Daily Synopses: January - June, July - December

JANUARY 3-6, 1989
John rescued Sharlene from the fire at Mary's Place, but he hesitated to take action for a moment when the fire reminded him of the time he spent in Vietnam. Vince was devastated when he learned that his restaurant had burned to the ground. When the police told Vince they suspected someone deliberately set fire to the restaurant, Vince suggested that Courtney investigate Pilara. Vicky had nightmares about Jamie leaving her after her doctor told her that her baby was conceived later than Vicky suspected. Thus, the baby could be Jake's, and not Jamie's. Jason and Evan are conspiring against Iris, who rebelled when Jason hit her up for more blackmail money to keep mum that she organized the attempted takeover of Cory Publishing. Sharlene is upset that she can't afford to replace Rachel's expensive necklace, which Josie lost the night of the Snowflake Ball. Vince contacted Mary, who is visiting M.J.

JANUARY 9-13, 1989
Cass agreed to defend Reuben, who was accused of setting the fire at Mary's Place when he carelessly threw down a lighted match. After another argument with Lisa, Vicky fell down a flight of stairs. The mystery man is still tailing Felicia. Matthew told Josie that he wanted to make love, but when he kissed her she ran off. While Donna was sitting by Vicky's bedside, an unconscious Vicky called out Jake's name. Julie Ann and Rick decided to rekindle their romance. Dr. Jansen told Marley and Jake they could have children. Josie is jealous that Matthew has been comforting Lisa ever since Vicky's accident. Iris is trying to get her hooks into Michael. Nicole is going to Paris for a while. John told Sharlene about his Vietnam experiences.

JANUARY 16-19, 1989
Jamie, Donna, and Michael were relieved when Vicky regained consciousness and they learned that Vicky's unborn baby wasn't harmed by her fall down the stairs. Vicky told Jamie that she doesn't blame Lisa for her fall. Amanda, who is doing a newspaper story about Felicia, asked Felicia questions about her childhood and went to Chicago to see Felicia's childhood home. Ronnie and Reuben's little brother Jesse was injured in a fight. Sharlene confessed to Rachel that Josie lost the necklace Rachel gave her to wear to the Snowflake Ball. Sharlene, who has been anxiety-ridden over the loss of the necklace, fumed when Rachel said it wasn't worth more than a couple hundred dollars. Matthew told Josie that he doesn't want to make love to her until he is convinced that it's right for both of them. Iris is still plotting to get her hooks into Michael. Sam got friendly with his fan Justine Collins.

JANUARY 23-27, 1989
Reuben was cleared of arson charges. Cass located Pilara's father, Hector Sanchez, who was the one who beat Pilara, although Reuben was wrongly accused of the deed. Nicole admitted that she feels her romance with Cass has cooled. Jamie insisted to Vicky that he wants to marry her, and not just because she's carrying his baby. Donna suspects that Jake, not Jamie, is the father of Vicky's baby. After having flashbacks to the time she made love with Jake, Vicky started asking Marley questions about Jake's infertility problem. Amanda caught Sam hugging Caroline, but believed Sam when he said he was just consoling her over the death of her mother. Michael agreed to help Iris start up a new magazine, but warned that the relationship will be strictly business. A stranger is stalking Felicia.

Cass was surprised to see his little sister, Stacey, who returned to Bay City after her husband Mark and her child Megan had died in a car crash. Just before Vicky was slated to walk down the marital aisle with Jamie, Marley told a stunned Vicky that due to a mixup in the medical lab, Jake was incorrectly informed that he was sterile. Since Jake can father a child, Vicky realized that her baby could be Jake's and not Jamie's. A mystery person is taunting Felicia about her past. While in Felicia's home on the pretext that he was working on the remodelling job, Jason stole one of the letters Noah Grady had returned to Felicia. Evan kissed Amanda, who agreed to help him get over the death of the woman who raised him, but nixed becoming romantically involved with him. Cass offered Stacey a job with his and Zack's law firm.

FEBRUARY 6-10, 1989
Matthew tangled with a mystery man, who broke into Lisa's apartment, then pleaded with Lisa to help him "stop Fanny" (Felicia). The mystery man escaped. Ada hired an old school chum, Sid Sugarman, to work in her new restaurant as a chef. Jamie and Vicky were married. Jason gave them a broken mirror for a wedding gift. Sharlene is worried that Iris will tell John she was once a prostitute. Cass was pleased when Stacey agreed to join his and Zack's law firm. Mitch rescued Felicia, who had a run-in with the mystery man, who warned her to keep their past a secret. Felicia doesn't know the mystery man but she told Mitch the man knew her real name is Fanny Grady. Vicky and Jamie honeymooned in Majorca, Spain. Jamie told Vicky he married her because he loves her, not because she is pregnant.

FEBRUARY 13-17, 1989
Vince and Mary moved to Minneapolis because they wanted to be nearer to M.J. Josie was stunned when she saw Matthew kissing Lisa. Lisa later apologized for "taking advantage" of Matthew's effort to comfort her over her split with Jamie. Iris took Josie under her wing and promised to make Josie a first-class lady. Several U.S. marshals took over the Frame farmhouse, which was put on the auction block when Jason couldn't repay the money he conned out of Vicky. Jason told Vicky that he knows she is carrying Jake's baby. Two thugs jumped Cass when he went to the Frame farmhouse. Felicia realized that her stepfather, Noah Grady, is probably the person who has been harassing her about the baby that she miscarried when she was a teenager. Nicole said "Yes" to Cass's marriage proposal. As part of her video dating story, Amanda went out with a stranger, Dustin. Evan knows Dustin.

FEBRUARY 20-24, 1989
Felicia confronted a man who had been following her and saw that he has a scar on his face. Another man told Felicia and Mitch that Noah Grady hired him to deliver a package to Felicia. Later, Mitch went to the man's hotel, said he was Noah Grady, and the desk clerk handed him a set of room keys. Mitch found Noah's watch in the hotel room. Jason warned Vicky that if she doesn't drop her lawsuit against him, he will tell that she is carrying Jake's baby not Jamie's. Vicky insisted to a suspicious Jake that her baby was fathered by Jamie. During Felicia's 40th birthday costume party, Felicia fired a shot at someone who threatened her when she entered the Hall of Mirrors. Jason fell to the floor after the gunshot was fired. John confided to Sharlene that he has nightmares about a Vietnamese baby that died while in his care. Lisa told Felicia that she is going to leave town.

FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 3, 1989
Everyone rushed to the hall of mirrors after Felicia fired her gun at the scar-faced man who was dressed as a strong man. Mitch and Cass found Felicia unconscious next to Jason, who had been shot and killed. Lisa moved to London. Jason's shooting reminded Felicia of the fact that she had killed her stepfather, Noah Grady, but Cass and Mitch told Felicia to keep mum about Noah's death. Courtney, who is investigating Jason's shooting, told Cass he must find the "strong man" if he intends to prove that Felicia didn't shoot Jason. Felicia was arrested for killing Jason. Sharlene admitted to Josie that she recently argued with Jason. Rick tried to make sense of the notes that Jason had jotted down in his diary. Both Iris and Evan worried that Jason may have mentioned their names in his diary.

MARCH 6-10, 1989
After Sharlene opened Jason's safe, Rick and Courtney noticed Jason's bank-deposit receipts for large sums of money he had obtained from Iris. Iris lied to Rick and Courtney that she paid off Jason to bring peace between the Corys and the Frames. Amanda dug up information on Douglas McKeon, a former male stripper who had a past involvement with Rose's video dating service. Vicky went into labour while she and Jamie were stranded on the Frame farm during a snowstorm. John asked Sharlene to marry him. Stacey met with the scar-faced man who phoned Cass's office and said that he had information on Felicia's past. The man ran off after refusing to tell Stacey anything. Cass warned Mitch to forget about his plan to spirit Felicia out of the country after Mac paid her bail money. Cass and Nicole learned that Mrs. Kramer, Noah Grady's landlady, disappeared after receiving a call from Jason.

MARCH 13-17, 1989
Over the telephone, Jamie coached Jake, who was forced to help Vicky deliver her newborn son, Steven Michael Frame. While in a hypnotic-like state, Felicia told Mitch and Cass that Abigail Kramer was Noah Grady's sister, and not just his landlady. Sharlene was stunned to learn that she and John are partners since she inherited Jason's share of Frame Construction. While waiting to meet the scar-faced man, Stacey fell in the snow and was knocked unconscious. The scar-faced man rescued her, but later the man ran away after telling her that Felicia didn't mean to shoot Jason. Rose agreed to Amanda's request to be put on Rose's VIP date list. Amanda is suspicious of Dustin's reasons for helping her with her story on Rose. John fumed to learn that Cass thinks he could have killed Jason. Cass told Sharlene that Jason received a dishonourable discharge because he was involved in the black market.

MARCH 20-24, 1989
Russ Matthews returned to Bay City after Iris helped him get the chief of staff job at Bay City General Hospital. Vicky got nervous when the doctor told her that Steven, who was suffering from septic shock, might need a blood transfusion. Vicky was relieved when Steven's condition improved without the blood transfusion, which could have proved that the baby isn't Jamie's. Liz welcomed Russ back home, then warned his ex-wife, Sharlene, to stay away from him. Russ was surprised to learn that Sharlene is also back in town. The scar-faced man told Stacey that he had the second gun that was used at the scene of Jason's murder, but when he went to show it to her it was missing. Felicia agreed to Mitch's plan to get her out of the country before she is wrongly convicted of murdering Jason. Donna warned Jake to stay away from Vicky and baby Steven. Iris split for the French Riveria.

MARCH 27-31, 1989
Dustin told Amanda that he would give her a list of Rose's VIP clients, but he had the list at home. Amanda agreed to go with Dustin, then realized that he was actually kidnapping her. Felicia was uneasy during a confrontation with her Aunt Abigail, who accused Felicia of murdering Noah. Abigail told Mitch that Noah died during a physical struggle with Felicia, and Abigail helped cover up his death. Abigail admitted to Cass that she met with Jason the night he died. Derek (the scar-faced man) told Stacey that he had picked up Felicia's gun and hid it in an alley after Jason's shooting. Derek comforted Stacey after rescuing her from a thug who attacked her while she was helping Derek look for the missing gun. Sharlene panicked when Josie asked to see her birth certificate. Sharlene refused to tell John the facts of her break-up with Russ. Russ told Sharlene that he is staying in Bay City.

APRIL 3-7, 1989
Jamie and Russ were both up for the chief of staff job at the hospital, but Russ was given the job. Evan realized that something was wrong when Sam told him Amanda had gone away for a few days on an undercover assignment. Evan went to Dustin's home, where he was able to attract Amanda's attention by appearing in the window. Amanda failed to escape from Dustin, who is forcing her to impersonate his former wife, Julia. Derek (the scar-faced man) finally told Stacey his name. Stacey fumed when Cass burst into Derek's room wanting to know what Derek knows about Jason's death. It was revealed that Jake and Steven have the same blood type. Iris was angry that word of Amanda's disappearance took Mac's attention away from Iris. Josie nixed living with Matthew. Dr. Jansen comforted Marley, who is upset she is not pregnant.

APRIL 10-14, 1989
Vicky insisted to a disbelieving Jake that Jamie is Steven's father. Jake became more convinced than ever that Steven is his son after Donna warned him to stay away. Dustin took Evan hostage after foiling Evan's attempt to rescue Amanda. Dustin told Evan that he is forcing Amanda to pose as Dustin's former wife, Julia, so that Dustin can claim Julia's fortune. Stacey was furious that Cass made Derek run away just as Stacey was trying to convince him to testify on Felicia's behalf. Emma Frame's daughter, Frankie, arrived for a surprise visit with her Aunt Sharlene. Vicky panicked when Jake demanded a paternity test to prove Steven's parentage. Evan and Amanda let Dustin catch them smooching in their scheme to escape from him. Felicia's murder trial began. Donna knows that Iris is trying to take Michael away from her.

APRIL 17-21, 1989
At the start of Felicia's trial, Mac was forced to be a hostile witness against her. Felicia remembered another man from her past, Luke. Sharlene asked Russ to stop reminding her of the past. At Dustin's insistence, Amanda convinced Julia's father, Stuart, that she was Julia, and Stuart handed over the legal papers that Dustin needs to get his hands on Julia's money. After Derek contacted Stacey, she convinced him to sign a statement about his presence at Jason's shooting, but everyone is worried that Felicia will be found guilty of Jason's murder. John worried that people would think he killed Jason after the prosecution forced John to admit he is suffering from delayed shock syndrome. Evan tried to comfort Amanda while Dustin was deciding whether or not to kill them. Jake demanded that Vicky have paternity tests performed on Steven.

APRIL 24-28, 1989
While holding a gun on Amanda and Evan, Dustin admitted he accidentally killed his wife. Josie fled from the courtroom in tears after Cass forced Sharlene to admit that Jason had threatened to reveal that Sharlene had worked as a hooker. Jake forced Vicky to go through with paternity tests on Steven, but Vicky switched Steven's blood sample for another, and the results indicated Jake wasn't Steven's father. Sam rescued Amanda and Evan from Dustin, but Evan was wounded in the fray. Dustin was arrested. Josie told Reuben that her father was one of Sharlene's "johns." John and Sharlene made love after he said her past doesn't matter. Felicia met Derek, who was disappointed she didn't remember him from her past. Rachel confronted Iris about being "The Chief," and then insisted that Iris level with Mac about her attempt to take over his company.

MAY 8-12, 1989
Everyone was stunned when the jury found Felicia guilty of murdering Jason. Felicia was sentenced to 10 years in prison and refused to let Cass appeal her case. Cass vowed to find Jason's real killer. Rick agreed to move with Julie Ann, who received a good job offer in San Francisco. Sharlene was angry when she learned John once had an affair with Donna. Mac kicked Iris out of Cory Publishing. Iris reminded Evan that he is Janice Frame's son. Amanda told Sam she is going to print her story about Video Match even though Rose threatened her. After learning that Rachel is planning to invite the Frame family to a 25th anniversary party for Cory Publishing, Evan phoned Willis Frame and warned him not to accept the invitation. After seeing a bill for the blood tests performed on Steven, Jamie realized that the bill was for a paternity test. Stacey was upset to see Derek with Frankie.

MAY 15-19, 1989
After Jamie checked out the bill for Steven's recent blood tests, Vicky was forced to admit she is not sure that Steven is Jamie's son. Under hypnosis, Derek remembered that before Jason's death he was arguing with a woman wearing a distinctive pair of earrings. Nicole has the earrings. John and Sharlene decided to live together, but are still afraid of making a commitment. Cass and Zack learned that Iris was seen in a bar with Jason before he was murdered. Stacey, who was jealous when she saw Frankie flirting with Derek, let Derek know she cares about him. Nicole told Cass that she thinks Derek could be a killer. Iris was amused that Rachel asked Amanda and Evan to track down Janice Frame's son Earl, who is really Evan. Felicia still refuses to tell Mitch about her past with Derek. Robert Delaney and Gwen Frame came to town for the Cory Publishing anniversary party.

MAY 22-26, 1989
Because of his recent troubles with Iris, Mac moved to the Harbour Inn and left Rachel a note telling her of his whereabouts, but asking that she not try to find him. During the Cory Publishing anniversary party Rachel came face-to-face with Alice Frame. Rachel and Alice were reminded of the times when they had fought over Steven Frame. Frankie spotted Nicole wearing the earrings worn by the woman who Derek saw arguing with Jason before his death. Vicky admitted the earrings are hers, but she lent them to Nicole. Cass confronted Nicole after the evidence pointed to her as Jason's killer. Gwen constantly reminded Evan (Earl) that Rachel killed his mother, Janice Frame. Evan (Earl) admitted to Rachel that he originally wanted to get revenge against her, but has changed his mind. Jamie walked out on Vicky. Jamie later decided to have blood tests to see if he is Steven's father.

MAY 29 - JUNE 2, 1989
Nicole was jailed after she admitted that she accidentally killed Jason while trying to take his gun away. After learning that Nicole killed Jason and calling off his marriage to Nicole, Cass got drunk. Frankie rescued a drunken Cass, who thought that she was his deceased wife, Kathleen, until he recovered from his hangover. Nicole told Donna that Jason deserved to die because he killed their mother years ago. Matthew disliked Russ's daughter Olivia on sight. Cass told Felicia that she will soon be released from prison because Nicole confessed to killing Jason. Felicia received a letter from her former lover Luke, who came to Bay City. Derek admitted to Stacey that when he was a youngster, he killed Felicia's step-father, Noah, because Noah had beaten Felicia. Amanda was furious that Evan kept her in the dark about the fact that be is really Janice's son Earl.

JUNE 5-9, 1989
Felicia met with her former lover, Lucas, who admitted that her Aunt Abigail paid him to get out of Felicia's life when they were still teenagers. Lucas stunned Felicia with the news that Lisa Grady is really their daughter, whom Felicia thought died at birth. Felicia insisted to Lucas that he is wrong because Lisa is her brother's child. Mitch and Felicia shared a warm reunion after her release from prison. John, who is still deciding if he should resume his medical profession, doctored Mikey's injured hand. After Jamie introduced Stacey to Dr. Eric Jansen, she later agreed to a dinner date with Eric. Cass was unemotional when Nicole said a final good-bye to him before she was taken to jail. Derek was jealous when he learned Stacey was seeing Eric. Cass refused to lean on Stacey or Frankie, who tried to help him deal with the fact that Nicole killed Jason.

JUNE 12-16, 1989
Rachel, Jamie, and Amanda were stunned to learn that Mac had a heart attack while staying at a hotel. Mac died before Rachel could reach his side. Iris, who never had a chance to make amends with Mac, broke down in tears upon learning he was dead. After Iris told Michael that Lucas was in Bay City, Michael phoned a mystery person and told him/her the same news. Upon meeting Michael face-to-face, Lucas was convinced they had met before, but Michael insisted they hadn't. Sam was jealous when he saw Evan comforting Amanda over Mac's death. Jake told Marley that he would handle their plans to adopt a baby. Jake asked Zack to speed up Jake's plan to get custody of Steven. Lucas insisted to Felicia that they will find their daughter. Felicia remembered her Aunt Abigail saying that Felicia's baby had died at birth. Cass was upset that Stacey went out with Derek, who decided not to leave town.

JUNE 19-23, 1989
Felicia's Aunt Abigail admitted that Noah forced her to lie to Felicia that her baby died at birth. Abigail said that the local sheriff had taken the baby, but he died and Abigail doesn't know what happened to Felicia and Lucas's child. Mitch wasn't happy to find Lucas holding and comforting Felicia over their lost child. Cass hired Frankie, who is a private eye by profession. In his will, Mac left equal shares of Cory Publishing to Rachel, Amanda, and Iris. Iris is determined to take over the company. Russ is tired of Olivia's complaints about living in Bay City. Rachel decided to go to the inn where Mac died and check things out. Josie told Matthew she broke off their romance because she found out her father had been one of Sharlene's johns.

JUNE 26-30, 1989
After Marley found Jake's notes on the custody meetings regarding Steven, Marley asked Jake if he is Steven's father. Matthew and Josie made love, but afterwards she saw herself as a hooker. Matthew went after Josie, who ran off to New York City with Reuben. Russ gave Matthew the keys to his New York pad so he would have a place to stay while looking for Josie. Unaware that Matthew was staying in Russ's apartment, Liz brought Olivia to New York City to audition for a dance company. After Liz returned to Bay City, a stunned Matthew and Olivia learned that they are sharing Russ's pad. Evan spent a night on the sofa when Amanda didn't want to be in the house alone while Sam was attending an art show. Felicia insisted to Lucas that they let Mitch help them search for their daughter.

JULY 3-7, 1989
Marley packed her belongings and moved in with Donna and Michael after Jake admitted he had an affair with Vicky. Marley was stunned when Jake told her that if Steven is his son, he wants custody of the boy so that he and Marley can raise him. Nicole fumed when she overheard Cass tell Frankie that he wanted her to spend the night at his place. Cass rescued Frankie after someone threw a cherry bomb in her car. Frankie is convinced that the cherry-bomb incident was not an accident. Derek became nervous when Stacey told him that Courtney is a policewoman. Courtney offered to run a routine police check on Derek if Stacey wants her to. Sam was furious when he saw Evan holding Alli. Reuben flirted with a neighbour, Tess. Sam wasn't thrilled when Amanda said she wants them to move in with Rachel.

JULY 10-14, 1989
When Frankie went to Iris's apartment, a mystery person chloroformed Frankie and left her lying unconscious in an elevator. When Vivien discovered Frankie, she assumed she was a would-be thief and called the cops. After Michael forced Donna to tell him about the Vicky/Jamie/Jake/Marley rectangle, he moved into the guest room because he is upset that Donna kept him in the dark about the controversy over who fathered Steven. Sam admitted to Mitch that his last art show was a disaster and he is not sure he is cut out to be a professional artist. Amanda is beginning to rely on Evan. Vicky and Marley had a confrontation over Steven's parentage. Frankie told Cass that she thinks Nicole is the person responsible for Frankie's chloroform incident and the cherry bomb that was thrown into her car. Iris was very interested to learn of the rift in Michael and Donna's marriage.

JULY 17-21, 1989
Bridget warned Jamie that Vicky took Steven and was on her way to the airport. Vicky vowed to skip town with the baby so that Jake can't take him away from her. Nicole was taken to a hospital psychiatric ward after she admitted that she threw the fire bomb in Frankie's car and had shredded a newspaper photo of Frankie. Iris gloated that Donna has seemingly lost Michael because of her lying and cheating ways. Matthew comforted Olivia, who was distraught because she didn't get a role in the ballet that she auditioned for. Jake attempted to patch things up with Marley, then begged her to stick with him and help him raise Steven if he gets custody of the boy. After talking with the lawyer who handled the adoption of Lucas and Felicia's baby, Felicia arranged to meet her daughter. Sam admitted he doesn't like Evan because he thinks Evan loves Amanda.

JULY 24-28, 1989
Felicia and Lucas met a young woman, Susan, who thought she was their daughter, but it turned out that she wasn't. Jamie intercepted Vicky at the airport and convinced her to take Steven home. Jamie warned Jake not to claim that Vicky is an unfit mother for Steven. Derek and Stacey went on a date, but tried to avoid their sexual attraction for each other. Sharlene realized that Josie thinks her father was one of the steady johns that Sharlene saw when she worked as a hooker. John urged Sharlene to level with Russ and Josie after Sharlene admitted that Josie is Russ's daughter. Jake buttered up Marley and continued to insist that he wants her to help him raise Steven if the boy turns out to be his son. Everyone is anxious to see the results of Steven's paternity test, which have been completed. Josie got a commercial modelling job, then learned the ad was for Iris's magazine.

JULY 31 - AUGUST 4, 1989
Jamie was ecstatic when the doctor told him that Steven's paternity tests proved Jamie is the baby's father. Marley tried to comfort Jake, who was devastated that Steven isn't his son. Rachel met a grey-haired man, who reminded her of Mac. The man gave Rachel advice on how to deal with the death of a loved one. Olivia fumed when Matthew threw a lecherous choreographer, Narvo, out of the apartment because he caught the guy hitting on Olivia. Jamie walked out on Vicky, and took Steven with him. Olivia accused Matthew of ruining her chance to get a job with Narvo's dance troupe. Lucas told Iris that he remembers the first time he met Michael in the South of France. Lucas and Iris kissed. Donna is convinced that Derek stole a valuable vase that is missing from her home. Derek was upset to overhear Courtney tell Stacey that Derek is a suspect in a rash of art thefts.

AUGUST 7-11, 1989
After taking part in a New York City phone-in radio show, Matthew and Josie finally came face-to-face. Russ and Sharlene arrived at his New York City penthouse after Russ decided to find Josie and tell her that he is her father. Russ was not thrilled to learn that Olivia and Matthew have been sharing his apartment for the past several weeks. Vicky was steamed when the judge gave Jamie temporary custody of Steven even though Jamie took the boy from Vicky. Vicky told Rachel that she will vote her Cory Publishing stock in favour of Rachel's bid to be elected president of the company, if Rachel will agree to help Vicky get Steven back. Amanda was furious when Iris asked the Cory Publishing board members to vote her in as president. Rachel is convinced that she could have saved Mac's life. Frankie did a slow burn while Caroline cozied up to Cass.

AUGUST 14-18, 1989
Marley accused Jake of trying to patch up their marriage because he wanted her to help him take Steven away from Vicky. Josie was in shock after Russ told her that he is her real father. Olivia was equally stunned to find out that she and Josie are half- sisters. Donna was furious when Michael left town on business without telling her where he was going. The Cory Publishing board of directors voted Iris in as president of the company, but named Rachel chairman of the board. Courtney fingerprinted Derek as part of her investigation into a rash of art thefts in Bay City. John told Sharlene that he wants to marry her. Amanda insisted to Evan that they can handle the mutual attraction they feel toward each other and still be able to work side-by-side at Cory Publishing. Amanda is determined to find a way to oust Iris from Cory Publishing before Iris takes over the entire company.

AUGUST 21-25, 1989
Marley left town after telling Jake that she wants a quickie divorce. Caroline agreed to help Michael, who is responsible for the art thefts. Michael told Caroline to sell the stolen art pieces to Lucas. When Rachel saw a vision of a red swan, she was convinced that the swan was Mac's way of trying to get in touch with her from beyond. Meanwhile, Stacey realized that someone stole the red swan that Mac had sent to Rachel just before his death. Vicky got chummy with Evan. Frankie, who thinks Lucas is responsible for the art thefts, overheard Lucas talking about the red swan. Lucas, who is unaware that Frankie is investigating him, hired Frankie as his assistant. Stacey was unable to make love with Derek because she is afraid she will lose him just like she did when her husband and daughter were killed in an accident. Josie and Matthew made love.

Vicky and Jamie's custody suit for Steven got under way. Jake was forced to testify against Vicky when he was the first witness called to the stand. On the stand, Vicky admitted that she will do anything to keep Jamie from taking Steven whether it's legal or illegal. A photographer tailed Vicky and Evan to her home and snapped candid photos of them. Michael denied Caroline's suspicion that he stole the red swan statue from Zack's safe. Derek resisted arrest when Courtney charged him with stealing the red swan statue. Olivia's nose is out of joint now that Josie is living with her and Russ, who is lavishing Josie with attention. Lucas nixed Caroline's offer to sell him some valuable art objects when he realized that the art had been stolen. Frankie and Cass spied on Lucas to find out what he is really up to. Michael nixed Iris's romantic advances.

SEPTEMBER 4-8, 1989
Derek was arrested and charged with the local art thefts, including the theft of Rachel's red swan statue. Cass is worried that Stacey is too emotionally involved with Derek's case to act as Derek's lawyer. Lucas started checking out Frankie's background. At the custody trial, Stacey submitted the photos of Vicky and Evan as evidence against Vicky. Vicky was stunned when the judge gave Jamie custody of Steven, but made arrangements for Vicky to have liberal visitation rights. Cass and Frankie lied to Felicia that they are not investigating Lucas. Reuben refused to let Josie help him get out of trouble with the parole board, who are being tough with Reuben because he left the state while on parole. Donna accused Rachel of cold-heartedness since Mac's death. Vicky took Evan for a high-speed ride in her new sports car. Mitch left town on business.

SEPTEMBER 11-15, 1989
Vicky crashed her sports car while showing off for Evan. Although they weren't injured, Vicky and Evan had to spend the night together in a seedy motel room until they could get the car towed out of a ditch. Evan resisted his sexual attraction to Vicky, who indicated she wouldn't be unwilling to make love with him. Russ received a job offer which would force him to move to France. Russ asked Josie and Olivia to move with him, but they declined. Amanda, who is jealous that Evan is seeing Vicky, warned him that Vicky is dangerous. Lucas realized that Frankie is up to something when he caught her snooping through his belongings. Jake told Donna he will stay away from Vicky if Donna will give him money to open up a video studio. Michael insisted to Caroline that he didn't steal the red swan statue. Cass told Caroline he doesn't want a relationship.

SEPTEMBER 18-22, 1989
Josie said good-bye to Russ after deciding not to move to the south of France with him. Evan accused Vicky of spending time with him to make Jamie jealous. Olivia, who also stayed in Bay City, offered to model for one of Sam's paintings. Sharlene seemed stunned when she was introduced to Lucas for the first time. Jamie and Vicky decided not to rush out and get a quickie divorce. Suspecting that Caroline had stolen the red swan statue, Stacey and Derek broke into Caroline's gallery, but a mystery person held them at gunpoint. Stacey was stunned when Lucas paid Derek's bail money. Iris and Rachel had several unpleasant run-ins. After Jake agreed to stay away from Vicky, Donna agreed to put up the money he needs to open his own video production studio. Donna threw an engagement party for John and Sharlene.

SEPTEMBER 25-29, 1989
Caroline caught Stacey and Derek snooping in her art gallery. Caroline told Stacey and Derek that she didn't steal the red swan statue. Stacey received an anonymous letter warning her to stop her search for the statue if she values her life. Michael confronted a mystery woman in his office. Lucas told Iris he was with Mac the night he died, and he remembered that Mac had the statue. After quizzing a hotel maid, Lucas and Iris learned that Mac had stashed some papers in the base of the statue before he sent it to Rachel. Iris wondered if Mac made out a new will and put it in the statue. Sharlene refused to talk to Lucas after their strange meeting at the engagement party. Amanda fumed when Lucas questioned her business judgment. Evan kissed Amanda after they had another argument about Vicky. Cass kissed Frankie.

OCTOBER 2-6, 1989
Arianne, the mystery woman who had been tailing Michael, told him that "the Club" wants him to continue spying on Lucas. When Michael balked, Arianne reminded him that Lucas might be a danger to Michael's family. Lucas quizzed Iris about Rachel and Mitch's past relationship. Vicky fumed when Evan's untimely arrival at her pad caused her to abandon her attempt to seduce Jamie. Vicky had planned to seduce Jamie to regain custody of Steven. While Felicia was out with Lucas "for old times' sake," Mitch took Rachel out to cheer her up after a former acquaintance had come on to her physically. Evan's talk about seeing Sam and Olivia together at Sam's studio made Amanda think for a moment that Sam might have been having an affair. Michael learned that Mitch had been working for Lucas in Bay City the week he claimed he had been out of town on business.

OCTOBER 9-13, 1989
Evan sabotaged Sam's plans to take Amanda to a romantic inn. After Amanda insisted to Evan that she loves Sam, Evan threw turpentine at a painting Sam had done of Amanda. The turpentine dissolved the paint, revealing an image of a red swan in the corner of the original painting. John was puzzled about Sharlene's nervousness around Lucas, until Sharlene admitted that Lucas was one of her johns when she worked as a prostitute. Lucas forced Frankie to tell Cass that she would no longer spy on Lucas. Frankie did as ordered, breaking off with Cass, but she is still secretly trying to get information on Lucas's past. Felicia is uneasy about the time Mitch has been spending with Rachel. Rachel dreamed about Mac, then became convinced that he was trying to tell her something before his death. Arianne and Michael suspect Mitch knows more about Lucas than he is telling.

OCTOBER 16-20, 1989
Derek met with Catherine March, Dr. Horcace Jasper's assistant, who gave him some background information on the red swan statue. Catherine, who used to work for Lucas, told Derek and Stacey that she could tell them where the red swan is hidden. Catherine went to the basement of Caroline's art gallery where she was confronted by a man in a trench coat. Lucas won the bidding on Amanda's portrait, which he sneaked into Felicia's charity art auction after he noticed the red swan in the corner of the painting. While trying to steal Amanda's portrait at Mitch's request, Cass and Frankie got locked in the gallery basement and were stunned to find Catherine, who had been murdered. Catherine's body later disappeared. Mitch and Rachel found a photo of Mac and an unidentified man hidden behind Amanda's portrait. Ballet master Griffen Sanders is in cahoots with Lucas.

OCTOBER 23-27, 1989
Lucas reminded Griffen that he was not supposed to be anywhere near Bay City because it was his job to guard the red swan statue. Griffen returned the statue to Lucas after disguising it as a music box. After learning that Sam has always been uncomfortable with Amanda's wealth, Olivia, who has a crush on Sam, lied that her father has cut off her allowance. Olivia tried to convince Griffen to use her in the Bay City Ballet company after he is chosen as director. Evan and Vicky pretended to be romantically interested in each other so that Vicky could get Jamie's attention and Evan could make Amanda jealous. Sharlene had a flashback to the time when she was a hooker and Lucas was one of her johns. Mitch and Rachel reminisced about their past romance. Iris taunted Felicia, telling her to keep an eye on Mitch and Rachel. Stacey was injured while Derek fought Cal.

Rachel was stunned when Cecile DePoulignac landed on the Cory mansion grounds in a helicopter and then announced that she is setting up a charitable institution in Mac's name. When Cass arrived home, Cecile was waiting for him in his bed. Jake followed Michael, who met Arianne at the docks and then watched the police pull Catherine's body from the water. Frankie and Cass agreed to team up with Stacey and Derek to find the red swan. Griffen fumed when Lucas let an unwitting Iris take the red swan (disguised as a music box) to her apartment. Iris later gave the red swan to Vicky so that Steven could play with it. John was elated to learn he passed his medical exams. After Sam rejected Olivia's attempt to seduce him, Olivia lied to Evan that Sam has been making passes at her. Felicia broke up a fight between Derek and Cal. Derek told Felicia that Lucas was an art thief in Europe.

NOVEMBER 6-10, 1989
Griffen saw Vicky give the red swan statue to Donna. Griffen attacked Donna and nearly strangled her, but Michael came to her rescue. Griffen got away while Lucas grabbed the red swan. Lucas found a mysterious paper in the bottom of the statue when he accidentally dropped it. Mitch got into a fight with Lucas after he saw him with the red swan. Lucas split, leaving the swan statue with an injured Mitch. After Rachel found Mitch, the two hid in a shed on the dock, but got locked in for the night. Rachel and Mitch couldn't resist sharing a passionate kiss. When Amanda figured that Rachel was off somewhere having a tryst with Mitch, she agreed to go on a New York City business trip with Evan. Lucas identified Catherine's body after Cass and Frankie anonymously told the police where to find the body. Matthew was puzzled that he couldn't find out very much about Mac's background.

NOVEMBER 13-17, 1989
Reuben was tempted to go after the stolen artwork that Cal has hidden away. To protect Donna from his enemies, Michael lied to her that he has found a new lover, then walked out on Donna. Arianne insisted that Michael did the right thing. A night-watchman freed Rachel and Mitch from the locked shed. Rachel took Mitch home. Felicia fretted over Mitch, who suffered a head injury after Lucas hit him. Mitch didn't tell Rachel about the piece of paper he found in the red swan statue. The paper bore the name "Ken Jordan" and a phone number. Lucas lied to Rachel that he had intended to return the statue to her, then was relieved to learn that she hadn't seen the piece of paper. Sharlene and Josie argued when Sharlene insisted that Josie stay away from Lucas. Derek and Stacey went to see Dr. Jasper about the red swan statue again. Derek and Stacey made love.

NOVEMBER 20-24, 1989
John and Sharlene were married. Sharlene was surprised at the opulence of the honeymoon suite John rented for them. Vicky was upset with Jamie, who went back on his promise to let her have Steven for part of Thanksgiving Day. After receiving her divorce papers, Vicky sneaked into the Cory mansion and kidnapped Steven. When Evan picked up Vicky for their ski trip, he was shocked to see that Vicky had Steven with her. Frankie was despondent after Cass admitted that he might still have some feelings for Cecile. Cass and Cecile ended up in jail together after he verbally abused a cop while trying to pay Cecile's bail. Donna was stunned when Michael refused to reconcile with her, then told her they are through forever. Sam and Olivia are spending more time together. Josie is anxious for the winner of the Fresh Faces modelling contest to be chosen. Donna went out on the town with Jake.

Vicky convinced Evan to drive her and Steven to her home town, Lassiter, where Vicky planned to set up housekeeping and raise Steven by herself. Vicky soon found out that living on a low-income budget wasn't going to be a piece of cake. Jamie was furious when he realized that Vicky had kidnapped Steven. Olivia was upset that she lost the Fresh Faces modelling contest to Josie. Mitch went to Maine in search of Ken Jordan, whose name had been on the paper Mac put in the red swan statue. After returning, Mitch told Sam that before Mac died, he reportedly had an argument with a mystery person. Someone is tailing Rachel. Rachel put the red swan in a closet, then was stunned when it turned up on her desk. Amanda confronted Olivia after realizing that Olivia has feelings for Sam. Josie is moving to an apartment near Lucas's place.

DECEMBER 4-8, 1989
Rachel bumped into a little old lady, Mrs. Johnson, who seems very interested in Rachel's past. A mystery person is still following Rachel. To get in thick with Lucas, Michael said he would help retrieve a shipment of Lucas' stolen art which Lucas lost during The Club's raid. Evan returned to Bay City, leaving Vicky alone in Lassiter. Vicky panicked when Steven developed a high fever and she had no way to get him to a doctor. Cecile, who is having financial problems, secretly plotted to steal the money raised at the Winter Fantasy Ball. Frankie began investigating Cecile on her own and asked her questions about how the money would be handled for the Mac Cory memorial fund. Cass realized that a Cecile lookalike attended the ball in Cecile's place. Jamie was furious when he learned that Amanda knew Evan was with Vicky and Steven. The mystery people Lucas works with want the money he owes them

DECEMBER 11-15, 1989
Vicky was relieved when Steven's fever broke, but realizing that she couldn't care for the child while on the run, Vicky returned the baby to Jamie's care. Jamie threatened to charge Vicky with kidnapping Steven. Sam punched out Evan after he found a love letter Evan wrote to Amanda. Sam packed his bags and moved out after telling Amanda he can't deal with her feelings for Evan. Cecile left town after Cass talked her out of stealing the money raised for the Mac Cory Foundation. Lucas warned Frankie that Griffen is a "ladykiller" (and he meant it literally). Rachel and Mitch kissed. Matthew was not pleased when Josie told him that she has agreed to let Lucas manage her modelling career. Mitch admitted to Felicia he still has feelings for Rachel, but he loves Felicia. Sam helped Olivia move in with Josie. Olivia comforted Sam over his split with Amanda.

DECEMBER 18-22, 1989
Lucas rescued Frankie from a locked steam room at the spa. Cass suspects that Lucas locked Frankie in the steam room so that he could gain her trust by rescuing her. Lucas warned Griffen to stay away from Frankie. Cass, dressed as Santa Claus, told Frankie they were going to spend the evening together at Tops. Rachel was struck by a car, but a mystery man carried her to the hospital. Rachel wasn't seriously injured. Mitch learned a mystery man kept calling the hospital to check on Rachel. Cass kept mum when Frankie said she would be devastated if she found out that he had slept with Cecile before she left town. Jamie agreed to drop the kidnapping charges against Vicky. Olivia let Sharlene think that Josie has a romantic relationship with Lucas. Evan tried to comfort Amanda over her split with Sam. Sharlene got a hostess job.

DECEMBER 25-29, 1989
Rachel was released from the hospital in time for Christmas, but her homecoming was marred by Amanda and Sam's breakup. Rachel told Ada that she is leaving Bay City, but before she departs, Rachel wants to talk to the mystery woman, Mrs. Johnson, whom she met in a bookstore. Rachel rejected Mitch's request to go with her when she leaves town. Caroline told Frankie that Cass slept with Cecile before she returned to Europe. To throw Lucas off their trail, Arianne and Michael set up a faked assassination attempt against Michael. Michael and Arianne hoped to use the incident to convince Lucas that Michael is a double agent. Michael was "shot" while talking to Lucas. Donna rushed to the hospital, but collapsed in tears when she saw Arianne come out of Michael's room. Jake comforted Donna and later the two shared a passionate New Year's kiss. Sharlene had memory lapses.