Daily Synopses: January - June, July - December

JANUARY 4-8, 1988
Just as Donna thought she was making headway in getting Michael back, she received their final divorce papers. Sam fumed when he learned that one of Amanda's rich friends bought the first of Sam's paintings sold by an art gallery. Vicky was jealous that Jamie and Lisa decided to live together. Mitch pressured Felicia to decide whether she wants to marry him. Scott convinced Dawn to move into his pad with him. Rachel fumed when Jason outbid her on the Frame family farmhouse. Later, Jason realized that Reginald, who has a grudge against him, thwarted his attempt to get a loan to cover the purchase of his family home. Mac offered to set Sam up in a job at Cory Publishing's Paris office. Nicole realized that she's becoming very attached to Cass. Jamie told Rachel that he likes Jason.

JANUARY 11-15, 1988
Reginald ordered his men to sabotage Cass and Nicole's design house after Nicole told Reginald to butt out of her business. Cass rescued Nicole, who nearly died when Reginald's thugs set fire to the design house. Amanda is considering an abortion. Jason accepted big bucks from Reginald to keep mum about the past, but Jason still doesn't know what it is that Reginald thinks Jason knows about his past. Nicole is haunted by the memory of her mother's suicide death. Sam's friend Kirk phoned Sam's ex-girlfriend and told her to come to Bay City. Scott was appalled by the lack of hospital care for AIDS patients like Dawn, whose illness is getting worse. Reginald became nervous when he saw Jason and Mary talking to each other.

JANUARY 18-22, 1988
Jason shielded Mary with his body when one of Reginald's thugs lobbed a bomb into the Frame farmhouse, causing the place to collapse on top of them. Donna did her best to get on Michael's good side after he returned from his business trip to Japan. Michael's secretary, Gillian, who has a thing for her boss, did her best to keep Donna and Michael apart. Dawn can't understand why she's contracted the AIDS virus. Sam set out to find Amanda, who went to New York City with the intention of having an abortion. The memories of Kathleen's death flooded back when Cass perused a copy of Kathleen's memoirs, which are being published by Mac. Reginald took an inordinate interest in an old watch that Jason gave to Nicole. After spotting Sam talking to his former girlfriend, Joyce, Amanda jumped to the conclusion that Sam had reconciled with Joyce.

JANUARY 25-29, 1988
Sam caught up to Amanda and was relieved to learn that she didn't go through with her abortion plans. Adam and John helped to rescue Jason and Mary from the bombed-out kitchen in the Frame farmhouse. Amanda accepted Sam's marriage proposal. Mary was shocked when Jason told her that he's convinced that Reginald was responsible for the death of his own wife, Elizabeth. Michael feels closer to Donna than ever before, but he still can't erase the hurt he feels when he remembers Donna's affair with John. Felicia made Mitch a happy man by accepting his marriage proposal. Lisa became jealous when she learned that Jamie had spent time with Vicky, who had followed him to New York City. Dawn was stunned by the size of her latest medical bills. Chad feels that because he was once a pimp, he was partly responsible for the spread AIDS.

FEBRUARY 1-5, 1988
Cass was stunned to discover that Wally had quietly passed away while alone in his apartment. With help from Jason and Michael, Mary began to have flashbacks to the night that Reginald's wife, Elizabeth, was murdered. Amanda and Sam announced their engagement. Mac still thinks that Sam is the wrong man for Amanda. Michael and Donna romped in the sack after admitting that they're still in love with each other. Michael is convinced that Jason and Mary are keeping a secret about the night of Elizabeth's death. Nicole was upset to overhear Cass say that when their fashion design business is off and running he may move away.

FEBRUARY 8-12, 1988
Mary, who has had amnesia, remembered that she saw Reginald, with gun in hand, standing over Elizabeth on the night that he claimed he failed to prevent Elizabeth from committing suicide. Felicia was devastated when Cass told her that Wallingford had passed away. Reginald panicked when he overheard Vicky say that Mary may be regaining her memory of the past. Jason told Mary that he and Elizabeth had been having an affair and that before her death they had planned to run away together. Dawn tried to decide whether to take her case to court after she was kicked out of college because she has AIDS. Reginald is unaware that Nicole has the antique watch that he's searching for. Cass and Nicole shared a passionate kiss, but refused to admit that they have romantic feelings toward each other. Mac told Amanda that he doesn't approve of her marrying Sam, but he won't try to stop her.

FEBRUARY 15-19, 1988
Michael realized that the numbers inscribed on the back of Elizabeth's antique watch are the combination to a safe deposit box that held evidence that Reginald murdered Elizabeth. Reginald took Donna hostage and plotted to lure Michael to his estate so that he could kill him. Rachel wrote Sam's mother, Loretta, a letter asking her to attend Sam and Amanda's wedding, and sent her a plane ticket to Bay City. Sam freaked out when Loretta showed up at his pad. Cass and Nicole went out on a date after finally admitting that they're attracted to each other. Lisa, who has been doing some undercover work for the police department, denied that she's interested in Andre, a thug who works for Reginald. Jamie accused Lisa of ignoring him now that she's spending all her time at work. Dawn instigated a lawsuit against the school that expelled her because she has AIDS.

FEBRUARY 22-26, 1988
Donna threw herself at Reginald as he fired gunshots at Michael, who was wounded. Donna and Reginald fell out a second-story window, but they both survived the fall. The doctor warned Donna that she must remain immobile for the duration of her pregnancy or face losing her baby. Amanda hit it off instantly with Loretta, and can't understand why Sam doesn't want his mother around. To avoid being arrested, Reginald's henchman, Andre, hijacked Cass and Nicole's plane, which was taking them to a fashion show in Monaco. Andre strong-armed the pilot, who had a heart attack, thus causing the plane to descend in a crash dive. Reginald admitted to Donna that he killed Elizabeth because he had learned about her affair with Jason. Sam fumed when he received word that his mother, Loretta, was in the Bay City jail. Mary is worried that she's always be attracted to dangerous men.

FEBRUARY 29 - MARCH 4, 1988
Sam fumed that Loretta won't admit that she's a compulsive shoplifter. Loretta tried to convince Amanda that her shoplifting arrest was a mistake. Andre, who survived the plane crash, spied on Cass and Nicole, who took refuge in a cave after their plane crashed on a deserted island. Reginald was arrested on charges that he murdered Elizabeth. Jamie insisted to Lisa that he loves her and that he's not romantically interested in Vicky. Scott and Dawn celebrated after she won her lawsuit against the college that expelled her because she has AIDS. In Chicago, Sam was arrested when he tried to return an expensive bracelet that Loretta had stolen from a store. Vicky sent one of Amanda's bridesmaids off on a wild goose chase, then Vicky attended the wedding rehearsal dinner with Jamie. Mitch, Felicia, and Michael searched for Cass and Nicole. Mary and Jason are becoming fast friends.

MARCH 7-11, 1988
Mac and Rachel were furious with Sam, who didn't show up for the big church wedding they had planned for Amanda and Sam. After he was released by the Chicago police, Sam rushed back to Bay City, and he and Amanda were married with just their family members present. Felicia and Michael found Cass and Nicole, but Andre left them all stranded on the remote island when he took off in Felicia and Michael's rented plane. Scott and Dawn performed their own impromptu wedding ceremony after Dawn lamented that because AIDS has cut her life short, she'll never have the chance to get married. Vicky encouraged Jason, who plans to make Frame Construction a profitable business again despite Rachel's interference. Sam and Amanda honeymooned at the Cory's Palm Beach home. Cass and Nicole made love under the stars after he told her that he loves her. Donna dreamed that Reginald stole her baby.

MARCH 14-18, 1988
Michael, Felicia, Cass, and Nicole were rescued from the deserted island and returned to Bay City. Despite the fact that they're almost broke, Cass and Nicole opened their fashion design business to the public by throwing a fancy fashion show. Cheryl is hiding the fact that she has a big crush on John. Felicia and Mitch set a wedding date, and decided that they want to have a baby right away. Michael vowed to protect Donna after he learned that Reginald was released on bail, but Reginald managed to confront her when she was alone. Dawn and Scott left on a vacation to Venice after Chad gave them airline tickets. Amanda and Sam's honeymoon turned into a fiasco when her friends showed up to party on their honeymoon night, their car was stolen, and they had to wash dishes to pay for dinner at a diner. Lisa steamed when she saw Vicky once again coming on to Jamie.

MARCH 21-25, 1988
While trying to escape from Reginald, Donna fell down a flight of stairs and later miscarried her baby. Michael fought with Reginald, who fell off a building roof to his death during the struggle. Cass told a despondent Nicole that Reginald had killed her mother. Rachel asked Ada to move into the Cory mansion after realizing that Ada feels lonely and unwanted by her family. After returning from their honeymoon, Sam and Amanda admitted that they're looking forward to the birth of their baby. Cheryl, who would do almost anything to be near John, helped him with the renovations he's doing at the Frame farmhouse. Lisa had visions of Vicky kissing Jamie.

MARCH 28 - APRIL 1, 1988
Everyone was devastated when Scott returned from Italy without Dawn, who had died during their vacation. Adam was impressed when Lisa used her psychic powers to rescue a child who had accidentally got locked in a shed while searching for her cat. Matthew nixed telling Amanda why he ran away from school and then bunked at Amanda and Sam's pad while they were on their honeymoon. Donna and Michael mourned the loss of their baby. Cass and Nicole are worried they're barely able to keep their heads above water even though they're selling their designer dresses.

APRIL 4-8, 1988
During the annual Cory Easter egg hunt, Vicky arranged to "accidentally" become locked in the Cory boathouse with Jamie. Jamie wound up comforting a claustrophobic Vicky, who went bonkers when she realized they were really trapped in the boathouse. Adam and Lisa, who had a premonition that Jamie was locked up somewhere, "rescued" Jamie and Vicky. Donna was devastated to learn that she'll never be able to carry a baby to term.

APRIL 11-15, 1988
Amanda doesn't like it that Sam is sacrificing his work as an artist to drive a cab to make money to pay their bills. Vince was thrilled when Mary accepted his marriage proposal. Jamie told a devastated Vicky that he can no longer be friends with her because that friendship is coming between him and Lisa. Cass objected when Nicole considered letting Liz buy a partnership in their design company. Mac flew off to New York City to check out a rumour that someone is trying to take over Cory Publishing. When Michael pressured Donna to remarry him, she finally admitted that she will never be able to carry a baby to full term. Vicky was stunned to learn that Reginald left her the bulk of his estate. Scott also inherited money from Reginald, but he doesn't want to keep it. Nicole and Donna were left out of Reginald's will. Adam and Lisa shared a romantic kiss.

APRIL 18-22, 1988
Cheryl was shocked when she paid John an early morning visit and caught him with another woman. To avoid hitting a little boy, Sam swerved his cab, which crashed, causing him to hit his head. Sam was hospitalized in a coma. Donna isn't sure that she should remarry Michael because she will never be able to give him another child. Cass was jealous when he saw Nicole flirting with an old beau, Drew Marston III, who could bankroll Nicole's fashion design house if he wanted to. Zack is helping Mac, who learned that a mystery person is gobbling up all the available Cory Publishing stock in a takeover attempt. Mitch and Rachel took Matthew out of prep school and enrolled him in a Bay City high school. The prep school dean refused to tell Mitch and Rachel what kind of trouble Matthew is in.

APRIL 25-29, 1988
Amanda was a basket case when she learned that Sam was injured trying to save a little boy's life, but she was relieved when Sam later came out of his coma. No one has been able to find the parents of the little boy who was not injured in the accident. Mary comforted Scott, who finally broke down and grieved over Dawn's death. Mitch and Loretta laid aside their hostilities while worrying about Sam's condition. Cass received a large sum of money from a loan shark, then persuaded Nicole not to accept a loan from Drew Marston III. Without Michael's consent, Vicky persuaded Jamie to be the best man at Michael's wedding. After another quarrel with Rachel, Matthew asked if he could move in with Mitch and Felicia. Michael wants to marry Donna right away, but she insisted on having a fancy wedding.

MAY 2-6, 1988
Matthew told Rachel and Mitch that he and Kevin, a school chum, are trying to elude a classmate, Tad, who was accidentally injured when Kevin caught him attacking Kevin's sister, Tracy. Donna and Michael were thrilled that Vicky was able to get her twin sister, Marley, to attend Donna and Michael's wedding ceremony. After searching Drew's hotel room and finding some incriminating papers, Cass told Mac that he suspects Drew is behind the Cory Publishing takeover attempt. Amanda blabbed to Jamie that Vicky said she saw Lisa kissing Adam. Lisa attended Donna and Michael's wedding with Adam after she learned that Vicky and Jamie had spent the night together. Scott told Vicky that she's the new owner of Bay City General Hospital. Amanda was relieved when Sam was released from the hospital, but Sam kept mum that he has blurred vision. Vicky is caring for Mikey, the little boy who darted in front of Sam's cab.

MAY 9-13, 1988
Marley was not happy to see her husband, Jake, who followed her to Bay City. Vince had a confrontation with Jason, who admitted that he came on to Mary romantically. Mary warned Vicky, who has temporary custody of Mikey, not to get too close to the child because his parents could claim him at any time. Nicole was angry with Cass after she learned that he had bugged her conversations with Drew. Cass confided to Nicole that he suspects Drew is behind the Cory Publishing takeover attempt. Jamie moved out of Lisa's apartment, and Lisa laid him low by revealing that she knows he slept with Vicky. Marley accused Vicky of trying to split up Lisa and Jamie the same way she once tried to split up Marley and Jake. Jamie told Sam that his blurred vision is being caused by a blood clot that should disappear if Sam takes things easy for awhile. Kevin, who rented a room from Vince, hit it off with Cheryl right away.

MAY 16-20, 1988
Kevin's sister Tracy arrived in Bay City and told Kevin and Matthew that Tad and his buddies have been harassing her. Vicky went crazy when Mikey suddenly disappeared. Jason suggested that Vicky call on Lisa's psychic powers to find Mikey. Adam comforted Lisa over her split with Jamie. Matthew and Kevin suspect that Tad and his friends were responsible when one of Mac's cars was trashed. A mystery person tailed Matthew, Kevin, and Tracy, who went to Sam and Amanda's pad. Sam got excited and passed out after someone threw rocks through the windows of his and Amanda's apartment. Sam needs an operation. Just as Cass was about to propose to Nicole, she told him that Drew had already asked her to marry him. Jake told Adam that M.J. is still in love with Adam. Drew admitted to Nicole that he's involved in the Cory Publishing takeover bid. Mac tried to raise enough cash to fight the takeover.

MAY 23-27, 1988
Vicky was forced to use Lisa's psychic powers to locate a lost Mikey, who had fallen into a gas-filled pipe shaft in the laundry room of Vicky's apartment building. Jason crawled into the hole and rescued Mikey. Amanda fretted over Sam, who underwent surgery to remove the blood clot from his brain. Vicky was devastated when Mary told her that the child welfare board had rescinded Vicky's temporary custody of Mikey. Lisa and Adam got passionate, but he nixed making love because he's convinced that she still has feelings for Jamie. Marley and Jake are having marital trouble. Some school friends helped Matthew, Kevin, and Tracy stand up to Tad and his thugs, who trashed Mac's car and threw rocks through the window of Sam and Amanda's pad. Sam is worried that his operation will cause him to be blind. Mac considered Drew's offer to buy out Cory Publishing.

MAY 30 - JUNE 3, 1988
Amanda went into premature labour during her baby shower. Jamie removed the bandages from Sam's eyes and Sam whooped for joy when he realized his eyesight has been restored. Michael convinced Donna to let him bring Mikey into their home. Drew threatened Mitch's life when Mitch accused him of being involved in something illegal. Marley admitted that she doesn't feel she can trust Jake because of the recent affair he had. Mary gave Matthew the phone number for a teen party line she created to help the young people in Bay City make new friends. When Felicia was almost electrocuted, Mitch suspected that it was no accident. Jake told Marley that he wants to move back to Bay City. Marley fessed up to Vicky that she's thinking of divorcing Jake. During Amanda's baby shower, Vicky and Lisa got into a cat fight over Jamie. Mitch is worried that another attempt may be made on Felicia's life.

JUNE 6-10, 1988
Sam was proud of the fact that he helped Amanda deliver their daughter, Alexandra, who has been nicknamed, "Alli." John clashed with Chris, a lady construction worker who took offense when he hired her and then asked her to work in the office instead of on the hospital construction site. On the teen party line, Matthew, who uses the code name "Captain Cool," talked with a young girl who uses the code name, "Riveria." Vince accompanied Mary on a medical convention in Florida. Lisa refused to let Mary hypnotize her to see if, through Lisa's psychic powers, she might be able to locate Mikey's parents. Encouraged by Cass, Nicole finally told Drew that she doesn't want to see him for a while. John was jealous when Chris went out with Jason.

JUNE 13-17, 1988
Sharlene Frame Watts and her daughter, Josie, shared a warm reunion with her brother, Jason. Michael learned that Donna, who hasn't been able to get close to Mikey, paid to have Zack and Scott find the boy's parents. With a little help from Cass, Nicole told Drew that she doesn't want to date him anymore. Jason reprimanded Josie for using his phone to talk on the teen party line. Matthew ("Captain Cool") and Josie ("Riveria") met. Amanda and Sam hired Josie to babysit for Alli. Amanda and Sam tried to delicately tell Rachel that they didn't want her taking over the care of their baby, Alli. Zack was smitten with nightclub singer, Tiffany Simone. During the day, Tiffany, who is known as Ronnie Lawrence, is a nurse.

JUNE 20-24, 1988
Marley left town after telling Jake that she was going to divorce him. Jake accused Donna of ruining his marriage, and Donna warned Jake to stay away from Marley and Vicky. Vicky tried to trap Jamie by lying that she was pregnant, but he caught onto her scheme. Cass became upset when he saw what appeared to be the ghost of his dead wife, Kathleen, framed in the terrace door of his room at the country inn. Josie wrongly believes that Kevin, with whom she doesn't get along, is "Captain Cool," the guy she's been talking to on the teen party line. An old man told Cass that the broach Cass bought for Nicole had belonged to a woman named Nora Diamond, who had died tragically. Drew gave Sam a job as a graphics artist. Scott kissed Cheryl but felt that he would be betraying Dawn's memory if he gets romantically involved with anyone. Nicole rejected Cass' marriage proposal.

JUNE 27-29, 1988
Cass told Nicole that he knows the ghost he's been seeing isn't Kathleen's. Nicole flipped when Cass said he's sure that he's been seeing Nora Diamond's ghost. The mysterious old man, Nelson, sent Cass to see Sister Theresa about Nora's death, but Cass learned that Theresa has taken a vow of silence. Jamie and Lisa made love after he told her that he loves her. Vicky and Jake talked over their troubles, but she nixed sleeping with him. Jason, Scott, and Felicia planned a 4th of July AIDS benefit party. Julie Ann is playing matchmaker for her brother, Zack, and Ronnie. John told Chris that when he was in Vietnam, holidays like the 4th of July were hard on him and his buddies because they were so far away from home. Chris had a weird reaction to a flyer advertising for the whereabouts of Mikey's parents. Matthew arranged to meet "Riveria" (Josie), but she wound up with Kevin instead.

JULY 4-8, 1988
Cheryl told Mary and Vince that she wants to go away to college. After co-hosting an AIDS benefit party, Scott made love with Cheryl. Lisa accepted Jamie's marriage proposal. Vicky sought comfort in Jake's arms after overhearing Jamie proposing to Lisa. During the AIDS benefit, Tiffany (aka Ronnie) sang a song that Dawn wrote before her death. Thanks to Julie Ann, Zack is very interested in Tiffany/Ronnie. Nicole is angry with Cass, who is obsessed with finding out what caused Nora Diamond's death. Sister Theresa wrote Cass a note in which she said that Nora was murdered. Cass learned that Nelson is Nora's husband, Max. Over the phone, Matthew tried to help a kid who is addicted to drugs. Michael nixed letting Donna get pregnant because it could cost her her life. In Europe, Mac and Rachel arranged to meet the person behind the Cory Publishing takeover bid, but he or she never showed. Scott left town.

JULY 11-15, 1988
Felicia convinced Mitch to let her get cozy with Drew so that they can find out what he's up to. Mitch and Felicia pretended to break off their romance so that she can get close to Drew. While Chris was babysitting for Mikey, a stranger knocked her out and kidnapped the boy. Chris told Sharlene that she's an only child, but she later told Michael that she has a brother. Tracy was upset when Matthew told her that they can only be friends. Cass and Nicole tried to find out more information about Nelson Maxwell (Max) after Nora's ghost told Cass that she had accidentally slipped off a balcony to her death while waiting to meet with Max. Mac, Rachel, and Mitch were all furious when they learned that Sam is working for Drew. Felicia gave Sharlene a job at Tops even though Sharlene admitted that she once worked as a prostitute. Sharlene recognized Drew, whom she met when she worked as a hooker.

JULY 18-22, 1988
Cass and Nicole told Max (Nelson) that Nora had accidentally fallen to her death while eluding her father, who didn't approve of her marriage to Max. Max quietly passed away after realizing that Nora didn't run off on him as he had believed. Nora and Max were reunited in spirit. Josie and Matthew saved Kevin's life after he combined too much booze and pills. After a talk with Felicia, Cass realized that he does want to marry Nicole. Nicole later accepted Cass's marriage proposal. Donna, Michael, and Chris were relieved to find Mikey in his room after Chris was knocked unconscious by an intruder. Chris cried on John's shoulder about the fact that she put Mikey's life in danger. Drew grabbed for Amanda after telling her she'd have to "pay" him to drop Sam's work contract.

JULY 25-29, 1988
Vicky was stunned when her doctor told her that she is pregnant. Sam and Mitch discovered that Drew has been squirrelling money away in a Swiss bank account. Amanda got Sam's contract from Drew, but she can't forget that Drew nearly raped her before he handed over the contract. Ronnie is jealous of the rapport between Zack and lady police officer, Courtney. Mitch told Felicia that they can "patch up" their romance, now that Mitch has the goods to nail Drew. Kevin immediately got into an argument with his father, Frank, the minute he arrived in Bay City.

AUGUST 1-5, 1988
Matthew and Josie were involved in a minor car accident while driving Kevin to a drug rehabilitation clinic. While suffering from withdrawal, Kevin threatened to kill Josie. Jake was taking a shower at Vicky's apartment when Marley unexpectedly arrived at the door. Lisa was stunned when Vicky said that she's pregnant with Jamie's baby. Michael threatened to kill Drew if he so much as lays a hand on any member of Michael's family. After receiving the trumped-up incriminating photos of Amanda and Drew, Mac agreed to give up his fight to keep Cory Publishing from being taken over by Drew's mystery boss. Donna decided that she and Michael should adopt Mikey. The child welfare agency told Mary that they want to take Mikey away from Donna and Michael because of the threatening phone calls the Hudsons have received. Chris smooched with John, but nixed sleeping with him.

AUGUST 8-12, 1988
Mac went to look for Drew when he didn't show up for a Cory Publishing takeover meeting. Rachel later found Mac, who passed out in Drew's suite. Lisa slapped Vicky when she taunted Lisa that Jamie is still in love with Vicky even though he's engaged to Lisa. Vicky was stunned when she realized that she may really be pregnant by Jake instead of Jamie. Sharlene was spying on Josie when she shared her first kiss with Matthew. Jamie was named director of the hospital's new hospice wing. Ronnie agreed to make a music video with Jake after she was passed over for a job as head nurse.

AUGUST 15-19, 1988
Everyone speculated about what happened to Drew, who has disappeared into thin air. After Mac regained consciousness, he told Rachel that he saw someone run out of Drew's pad when he got there. Sam admitted he was the person Mac saw leaving Drew's suite. Amanda was stunned when she found a bloody shirt that Sam had stuffed into the hamper after his confrontation with Drew. The police searched Drew's room and found Amanda's bracelet and a gun with Mac's fingerprints all over it. Chris volunteered to baby-sit for Mikey, but later she tried to seduce Michael. Jamie agreed to Lisa's suggestion that they elope, but he was puzzled about why she wanted to get married so quickly. Amanda advised Lisa to tell Jamie that she knows Vicky is pregnant. Vicky rejected Marley's offer to raise Vicky's baby after it is born. Sharlene told Josie to stay away from Matthew.

AUGUST 22-26, 1988
Amanda unwittingly spilled the beans to Jamie about Vicky's pregnancy after she thought that Vicky had already told Jamie about her condition. Jamie confronted Lisa after he learned that she knew about Vicky's pregnancy but didn't tell him. Lisa and Jamie postponed their elopement plans after the police quizzed Mac about Drew's disappearance. Police officers Rick and Courtney got a warrant for Mac's arrest after he reported that Matthew had found Drew's jacket and wallet in a local river. Marley confessed to Jake that she can't have children. Sharlene insisted to Josie that the Corys are no good and she doesn't want Josie hanging out with Matthew. Liz is looking forward to a visit from her niece, Olivia. Chris felt humiliated when Michael rebuffed her declaration of love for him. Later, Chris lied to Jason that Michael made a pass at her.

Financial analyst Evan Bates conned Liz into getting him a job interview with Rachel, who is running Cory Publishing for Mac. Cass returned from the Persian Gulf and admitted to Nicole that he had seen Drew on the night he disappeared, but Cass insisted that Drew was alive when he last saw him. Kevin returned home from the rehabilitation clinic and told Matthew that he's moving to California. Rick quizzed several Cory Publishing board members who admitted they heard Mac threaten to kill Drew. Matthew helped Josie get a job at Cory Publishing. Donna practically disowned Marley because she has reconciled her marriage to Jake. Cass and Jason caught each other snooping around in Drew's hotel suite.

SEPTEMBER 5-9, 1988
Drew, who is very much alive, spied on Felicia, Mitch, Nicole, and Cass while they were in Atlantic City. Later, Drew was pleased when his mystery boss told him that Mac had been indicted on charges that he murdered Drew. Vicky had a fainting spell. Rachel hired Evan when he went to bat for Cory Publishing during a board meeting. Michael admitted to a stunned Donna that he bribed a welfare lawyer in an attempt to keep Mikey.

SEPTEMBER 12-16, 1988
John and Sharlene were stunned to learn from Chris's aunt that Tony was Chris's husband, not her brother, as Chris had claimed. Cass tailed Drew after spotting him in Atlantic City. Sharlene was suspicious when Jason received a phone call from Drew who told Jason that they can proceed with their mysterious plot. John fired Chris, who later threatened Donna and Michael. Evan conspired with Cass who decided to stay in Atlantic City to get a photo of Drew so that he has proof that Drew is alive. Lisa told Jamie that she's tired of hearing about the progress of his and Vicky's baby. Felicia warned Vicky not to try to come between Jamie and Lisa again. Rachel told Vicky that she's not convinced that Vicky is having Jamie's baby. Josie quit her job at Cory Publishing and Sharlene quit her job at TOPS. Jake is convinced that a baby will cement his marriage to Marley.

SEPTEMBER 19-23, 1988
Lisa called off her engagement to Jamie, who nixed her suggestion that they elope as they'd planned before they learned about Vicky's pregnancy. Evan introduced his wealthy Australian friend, art dealer Caroline Stafford, to Amanda. Later, Evan insisted that Caroline take Sam on as a client. In Atlantic City, Cass heard Drew make a call to Jason. Drew ordered Jason to find out what Cass is up to or else. Donna told a stunned Michael about Vicky's pregnancy. Chris slapped John and Jason with a sexual harassment suit. Marley moved in with Vicky to take care of her until she has the baby. Matthew asked Felicia and Mitch to get to know Josie better. Jamie told Donna and Michael that he won't let anyone pressure him into marrying Vicky just because she's pregnant. Mitch argued with Felicia, who wants to hold their wedding at Wally's favourite race-horse track.

SEPTEMBER 26-30, 1988
Caroline and Evan made love after she reported to him that Nicole doesn't know anything about Cass's whereabouts. Rachel was surprised to learn that Mac had hired Vivien Gorrow, who worked as a maid for Mac's daughter, Iris. Vivien is convinced that she's met Evan before, but can't remember where. Vicky was thrilled to learn that Lisa broke her engagement to Jamie. John discussed his painful memories of Vietnam-with a sympathetic Sharlene. Amanda refused to answer Rick's questions about Drew's disappearance. Mac received a phone call from Drew. Zack warned John and Jason that they're in for a legal battle with Chris, who filed sexual harassment charges against John and Jason. Rachel fumed when she learned that Mitch advised Jamie to marry Vicky so that he would be able to help raise the child that Vicky is expecting. Jake reluctantly agreed to undergo fertility tests.

OCTOBER 3-7, 1988
Chris kidnapped Mikey while Donna and Michael were in Washington D.C. trying to arrange to adopt the boy. Matthew was stunned to learn that he was born after Mitch forced Rachel to sleep with him to save Mac from being killed by Mitch's mistress, Janice Frame (Janice was Mac's wife at the time). Cass helped the Atlantic City police arrest Drew for faking his own death and trying to frame Mac for murder. Evan is jealous of Cass and Caroline's friendship. Amanda learned Rachel gave Caroline the money to set up a showing of Sam's art work. Cass and Nicole and Mitch and Felicia decided to have a double wedding ceremony. Liz invested money in Nicole's fashion business, which is failing. Jake was stunned to learn that his low sperm count may account for the fact that Marley can't get pregnant. Vicky was relieved to hear of Jake's infertility because she had feared he could be her baby's father.

OCTOBER 10-14, 1988
After returning from Washington, a frantic Donna went on TV and pleaded with Chris to return Mikey. John later helped to rescue Mikey from Chris, who sometimes believes that she's still living in Vietnam during the time that her husband and child were killed. Vicky told Jamie that if her baby is a boy she wants to name it after his father, Steven Frame. Mac read Liz the riot act for telling Matthew what went down between Mac, Rachel, Mitch, and Janice. Mac and Rachel both supported Sam, who decided to quit his job at Cory Publishing so that he can devote full time to his painting. Vicky warned Jake that Donna suspects Jake is getting a little too cozy with Lisa, who is working on Jake's documentary film about the Bay City police force. Vicky made sure that Jamie heard her talking about Lisa's supposed interest in Jake. Nicole doesn't like Caroline's interest in Cass.

OCTOBER 17-21, 1988
Marley is upset with Jake, who always has an excuse for why he missed his fertility clinic appointments. Cass and Nicole decided not to get married. Felicia and Mitch finalized their plans to get married at the race track. Jason vowed to get revenge against Rachel, who refused to reinstate Frame Construction on the hospital hospice project as long as Jason is linked to the company. Jamie and Matthew got an apartment together. Mitch and Felicia are upset that Matthew refuses to attend their wedding because he is angry at Mitch. Mary told Donna and Michael that the child welfare board had given permission for them to adopt Mikey. Mitch warned Mac that Jason is plotting to ruin Rachel because she killed Janice to keep Janice from killing Mac. As part owner, Liz began working at Nicole's designer dress shop.

OCTOBER 24-28, 1988
Mac and Rachel were surprised to see Mac's long-lost daughter, Iris Carrington Wheeler. Iris agreed to stay at Mac's mansion even though she doesn't get along with Rachel. Iris told Mac that her birth certificate shows that she's his natural daughter, not his adopted daughter. Jamie rushed Vicky to the hospital after she suddenly collapsed. Jason asked Vicky to invest some of her fortune in Frame Construction Company. Sam was stunned when Iris disliked his art work. Sharlene threatened to tell John about the feud between Jason and Rachel if Jason doesn't tell John first. Caroline has her heart set on taking Cass from Nicole. Mitch was happy that Matthew attended Mitch and Felicia's wedding. Rachel was stunned when Matthew blurted out that Jason told him about how Rachel "murdered" Jason's sister, Janice.

John broke off his partnership with Jason after learning that Jason was in cahoots with Drew. Iris, who is Evan and Drew's mystery boss, gloated after she had the suggestive photos of Amanda and Drew printed in a newspaper. Vicky fumed when she realized that Jason got a loan from her to support Frame Construction after he had dissolved a partnership with John. Sam beat up Jason after learning he was involved with the photos of Amanda and Drew. Cass urged Nicole to accept a job with a Paris designer. Mac told Rachel that during his first marriage he had an affair with Iris's mother, and he and his wife secretly adopted Iris. Mary realized that Jake refuses to accept that he may be infertile and that's why Marley can't get pregnant.

NOVEMBER 7-11, 1988
Caroline tried to get cosy with Cass while Nicole is in Paris. John has been having flashbacks about a woman he met in Vietnam. Chris, still in hospital, thanked John and Michael for helping her to get well. Jamie flipped when he learned that a pregnant Vicky took Bridget on a trip with her. After Rachel resigned from Cory Publishing, Iris gave Mac the money to fight the takeover bid (which is really coming from Iris) against his company. Donna and Michael received permission to adopt Mikey, after learning his parents died in a car crash. Evan is keeping Iris in the dark about his affair with Caroline. Iris told Amanda that she wants to get to know her better. Iris told Evan that Drew left the country. Jason told Vicky he used her loan to pay Frame Construction debts.

NOVEMBER 14-18, 1988
Josie and Matthew decided that they're not ready to make love yet. At the last minute, Lisa decided not to go to Majorca, Spain, with Jamie, who went on his own and later convinced Vicky to return to Bay City with him. Julie Ann is spending a lot of time with police officer Rick. Jake comforted Marley, who was disappointed that she wasn't pregnant. Caroline, who secretly arranged Nicole's job in Paris with designer Christian St. Jacques encouraged him to keep Nicole. Caroline would then have a clear field to Cass. Amanda and Ada confided to each other that they don't trust Iris, who is getting friendly with everyone. Iris paid Jason to keep mum that she's the person behind the Cory Publishing takeover bid. Sharlene urged John to talk to Mary about his nightmares of Vietnam.

NOVEMBER 21-25, 1988
Iris had flashbacks to a time in France when she and Michael shared a bottle of champagne. Jamie broke up with Lisa again. Jamie was stunned when Vicky refused his marriage proposal. Zack told Mac that Bennett Publishing is no longer trying to take over Cory Publishing. Iris got jittery when Mac said he won't rest until he finds out the identity of the Bennett Publishing "Chief" (Iris), who instigated the Cory takeover bid. Felicia secretly taped sessions with magician, Oliver Twist, who hypnotized her, then took her back to her childhood. Rachel learned there's something going on between Iris and Jason. Rachel admitted to Sharlene that she killed Janice in self-defence. Julie Ann assured Courtney that she can handle the interracial aspects of dating Rick. Nicole returned to Bay City and patched things up with Cass.

Everyone helped Donna and Michael celebrate after they adopted Mikey. Vicky explained to Jamie that she didn't accept his marriage proposal because she thinks he wants her only because he wants to be near their child when it is born. Jake and Marley saw fertility expert Dr. Jansen, who wasn't sympathetic about their fertility problems. Mac was delighted when Iris agreed to call a truce with Rachel and agreed that Rachel should return to work at Cory Publishing. Zack tried to point out to his little sister, Julie Ann some of the racial roadblocks to her budding romance with Rick. Mary is upset that she hasn't been able to get anywhere with psychiatric patient Pilara, who has been battered. Felicia, who is still digging into her own past, found some letters she once addressed to her stepfather, Noah Grady, but never mailed. Evan spent time with Amanda while Sam concentrated on his painting.

DECEMBER 5-9, 1988
Dr. Ben Jansen told Marley that she will need surgery to remove scar tissue before she can try to get pregnant. Vicky and Jake made up a resume for Lisa and then sent her photo and name to a computer-dating service. Lisa later told video dating service owner Rose to leave her name on the service. Nicole, who doesn't want to leave Cass, nixed Christian's offer to hire her full-time in his Paris shop. Caroline was relieved that Christian pretended he didn't know her. During his one-man art show, Sam was stunned to learn that Rachel financed the event. Jake asked Rose to give him a video job so he can pay Marley's doctor bills. Jason sabotaged Sharlene's date with John. Felicia admitted to Mitch that she had a miserable childhood because of her step-father, who was a minister. Sharlene admitted that she likes John.

DECEMBER 12-16, 1988
Felicia admitted to Mitch that as a teenager she became pregnant but her baby daughter was born dead. Felicia also said that her stepfather, Noah, made life miserable for her after he learned about her pregnancy. Sam walked out on Amanda after learning that she knew Rachel had funded his one-man art show. Caroline was devastated when she received a telegram from her father telling her that her mother had died. Cass comforted Caroline while Evan said he couldn't deal with her pain. As part of her undercover story on Video Match, Amanda made a video tape intended to solicit dates. Pilara accepted an offer to stay at Mary's home after she nixed going home with Reuben, who beats Pilara.

DECEMBER 19-23, 1988
Michael told Iris that their past love affair is over, but Iris warned that she gets what she wants, and she wants Michael. After introducing Rick to her parents, Julie Ann admitted that she never felt that she really fit into the black world of her parents or into the white world of her friends. After Mary took Pilara into her home, Reuben forced Pilara to steal Mary's silver so that he could hock it. Ronnie worried that Reuben only got in touch with her because he is in trouble. Marley spent Christmas in the hospital. Jake assured Marley that he'll always love her even if she can't give him a child. Mitch and Cass went to Boston to look for Felicia's step-father, Noah, who has disappeared. Iris was upset that her son, Dennis Carrington, didn't come home.

DECEMBER 26-30, 1988
Mitch told Felicia that he wanted to reunite her with her stepfather, Noah, during Christmas, but he couldn't locate the man. Marley told Jake that she is confident Dr. Jansen corrected her infertility problem during her latest surgical procedure. Pilara stole the key to Mary's Place. Pilara and Reuben broke into the restaurant to steal the cash-register receipts, but Pilara couldn't go through with it. Pilara and Reuben hid when John and Sharlene entered Mary's Place. While they were in hiding, Reuben and Pilara accidentally started a fire in the restaurant's kitchen. Jamie agreed to live in the house that Vicky bought, even though it is across from the house that he and Lisa had planned to move into after they were married. Nicole was jealous when she saw Caroline cosy up to Cass while he was teaching her to play pinball.