Daily Synopses: February - June, July - December

JANUARY 1-5, 1996
Rita told John that someone at the hospital pulled the plug on a patient's life-support system. Carl was arrested for trespassing at the cemetery and resisting arrest. Gabe was interested in Carl's accusation that Grant killed Ryan. Rachel had Carl hospitalized. At Ryan's gravesite, Grant plotted to kill Carl and admitted he loves Vicky. Maggie is worried that her kidnapper, Rafael, would kill her. Maggie held Rafael at gunpoint when he returned from the ransom-note drop. After learning Maggie had been kidnapped, Cecile begged Cass to help her. Andrew raged when Courtney broke their engagement and then moved in with Morgan. Andrew checked out Morgan's schedule at the hospital. Sofia's Aunt Frannie agreed she could stay in Bay City after Sofia and Nick lied about being engaged. Matt and Jake hired Blair Baker, the mystery woman who wears the strange ring and has a connection to Gary.

JANUARY 8-12, 1996
Gary told Gabe about his history with Blair after learning she had eluded a police trail. Matt and Blair spent time together. Matt and Jake argued when Jake insisted on publishing a story about Maggie's kidnapping. Cass was angry with Cecile, who worried more about getting bad publicity than about Maggie. Maggie ordered Rafael to help her get revenge after she forced him to reveal that Cecile hired him to kidnap her for the ransom money. Josie helped Sharlene move out of the farmhouse. Michael laid in to John about his breakup with Sharlene and his feelings for Felicia. John and Rachel were relieved when Carl's condition improved. Rachel confirmed Grant was at the train trestle after Carl told Vicky that Grant killed Ryan. Andrew continued to stalk Morgan and to terrify Courtney. Lorna forgave Gabe, whose investigation into Maggie's kidnapping caused him to forget they had a date.

JANUARY 15-19, 1996
To get revenge against Cecile for hiring Rafael to kidnap her, Maggie forced Rafael to call Cecile, then made her think he killed Maggie because Cecile did not deliver the ransom money. Later, Maggie secretly attended her memorial service, and took Rafael hostage, forcing him to help with her next plot against Cecile. Cecile was thrilled to learn she will inherit all of Maggie's estate. While Joe and Paulina heard their baby's heartbeat for the first time, Jake was upset his and Paulina's divorce was finalized. Carl agreed to Vicky's plan to go to the Cory cabin with Grant in an effort to get him to confess to Ryan's murder. Grant told Gabe that he still loves Vicky. A scheming Andrew begged Courtney to come back to him. Blair kept tabs on Gary and Josie, and later arranged to introduce herself to Josie. Felicia was there for John after Sharlene refused to forgive his affair with Felicia.

JANUARY 22-26, 1996
John was forced to suspend Tomas after Rita learned he cheated on his Emergency Medical Technician exam. Gabe began a murder investigation after another hospital patient died when the plug was pulled on her life-support system. Josie vowed to unveil the real killer after learning Tomas was the prime suspect. Threats were exchanged when Morgan rescued Courtney from an abusive Andrew again. Despite her guilt, Felicia made love with John. An upset Frankie learned Felicia is the "other woman" in Sharlene and John's split. After escaping from Maggie, Rafael phoned Cecile, who suspected a trap when he said Maggie was alive. Cecile was later stunned to come face-to-face with the "deceased" Maggie, who threatened to tell the police that Cecile was behind her kidnapping. Gary and Josie made love after he told her that he once helped to put crooked police officers in jail, and that the one called "Cobra" (Blair) is out to kill him.

Jake spied on Vicky, who accepted Grant's marriage proposal as part of her plan to get him to confess to Ryan's murder. Carl lied to Rachel that he is not using Vicky to get to Grant. Jake later tipped Grant that Vicky is plotting against him and vowed revenge. Vicky married Grant, who was unaware the ceremony was not legit. Carl and Jake went after Vicky when Carl realized Jake alerted Grant to Vicky's scheme. Josie was concerned when Tomas said he thinks a female hospital patient who believes she is a vampire pulled the plugs on the life-support systems. At Blair's suggestion, she and Josie became roommates. Frankie fumed when Felicia admitted having an affair with John. Sharlene berated John for letting Felicia take care of Gregory. Maggie revealed to everyone that she was alive after Cecile failed to convince her to "stay dead" long enough for Cecile to inherit Maggie's money.

FEBRUARY 5-9, 1996
Morgan and John saved the life of an emergency room patient, who turned out to be Rita's son, Chris Madison. Andrew planted living-will kits in Morgan's locker at the hospital. After learning Vicky was trying to get a murder confession out of him, Grant threatened to kill her. Vicky, with help from her son Steven, later managed to escape from Grant. Josie and Gary arrested Grant after Vicky told Gabe that Grant murdered Ryan. To get away from Grant, Vicky left the country. Rachel told Carl that their marriage is in trouble after confronting him about his obsession with Grant and the lies he told about Justine. Jake assigned Nick to investigate Maggie's kidnapping for the newspaper. Nick was suspicious when Maggie and Rafael seemed to know each other, and when he overheard Cecile and Rafael talking. Blair planted a lie in the newspaper that her alias, Cobra, was dead. Blair spied on Josie and Gary.

FEBRUARY 12-16, 1996
By playing mind games with Grant, Gabe got him to admit that he shot and killed Ryan. Grant said Ryan always ruined everything for him. Rachel told Lorna that there may be no future for her and Carl. Nick confronted Rafael after he realized Cecile and Rafael collaborated on Maggie's kidnapping. Cecile later told Cass the truth about Maggie's kidnapping. Nick told Maggie that he knows she faked her death to get to Cecile. Maggie stole Rachel's jewelry and planned to run away with Rafael, but changed her mind. Cass and Morgan patched things up after Morgan saved the life of a terminally ill little girl. Courtney wondered if Morgan knows something about the life-support system plug-pulling deaths at the hospital. Bridget collapsed, was rushed to the hospital, and put on a life-support system. John and Felicia said goodbye before he left for Africa, where he will be spending several weeks working for Doctor Without Borders.

FEBRUARY 19-23, 1996
Cass did not believe Cecile at first when she claimed he, and not Sandy Cory, is Maggie's father. Cecile said she got pregnant after spending a weekend on the French Riviera with a drunken Cass. Cass realized that if he is Maggie's father, she will not inherit any of the Cory fortune. Maggie was stunned when she learned Cass is her father. Rafael made Maggie return the jewelry she stole from Rachel. Morgan was arrested after evidence planted in his hospital locker made it appear he killed the patients in the plug-puling incidents. Bridget died when someone pulled the plug on her life-support system. Cass agreed to defend Morgan, and later got him out on bail. Rita fired Morgan when he complained about being put on suspension. Morgan learned Andrew had an alibi for the time of the plug-pullings. Gabe and Lorna made love for the first time. Spencer disowned Grant after learning he killed Ryan.

Sharlene took a job as Rita's secretary at the hospital. Michael helped Sharlene buy and then burn every copy of Felicia's new romance novel because Sharlene thinks one of the characters was based on her. Michael reamed Matt for exposing John and Felicia's affair in his newspaper. Vowing to prove Morgan innocent of the plug-pulling deaths, both Matt and Courtney tried to get Andrew to confess to the killings. As a patient, Chris checked out the plug-pulling, and later, Morgan confronted Chris about his newspaper article on the incidents. Vicky told Jake that she is not ready to return to Bay City even though Grant is in jail. Gabe learned Lorna quizzed Grant about Gabe's past marriage. Sofia planned a surprise wedding ceremony for Joe and Paulina. Gabe arrested Cecile after Cass revealed she had arranged Maggie's kidnapping. Blair, who went to meet Carl, panicked when she ran into Matt.

MARCH 4-8, 1996
Andrew attacked Courtney when he realized she was trying to get him to confess to the hospital plug-pulling deaths. Morgan came to Courtney's rescue, and fought with Andrew, who fell from the hospital roof. Andrew was put on a life-support system. Cleared of the plug-pulling deaths, Morgan was reinstated at the hospital. Back from Africa, John was stunned to see Sharlene working as Rita's secretary. John and Felicia had a romantic reunion. Cecile was relieved when Maggie decided not to admit to the police that Cecile was behind her kidnapping. Cass and Gabe were suspicious when Maggie lied that Rafael did not kidnap her. Maggie ordered Cecile to leave town, but a homeless Cecile crashed at the Cory chapel. Just for spite, Cecile stunned Frankie with the news that Cass is Maggie's father. Jake accused Donna of being jealous of Matt's relationship with Blair. Jake realized Blair is avoiding Gary.

MARCH 11-15, 1996
Joe and Paulina said their marriage vows after learning Sofia secretly planned their wedding day for them. Felicia lamented to John that everyone treated her badly during the wedding. The wedding reception was nearly ruined when Nick was arrested. Sofia fumed when Joe insisted Nick be taken to jail. Later, after Michael paid Nick's bail, Sofia told Nick that she would run away with him. Blair got nervous when Jake asked why she is afraid of cops. Jake had Chris check out Blair's past, and later quizzed Blair about her past with Gary. Frankie was not thrilled that Cass said Maggie could spend a night in their home, but they later talked about Maggie's moving in with them. Grant got violent when Jake gave him legal papers from Vicky, who wants custody of Kirkland. Dressed as a guard, Carl attacked Grant during an arranged prison uprising. John passed out, but insisted he was okay. A hitman stalked Cecile.

MARCH 18-22, 1996
Nick and Sofia ran away, but returned after Chris, on Jake's orders, found them and told them John was ill. Felicia was upset John did not attend the ceremony honoring her as Romance Novelist of the Year, until she learned he had collapsed. Sharlene and Felicia stood vigil over John, who regained consciousness, told Felicia he loves her, then lapsed into a coma. Rita told Felicia that John has cerebral malaria, which is difficult to treat. Michael helped Sharlene, who was having trouble handling Gregory. Maggie decided to move in with Frankie and Cass, who told Rachel and Carl that he is Maggie's father. When Carl nixed helping Blair deal with a blackmailing Jake, Blair threatened to tell Rachel about her past with Carl. Gary moved in with Josie, who was a hero in a shootout, then asked her to marry him. A stunned Morgan realized that Courtney had been raped by Andrew.

MARCH 25-29, 1996
After coming face-to-face with Blair, Gary told Josie that Blair is "Cobra," one of the crooked cops he helped arrest years ago. After hearing Blair tell Matt about Gary's part in the crooked-cop arrests, Jake printed Gary's story in the newspaper. Gary was later shunned by his fellow officers. Matt objected to Jake printing the story. Lorna secretly followed Gabe, who met with a beautiful woman in Boston. Felicia heard Sharlene tell a comatose John that she still loves him. When John came out of his coma, he said he wanted Felicia at his side, so Sharlene had Cass draw up divorce papers for her. Joe had theft charges against Nick dropped after he agreed to stay away from Sofia. Sofia and Nick arranged to meet secretly. Rafael waned Sofia to beware of Maggie. Joe is unaware Paulina accepted a loan from Rachel. Morgan is having problems dealing with the fact that Courtney was raped by Andrew.

APRIL 1-5, 1996
Gary told a stunned Josie that he and Blair were once lovers. Because Gary kept the truth from her for so long, Josie is worried that she can't trust him, but agreed to go through with their wedding plans. Blair and Matt made love after she admitted her past romance with Gary. Carl, who wants Blair to leave town, put a snake in a hotel room-service order for Blair and Matt. Matt accused Gary of harassing Blair, and Gary warned Matt to beware of Blair. John told Felicia that Sharlene is divorcing him. Sharlene was upset when she heard Gregory say that he likes Felicia. Felicia asked John to recuperate at her home, but he chose to stay with Michael. Michael and Sharlene are getting close. Since seeing Gabe with the woman in Boston, Lorna has refused his phone calls and rejected Felicia's suggestion that she confront him. Maggie denied Rafael's suspicion that she is after Nick. Donna had a sleepwalking episode.

APRIL 8-12, 1996
John received divorce papers from Sharlene. Sharlene was furious to see a photo of Gregory and Felicia, who helped the boy celebrate his birthday. Sharlene and Felicia's argument was interrupted by Paulina, who went into labor. Blair chloroformed Gary and poured booze down his throat to make him drunk. A drunken Gary hit Joe and publicly threatened to kill Blair. Gabe suspended Gary from the force when he was arrested for drunk driving. Blair became worried when Nick's dog, Riley, gave Josie a glove Blair left behind when she drugged Gary. Gabe threw Lorna out when she said she followed him to Boston and saw him with the mystery woman. The governor's daughter, Lucy, visited Grant in prison. Joe was furious when he caught Nick and Sofia kissing. Sofia is unaware Maggie is trying to break up her relationship with Nick. Cass reluctantly gave Cecile a job at Wallingford's.

APRIL 15-19, 1996
Rachel, Felicia, and Sharlene helped Paulina give birth at the Cory cabin. Joe arrived at the cabin just as his son, Dante Mackenzie, was born. Nick was suspicious when Jake was smug about losing the building that houses Joe's restaurant to Joe in a card game. Joe, who asked Jake not to tell Paulina how he won the building, became upset when he learned that he owes back taxes on the building. Nick realized Donna still loves Matt, who made love with Blair. Josie showed Gary evidence proving that Blair chloroformed him and got him drunk. Josie was later shot during a confrontation with Blair. Grant was ecstatic when the governor's daughter, Lucy, managed to get him a pardon. Unaware that Grant was being pardoned, Jake brought Steven and Kirkland back to Bay City for Vicky. Spencer reconciled with Grant. Gabe broke off his romance with Lorna after telling her about the death of his wife, Sarah, and child, Sam.

APRIL 22-26, 1996
Blair was shot and killed by a mystery person as she walked away from a wounded Josie. John performed surgery on Josie, who nearly died from blood loss. Michael ordered Felicia to keep mum that she found Sharlene in his bed when she came to ask Sharlene to donate blood for Josie. Carl was pleased when Rafael told him Blair is dead. Matt blamed himself for Blair's death. An upset Donna learned how much Matt cared for Blair. Chris was frustrated when Gabe refused to give him information on the shooting for a newspaper story. Grant was ecstatic when Gabe said his pardon was official. A vengeful Grant returned to Bay City. Grant was surprised to see Lucy. After Joe caught Sofia at the Cory cabin with Nick, she insisted nothing happened. Nick called Joe's bluff by saying he wants to marry Sofia. Gabe and Lorna agreed to reconcile, but he refused to talk about his deceased wife and child.

APRIL 29 - MAY 3, 1996
Rafael caught Grant peeking into a window at the Cory mansion trying to get a glimpse of Kirkland. Grant pleaded with Rachel to get Carl to let him see Kirkland, but Carl threatened to shoot Grant on sight. Recovering from her shooting, Josie was upset that she cannot remember why she shot Blair. Gary admitted to Felicia that he does not want Josie to return to police work. Josie was upset to learn her shooting injuries may prevent her from having children. A mystery person stalked a sleeping Josie. After Felicia challenged Sharlene to tell John about her affair with Michael, Sharlene said she was leaving town and taking Gregory with her. Sofia was hurt when Nick cooled their romance. Morgan realized Courtney is still having trouble dealing with the fact she was raped. Lorna comforted Gabe, who talked about his son and wife on the anniversary of their deaths. Joe has financial worries.

MAY 6-10, 1996
John and Michael got into a fistfight after John realized Michael and Sharlene slept together. John felt betrayed when Felicia admitted she knew about Sharlene and Michael's affair, but she did not want to hurt John by telling him. Felicia stopped seeing John because she thinks he still loves Sharlene. Sharlene took Gregory to a remote cabin after John said he will fight for custody. Carl hired Rafael to kill Grant, but loaded the gun with blanks. On the phone, Jake told Vicky that Grant is out of jail. Tipped by Lucy, Grant followed Jake, who was taking Kirkland and Steven to see Vicky. Nick was upset that Sofia had a date with Tomas. Sofia went to make up with Nick, but saw him making love in the barn (with Maggie). Gabe asked Chris for help when Josie said she did not remember shooting Blair. A mystery person stalked Blair. Lorna watched Gabe console a little boy who survived a house fire.

MAY 13-17, 1996
Grant was on the flight to London with Jake, Kirkland, and Steven, who were going to see Vicky. Jake and the boys returned to Bay City after Vicky helped them elude Grant. Lucy, who got a job as Kirkland and Steven's nanny, gave Grant a new photo of Kirkland as well as a key to Jake's hotel room. Gary rescued Josie before a deranged homeless man could push her wheelchair down some stairs. Tomas had the homeless man, who is a suspect in Blair's murder, hospitalized. Morgan was upset when Courtney moved out. A mystery person stalked Courtney, who spent time with Matt. Determined to get on with her life, Sofia posed for a photographer, who took sexy photos of her. Maggie arranged for The Herald to publish one of Sofia's photos. John told Felicia that he loves her and then moved in with her. John wrongly believes Sharlene took Gregory to Oklahoma. Joe and Paulina honeymooned in Italy.

MAY 20-24, 1996
The mystery stalker startled Courtney, who fell into the river and was killed. Morgan was devastated when he identified Courtney's body, and vowed to find her killer after the police declared her death a suicide. Gabe, meanwhile, suspects the same person killed both Blair and Courtney. Matt found a stunned and disheveled Donna on the docks after Courtney's memorial service. Jake sensationalized Courtney's death in his newspaper. Sofia was stunned to see her sexy photos in The Herald. Maggie denied Tomas's accusation that she gave the photo to the paper. Sofia softened toward Nick after learning he bought all the papers in town so no one would see her photo. Grant and Lucy worried that Jake knows about their connection after he caught Grant visiting Kirkland. John and Sharlene agreed to be civil for Gregory's sake.

MAY 27-31, 1996
Michael got Donna to the hospital when she had a nervous breakdown after learning that Matt is a suspect in Blair's murder. Things got tense when Morgan quizzed Donna about where she was at the time of Courtney's murder. Carl and Rafael are worried that the police will find evidence to connect them to Blair's death. Josie later found a link between the deaths of Courtney and Blair. Gabe thinks he has a motive for the two killings. The Bay City stalker was upset to learn the police are monitoring the hospital room of the homeless man, who was questioned about the murders. Joe returned from his honeymoon in Italy without Paulina because Dante had an ear infection and could not fly. Nick vowed to help Sofia after hearing her tell Joe that foreclosure of their restaurant, Carlino's, could happen at any time. Cass and Frankie argued over Maggie, who is a brat. John moved in with Felicia. Someone followed Sharlene.

JUNE 3-7, 1996
Donna, who is acting strangely, nearly ran down Sharlene with her car. Donna became worried when Michael, who tracked her to a sleazy motel, asked her about the near hit-and-run accident. Michael began to suspect Donna may be connected to the murders of Courtney and Blair. Carl was furious when Rachel admitted she let Grant spend time with Kirkland and Steven. Lucy spied on Carl, who is determined to see Grant dead. Grant went on television and claimed Vicky has abandoned her children. Josie urged Gary, who is off the police force, to investigate Blair's murder on his own. Frankie suspects that Cecile, who failed another attempt to seduce Cass, is lying about Cass being Maggie's father. Nick found a briefcase full of money that Rafael had hidden, then anonymously used the money to pay back the taxes on Joe's restaurant. Gabe kept getting interrupted when he tried to propose to Lorna.

JUNE 10-14, 1996
Michael stuck by Donna, who began to think she might have killed Blair and Courtney, but does not remember doing the deed. Donna incriminated herself while being questioned by Gabe, who feels Donna is the prime suspect in the murders. Meanwhile, the Bay City stalker picked another victim. The hospitalized homeless man believes he will be killed by the stalker. John and Felicia are unaware the gold chain he gave her is a clue to the murders. After Frankie slapped Cecile, Cass stepped in and got slugged by Cecile. Felicia fired Cecile after Frankie said she is certain Cecile lied about Cass being Maggie's father. Cecile made plans to leave town. Carl, Michael, and Nick vowed to protect Vicky from Grant when she, Jake, and the boys return. Grant and Sharlene talked about love and betrayal. A stunned Rafael realized he is attracted to Sofia. Joe agreed Sofia and Nick can date.

JUNE 17-21, 1996
Lucy told Grant that Vicky, Jake, and the boys had returned to Bay City. At Ryan's grave, Grant presented Vicky with an order to appear in court and he gets custody of Kirkland. Jake agreed to go on the run with Vicky and the boys when she insisted she will not let Grant take Kirkland away. Lucy tipped Grant about Vicky's plan to leave town. Someone is after the gold chain necklace that John gave Felicia. Donna admitted to Vicky that she is a suspect in the murders of Blair and Courtney. Michael gave Cass the missing evidence in the murder case, which Donna had tried to hide. The Bay City stalker has Courtney's tape recorder. Cecile left for Europe after devastating Maggie with a confession that she lied about Cass being Maggie's father. Nick was stunned when Sofia said she is ready to make love to him. John was sad when he received a court date for his divorce from Sharlene.

JUNE 24-28, 1996
Donna told Vicky that she fears she may have killed Blair and Courtney, but does not remember doing it. Gabe charged Donna with Sharlene's hit-and-run, while the commissioner moved to charge her with murdering Blair and Courtney. Gary started his own search for a witness in the Bay City stalker case. Even though Grant threatened to get custody of Kirkland, Vicky decided not to run away with the boy because she is worried about Donna. Jake vowed to win Vicky's affection even though she insisted Ryan is the only man she will ever love. At the train trestle where Ryan died, Carl heard Grant asking for a second chance. Lorna was shocked when Gabe asked her to marry him. Felicia was there for John after he signed his divorce papers. Sharlene celebrated her divorce by going on a date with Fax. Later, Sharlene accepted a dinner date with Grant. Maggie outbid Sofia when she tried to buy back Nick's motorcycle.

JULY 1-5, 1996
Against Gabe's wishes, the police commissioner and the district attorney's office had Donna arrested for the murders of Blair and Courtney. Despite Joe's warning not to, Gary and Josie investigated the murders on their own, and they believe Ozzie, the homeless man, is a material witness to the murders. Later, Gary and Josie insisted they had evidence to clear Donna of the killings. Vicky and Jake were upset with Morgan, who thinks Donna is guilty. Vicky was surprised when Carl said Grant will no longer be a threat to her and Kirkland. Carl, who was dining with Rachel, stared intently at Grant and Sharlene while they shared an intimate-looking dance. While helping Vicky look for a new home, Jake suggested that he move in with her and the boys to protect them from Grant. Grant is jealous that Kirkland really likes Jake. Gabe is frustrated that Lorna has not accepted his marriage proposal.

JULY 8-12, 1996
While on a date with Grant, Sharlene had a confrontation with Felicia. Felicia kept mum to John about her nightmare about Sharlene. A scheming Grant offered Tomas a chance to win a scholarship to medical school. Vicky and Michael offered a reward for info that will clear Donna of the murder charges after she was denied bail. Gabe gave Josie a desk job after learning she and Gary had secretly been working on the stalker case. The stalker was watching when Yvette, a hospital cleaning woman, phoned Vicky and said she had information that could clear Donna. Vicky later found Yvette, who had been murdered. Josie and Gary let Ozzie spend the night when he worried the stalker will kill him. Lorna caught John and Felicia in bed when she went to tell Felicia that she accepted Gabe's marriage proposal. Maggie conned Matt into giving her a summer job. Maggie fumed when Sofia raved about her date with Nick.

JULY 15-19, 1996
Vicky blamed herself for Yvette's death because she arranged to meet her to get info to clear Donna. The stalker continued to lurk around Bay City, and put Lorna's life in danger when he struck a fourth time. Donna vowed to start her life over after the fibers found on the three stalker victims matched, proving Donna could not be the killer. Gabe had Frankie use her psychic powers to learn about the stalker, but all she could say is that the stalker has a secret and that he will kill again. Grant arranged to get Lucy out of his life now that she used her influence to get him out of prison. John was upset that Sharlene agreed that Grant could drive her and Gregory to the boy's summer camp. Vicky, who is unaware of Jake's feelings for her, was surprised that she was jealous when she saw him out on a date. Josie refused to let John tell Gabe that her hand shakes uncontrollably when she aims a gun. Nick and Sofia talked about marriage.

JULY 22-26, 1996
Sofia, who was planning to elope with Nick, drove off into a rainstorm after Maggie revealed she and Nick had made love. Speeding on a rain-slicked road, an upset Sofia crashed her car into Matt's car. Matt struggled to rescue Sofia from the wrecked car. Lorna was hospitalized after she fended off the stalker, who was after the gold necklace Felicia had given her. Lorna was upset she could not identify the stalker, who later saw her give the necklace to Vicky. Gary was frustrated that Ozzie was unable to give him any information about the stalker. Gary and Josie conned Morgan into letting Ozzie stay with him to avoid trouble with Gabe. Donna and Michael went on their first official date. Vicky's interruption brought Jake's plan for a romantic evening with his date to a halt. Jake, who was looking for a house for Vicky, was dismayed when she bought a dilapidated cottage.

JULY 29-AUGUST 2, 1996
Tomas tended Sofia at the site of her crash, and John later performed emergency surgery to save her life. Matt was not badly injured. Later, Sofia, who has retrograde amnesia, could only remember she and Nick were engaged. Nick blamed Maggie for Sofia's accident because she blurted out that she was carrying Nick's baby. Sofia cried out when Maggie entered her hospital room. Maggie saw Nick sneak in to see Sofia. While doing a title search for the cottage she wanted to buy, Vicky learned that before Bridget died, she had purchased the cottage for Vicky. Jake tore off a piece of the stalker's shirttail when he caught him spying on Vicky. Later, the stalker, who wants Vicky's necklace, hid in the cottage basement. Jake dreamed of living happily ever after with Vicky. Gabe put Josie back on the stalker case. Lorna and Ozzie recalled the stalker whistles the tune "The Muffin Man."

AUGUST 5-9, 1996
Jake's return to the cottage thwarted the stalker's attempt to get the gold chain necklace from Vicky. After Jake spent the night on Vicky's porch, they shared a romantic kiss, but later she decided they can only be friends, not lovers. At Michael's request, Bobby Reno arrived at Vicky's house to make some repairs. Vicky fainted when she opened the door and saw Bobby. After regaining her memory, Sofia asked Nick to marry Maggie for the sake of the baby, but he refused. Maggie kept mum that she is not really pregnant. John and Michael landed in jail for punching Joe, who shoved Nick around and blamed him for Sofia's accident. Felicia was upset with John for not telling her that Lorna's attacker was the mysterious stalker. Gabe's former sister-in-law, Cindy Brooke, seemed happy for him when he phoned to tell her he is engaged to Lorna. Cass surprised Frankie with tickets for a second honeymoon in Italy.

AUGUST 12-16, 1996
Vicky packed away everything that reminds her of Ryan. Vicky agreed to let Bobby renovate her cottage after Michael vouched for him. Joe was ecstatic when Paulina and Dante unexpectedly returned from Italy. Gabe was unaware that Cindy talked with Rita about a job at the hospital's trauma center. The stalker tampered with Frankie's car after seeing Vicky give Frankie the gold chain necklace. Unaware that Maggie is not really pregnant, Maggie let Nick think he talked her out of an abortion. After a talk with Michael, Nick married a "reluctant" Maggie, but said the marriage is in name only and for the baby'sake. After looking at Blair's bank statements, Gary and Josie suspected Blair was blackmailing someone before she was murdered. In Blair's safety deposit box, Gary and Josie found a paper with the name "Margaret Banning." Fax fumed when John named Morgan chief resident.

AUGUST 19-23, 1996
Realizing she was being pursued, Frankie used a crystal to let Cass know she was in trouble. Frankie recognized Fax as the stalker just before he killed her. Frankie managed to draw part of an "F" on the floor of the icehouse before she died. Gabe wanted Fax tailed, but he disappeared. Josie and Gary learned Fax wrote prescriptions for Blair, but he denied it when questioned by Morgan. Gary and Josie also learned Fax (the stalker) was after the gold necklace. Rachel was upset that Carl mysteriously went to Chicago. Gary went to Chicago looking for Margaret Banning, whom he thinks will know the stalker's identity. Maggie fumed when she could not seduce Nick on their wedding night. Nick spent the night at Sassy's with a girl, but could not stop thinking about Sofia. Rafael suspects that Maggie is not pregnant. Sofia was released from the hospital. Vicky hired a housekeeper, Etta Mae Burrell.

AUGUST 26-30, 1996
Fax, who had planned to kill Morgan, beat Chris unconscious after finding him at Morgan's pad with Ozzie, who escaped. Fax shot and wounded a jewelry store owner and took Josie prisoner. Ozzie distracted Fax, who planned to kill Josie at the train trestle, and Josie fell through an open manhole into an underground storage room. A terrified Ozzie did not reveal Josie's whereabouts. Gary was forced to shoot Fax, who died after refusing to tell Gary where the unconscious Josie was. Felicia told Cass that Fax killed Frankie. Jake was curious about Bobby Reno. Vicky took Bobby to the hospital when he cut his hand. Morgan was curious when Bobby would not talk about an unusual burn scar he has. Cass and Michael dedicated the new hospital trauma unit in Frankie's name. Rafael is suspicious of Maggie. Maggie promised to divorce Nick after their "baby" is born if he would agree to move away from Bay City.

SEPTEMBER 2-6, 1996
Jake is worried that Vicky, who said she is ready to let go of Ryan's memory, is getting too close to Bobby. After checking into Bobby's past, Jake stunned Vicky with the news that Bobby spent time in a Texas prison. Josie managed to get free of her bonds, but her attempt to escape from the underground storage area failed when she fell trying to climb a ladder. Josie panicked when she found herself face-to-face with prison escapee Cody Murcer, who was once Grant's cellmate. Joe, Gary, and Gabe searched for Josie. Grant, who comforted Sharlene over Josie's disappearance, fumed when Vicky warned Sharlene not to get involved with him. Sharlene realized she is falling for Grant. Rachel was suspicious when Maggie said she and Nick were leaving town. After learning Maggie was not pregnant, Rafael told Nick the truth via an anonymous letter. Felicia is helping Cass deal with Frankie's death.

SEPTEMBER 9-13, 1996
Cody took Josie to a seedy motel and held her for ransom after she let him think she was Sharlene. Cody called Grant, who realized he was holding Josie prisoner, and verified she was "Sharlene." Gary was at the ransom drop, then tailed Cody to the motel, but Cody knocked him out. Gabe saved Gary and Josie, but Cody shot Gabe, who later survived surgery. Cindy saved Gabe by remembering he has a rare blood disorder. Grant played being a hero to the hilt after "escaping" from Cody, who had taken him hostage. Josie feels she failed as a cop. At Sofia's birthday party, Nick told everyone that Maggie lied about being pregnant. Sofia refused when Nick wanted another chance with her. Rafael comforted Maggie. Bobby admitted to Vicky and Jake that he served time for petty theft. Bobby dreamed about a laughing woman who was also humming. Bobby later heard Vicky hum the same tune. John proposed to Felicia.

SEPTEMBER 16-20, 1996
Sharlene agreed to stick by Grant, who hopes to regain respect by running for chairman of the hospital board. Sharlene had Gregory apologize to Grant after the boy asked if he was going to kill him and Sharlene like he did Ryan. Sharlene agreed when John insisted Gregory never spend time alone with Grant. After losing her engagement ring, Felicia bought a replacement, but John noticed it was smaller than the original. Sharlene, who found the lost ring, was upset to find herself in the midst of John and Felicia's engagement party when she went to return it. Bobby told Dr. Kessler he has memories of people and places he does not know. Jake learned that Dr. Kessler is an opthamologist. Bobby attacked Jake after he caught Jake and Carl searching his room. Bobby thinks he has met Carl before. Josie can't forget what Fax and Cody did to her. Josie was elated that Gary is back on the police force.

SEPTEMBER 23-27, 1996
C candle started a fire in the bar where Rafael staged a fight to impress Maggie. Bobby was blinded when the first fire started a second and sparks hit his eye. Jealous that Vicky was worried about Bobby, Jake broke into the hospital computer and learned Bobby had received a cornea transplant, and that Ryan was the donor. Bobby told Dr. Kessler that he wants the name of his cornea-transplant donor. After their first official date, Jake and Vicky shared a kiss. Because of everything that has happened to her, a traumatized Josie quit the police force. His first day back on the force, Gary learned about Josie's resignation. After sharing a romantic evening, Sharlene and Grant made love. She told him she will do what she can to help repair his reputation. Grant fumed when he saw his photo on Gregory's dartboard. Matt and Sofia nearly kissed. Michael and Donna have romance on their minds.

Josie and Sharlene discussed Josie's resignation from the force and Sharlene's involvement with Grant. Gary has been worried that Josie has not been able to put the trauma of her kidnapping behind her. Gabe urged Josie to reconsider her resignation. Cindy convinced Gabe not to recuperate at Lorna's place upon his release from the hospital. Lorna learned that Gabe and Cindy had dated before he married Cindy's sister, Sarah. Vicky told Carl that Bobby received Ryan's corneas, so she believes a part of Ryan is still alive. Jake gave Bobby money to leave town, but he dumped it in a hospital laundry cart. Bobby told Vicky he is leaving town. Nick's return ruined Matt and Sofia's romantic evening. Sofia denied Matt's suspicion that she accepted a two-week out-of-town internship in order to escape her feelings for Nick. Later, Nick kissed Sofia and said he still loves her. Paulina planned a sexy evening with Joe.

OCTOBER 7-11, 1996
Nick agreed to team up with Rafael to arrange things so that Nick will end up with Sofia and Rafael will end up with Maggie. As planned, Maggie turned to Rafael for comfort after Nick raked her over the coals in a public outburst. After Cindy and Gabe assured Lorna that their past dating means nothing, Lorna was upset to find the duo lying on a mattress while Gabe was helping Cindy move into a new pad. Cindy is being nice to Cass. In hopes of getting on the hospital board, Grant told the members that Michael kept mum that he knows Jake broke into the hospital computer to get Bobby's medical records. Vicky reminded the board members that Grant killed Ryan just as they seemed on the verge of naming Grant to the board instead of Michael. Gary accused Josie of not facing her fears by quitting the force, then got upset to learn she went off her birth-control pills without telling him.

OCTOBER 14-18, 1996
Bobby decided not to leave town after Carl convinced him that Grant might harm Vicky. Jake accused Bobby of following him and Vicky. Rachel told Bobby that she is worried Carl is trying to use him to replace Ryan. Vicky gave Steven and Kirkland a 1965 silver dollar that Jake found in the fireplace of her new home. Jake and Vicky heard strange noises in her house, but Vicky assured Steven and Kirkland that the house is not haunted. Jake conned Matt out of Sofia's number in Chicago, which he gave Nick, but she hung up on Nick. Nick and Maggie argued over Sofia. After admitting her fears to Gary, Josie agreed to get professional help to face her trauma. Josie received hang-up phone calls from her kidnapper, Cody, who is back in town. Lorna is suspicious of Cindy, who arranged to spend time alone with Gabe. Grant declared war on Carl again after Carl warned Sharlene that Grant is dangerous.

OCTOBER 21-25, 1996
Josie had nightmares in which Cody was trying to kill her. To avoid tipping Cody to Josie's whereabouts, she and Gary decided to get married secretly, and earlier than planned. Grant told Josie that Cody is back in the U.S., and later Josie fumed when she learned Gary knew, but kept her in the dark about Cody's return. Josie practiced shooting her gun. Matt was miffed when Nick convinced Sofia to talk to him. Rafael tipped Nick that Matt and Sofia had a date. When Matt was delayed, Nick showed up at the meeting place after intercepting Matt's message to Sofia. Maggie is plotting to get the money from her trust fund. Nick realized Rafael is up to something when he asked questions about trust funds. Bobby denied stealing Jake's coffee mug, which was found on Vicky's porch railing. Bobby was trying to convince Vicky that her house is not haunted when a flower pot inexplicably fell.

Vicky and Bobby got to know each other while stranded after his truck broke down. Jake was jealous when he found Vicky and Bobby sleeping in the bed of the truck. After more paranormal activity, the lights went out in Vicky's home during her Halloween party. In the attic, Kirkland spoke with Ryan's ghost. Josie was upset that she pointed her gun at Gary, who surprised her. Grant fumed when Carl accused him in public, and in front of Sharlene, of killing his own brother. Carl brandished a dagger at Grant, who crashed the Halloween party. At the party, Sofia kissed Nick when she thought he was Matt. Maggie proposed to Rafael after learning she can get her trust fund now if she marries. Anxious to get his hands on Maggie's money, Rafael agreed to marry her, then fumed when she said he would have to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Cindy fantasized romance with Gabe, who was on a date with Lorna.

NOVEMBER 4-8, 1996
Ryan disappeared when Donna came into the attic and found Kirkland, whom she thought was talking to himself. When Vicky became worried about Kirkland, Bobby told her that having an imaginary friend is normal. Ryan is upset he can't communicate with Vicky because he believes Vicky is in danger. After Vicky agreed to go to Lassiter with Jake, he admitted he is jealous of Bobby. Vicky thought about the night she spent in the truck with Bobby. Grant arranged for Cody to kidnap Josie so Grant can rescue her and be a hero in Josie's eyes, but Cody double-crossed Grant. Racing to Gary and Josie's secret wedding, Grant was unaware that Carl was hiding in he backseat of the car. Carl roughed up Rafael and ordered him to leave town. After talking to Rachel, Maggie was not sure she wanted to run away with Rafael. Nick apologized for kissing Sofia after he realized she has kept mum to Matt about their smooch.

NOVEMBER 11-15, 1996
Cody held Gary and Josie hostage before they could finish their wedding vows in Michael's barn. Cody caused injury to Joe and Gary. Grant, who got away from Carl, charged into the barn and shot Cody. Cody fired his rifle and shot Sharlene, who came into the barn behind Grant. Later at the hospital Sharlene agreed John could take Gregory to the farm, after refusing to let him take the boy to Felicia's place. John accused Grant of causing Sharlene's shooting. Carl refused when Bobby suggested Carl scale back his vendetta against Grant. Gabe heard Carl accuse Grant of being in cahoots with Cody. To get the goods on Grant, Gary offered to destroy any police evidence connecting him to Cody. Rachel decided not to go after Maggie, who ran off with Rafael. While sharing old memories in Lassiter, Jake planned to propose to Vicky. Ryan told Bridget, who is also a ghost, about his frustration that he cannot help Vicky.

NOVEMBER 18-22, 1996
Grant told Rachel that Carl has repeatedly tried to kill him, then later, at the train station, he provoked a fight with Carl in front of Steven. Steven ran for help, and got his foot caught in the train tracks, and Ryan frantically struggled to free the boy as a train bore down on them. After seeing Grant in operation, Ryan vowed to protect Vicky from him. Gabe told Gary the case against Grant has been closed, adding that if Gary wants to get the goods on Grant he has to do it on his own time. Vicky stopped Jake before he could propose to her. Vicky ran off after she and Bobby nearly kissed. Bobby was watching when Jake later kissed Vicky. While Vicky told Donna she wants Jake to give her some space, Jake told Paulina that he kissed Vicky. Felicia was hurt that John moved back to the farm, and that Gregory is hostile to her. Matt suggested that he and Sofia cool their relationship.

NOVEMBER 25-29, 1996
Ryan could not physically save Steven from the oncoming train. But he was to make Bobby aware that Steven was in danger, and Bobby rescued the boy. Jake fumed when he saw Vicky and Bobby embrace after Steven's rescue. Jake vowed he will not lose Vicky after he had a nightmare in which she chose Bobby over him. Bobby is upset that Vicky still thinks he has a connection to Ryan. Bobby told Carl that he is falling for Vicky. Rachel told Carl to move out after he insisted he cannot drop his plans to make Grant pay for murdering Ryan. Rachel threw a drink in Grant's face after he tried to pump her for information about Carl. Bobby invited Carl to Thanksgiving dinner at Vicky's when he was unwelcome at the Cory dinner. No one was aware that Ryan was also at Vicky's Thanksgiving table. Cindy ruined Lorna and Gabe's plans for a romantic getaway. Josie decided to return to the police force.

DECEMBER 2-6, 1996
Michael invited a wheelchair bound Sharlene to recuperate at his farm since her apartment is not wheelchair friendly. Felicia was not comfortable about Sharlene being at the farm with John and Gregory. Donna was miffed that Sharlene's presence put a crimp in her romantic plans for Michael. Grant saw Vicky and Bobby in what looked to be a compromising situation after Vicky fell in the shower and Bobby rescued her. Grant reveled in telling Jake what he saw. Jake was upset when Vicky said she only wants to be friends. Ryan was determined to make contact with Bobby after learning he received Bobby's corneas. Bobby told Vicky that he has feelings for her, and they have nothing to do with Ryan. Suspecting that Cindy has set her sights on Gabe, Lorna nixed helping Gabe celebrate Cindy's birthday. Lorna fumed when she caught Gabe and Cindy in a compromising situation. Nick and Matt sparred over Sofia.

DECEMBER 9-13, 1996
Gary reluctantly agreed to let Bobby work with him to get the goods on Grant. Knowing that Grant is up to no good, Ryan continued trying to make a connection with Bobby. After snooping in Cindy's purse, Grant went to see her with blackmail on his mind. Unaware that Cindy is out to snare him for herself, Gabe accused Lorna of treating Cindy badly. John and Felicia's plans for a romantic evening were spoiled by Gregory, who ran away because he did not wan to stay at Felicia's place with John. After Gregory was found, Felicia urged John to stay at the farm with the boy, and Gregory. Rachel nixed making up with Carl until he drops his vendetta against Grant. Bobby introduced Vicky to his friend Dustin. Jake fumed Vicky is getting closer to Bobby. Nick followed Sofia after arranging a New York City business trip for her. Matt decided to surprise Sofia in New York City.

DECEMBER 16-20, 1996
Sofia was not pleased when Nick showed up at her New York City hotel room hoping to patch things up with her. Sofia was surprised by Matt's unannounced visit, then threw him and Nick out when they argued over her. Matt later sneaked into Sofia's room and they shared a first kiss. After Matt fired Nick for sexual harassment, Sofia insisted she can handle Nick. Grant blackmailed Cindy into aiding him in his plot against Vicky by threatening to tell Gabe about the dirty deeds she has committed in an effort to have Gabe for herself. Bobby was stunned when he heard someone (Ryan) call his name over the static on the radio. Vicky nixed letting Bobby move in to protect her from Grant. Bobby told Carl he has gotten "messages" about Grant's plot against Vicky via the radio. Vicky assured Jake that she has not made love with Bobby. Sharlene told Felicia she is not thrilled John is living at the farm with her for Gregory's sake.

DECEMBER 23-27, 1996
Ryan got upset when he saw one of Grant's thugs tailing Vicky and Bobby. Grant's henchman knocked out Jake, drugged him, and dragged him away. Bobby and Vicky found an unconscious Jake, who had a mild concussion, but the hospital released him to Vicky's care. Bobby and Cindy each suspect Grant was behind the attack on Jake. Grant had a henchman Hal try on a latex mask of Jake's face. Grant forced Cindy to give him a hospital receipt that had Jake's fingerprints on it. Ryan, who is the only one who knows what Grant is up to, hopes that Vicky will trust Bobby, who is Ryan's link to Vicky. Josie is not pleased that Gary is investigating Grant's activities on his own time. Matt planned to cool it with Sofia, but they ended up getting romantic after Sofia fell through the ice while skating. Sofia told Nick that she is over him, then spent Christmas with Matt. Cass urged Felicia to fight for John.

DECEMBER 30, 1996 - JANUARY 3, 1997
On Grant's orders, Cindy obtained videotape footage of an unwitting Jake. Grant used Kirkland to lure Bobby back to Vicky's house. Bobby insisted that he was moving in to protect Vicky after Grant threatened her. Ryan tried to warn Vicky that Grant is dangerous. Bobby and Jake argued after the engagement ring Jake planned to give Vicky turned up in Bobby's pocket. Donna finally seduced Michael, then secretly tore up the "no marriage" contract they once signed. Sharlene ordered John and Felicia to leave the farmhouse after they argued. In order to be close to John, and to make inroads with Gregory, Felicia accepted John's outrageous suggestion that she move into the farmhouse to help a wheelchair-bound Sharlene. Felicia and Sharlene later grudgingly agreed to a truce. Sofia confided to Paulina that she is falling for Matt. Rachel fainted during a family dinner at Carlino's.