Daily Synopses: January - June, July - December

JANUARY 2-5, 1990
In an effort to gain Lucas's trust, Sharlene brought up the old times they shared when she was a hooker and he was her client. John, who doesn't know that Sharlene and Michael are working together to get the goods on Lucas, was stunned to hear Sharlene talking about her past with Lucas. After saying goodbye to her family, Rachel checked into a motel. Mrs. Johnson, the woman from the bookstore, told a mystery man that Rachel had left the Cory mansion. Mitch showed up on Rachel's doorstep after he found out where she was staying. Sharlene was mystified when a fur coat was delivered to her but was further confused after Frankie saw the receipt, which indicated Sharlene paid for the coat herself. Jake almost caught Michael putting a "wire" on himself before he left for a meeting with Lucas. Donna insisted to Jake that their passionate New Year's Eve kiss was no big deal.

JANUARY 8-12, 1990
Rachel was hired to work at Odyssey and met her new boss, Ken Jordan. After working late to put out the first issue of Sophisticate magazine, Amanda slept with Evan. Racked with guilt, Amanda took off just before Sam, who's been in New York, tried to phone her. When Sam returned to Bay City, Olivia told him that Amanda had left the Pelican Club with Evan. Sharlene is confusing Lucas because at first she acts friendly and then turns hostile. After one of his patients died, John went to Sharlene for comfort but found her in the middle of an intimate conversation with Lucas. Rachel tried to convince Mitch to go home after he arrived at her motel room, but later admitted she was glad he found her. After confronting Rachel, Felicia told Mitch he can have a divorce if he wants one. Mitch, meanwhile, is afraid that he's losing Felicia to Lucas. Matthew's upset that Josie spends so much time with Lucas.

JANUARY 15-19, 1990
Rachel's new boss, Ken Jordan, paid off Mrs. Johnson for her help in bringing Rachel to Ken's doorstep. Rachel accepted Ken's offer to let her move into a room above his art/antique shop. Ken secretly stole the photo of Mac and the mystery man from Rachel. After Mitch told Rachel that he is not going to break up with Felicia, they shared a final goodbye kiss. Jake rescued Donna, who was being followed by a mystery man who mistook her for Arianne. Sam was upset to learn that Amanda had left town "to rest" without telling anyone where she went. Josie was alarmed when she learned that Olivia had invited Sam to their apartment for a home-cooked meal. Jamie and Stacey reminisced about old times while interviewing potential nannies to take care of Steven. Reuben decided to steal Cal's stash of stolen art. Someone knocked Reuben unconscious. Michael began to notice Sharlene's mood changes.

JANUARY 22-26, 1990
Reuben, who was hit on the head by a thief and kept slipping in and out of consciousness, dreamed that he was rich, then poor and that he didn't have any friends. Josie's ego received a boost when she learned that Iris is jealous of her relationship with Lucas. Iris told Felicia she intends to marry Lucas. She warned Felicia to keep away from him. After returning home, Amanda admitted to Evan that she doesn't know what to do about their mutual attraction now that they have slept together. Lucas is desperate to get out of the art-theft ring, but his cohorts said the only way they will release him is if he kills Michael. Jake insisted on spending his nights on Donna's couch after she was attacked by a mysterious thug. Rachel felt guilty about going out with Ken and enjoying herself so soon after Mac's death. Cass warned Frankie that Griffen is dangerous. Frankie didn't believe Cass.

Matthew fretted that Josie was going to have an abortion when he heard her make a doctor's appointment, but later learned that she decided to have a nose job. When Sam told Amanda that he wanted to make their marriage work, she didn't have the nerve to tell him that she slept with Evan. Amanda was stunned when Vicky told her she knows about Amanda and Evan's one-night-stand then warned Amanda to stay away from Evan. Ken told Mitch that he didn't know Mac, but Ken keeps looking at the photo of Mac and the mystery man. After another personality change, Sharlene fainted. John took Sharlene to the hospital for tests and while she was there, Sharlene had flashbacks about another hospital stay. Lucas doesn't want to kill Michael even though it would mean he didn't have to launder money for the drug cartel. Griffen told Lucas that if he kills Michael, Griffen will tell Lucas where to find his daughter.

FEBRUARY 5-9, 1990
Lucas was stunned to learn that his "big boss" was none other than Arianne. Lucas went to the arts gala after Arianne ordered him to kill Michael, but Lucas killed Griffen instead. Michael realized that Arianne had set him up, then took off to find her. Lucas was arrested on murder charges. Griffen locked Frankie up in a prop room of an old theatre slated for demolition. Cass and Derek sneaked into the theatre looking for Frankie while Stacey went to get a court order to delay the demolition of the theatre. When the demolition foreman's walkie-talkie malfunctioned, he didn't know that Stacey had the court order to delay the demolition of the theatre. By the time Cass and Derek found Frankie, the building suddenly blew up. After Donna made love with Jake, Michael returned home and told her that he was coming home to her now that his undercover involvement with Arianne was over.

FEBRUARY 12-16, 1990
Cass and Derek managed to pull Frankie safely out of the rubble after the old theatre was dynamited while Frankie was inside. Cass tried to convince Frankie that they can pick up their romance where they left off, but she insisted it's not possible. Rachel was stunned to learn from a customer that Ken owns another antique shop in Pine Bay, Me., the town where Mac died. Arianne, who was debriefed by The Club, told Lucas that she doesn't know the whereabouts of his and Felicia's daughter. Arianne is being sent to prison. Felicia and Josie were shocked when Iris accepted Lucas's marriage proposal during a press conference. In front of Olivia and Evan, Amanda lied to Sam that she didn't sleep with Evan. Vicky tried to comfort Evan over his feelings for Amanda. Evan later resigned from his job at Cory Publishing. Vicky warned Olivia to forget her feelings of love for Sam.

FEBRUARY 19-23, 1990
After an argument with Stacey, Derek went to a seedy bar where he met a blond woman, Paulina, who had paid for his drinks at the Pelican Club. After playing a game of pool with Derek, Paulina disappeared into the night. Later, Paulina was hired as Steven's governess. Rachel quelled her anger at Ken after he admitted he had seen Mac on the day that Mac died. Ken persuaded Rachel to continue working for him when she thought about going back to Bay City. Both Michael and Lucas were suspicious when Griffen's body disappeared. Posing as a nun, Cass sneaked into the convent to talk to Frankie. Frankie insisted to Cass that there is a curse on her that affects every man she ever gets involved with. Cass dragged Frankie out of the convent, then they headed to Las Vegas. John was upset when he saw Sharlene flirting with a customer at the Pelican Club. Josie agreed to marry Matthew.

FEBRUARY 26 - MARCH 2, 1990
Ken admitted to Derek that he sold the red swan statue to Mac. Derek told Ken that Mitch found the secret compartment in the statue's base. Ken realized that Mitch had found in the statue the piece of paper with Ken's name on it. Ken insisted to Mitch that the note in the statue meant nothing. Rachel learned that it was Ken who had taken her to the hospital the night she was a hit-and- run victim. Despite objections from Cass, Stacey agreed to defend Lucas, who was arrested for Griffen's murder. John's job at the hospital was jeopardized after he had a run-in with assistant chief of staff Elaine Rutherford. Michael failed an attempt to patch things up between John and Elaine. John told Sharlene that he would like her to have his baby. Vicky accidentally recorded her confession to Evan that she plans to take over Cory Publishing. Amanda played her message tape and heard Vicky's confession.

MARCH 5-9, 1990
Matthew and Josie were almost at the point of saying their "I dos" when Matthew called off the wedding because he didn't want to ruin Josie's chances of becoming a supermodel. With a little prodding from Paulina, Derek remembered that she had lived in the foster home he ran away from as a teenager. Derek agreed not to tell anyone about Paulina's background, but he didn't feel right keeping the secret from Stacey. Vicky threatened to tell Sam about Amanda's affair with Evan if Amanda tried to oust Vicky from Cory Publishing. Amanda fired Vicky for trying to put together an unauthorized business deal on behalf of Cory Publishing. In a confrontation with Sam, Vicky blurted out that Amanda slept with Evan. Jamie, who returned from Europe, hit it off with Paulina. An Indian, Jim, gave Ken some ancient tribal charts that involve a dig for Indian artifacts.

MARCH 12-16, 1990
Sam gave Amanda several chances to admit that she slept with Evan, but Amanda lied that nothing happened with Evan. An angry Sam slashed a portrait of Amanda, then told her he had sold it. Someone broke into Amanda's office, smashed a photo of her and Sam, and stole Amanda's account book. Sharlene told John that she wants to have his baby, but Sharlene's alter ego, Sharly, wants no part of parenthood and wants to get away from John. Mitch told Jamie that he thinks Rachel is in danger as long as she is in Arizona with Ken, who is searching for Indian artifacts. Rachel became suspicious when she learned that Ken has a gun. Rachel was close to falling into a canyon. John was assigned to handle Congressman Grant Harrison, who was admitted to the hospital suffering from a mysterious illness. Mikey phoned 911 when Bridget was knocked unconscious.

MARCH 19-23, 1990
Ken grabbed Rachel before she could fall off a cliff to her death. Rachel admitted to Ken that she doesn't really trust him, but he played it cool. After breaking into Ken's antique shop, Frankie and Cass found a duplicate photo of Mac and the mystery man and realized that the mystery man in the photo is Ken. Grant's assistant, Ted, was furious with John for telling Grant he only has a few years to live. Grant left the hospital to attend a political party where he met Sharly (Sharlene). Ken got rid of some poachers who were after the Indian artifacts. Ken panicked when Rachel suddenly disappeared. Jake denied Vicky's suspicion that he is pursuing Donna romantically. Paulina panicked when she saw Ted, who has a connection to her past. While John continued talking about starting a family, Sharly (Sharlene) secretly took birth control pills. Olivia realized Amanda slept with Evan.

MARCH 26-30, 1990
At his political fundraising party, Grant spent as much time as possible with Sharly (Sharlene), who told him exactly what she thought of him. Sharly (Sharlene) disappeared after she and Grant went to an arcade. Back at the hospital, Grant begged John to help him fight his illness. John realized that Grant had met a woman (Sharlene) that he is very interested in. Ken saved Rachel, who was trapped on a narrow ledge after an avalanche. Ken killed one of the poachers while struggling over a gun. Cass and Frankie overpowered the second Indian artifacts poacher, then insisted that Rachel return to Bay City with them. Rachel went to the airport to meet Ken, who passed out because he had been poisoned by a scorpion. Amanda is worried about Sam's hostile attitude toward her. Felicia asked Grant to help Lucas, who will go to prison if convicted of his crimes. Zack moved to Washington, D.C.

APRIL 2-6, 1990
Against Jamie and Ken's wishes, Rachel insisted on taking Ken to her home after he passed out at the airport terminal. Delirious from the scorpion poison, Ken admitted to Rachel that he had known Mac. Grant showed up at Sharly's (Sharlene) apartment and spent some time with her but he didn't spend the night. Grant doesn't know that Sharly (Sharlene) is John's wife. John was furious with Sharlene, who charged $1,000 worth of clothes on their credit card. After having a recurring nightmare, Vicky realized that her twin sister, Marley, was in some kind of trouble. Evan kissed Amanda, who cried that her marriage is on the skids. Amanda was stunned when Evan told her that Sam knows they slept together. Amanda later arranged to meet Evan again, but Evan received a message that Amanda couldn't make it. Josie found a threatening letter among her fan mail.

APRIL 9-13, 1990
John talked to a lady shrink, Taylor Benson, about Sharlene's strange behaviour. John arranged for Sharlene to have a session with Dr Benson. Sharly (Sharlene) tried to get out of the session, but couldn't. Iris told Rachel that someone embezzled funds from Cory Publishing. While Evan secretly worked at Amanda's computer at Cory Publishing, a mystery person suddenly pointed a gun at him. Sam followed Amanda to the place where she planned to meet Evan, but she returned home when Evan didn't show up. Amanda lied to a furious Sam that she had been working late at Cory Publishing. Ken told Rachel that he and Mac had crashlanded their plane in Central America and Mac left him to die in the jungle. Ken told Rachel he feels responsible for Mac's death. Eve and Toby Miller told Michael and Donna that Mikey was kidnapped from them.

APRIL 16-20, 1990
Frankie accepted Cass's marriage proposal. Donna was furious when Jake went to Eve Miller, who claims she is Mikey's mother, and told her how much Mikey means to Donna. Donna offered Eve a lot of money to leave Mikey with her and Michael. After the mystery person knocked Evan out cold, he/she trashed Amanda's office at Cory Publishing. Amanda rushed to the office when she learned what happened and was shocked to find a pen that belonged to Evan. Evan insisted he is not the person who is embezzling funds from Cory Publishing. Jamie and Rachel went to Central America to check out Ken's story that he and Mac were in a plane crash, and that Mac left Ken for dead. They did learn that Ken had been in jail, but his records are missing. Sharlene told Dr. Taylor Benson how she became a hooker. Paulina told Stacey that she and Derek are just friends.

APRIL 23-27, 1990
After watching Mikey with Eve, Donna fretted that she is going to lose the little boy. While Jake was holding and comforting Donna, Marley suddenly arrived on the doorstep for a surprise visit. Grant, whose condition is worsening, tried to convince John to risk his medical career to procure an experimental drug that might improve Grant's chances of survival. Paulina told Rachel the truth about her past as an orphan. Amanda, who suspected Sam framed Evan for embezzling funds from Cory Publishing, was stunned when Evan said he stole the money. Evan begged Amanda to help him return the funds he had stolen. Olivia tipped Sam on the phone that Amanda suspects he framed Evan. Sharlene's sister, Emma Ordway, arrived in Bay City and told John about Sharlene's mysterious past.

APRIL 30 - MAY 4, 1990
Amanda secretly helped Evan return the stolen funds to the Cory Publishing bank account, but warned him that their short-term romance is over. Sam fumed when Olivia told him that Amanda believes he set Evan up on the embezzlement charges. Amanda admitted to Sam that she slept with Evan. Josie wormed her way back into Matthew's good graces, then pretended to be terrified when he took her home and they found her apartment had been trashed, supposedly by the mystery fan, but really by Josie. Emma admitted to Sharlene she told John that the family once had Sharlene sent to a mental hospital, but Sharlene didn't remember ever being hospitalized. Frankie asked Emma to try to be nice to Cass. Ken attended Frankie and Cass's engagement party with Rachel. Sharlene asked Caroline to give her some moral support when she asks John for a divorce.

MAY 7-11, 1990
Paulina quizzed Jamie about Mac after Jamie found her looking at a book on Central America. Paulina had an old photo that looked like the photo of Mac and Ken. Rachel was surprised to learn that Mac had once had an affair with a woman that Ken had been in love with. Paulina, who doesn't like it that Ken and Rachel are getting close, asked Ken if he was "backing out on their deal." After Amanda told Sam that she helped Evan return the embezzled Cory Publishing funds, Sam surprised her by saying that he already knew. Sharlene tricked Emma into leaving town before she could say anything more about Sharlene's stay at the mental hospital. The truth about Sharlene's dual personality began to dawn on John, who found birth control pills that had been prescribed for Sharlene Watts. Lucas's spy took photos of Sharly (Sharlene) and Grant. Evan was with Amanda when her car's brakes failed.

MAY 14-18, 1990
After "saving" Amanda's life, Evan told her that someone had drained the brake fluid from her car. Thanks to Evan, Amanda is becoming more frightened of Sam every day. Amanda confided in Rachel that she is afraid of Sam, who quizzed Amanda about the inheritance she will soon receive. Michael suggested that Sharlene is having an affair after John described her strange behaviour. Sharlene told John she obtained birth control pills because she thought they had agreed not to have a baby right away. John later found out about Sharlene's double life. Josie told Lucas she would nose around to find out the identity of the new woman in Grant's life. John convinced Grant not to turn to the black market to obtain the drug that might possibly cure Grant's illness. Paulina and Ken agreed to continue looking for something mysterious in the Cory mansion.

MAY 21-25, 1990
Amanda nearly fainted when she opened what she thought was a birthday gift and found a doll with a crushed face and torn dress. Reuben was livid when Josie admitted she sent the doll to herself and arranged for it to be delivered to Amanda's birthday party. John cornered Sharlene and forced her Sharly personality to be revealed. Sharly told John that she wants him and Sharlene out of her life. Paulina found the codicil to Mac's will. Paulina referred to Mac as her "Daddy." Jamie, who is at a convention in Paris, mistook Marley for Vicky when they first ran into each other. Sharly, who was about to make love with Grant, realized that he is John's patient when she saw John's name on a prescription bottle. Vicky learned Jake slept with Donna.

MAY 28 - JUNE 1, 1990
Sharly (Sharlene) sneaked off to spend time with Grant, who collapsed. Sharly (Sharlene) risked revealing her identity to get Grant to the hospital. During a session with the shrink, Sharly tried to pretend she was Sharlene, but Dr. Benson was onto her plot and demanded to talk to Sharlene. During a confrontation with Donna, Vicky backed down on her threat to expose Donna's affair with Jake. Jake taunted Vicky that Marley is on the French Riviera with Jamie. In France, Jamie struggled to rescue Marley, who swam too far out into the sea. Derek and Stacey called off their romance after their latest quarrel. Mitch offered no sympathy to Amanda, who voiced her fear that Sam might try to harm her. Rachel fumed when she caught Paulina looking at a photo of Mac. When Rachel reminded Paulina that she is an employee of the Cory household, Paulina stunned Rachel with the news that she is Mac's daughter.

JUNE 4-8, 1990
Evan was critically injured when he fell down an open elevator shaft while fighting with Sam. Amanda is still convinced that Sam wants to kill her. Amanda didn't believe Sam, who told the police Evan's fall was an accident. Sam was later arrested. Rachel didn't believe Paulina's claim that she is Mac's daughter. Ken was vague when Rachel asked if Paulina really could be Mac and Maria's daughter. Felicia said goodbye to Mitch, who went to Africa on a photo assignment. Emma returned after she and Frankie realized Sharlene instigated the misunderstanding that caused Emma to leave Bay City. When a stunned Sharlene found herself at the airport ready to board a plane she ran home to John's comforting arms. Grant was waiting for Sharly (Sharlene), who was supposed to leave town with him. In France, Jamie saved Marley from drowning.

JUNE 11-15, 1990
Rachel was upset when Paulina arrived at the memorial dinner Iris gave to honour Mac. After Paulina gave Mac's will to Ken, he put the will with Mac's old clothes. Paulina and Ken panicked when the clothes disappeared from the closet before Rachel could go through them. Rachel later found the will, as Ken and Paulina had planned. Vicky blamed Amanda for Evan's accident. Amanda was relieved when Evan regained consciousness. Evan, who was making it look like Sam wants to kill Amanda, realized he has to cover his tracks. Olivia paid Sam's bail after he was charged with attempted murder. John went with Sharlene, who located "Sharly's" apartment after finding the keys in her belongings. In France, Jamie and Marley tried to fight the attraction they feel for each other. Matt was furious when he learned that Josie fabricated the mystery fan story to get attention.

JUNE 18-22, 1990
After Evan told the district attorney he wouldn't testify against Sam, the attempted-murder charges against Sam were dropped. Olivia was upset when Sam left town. Sam told Evan he plans to return someday and find out exactly how Evan set him up. Jamie told Vicky to lay off when she tried to quiz him about his relationship with Marley during their time in France. Rachel gave the codicil to Mac's will to Cass, but did not let him read it to Iris, Amanda, and Matthew after Paulina arrived unexpectedly. Ken warned Paulina she is going to ruin their plan if she keeps disobeying his orders. During an argument Lucas told Felicia he wished Iris was more like her. Josie admitted to Lucas that she fabricated the mystery fan and the threats to her life. Donna is afraid that a custody trial over Mikey will expose her affair with Jake. Donna received some sexy photos of Eve, who claims to be Mikey's mother.

JUNE 25-29, 1990
Ken and Rachel are making plans to go to San Cristobal. Stacey investigated Jake and Donna's relationship. Matthew fought with Josie's obsessed fan. Cass and Frankie prepared for their wedding. Sharlene was institutionalized at her own request but Sharly wants out.

JULY 2-6, 1990
Ken joined Rachel, who was in Central America searching for information about Maria, the woman who was reportedly Mac's lover and Paulina's mother. Rachel decided to return to Bay City after she was attacked by some thugs. Vicky and Jake managed to get the video which proves Donna slept with Jake, before Iris played the tape at her meeting. Cass and Frankie dug up information on Eve's past that would interfere with her getting custody of Mikey. Stacey is determined to prove there is something going on between Donna and Jake, and hopes to use the information to help Eve get custody of Mikey. Marley's hopeful that things will work out for her and Jake. Vicky became suspicious when she overheard Paulina trying to get in touch with Ken. Josie was upset when Lucas refused to help her get back together with Matthew. Grant nixed helping Sharly (Sharlene) escape from the mental hospital.

JULY 9-13, 1990
After returning from Central America with Ken, Rachel had Cass read the codicil to Mac's will. In the codicil, Mac admitted he could have a daughter by Maria, and if the girl claiming to be his daughter can prove she is his child, she will inherit a share of his estate. Paulina is convinced she can prove she is Mac's daughter. Iris asked Jake to check out Paulina's past. Stacey subpoenaed Jake to testify at Mikey's custody trial. After stealing a videotape from Lucas, Stacey and Reuben learned Donna had an affair with Jake. Stacey warned Donna she will show the tape to everyone at the custody trial if Donna doesn't return Mikey to Eve and her husband. Ken, who is worried Rachel will learn he has been in cahoots with Paulina, told Rachel he is thinking of leaving town. Sharlene underwent hypnosis.

JULY 16-20, 1990
Stacey warned Donna that if she didn't let Mikey return to Eve and Toby Miller, Stacey would show the judge the videotape in which Donna admits she had an affair with Jake. Everyone was stunned when Donna stood up in court and announced Mikey should be with his real parents. Donna warned Jake she will never forgive him for not destroying the tape. Grant fumed when Ted advised him that Lucas has threatened to go public with a photo of Grant and his married girlfriend (Sharly/Sharlene). Ted instructed a hired gun to grab Sharly (Sharlene), who had a hospital pass so she could attend Frankie's wedding. The hired gun grabbed Frankie, who was wearing the identifying brooch Grant had given Sharly (Sharlene). Sharly (Sharlene), who was planning to run off with Grant, pulled a gun on John.

JULY 23-27, 1990
Sharly (Sharlene) threatened to shoot John, but he was finally able to bring out Sharlene's good personality, so when Sharly (Sharlene) fired the gun she missed John. John took Sharlene back to the hospital, then punched out Grant when he came looking for her. John told Grant that Sharly tried to kill him. A thug, Eddie, and Ryan, the man who rescued Vicky from her runaway horse, kidnapped Frankie after mistaking her for Sharly (Sharlene). Frankie managed to get to a phone and left a partial message for Cass before her kidnapper caught her. When Ted came looking for Sharly (Sharlene), the mystery man kept her hidden from Ted, who had a gun. Cass said he could hear Frankie calling for him. Amanda argued with Olivia, who got flowers from Sam. Rachel told Amanda she broke up with Ken.

JULY 30 - AUGUST 3, 1990
Ryan prevented Ted from killing Frankie. Cass arrived at the barn and saved both Ryan and Frankie from Ted. Ted was arrested after he admitted skimming money from Grant's political campaign and for kidnapping Frankie. Ryan turned out to be an undercover federal agent. Grant, who is Ryan's big brother, was furious to learn of his brother's part in Ted's arrest. Cass and Frankie went on a honeymoon after they finally said their "I do's." Ryan answered Vicky's newspaper ad, but their dinner date turned into a fiasco and Vicky dumped her drink on his head. John comforted Sharlene, who remembered that when she was a little girl, her brother Jason took money from one of his friends, who then raped her. Sharlene recalled becoming a prostitute because she felt she had control over the men she saw.

AUGUST 6-10, 1990
Ryan and Vicky got into another argument after he learned she wrote a gossip column about Grant's involvement with a married woman. Sharlene admitted to Josie that she is the woman who was involved with Grant. John was unable to make love to Sharlene when she tried to seduce him in a manner more suited to Sharly. Sharlene told John that she is pregnant and they were thrilled, until they realized that Grant could be the baby's father since she got pregnant during the time she was "Sharly" and she was seeing Grant. Marley and Jamie looked for a place to open a clinic after she agreed to help him set it up despite Jake's objection. Ryan was stunned to learn that Grant is dying. Rachel stood up for Paulina, who told how her foster mother, Marsha Cantrell, had mistreated her.

AUGUST 13-17, 1990
Ken refused Iris's offer to finance his next expedition in exchange for everything Ken knows about Paulina's past. Iris insisted that Jake plant an electronic bug in Paulina's bedroom so Iris can find out what Paulina is up to. Jake romanced Paulina, insisting it's over between him and Marley. Paulina suspected Jake was using her to make Marley jealous. Jamie caught Jake attempting to seduce Paulina. Frankie still isn't sure she should have got married. Sharlene asked Grant if they had ever slept together, then told him she is pregnant. Later Sharlene told John she is going to have a paternity test to prove to him he is the father of her baby, not Grant. Stacey and Felicia are worried about Lucas, who decided to clear his name by infiltrating the cartel and getting the goods on its members. Ryan was stunned to hear Grant tell a reporter that Sharlene is his mystery woman.

AUGUST 20-24, 1990
Upset over the growing closeness between Marley and Jamie, Vicky pretended to be Marley in order to find out just how far Jamie and Marley's relationship has progressed. Marley acted skittish every time things got real cozy between her and Jamie. Felicia left to visit Mitch in Africa where he's working on a photo assignment. After making love with Jake, Paulina made him feel guilty when she said he's the only man who ever cared about her feelings. Jake, who spent the night with Paulina, bugged her phone. Jake and Iris were listening when Paulina phoned Ken. Ken escorted Rachel home after she got drunk and passed out. Jake panicked when Paulina said she'll tell Marley about their romance if Jake can't tell her himself. Amanda and Evan made love. Cass punched out Ryan.

AUGUST 27-31, 1990
Sam returned to Bay City and was upset when he saw Alli in a cozy family-type scene with Evan and Amanda. Jamie read the riot act to the hospital staff, who were gossiping about the Sharlene/Grant/John triangle. Sharlene and John were pleased to learn the tests showed the baby is fine. Sharlene told John the tests proved he is the baby's father and not Grant. Jake learned from adoption-agency records that Paulina isn't really Mac's daughter, and that Ken had convinced Paulina she was Maria's and Mac's child. Pretending to be Marley, Vicky quizzed Jamie about his feelings for the real Marley, but Jamie caught on to what Vicky was up to. Evan fretted that Amanda will learn he had plotted against Sam. Ryan mistook Marley for Vicky. Vicky and Ryan continued to spar with each other.

SEPTEMBER 3-7, 1990
Sharlene was upset with Grant and John, who seem to argue every time they get near each other. Sharlene told Frankie she has feelings for Grant. When he learned John arranged to spend a romantic evening at TOPS with Sharlene, Grant arrived with Caroline on his arm in hopes of making Sharlene jealous. Sharlene told Caroline her romance with Grant is over, but Caroline said she thinks Sharlene still has feelings for Grant. John decided to move out when Sharlene said he and Grant are pressuring her to decide between them. When Felicia returned from visiting Mitch in Africa, Cass suspected there is something wrong with Felicia. Ryan, who has been tailing Marius, the head of the drug cartel, persuaded Vicky to wear a wire on a date with Marius so he could get the goods on him.

SEPTEMBER 10-14, 1990
Ryan fitted Vicky with a listening device after she set up a date with Marius. Ryan helped Vicky prevent Marius from learning she was wired for sound after the listening device malfunctioned. Marius whisked Vicky away before she could contact anyone for help. When Vicky met up with Lucas at Marius's estate, she realized she was in big trouble. Ryan searched for Vicky but got waylaid when he mistook Marley for Vicky. Marius warned Vicky and Lucas they made a big mistake by trying to get information on him. Olivia obtained proof that Evan paid an insurance agent to lie that Sam had purchased a life-insurance policy on Amanda. Evan warned Olivia she will lose Sam if she tells anyone that Evan schemed to make it look as if Sam planned to kill Amanda. Amanda took Alli out of town after refusing to let Sam near the child. Jamie told Marley that Jake and Paulina are lovers.

SEPTEMBER 17-21, 1990
Grant told Sharlene he loves her and he is going to stick by her. Josie was furious when she found Sharlene and Grant together because she doesn't want to see John and Sharlene separate. Sharlene assured Josie she loves John. When John told Grant he is no longer in danger of dying from his illness, Grant daydreamed about a future with Sharlene. John was angry with Sharlene because she has been talking to Grant, but refused to see John. Michael and Ryan rescued Lucas and Vicky, who were held hostage by Marius and his thugs. Michael insisted on sending Vicky out of town to protect her from Marius. Lucas and Felicia made love after he said he loved her, but he is leaving town. Lucas broke off his engagement with Iris, who realized he slept with Felicia. Paulina was crushed when she realized Jake is only after her money. Evan plans to marry Amanda. Olivia tried to seduce Sam.

SEPTEMBER 24-28, 1990
Paulina didn't believe Jake when he said he had proof she is not Mac's daughter. When Ken arrived at the studio, Jake forced him to admit he lied to Paulina about her parentage. Ken told Paulina he doesn't know if she is Mac's daughter, and admitted he originally fooled her with his scheme because he was trying to get even with Mac for not rescuing him from a South American prison. Paulina persuaded Ken not to tell Rachel about his scheme. Jake demanded blackmail money from Paulina. Sharlene insisted John was wrong when he accused her of encouraging him to attend Dr. Hiver's seminar in Paris so she could spend more time alone with Grant. Amanda agreed to move in with Evan, who was elated when she received her divorce papers. Olivia tried to seduce Matthew.

OCTOBER 1-5, 1990
Amanda assured Sam that she is not going to take Alli with her when she moves in with Evan. Sam taunted Evan that he is getting closer to proving Evan set it up to look like Sam wanted to kill Amanda to collect a life-insurance policy on her. Paulina panicked when she couldn't find Ken, who promised to raise the blackmail money Jake is demanding. When Jake continually harassed Paulina for the money, she threatened to kill him. Iris fumed when Jake erased the tape of Paulina's phone conversations with Ken. Vicky and Ryan shared a few good moments together. Vicky fumed when she heard Donna encouraging Jamie to go after Marley. Ryan whisked Vicky away before she could tell Marley about Donna's and Jake's affair. Olivia was pleased when Sam showed up to watch her ballet audition.

OCTOBER 8-12, 1990
Sam was stunned when Olivia confessed she kept mum after she conned the insurance agent to admit he sold life insurance on Amanda to Evan, who forged Sam's signature on the policy. Sam and Felicia also forced a confession from the insurance agent. Jamie kicked Jake out of the party to introduce Paulina to Bay City's society set, but Jake sneaked back in the Cory mansion and forced Paulina to hand over a big cheque Rachel had written for her. John returned from Paris and felt Sharlene's baby move for the first time, but was miffed that Sharlene had already shared a similar moment with Grant. Rachel didn't believe a drunken Iris, who said she heard Paulina and Ken admit they are in cahoots and that Paulina isn't a Cory. Jake blamed Vicky when Marley postponed their marriage plans.

OCTOBER 15-19, 1990
Amanda didn't want to believe Sam and Olivia, who showed her a sworn statement written by the insurance agent who sold Evan the insurance policy on Amanda's life. Amanda told Evan she never wanted to see him again. Sam rejected Amanda's attempt to reconcile with him by pointing out how she believed Evan's lie that Sam had been trying to kill her. Evan left town after warning Amanda that he will haunt her dreams for the rest of her life. Marley realized Jake sent her off to obtain funding for Jamie's clinic so he could romance Paulina. Grant was up to something when he told Sharlene he was letting her go because he realized they can never be together. In front of Sharlene, Grant met his former fiancee, Annie, who agreed to get back together with him. Reuben tried to get a Hollywood producer to notice Josie.

OCTOBER 22-26, 1990
Frankie and Cass believed a ghost was haunting their house until Frankie discovered her cousin, Dean Frame, had been secretly living in their basement for several days. Frankie learned Dean stole a car and ran away from home. Jake refused to let Marley go after she decided not to remarry him. Vicky went after Jake when a tearful Marley said Jake tried to rape her. Ken set out to confront Jake after learning he was blackmailing Paulina for more money. Iris fumed when Jake didn't go through with their deal and turn over his information on Paulina. A blond woman stood over Jake, who had been shot in the spine. Vicky found Jake. An agitated Paulina returned to the Cory mansion but didn't say why she was upset. Ryan investigated Jake's shooting. Felicia and Mitch ended their marriage.

Despite his anger toward Jake, Jamie was forced to take Jake's case when he was brought to the hospital. Jamie struggled to save Jake, who said Marley's name before lapsing into a coma and then cardiac arrest. Vicky insisted to Marley she is not to tell anyone that Jake tried to rape her before he was shot, as it would give Marley a motive for wanting him dead. Jake's neighbour identified Marley as the woman he saw leaving Jake's apartment, but when he saw Vicky he couldn't tell which woman he had seen. Lucas is suspicious of Iris's interest in Jake's shooting. Michael quizzed Iris about her association with Jake. Jamie was shocked when Vicky indicated she thinks Marley shot Jake. Frankie was upset with Cass, who let Dean remain in jail after he was arrested for smashing a juke box at Sassy's Bar.

NOVEMBER 5-9, 1990
Donna and Michael caught Iris trying to sneak out of the hospital shortly after Jake went into cardiac arrest. Jamie and his team managed to save Jake's life, but his condition is still critical. Marley refused to let Jamie help her because she doesn't want to involve him in the investigation of Jake's attempted murder. Vicky is upset that Ryan still sees Marley as the prime suspect in Jake's shooting. Vicky fumed when she overheard Grant point out to Ryan that arresting Marley for the shooting would promote Ryan's police career. Paulina told Ken that Iris and Jake had been in cahoots. Paulina and Ken each suspect the other may have tried to kill Jake. Amanda let herself into Sam's apartment so they could talk, but was dismayed when he brought Olivia home with him. Grant was upset he lost the election.

NOVEMBER 12-16, 1990
Ryan's partner, Carlos, formally arrested Marley for attempted murder after Jake's blood was found on her coat. Marley admitted to Ryan, Carlos, and Cass that Jake had tried to rape her after she called off their wedding plans. Marley assured Vicky she won't tell the police that Vicky had gone to confront Jake about the attempted rape. Paulina had nightmares about being taunted by Jake. Michael, Cass and Frankie continued their investigation into Jake's shooting, while Donna, Iris, and Paulina tried to cover up their individual involvements with Jake. Vicky accused Ryan of engineering Marley's arrest and said she never wants to see him again. Felicia returned from her trip to Africa and revealed she and Mitch decided to end their marriage. Ryan overheard Jamie tell Vicky he thinks she shot Jake.

NOVEMBER 19-23, 1990
After receiving the lab tests on the hair found on Jake after the shooting, Ryan learned the hair could have belonged to either Marley or Vicky. Vicky, who doesn't want Marley to go to prison, insisted they must come up with a story that will shift the blame for Jake's shooting on to Vicky. Grant's private eye dug up information on Taylor's past, which Grant plans to use to force Taylor to reveal Sharlene's whereabouts. Amanda thought she had a chance to win back Sam when he stood up Olivia to talk to her, but Sam returned to Olivia and they made love. After Jamie discovered an electronic bug in Paulina's phone, Paulina and Ken realized Jake had been spying on her. Paulina told Dean there is a chance she could lose everything including the Cory name. John spent time with Taylor.

NOVEMBER 26-30, 1990
After talking to John and Matthew, who encouraged her to follow her dreams, Josie agreed to go to Los Angeles, where Reuben has been working on a film deal that will give her would-be acting career a boost. Michael and Donna objected to Vicky's scheme to make herself a prime suspect in Jake's shooting in order to clear Marley. Vicky went ahead and admitted to Ryan that she lied when she said she had been at the opera during the time of Jake's shooting. Marley was livid when she caught Vicky burning the love letters Jake wrote Marley. Cass interrogated Marley until she admitted Jake had raped her after she told him she was calling off their wedding plans. To protect Paulina and himself, Ken secretly planted electronic bugs in phones belonging to the blond women who are suspects in Jake's shooting.

DECEMBER 3-7, 1990
Jake began to have seizures when the bullet inside him became dislodged. When the neurosurgeon couldn't reach the hospital because of a snowstorm, Jamie performed surgery to remove the bullet and saved Jake's life. During his surgery, Jake fantasized about playing poker with all the women suspected in his shooting. Marley admitted to Cass that Jake actually did rape her after she called off their wedding plans, but insisted Cass can't tell anyone about it and can't use the information to defend her in her upcoming murder trial. Marley, who admitted she loves Jamie, told him about her rape after fearing she might have been pregnant. Vicky stole Ryan's key to the police evidence room and swiped the gun used to shoot Jake. Olivia worried because Sam was trapped with Amanda and Alli during a storm.

DECEMBER 10-14, 1990
Grant was furious that Sharlene hasn't tried to contact him, but has tried to phone John twice. In anger, Grant told John that Taylor inherited the estate of one of her former patients who fell in love with her and later died in a car crash. Ryan realized Vicky used his evidence-room key card to steal the gun used to shoot Jake. Ryan thanked Vicky, who returned the gun after learning Ryan could lose his job and face criminal charges over the gun theft. Marley told Jamie she loves him, but is worried his medical career could be ruined if people learn they are in love. Marley left Vicky a note telling her she was going to run away before her trial because she is afraid of betraying her. Felicia was curious when she received a gift from someone named Jenna. Donna is worried she will have to testify at Marley's trial.

DECEMBER 17-21, 1990
After spending a romantic evening together, Marley and Jamie reaffirmed their love for each other, then Marley split town. Vicky disguised herself as Marley and took her place at the attempted-murder trial. Ryan and Jamie were suspicious when Vicky didn't show up for Marley's trial, but Jamie realized Vicky had taken Marley's place. When Ryan told "Marley" (Vicky) how much he cares for Vicky, she encouraged his feelings. Felicia was devastated when her book editor, Gloria, died of cancer. Before her death, however, Gloria didn't heed her assistant's urging that she tell Felicia the truth about Jenna. Amanda was encouraged when Sam accepted the job as art director at Sophisticate. Taylor manoeuvred John into asking her to spend Christmas with him.

DECEMBER 24-28, 1990
Lucas went with Felicia, who found a photo album in Gloria's apartment containing pictures of the mystery girl named Jenna. Felicia told Lucas that Gloria didn't have any children. Lucas and Felicia found Jenna, who was living in a convent. When the Mother Superior refused to let Jenna leave the convent, Felicia asked Cass to help Jenna leave on her own. After Vicky admitted to Jamie that she was impersonating Marley, Jamie went to Marquesa after Marley who refused to return to Bay City even when she learned Vicky has been impersonating her to keep her out of trouble. Vicky was stunned when Cass told her Jake really raped Marley. Ryan tripped up Vicky, causing her to reveal her true identity. Ken gave Rachel a ring. Taylor, who loves John, isn't happy he is back with Sharlene.