathleen out of leaving town even though she's distraught over her fights with Cass. Thomasina was hospitalized after she passed out. Sally freaked out that Brittany wants Catlin to move in with her. Perry and Nancy talked about becoming officially engaged.

MAY 13-17, 1985
Mysterious lady tycoon, Daphne Grimaldi, wants Cass to run her Bay City shop, Le Soleil. Perry admitted to Victoria that he had bugged Jake's room. Later, during a struggle, Perry slipped and fell off a ladder. Carter learned that Thomasina is suffering from high blood pressure, which could complicate her pregnancy. Brittany asked Catlin to move in with her. Sally insisted to Catlin that their wedding is not legal because he's still married to Brittany. Brittany said she'll fight Catlin's divorce request. Larry realized that Dale Baker, the teenaged babysitter Clarice hired, is heavy into cocaine.

MAY 20-24, 1985
Nancy was devastated when Perry died from injuries incurred in his fall. Carl got out of jail to attend Perry's funeral. Kathleen and Cass vied for a job as director of Daphne's spa, Le Soleil. An ailing Marley has a rare blood disease and needs a bone marrow transplant. As Marley's twin, Victoria's the only one who can save Marley's life. Mac unhappily agreed to help Rachel search for Mitch Blake. Carter felt guilty after losing his rent money on a bad stock tip from Wallingford. Sally is upset that Brittany won't loosen her hold on Catlin. Catlin and Brittany discussed the death of their son. Jake told Victoria he wants to end their schemes against Marley.

MAY 27-31, 1985
Teenaged babysitter Dale disappeared after she told Larry that she once saw the now-deceased Willa with a local drug dealer. Felicia was surprised to see her old friend, Gerhard, in Bay City. Cass and Kathleen are still vying for the job at Le Soleil. Carter was forced to cash a check Quinn gave him so that he could pay his rent. Bridget fretted Donna would catch Victoria, who assumed Marley's identity for a day. Jake watched over an ailing Marley. Unaware that she was talking to Victoria, Donna admitted that she's Marley's mother. Donna kept Marley in the dark about the seriousness of Marley's illness. A jealous Rachel decided to move back in with Mac after he hired Brittany to work in his horse stables. Sally was furious to see Catlin and Brittany having a good time together. Larry was temporarily kicked off the police force, but told Clarice not to worry about him.

JUNE 3-7, 1985
Victoria learned that Donna never knew she had given birth to twins. Victoria later presented herself to Donna, who realized that Victoria is Marley's identical twin. Larry went undercover to investigate the drug trade in Bay City. Felicia was surprised to learn she'd inherited 50% of Le Soleil from her former lover. Grant was upset to learn that Carter won't graduate because he missed his high school exams. Gerhard's son, Michaud, arrived in town. Brittany's hearing is gradually returning. Quinn disapproved that Carter and Thomasina share a pad with Dee. M.J. can't seem to juggle work and her relationship with Jamie. Catlin insisted to Sally that he loves her. Sally was upset that Kevin likes Brittany.

JUNE 10-14, 1985
Brittany kept Catlin in the dark that she regained her hearing and speech. Zane fell like a ton of bricks for Felicia's charms. Victoria and Marley underwent the bone marrow transplant, but Marley's body could reject the transplant. Sally fumed that Catlin defended Brittany's budding friendship with Kevin. Kevin disappeared while Nancy was babysitting him. Brittany decided to find out who killed her cousin Willa. Clarice wrongly suspects that Larry's using drugs. Dee got Carter a job working for the mysterious Adrienne, who owns the Plains Motel Disco. Adrienne told Carter he'll be making periodic trips to Miami as part of his job. Brittany was upset to learn that Catlin wants a divorce from her. Larry is secretly checking out Adrienne as part of his undercover drug investigation.

JUNE 17-21, 1985
Someone tailed Larry and M.J. as they moved drugs from Larry's pad to a warehouse. Adrienne sent an unwitting Carter on a drug run to New Orleans. Sally wasn't overly grateful to Brittany, who rescued a runaway Kevin from a caved-in mine shaft. Catlin was shocked that Brittany can hear again. Donna feared that Marley could die from an infection, probably caused by the sanitation cutbacks she had ordered at the hospital. Sally was sceptical when Catlin insisted that Brittany accepts the fact that he loves Sally. Catlin failed to dissuade Brittany from searching for Willa's killers. Thomasina is disappointed that she may never realize her dream to become a doctor. Felicia is anxious to meet Michaud, but is unaware that he's the son of her former lover, Gerhard. Victoria suspects that Jake's fallen in love with Marley. Adrienne sexually propositioned Larry.

JUNE 24-28, 1985
A recuperating Marley was delighted to learn that Victoria is her twin sister. Kathleen was furious that Daphne gave Cass the job of managing Le Soleil. Adrienne's husband, Tommy Lee, warned that she had better not be having an affair with Larry. Clarice threw Larry out of her bed because she thinks he's having a fling with Adrienne. Nancy freaked out when Carl sent her some of Perry's belongings. Larry was upset that teen babysitter Dale is still missing and that her father blames Larry. Larry gave thugs Jimmy and Polo a drug shipment which they then turned over to Tommy Lee. Rachel went back to Ada's old house in hopes that seeing it would trigger Rachel's memory. Brittany decided to give Catlin a divorce, but secretly plotted to win him back soon. Michaud launched a search for the perfect woman to represent the Le Soleil image.

JULY 1-5, 1985
Victoria freaked out when Donna recognized a hair comb Victoria was wearing as the mate to one found near Perry after his death. Bridget insisted that Victoria was afraid to admit she'd stolen the comb from Marley. Felicia is curious about Michaud's obsessive interest in her. A frustrated Rachel underwent hypnosis, but still can't remember her past. Catlin was shocked to find Larry's briefcase full of drugs. Larry's superior refused to hide Clarice and the kids in Canada while Larry's on his undercover drug assignment. Polo and Jimmy cornered Larry in the warehouse where they've been dealing drugs. Nancy became more depressed over Perry's death. Cass was surprised to see Daphne tearing apart a room in the Chapin mansion.

JULY 8-12, 1985
Tommy Lee foiled Adrienne's plans to free Larry, who was taken prisoner by Jimmy and Polo. Catlin learned the drug Ecstasy, which he found in Larry's briefcase, is not an illegal substance. Society chick, Muffy, gave Nancy a dose of Ecstasy. Daphne discovered mysterious hieroglyphics on a painting in the Chapin mansion. M.J. is unaware that her new police partner, Det. Calley, is in cahoots with Jimmy. Michaud put off Felicia, who was curious that the North wing of the Chapin mansion is kept locked. Kathleen is dating Le Soleil architect Daniel Gabriel. Carter nixed M.J.'s suggestion that he quit working for Adrienne, who sent an unwitting Carter on another drug pickup. Mac failed in an attempt to jog Rachel's memory. Donna told Marley and Victoria (who already knew) that she's their mother. Catlin resisted Brittany's attempts to seduce him. Sally and Kevin are visiting Alice in Washington.

JULY 15-19, 1985
Dr. Christopher Chapin started working at Bay City General. Chris realized that Nancy is taking the designer drug, Ecstasy. Catlin rescued Larry from Tommy Lee's clutches after setting a smoky fire at the Plains Motel Disco. Larry failed to dissuade Brittany from conducting her own investigation of the goings-on at the Plains Motel. Victoria admitted to Peter that she was present when Perry fell to his death from the barn hayloft. Mac freaked out when Rachel stood up to some would-be stick-up men. Rachel wrongly believed Mac had hired the thugs to help her get her memory back. Thomasina was mugged in her own home. Larry sidestepped police orders, vowing to break up the local drug ring. Victoria threatened to expose her affair with Jake. Daphne was shocked by the resemblance between Chris and his father, Frederick. Felicia smooched with Zane.

JULY 22-26, 1985
Cass pressured Michaud to use Kathleen as the Le Soleil woman, while Michaud wants Sally for the job. Rachel regained her memory, and later shared Mac's bed. Jamie fumed that M.J. spends all her time at work and doesn't seem interested in his romantic advances. Catlin posed as Chicago hit man, Roy, who was hired by Tommy Lee. Chris befriended Nancy, who downed more Ecstasy after bearing Victoria's account of Perry's death. Sibling rivalry sprang up between Marley and Victoria. Catlin was jealous to see Tommy Lee coming on strong with Brittany. Brittany overheard Jimmy confess that he had killed her cousin Willa. Jake considered leaving Bay City. Zane has fallen head-over-heals for Felicia. Sally fretted that she's losing her job at Cory Publishing. Nancy cancelled a date with Chris.

JULY 29 - AUGUST 2, 1985
Thomasina and Carter learned that their unborn baby should be born happy and healthy. Daphne was upset with Michaud, who offered Sally a job at Le Soleil. Sally doesn't know that Michaud wants her to be the Le Soleil woman. Sally worried about Catlin, who didn't tell her that he's secretly working with Larry. Victoria fumed when Peter nixed turning over her share of the Love family money. Victoria and Marley traded identities for a day. Victoria worried that her murky past will catch up to Marley while she's pretending to be Victoria. Brittany was caught trying to free a drugged Dale, who's being held prisoner by Tommy Lee. Michaud told a puzzled Daphne that he doesn't like Felicia to spend time with Zane. Catlin's and Brittany's undercover work is drawing them closer together.

AUGUST 5-9, 1985
Victoria feared that some gang members she once knew will mistake Marley for her. Jake followed Marley, who headed for Lassiter, Pennsylvania to check out Victoria's childhood stomping grounds. Tommy Lee learned that "Joe" is really Catlin, then ordered Catlin to kill Brittany because she's been spying on Tommy Lee. Tommy Lee and Jimmy were killed in a shoot-out with the police, who intercepted a drug drop. Tommy Lee shot and wounded Adrienne, who was hospitalized in grave condition. Catlin rushed to rescue Brittany, who had been given a lethal dose of designer drugs. Sally took a job designing perfume bottles for Le Soleil. Brittany took a drugged Dale Baker to the hospital. M.J. had her partner, Calley, arrested after learning he's working for Tommy Lee.

AUGUST 12-16, 1985
Jake found Marley and agreed to take her to Lassiter, despite Victoria's protests. Jake tried to hide his attraction to Marley, who threw herself at him. Clarice called it quits with Larry, who's concerned about Adrienne's recovery. Zane welcomed Brittany home from the hospital. Sally overheard Brittany admit her undying love for Catlin. Daphne went on a drunken bender because of Michaud's attention to Sally. Donna played matchmaker for Victoria and Chris. Nancy was impressed that Chris doctored Dale from a drug overdose, but freaked to learn it was the drug Ecstasy, which Nancy is also taking. Daphne hired Donna as social liaison for Le Soleil.

AUGUST 19-23, 1985
Kathleen kept mum that she saw a hospital room in the Chapin mansion. Michaud awaited the arrival of ailing movie star, Edward Gerard. Jake was hard pressed to resist Marley's constant sexual offerings. Felicia and Zane shared a night of passion. Carl headed for Bay City after his release from prison. Felicia and Zane assisted Thomasina, who gave birth to a son. Larry sought comfort from Adrienne after Clarice tossed him out. Victoria fretted that the police may soon catch up to her. Michaud and Brittany joined forces to make sure that Catlin and Sally don't get too chummy. Cass realized he'll have to fight Daniel for Kathleen's affections. Marley was impressed by Jake, who won a weightlifting competition. Chris agreed to help Nancy kick her Ecstasy habit. Daphne has a man tailing Sally. Victoria made a date with Chris.

AUGUST 26-30, 1985
Marley was shocked that she was arrested for car theft when the Lassiter police mistook her for Victoria. Donna nixed giving Carl any of her valuable art works even though he gave her a cashier's check in payment of the money he had stolen from her. Michaud welcomed Edward Gerard's arrival. Jake and Marley were taken prisoner by some thugs. Nancy and Rachel both had minor accidents after touching an antique artifact that had belonged to Perry. Carl is looking for the artifact. Marley was sickened to learn that Jake and Victoria are long-time lovers. Daniel insisted to Kathleen that nothing suspicious is going on at the Chapin estate. Michaud is anxious to end Felicia's relationship with Zane. Catlin got angry at Sally for accepting Michaud's offer to be the Le Soleil woman.

SEPTEMBER 2-6, 1985
Edward reminisced about his past romance with Felicia, whose real name is Fanny Grady. Upset over Carl's return, Nancy started taking drugs again. Edward was upset to learn of Felicia's intimacy with Zane. Carl had a thug steal some Egyptian artifacts from the Love mansion. Chris covered for a pill-popping Nancy, who agreed to see a therapist. Sally and Catlin are drifting apart due to her job as the Le Soleil woman. Daniel and Kathleen broke off their romance. Larry was upset to see Adrienne being taken away to jail. Carter and Thomasina brought their son, Grant II, home from the hospital. Dee and her friend Mark teamed up to write songs. Donna warned she wants to know all about Victoria's past. Jake told a disbelieving Marley that he loves her, not Victoria.

SEPTEMBER 9-13, 1985
Donna fumed when Marley decided to go live with Dee. Felicia reminisced about her love for Edward, who's the subject of her latest romance novel. Edward, who underwent plastic surgery, nixed facing Felicia until he's fully recovered. Brittany asked Larry to find out if her baby, Evan, who's supposedly dead, is really alive. Michaud dreamed about seducing Sally, whose romantic thoughts are focused only on Catlin. Chris realized that Daphne was once his father, Frederick's, mistress. Carl and Daphne realized that there's a curse on the Egyptian falcon head pendant that Nancy wears. Cass agreed to help Kathleen prove her theory that something fishy is going on at the Chapin mansion. Jake got Ned to drop the car theft charges against Victoria. Daphne lied to Michaud that she's not looking for the mysterious Egyptian treasure. Donna meddled in Victoria's and Marley's lives.

SEPTEMBER 16-20, 1985
Jake rejected Donna's attempt to pay him big bucks to leave town. Daphne secretly arranged for Nancy to have a run-in with Carl, who terrifies Nancy. Victoria eavesdropped as Marley told Jake that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Carter and Thomasina tried to play matchmaker for Dee. Daphne and Carl pooled their efforts to find the Egyptian treasure. Brittany learned a couple may have adopted Brittany's son, Evan. Zane and Felicia discussed living together. Since his plastic surgery was successful, Edward plans to present himself to Felicia. Cass and Kathleen snooped around Le Soleil and worried that Felicia, who underwent a "visualization" process, might be in danger. Victoria was jealous when Marley and Jake were named Grant II's godparents. Nancy questioned Chris about a trust fund left to him by his father. Chris contacted an Egyptian, Fayez Sedrack, unaware that Fayez works for Carl.

Daniel saved Sally from a falling snow-making machine, but couldn't prove Daphne caused the "accident". In his letter to Chris, Frederick asked his son to go to Egypt to find the mysterious treasure. Hawk's (Cal) American Indian father, Chief White Mountain, tried to convince Chris to honour his father's wishes. Michaud returned to Europe after giving his share of the Le Soleil stock to Cass and Daniel. Cass realized that Daphne had borrowed money to run Le Soleil from questionable European sources. Carl taunted Chris that Frederick either died from a curse or mystery virus. Sally left on a promotional trip for Le Soleil while Catlin joined Brittany in the search for their son, Evan.

OCTOBER 7-11, 1985
Victoria convinced Carl to repay all the money he stole from Donna. Felicia battled her feelings for both Zane and Edward. Ada agreed that Nancy can go with Daphne on an archaeological dig in Algeria. Carl ordered Fayez to bring Nancy to the Egyptian treasure tomb. Chief White Mountain convinced Chris that he must retrieve the treasure and then turn it over to the Egyptian government. Edward was upset to see Felicia kissing Zane. With help from Jake, Dee made her singing debut. Felicia tried to convince Edward to come out of seclusion. Sally and Catlin realized that their marriage is in deep trouble. Catlin and Brittany were disappointed when Dave and Marylin Kent's adopted son proved not to be Evan. Victoria is smothering Jake with her love. Dee tried to play matchmaker for Marley and Jake. Felicia invested all her money in Le Soleil.

OCTOBER 14-18, 1985
Carl fantasized about romancing Rachel. Larry was jealous to see Clarice kissing another man. Carter played football even though he has a broken rib. Fayez stole Nancy's Egyptian ring, then gave it to Carl. Chris and Hawk arrived in Egypt. Nancy was surprised when Daphne and Fayez said their destination is Egypt instead of Algeria. Donna arranged to give a sleazy report on Edward's years of seclusion.

OCTOBER 21-25, 1985
Felicia vowed to find out who's behind the sleazy newspaper story on Edward. Marley reconciled with Jake, then learned he'd gone to Victoria's bed every time he argued with Marley. Carl negotiated to trade Nancy for the pendant that's a key to the tomb. Hawk and Chris rescued Nancy from Carl, but Carl captured Chris. Brittany smooched with Peter, who helped her find proof that her son Evan is really dead. Donna's being blackmailed by the lady reporter who wrote the story about Edward. Felicia was hurt to learn that Zane has put their romance on hold because of her devotion to Edward.

Carl and Daphne got the keys to open the Egyptian tomb but all they found was a statue called the Pharoah's Daughter. Nancy and Hawk foiled Carl's plan to let Chris die after Chris had inhaled poisonous gases in the tomb. Carl concealed a vial of the poisonous gas in a souvenir that Nancy bought for Mac. Felicia freaked out to see items about her past in a rag newspaper. Nancy stole the staff from the Pharoah's Daughter statue. Larry found his way back into Clarice's arms. Hawk, Nancy, and Chris realized that Frederick had hidden the real Egyptian treasure on an Arizona Indian reservation. Brittany lured Catlin to her side by lying that their son, Evan, might still be alive.

NOVEMBER 4-8, 1985
As Carl planned, Daphne died when she was bitten by a poisonous snake. Carl faked evidence to make it appear that Cass killed Daphne. Carl learned that the Cory's maid, Diane, not Mac, was killed by the poison gas meant for Mac. Donna refused to tell Marley who her father was. Marley hired Larry to find a man she secretly believes is her father. Felicia romped in the sack with Zane, who later discussed their relationship with Edward. Victoria hired handsome hunk, Ray Phillips, to romance Marley. Edward and Zane rescued Felicia from an attacker. Nancy followed Chris to Arizona in search of the Egyptian treasure. To help Nancy, Marley later brought the Pharoah's Daughter's staff to Arizona. Disguised as an American Indian, Carl looked for the treasure. While Marley was out of town, Victoria tried to cozy up to Jake.

NOVEMBER 11-15, 1985
Carl knocked Kathleen unconscious when he caught her and Cass holding the Pharoah's Daughter statue. Kathleen, whose legs are paralyzed, was hospitalized in a coma. Brittany finally admitted to Catlin that their son had drowned. Carl captured Marley while Jake rushed to her rescue after Victoria sensed that Marley was in danger. Cass was arrested for murdering Daphne. Brittany and Catlin shared a sympathy romp in the sack. Nancy ministered to Chris, who was bitten by a scorpion. Clarice handled the poison gas-filled artifact that killed Mac's maid. Felicia realized that the Pharoah's Daughter is a real Egyptian artifact made of pure gold. An ailing Hawk was unable to help Chris search for the Egyptian treasure. Brittany held Peter's romantic advances at bay. Felicia still has feelings for Edward.

NOVEMBER 18-22, 1985
Sally was livid to catch Catlin rolling in the hay with Brittany. Nancy and Chris shared a night of love in the Star God cave, where they suspect the Egyptian treasure is hidden. Jake came to Marley's rescue just as Carl was about to torture her. Marley fired shots at Carl, who fell off a cliff. Mac tried to find proof that Cass didn't kill Daphne. Cass fretted that a paralyzed Kathleen might die. Felicia can't decide whether she wants to go to Hollywood with Edward or stick with the adventurous and exciting Zane. Daniel came on to Sally, reminding her of Catlin and Brittany's past love and marriage. Chris survived the scorpion bite.

NOVEMBER 25-29, 1985
Carl caught Nancy and Chris in the Star God cave with the Egyptian treasure. Chris and Carl fought to the death near a lakeshore. Sally kicked Catlin out on his ear because of his affair with Brittany. Daniel tried to get closer to Sally as they posed for more Le Soleil photos. Believing that Cass feels only pity for her because she's paralyzed, Kathleen refused to marry Cass until she's able to walk again. Rachel feared that Carl is a threat to Mac's life. Donna faked a heart attack, forcing Marley and Jake to abandon their plans to get married while they were in Arizona. Cass can't prove that he didn't kill Daphne.

DECEMBER 2-6, 1985
Victoria and Donna schemed to break up Marley and Jake's romance. Grant was hospitalized after breathing the poison gas in the Egyptian artifact that Nancy had sent to Mac. Nancy and Chris presumed that Carl drowned in the lake, but Carl's body disappeared. Cass, who's out on bail, realized that Carl's the only one who can prove Cass didn't kill Daphne. Felicia rejected Edward's marriage proposal. Clarice and Larry romped in the sack. Sally was upset that Kevin wants to live with Catlin. Daniel rescued Sally, who'd been stranded after a boating mishap. Chris wants a staid lifestyle while Nancy lusts for adventure. Felicia nixed going on a romantic vacation with Zane. Daniel spent a platonic night with Sally, admitting that he loves her.

DECEMBER 9-13, 1985
Catlin told Marley he's got a lead on her father, Michael Garrison. Donna hired Victoria's ex-flame, Ned, to bust up Jake and Marley's romance and to get Jake out of town. Carter was upset when Grant suffered another mysterious heart attack. No one realized that Grant had inhaled the gases from the amphora. Brittany nursed a drunken Catlin and threw Sally out of Catlin's cabin. Cass is angry at Kathleen, who insisted she will carry on her life without him unless she regains the use of her legs. Victoria admitted to Donna that she still loves Jake. Edward had a minor car accident while lamenting the fact that he's lost Felicia to Zane.

DECEMBER 16-20, 1985
Donna found a document that showed she's entitled to a third share of the Egyptian treasure. Ada and Nancy argued over Nancy's plan to live with Chris, who later nixed letting Nancy move in with him. Zane and Felicia planned their wedding. Edward accepted a part in a movie and is romantically interested in Kathleen. Marley and Jake learned the whereabouts of her father, Michael Garrison, and his family. Carter withdrew from the world after Grant died. Brittany was about to tell Catlin that she's pregnant when she realized that he's negotiating a reconciliation with Sally. Grant's doctors never realized the poison gas caused his death.

DECEMBER 23-27, 1985
Mac's nephew, Neal Cory, arrived in town, but kept mum that he and Fayez are partners and that they plan to steal the Egyptian treasure. Marley talked with Michael's Aunt Bertha, who thinks that Michael is dead since the family hasn't heard from him in 20 years. Ellie, who's the daughter-in-law of Michael's brother, Eugene Garrison, doesn't believe Michael's dead. Nancy gave Mac the amphora as a Christmas gift and when he opened it he began gasping for breath. Sally and Catlin reconciled. Brittany considered a romance with Peter, who's been pursuing her hot and heavy. Jake gave Marley an engagement ring. Victoria hired a houseman, Chen, for Donna. Zane gifted Felicia with a plot of land to build their dream house on. Brittany kept mum to Catlin and Peter that she's pregnant.