Daily Synopses: January - June, July - December

DECEMBER 30, 1996 - JANUARY 3, 1997
On Grant's orders, Cindy obtained videotape footage of an unwitting Jake. Grant used Kirkland to lure Bobby back to Vicky's house. Bobby insisted that he was moving in to protect Vicky after Grant threatened her. Ryan tried to warn Vicky that Grant is dangerous. Bobby and Jake argued after the engagement ring Jake planned to give Vicky turned up in Bobby's pocket. Donna finally seduced Michael, then secretly tore up the "no marriage" contract they once signed. Sharlene ordered John and Felicia to leave the farmhouse after they argued. In order to be close to John, and to make inroads with Gregory, Felicia accepted John's outrageous suggestion that she move into the farmhouse to help a wheelchair-bound Sharlene. Felicia and Sharlene later grudgingly agreed to a truce. Sofia confided to Paulina that she is falling for Matt. Rachel fainted during a family dinner at Carlino's.

JANUARY 6-10, 1997
Jake resisted the urge to fight with Bobby after learning he moved into Vicky's attic to protect her from Grant. Jake nearly strangled Grant after he threatened Vicky. Matthew pulled Jake off Grant. Grant punched his Jake look alike henchman, who came into the room while Grant was being attacked by the real Jake. Cass got Vicky a restraining order against Grant. On Grant's orders, Cindy stole Jake's jacket. Carl and Bobby learned Cindy is working for Grant. Gabe wants Gary to stop investigating Grant. Etta Mae told Vicky that she will get over Ryan when she stops needing him. Sharlene, John, and Felicia argued, but Felicia badgered Felicia into doing her rehab exercises. A paralyzed Sharlene showed Matthew and Gregory that she can move her toes. An upset Carl learned Rachel is not feeling well. Rachel suspects she is starting menopause. Amanda told Rachel she is staying in Bay City.

JANUARY 13-17, 1997
After another fainting spell, Rachel saw John, who told her that she is pregnant. Rachel told John that she does not want her family, especially Carl, to know she is pregnant. Vicky was unaware Ryan was sitting beside her while she wrote him a letter as part of an attempt to let him go. At Bridget's suggestion, Ryan appeared to Bobby in a dream to warn him Vicky is in danger from Grant. Bobby told Carl and Gary about his "dream," and the duo later attempted to break into Grant's safe at the same time to get info. Bobby was puzzled when Kirkland identified a photo of Ryan as his "special friend" in the attic. While Jake was stranded on a lonely roadside, Tomas saw the fake Jake in Sassy's parking lot where he tampered with Bobby's truck. Bobby followed Cindy right to Grant's doorstep. Sharlene tripped Felicia during an argument, then was ecstatic to realize she can move her legs again.

JANUARY 20-24, 1997
Desperate to stop Grant's plot to kill Vicky, Ryan manifested himself to Bobby by standing in the road in front of his truck as he and Vicky left to go on a trip together. Thinking he ran over Ryan, Bobby looked under the truck and found the bomb planted by Grant's thug. Bobby pulled Vicky from the truck before it exploded. After falling down a ravine, Vicky was reunited with Ryan in spirit, where she wanted to stay until she realized she did not want to leave her children behind. After failing to get the goods on Grant via Cindy, Carl and Gabe set aside their hostilities and combined their efforts to get Grant. John hid Rachel's real medical records when he suspected Carl would try to steal them. Carl later broke into John's office and looked over the "records." Nick is determined to get Sofia back. Amanda helped a drunken Jake.

JANUARY 27-31, 1997
Cindy raged when Gabe rejected her declaration of love. Lorna's life was in danger after Cindy started a fire while burning a photo of Gabe. Ryan and Vicky shared a tender goodbye after she decided to return to the world of the living. Bobby revived an unconscious Vicky, who has amnesia. Vicky trusted Bobby to get her out of danger, while Bobby worried Grant will continue his efforts to kill them. To protect Vicky from Grant, everyone kept mum that she is missing. Cass prevented Grant from going to check when Donna lied that Vicky was sick in bed. Jake searched for Vicky after Donna suggested he and Bobby had eloped. Nick believed Sofia no longer loves him after she said she made love with Matt. Donna was miffed after listening to Michael and Sharlene's discussion about the pitfalls of remarriage. Paulina learned Joe is preparing for the police captain's exam. Matt gave Amanda a job at the Herald.

FEBRUARY 3-7, 1997
Gabe rescued Lorna from the Harbor Club fire, and she later survived surgery for internal bleeding and smoke inhalation. Gabe found Cindy's scarf in the remains of the fire. Joe learned about Cindy's obsession with Gabe after reading her diary. After Lorna said the fire was an accident, Chris reminded Gabe that his wife and child died in a supposedly accidental fire. While the police searched for Cindy, Grant found her hiding in the hospital. Believing Vicky and Bobby were dead, Grant anonymously tipped the police to the whereabouts of Bobby's truck. A reluctant Jake told Joe that he saw Jake (the fake Jake) underneath Bobby's truck before it exploded. Jake was arrested after the police found incriminating evidence planted in his apartment. Since no bodies were found, Donna and Jake believe Vicky is still alive. Bobby searched for a missing Vicky. Amanda learned Rachel is pregnant.

FEBRUARY 10-14, 1997
Paulina was stunned when Joe arrested Jake for blowing up Vicky and Bobby. Joe later thwarted Paulina's attempt to spring Jake from jail by "poisoning" him with cilantro, to which Jake is allergic. Bobby found an unconscious Vicky in the wilderness and took her to the cabin of a friend, Daniel, a Native American. Vicky later regained consciousness and began to regain her memory. Grant found Cindy hiding in the hospital, and later ordered his henchman, Hal, to get rid of her permanently. Gabe found Cindy in the hospital chapel and she confessed Grant was responsible for blowing up Vicky and Bobby, and that he did it to get custody of Kirkland. Gabe told Cindy that he knows she did not intend to hurt Lorna, who is recuperating at a private hospital away from Bay City. As Cindy and Grant were leaving the hospital, they came face-to-face with Grant. Sofia's Valentines's Day plans with Matt were a flop.

FEBRUARY 17-21, 1997
A sniper shot and killed Gabe while he was standing with Cindy and Grant on Center Street. Grant is suspected of arranging Gabe's shooting. Cindy told Felicia and the police that she has been working for Grant. Joe suspects Jake was framed for bombing Bobby's truck. After hearing from Daniel, Carl got Vicky and Bobby and took them to a hospital, where Vicky underwent surgery for head trauma. Vicky told Carl that she saw Ryan, and later Carl encountered Ryan in a dream. Grant paid a judge to give him custody of Kirkland, then fumed when he learned the boy was missing. Sofia and Nick took Kirkland and Steven to a motel. At the motel, Sofia and Nick had to share a bed. As Grant was about to talk about Gabe at his memorial service, Carl rushed in and told everyone that Vicky and Bobby are alive. A suspicious Amanda saw Carl and Jake plotting to get Grant. Rachel told Amanda that she still loves Carl, and thinks he has a right to know that Rachel is carrying their baby.

FEBRUARY 24-28, 1997
At Gabe's memorial service, Carl pulled a gun on Grant and accused him of trying to murder Vicky and Bobby. Joe kept Carl from pulling the trigger, but Carl was angry that Joe has no evidence to arrest Grant for the truck bombing. Gary put Josie on his task force to investigate Gabe's murder. Vicky, who was recovering from surgery, went looking for Steven and Kirkland after Carl said they were with Nick and Sofia. Bobby tailed Vicky to Lassiter, where they found Nick, Sofia, and the boys. Grant followed Jake, who jumped bail, but lost him before Jake arrived in Lassiter. Jake saw Vicky and Bobby share a kiss. Matt was upset when he learned Sofia was with Nick. Gary suspects Grant was behind Cindy's letter, which would exonerate him. Paulina and Joe's marriage began to suffer after he was promoted to police captain. Carl was thrilled when Rachel told him she is pregnant, but Matt reacted with anger.

MARCH 3-7, 1997
Grant was upset Kirkland did not want to go with him when he tried to take the child away from Vicky. Bobby and Vicky decided to take their romance slowly. Bobby nearly strangled Grant when he caught him lurking around outside Vicky's house. Grant tried to find out from Joe how much Cindy told the police about their schemes. Sharlene pretended she did not overhear an incriminating phone call Grant made. Jake admitted to Vicky that he saw her kissing Bobby. Vicky was upset that Jake can't be just her friend. Matt nixed sleeping with Sofia, who is trying to forget Nick. Matt nixed letting Sofia move in with him after she said Nick's name in her sleep. Nick is happy Sofia won't be living with Matt. Joe fumed that Gary kept him in the dark about "Cindy's" letter clearing Grant of wrongdoing. Josie and Gary dug up more information about Grant. Joe said it doesn't matter to him that Paulina is overweight.

MARCH 10-14, 1997
Jake violated his house-arrest status with a little help from Amanda. Gary read Jake the riot act when he caught him snooping around Vicky's house. An angry Michael kicked Donna out in her nightgown after he learned she encouraged Sharlene to leave the farm and move back into her apartment. Gary, Jake, and Josie banded together and plotted to get a confession from Grant, but Josie objected when the men wanted to use Sharlene to further the plan. Jake and Gary asked Sharlene to lure Grant out on a date and then slip a drug into his drink so they could question him. Vicky had a confrontation with Grant, who lied that he is glad she is alive. Gary heard Grant talking to Hal. Bobby told Donna to butt out when she tried to find out if he slept with Vicky. Rachel asked Matt not to come between her and Carl. Neil Johanssen, who works for the commissioner's office, helped Paulina feel good about herself. Sofia fantasized about Nick. Matt left town.

MARCH 17-21, 1997
After Sharlene drugged Grant, Carl disguised himself as Justine as a nun and harassed Grant to get him to admit that he was responsible for the truck-bombing. Unable to get a full confession from Grant, Carl later had Jake alter the audio tape before Carl gave it to Joe. Although suspicious, Joe listened to the tape and later had Grant arrested. Josie requested a transfer after she and Gary argued over the methods he is using in his effort to nail Grant. Hoping to smoke out Grant's accomplice, Jake wrote in the Herald that Grant is naming names for the cops. After deciding to give their baby a great life, Rachel asked Carl to move back home. Rachel wouldn't let Carl confess that he is still out to get Grant. Etta Mae told her rookie cop daughter, Toni Burrell, that she can handle Grant. Crook Grease Snyder implied to Paulina that he might harm Dante. Sofia was upset that she fantasized about Nick.

MARCH 24-28, 1997
Joe is worried that an anonymous gift for Dante was a disguised threat from Grease. Grease was pleased that a suspicious fire at Carlino's was successful. Nick rescued Sofia, who was trapped in the fire. Gary and Toni, with whom he was teamed, argued while staking out Grease's garage. An upset Nick learned that Tomas was moving in with Sofia and her current roommate, nurse Emily Maddux. Grant is losing his marbles from the effects of Carl's drug. Vicky was the only one who believed Grant lost his senses during his bail hearing. When bail was denied, everyone else thought Grant was faking so that he can use an insanity plea in his case. After Cindy told Jake that she plans to kill Grant, Jake told the psych-ward staff that Cindy had a weapon. Joe nixed closing Gabe's murder case even though the gun used in the killing was found in Grant's car.

MARCH 31-APRIL 4, 1997
Cindy was unable to kill Grant during a confrontation in the psych ward. Cindy gave Grant an antidote to the drug that made him lose his senses. Pretending to be a crooked cop, Joe spent a lot of money so it would look like he accepted a bag of bribe money he found in his car. As part of his plan to catch the person bribing him, Joe followed the mystery person's orders to charge Grant with Gabe's murder and close the case. Joe was upset when Grease said Joe's father, Eddie, was a dirty cop. After telling Josie about the bribe money, Joe asked her to check out Grease's claim about his father. Bobby told a mystery phone-caller that he had things under control after he got upset because Amanda published a photo of him kissing Vicky. Bobby left Bay City after he agreed to go to his home town in Texas with Vicky, who had planned to check out his past. Donna hired Dashiel St. George to manage the Harbor Club, which she bought from Grant.

APRIL 7-11, 1997
Joe admitted to Josie that he is pretending to be on the take in order to catch Gabe's killer. Paulina was stunned when Joe confessed that he took a bribe. Paulina panicked when she received another threatening phone call. A mystery man told Joe that Grant was going to die, but Joe was to rule his death a suicide. Cindy revived Grant after Grease strangled him in a utility closet in the psych ward. Joe told the press that Grant was dead. At the morgue with Joe and John, Josie was stunned to see Grant was alive. Josie and Gary were forced to hide Grant in their apartment. Joe and Gary were unaware that a mystery person knows Grant is alive. In Crockett, Texas, a stunned Vicky learned the Bobby she knows may not be the real Bobby Reno. Bobby let a mystery woman lead him to a bedroom. Chris and Toni did not get along. John got upset when he saw Sharlene dining with Michael. Nick and Sofia got closer after they were locked in an attic.

APRIL 14-18, 1997
Vicky showed Bobby a photo of the real Bobby Reno, then let him know that their romance is over when he refused to come clean about his past. Bobby visited an ailing woman. At Vicky's request, Toni agreed to do a computer check on criminals named "Shane." Neil thought he was saving Paulina and Dante from danger after police commissioner Raines let him think Joe is dangerous. Raines also let Joe think Neil was dangerous, and that he had kidnaped Paulina and Dante. After a confrontation, Neil arrested Joe on charges that he took bribes. Grant escaped from Josie when she left the room to check on a noise. Gary and Josie trailed Grant to Cindy's place, but Grant and Cindy hid outside on a window ledge. Grant realized Carl was the "nun" who drugged him. Cindy and Grant broke into the Cory mansion looking for the antidote to the drug. Felicia went to Hollywood to work on a film script based on one of her novels.

APRIL 21-25, 1997
Paulina was hysterical when Joe was sent to prison on charges that he is a crooked cop. Jake got Amanda to go on a date with Neil to learn more about him. Neil later caught Jake, who broke into his office and was snooping around the place. Jake is convinced that Joe is up to something. Neil found himself in danger after he told Paulina that he and Joe are working together. Commissioner Raines nixed isolating Joe from the other prisoners, which could endanger his life because he is a cop. Grant returned to normal after Cindy gave him the antidote to the drug Carl gave him. Carl recovered after Grant slipped him the same drug. Carl realized Grant is alive, then was forced to help him when Grant sent Cindy to get money from Carl. Bobby visited the mysterious sick woman. Vicky did not believe Bobby's story about his past. Bobby followed Vicky, who returned to Texas looking for more information on his real past.

APRIL 28-MAY 2, 1997
Detective Craig Morris tod Vicky that Bobby is a convicted murderer named Shane Roberts, and Toni told Jake that Bobby is an escaped killer. Vicky came face-to-face with Bobby. After obtaining Gabe's date book, Josie and Gary realized Commissioner Raines killed Gabe. Joe escaped from a jail guard Raines ordered to kill him. Grant told Carl that he saw Raines shoot Gabe, and later, Carl and Grant got Raines' confession on tape. Raines later took Rachel and Paulina hostage, but released Rachel. Joe took a shot at Raines, who was trying to escape using Paulina as a shield. John examined a pregnant Rachel, who had abdominal pains after Raines had let her go. Sofia and Nick found Neil, who had been shot. On her flight home from Hollywood, Felicia met billionaire Alexander Nikos, who looks like her deceased husband, Lucas. John was upset that Michael slept on the couch while protecting Sharlene from Grant.

MAY 5-9, 1997
John told Rachel and Carl that Rachel has a tumor in her uterus that could be cancerous but she will have to have an abortion before he can surgically remove it. Amanda was angry that Rachel is risking her own life when Rachel decided to forgo surgery and have her baby. Bobby told Vicky it was dangerous for her to be at St. Claire's Clinic (where the mystery woman is). Bobby confessed to Vicky that he is Dr. Shane Roberts, that he is married, and that he was convicted of murdering a patient named Rebecca Ambrose. Bobby escaped execution by going on the run after a police van crashed. Vicky fumed when Jake admitted telling Morris about Bobby. Felicia was surprised when Alexander asked her to marry him. Felicia showed Alexander a photo of his look alike, Lucas. Cass is suspicious of Alexander. Grant's hearing got under way. Grant and Cindy arranged to get married in a quickie ceremony so she can not testify against him.

MAY 12-16, 1997
At the last minute, Cindy called off the quickie wedding and told Grant that she wanted a big wedding. Cindy and Grant consummated their marriage after a sad ceremony held in the middle of the street. Cindy, who will inherit Grant's fortune if he dies, poisoned his brandy. Grant is also determined to get rid of Cindy. Vicky saved Bobby, who was injured at the train depot. Jake tailed Vicky and found Bobby hiding in the secret room at her cottage. Jake was injured in a confrontation with Bobby. Vicky found Jake and is worried that Bobby was missing. Amanda was angry at Carl over Rachel's decision to risk her life to have Carl's baby. Amanda fumed when Rachel gave Carl control over Cory Enterprises. Alexander showed up at Felicia's place after John was called away on a mysterious medical emergency.

MAY 19-23, 1997
At the hospital, Jake told Vicky that Bobby saved his life after their scuffle in which Jake was injured. Carl helped Bobby by putting him up at the Cory lake house, and later flying him to his Florida home. Vicky told Bobby she is aware he knows who really killed Rebecca. Jake assigned Amanda to research a newspaper story on Shane Roberts. Carl arranged for Bobby to see his sister, Patty, who is a nun. Amanda thought that Carl and Patty were having an affair. Amanda told Jake that Bobby's wife disappeared after his arrest for murder. Patty panicked when Lila, the woman Bobby visited at the sanitarium, disappeared. Lila snooped around the outside of Vicky's cottage. Morris heard Amanda tell Jake that Vicky and Bobby were in Florida. Josie nixed working as a private eye with Gary, who resigned from the force. John told Felicia that Rachel could die.

MAY 26-30, 1997
Rachel collapsed after playing referee while Carl and Amanda argued. Rachel nixed having surgery even though she has a blood clot. John performed successful surgery on Rachel after Carl signed consent forms. Carl told a surprised Rachel that she is carrying twins. Detective Morris arrested Shane before he could leave the country. After wondering if Shane could not be guilty of murder, Jake hired Gary to check out Shane's past. Disguised as a priest, Gary talked to Sister Patrice (Patty), and later told Vicky and Jake that Lila is the killer, not Shane. Lila disappeared after Patty said she told the truth about the murder. John was suspicious when Alexander offered to let him and Felicia honeymoon at his villa, and on his yacht, after they marry. After getting drunk, Nick had a blackout. Michael reminded Nick that their family is prone to alcoholism. Over dinner, Chris charmed Toni's mother, Etta Mae.

JUNE 2-6, 1997
After driving Gregory to camp, John and Sharlene were forced to take shelter in a cabin during a rain storm. John and Sharlene reminisced and then got passionate. Michael headed to the cabin. Alexander took Felicia out to dinner, but she panicked and fled after things heated up between them. Felicia was unable to deny her feelings for Alexander. Felicia was upset that John was not home when she returned. Joe and Josie tried to catch the Silver Rose jewel thief. Michael warned Nick to tell Sofia that he is not the person who paid Tomas's tuition. Patty told Shane that Lila took off. Shane, who is about to be executed, wrote Vicky a goodbye letter. Vicky and Jake searched for proof that Shane is not a killer. Donna nixed sponsoring Cindy for membership in the Ladies Arts league. Paulina is determined to lose weight. Etta Mae won the coffee house in a raffle.

JUNE 9-13, 1997
Shane's death by lethal injection was stopped at the last minute when Vicky and Jake found proof that he's not a murderer. Gary captured Ambrose, the husband of Shane's supposed victim, and held him for murdering his wife. Ambrose told Shane he was involved with Lila. Jake realized he had lost Vicky forever when she thanked him for helping her find proof Shane was innocent. Vicky fumed that the restraining order against Grant has been lifted. Grant told Cindy that he is going to run for mayor. Felicia forced Michael to reveal that he saw John and Sharlene at the cabin making love. Felicia called off her wedding to John and nixed giving him another chance. Sharlene said goodbye to John then left town. John was upset that Alexander gave Felicia a shoulder to lean on. Toni and Chris shared a first kiss. Toni is unaware that someone is keeping tabs on her. Toni searched for the Silver Rose thief, who committed several robberies.

JUNE 16-20, 1997
Carl helped Shane, who was released from prison after Dr. Ambrose confessed that he killed his wife. Rachel joined Carl and Shane at the beach house. Shane, who hasn't practiced medicine in years, was forced to deliver Rachel's twins via an emergency Caesarean after she fell. Shane's estranged wife, Lila, arrived on Vicky's doorstep with a love letter she claimed Shane had written her. Toni was attacked in the hospital parking lot by a mystery man who followed her. Sofia was on the verge of making love with Nick, then dumped him after learning he did not pay Tomas's medical-school tuition. A drunken Nick had minor injuries when he fell off a roof after trying to get Sofia back. Tyrone accepted a junior partnership in Cass's law firm. Paulina didn't tell Joe that she has been taking diet pills to lose weight. Amanda realized Jake still loves Vicky. Alli was upset Amanda kissed Neil.

JUNE 23-27, 1997
Toni was attacked in the hospital parking lot. During a struggle, Toni saw her attacker's hand, which was white, then she was knocked out and raped. Toni woke up to see a drunken Nick hovering over her. Nick ran away, but later told Tomas that he saw an injured Toni. Nick later had no memory of what happened because he had been so drunk. Toni reported her rape, and Josie found evidence that Nick might be the rapist. Vicky went to see a returned Shane, but was upset to see him holding Lila. Lila was shocked when Shane said he thought she had killed his patient, until the husband confessed. Shane asked Lila for a divorced. Rachel's tumor was removed after her twin son and daughter were born. The tumor tested negative. Paulina is worried about the side effects from her diet pills, but kept using them after Joe noted she had lost weight. Alexander consoled Felicia, who was robbed by the Silver Rose thief.

JUNE 30 - JULY 4, 1997
Nick was in shock after Toni accused him of raping her. Nick, who had an alcoholic blackout during the time Toni was attacked, doesn't remember if he was her attacker/rapist. Tyrone agreed to help Cass defend Nick before he learned Toni was Nick's supposed victim. Toni was upset when she learned Tyrone would be defending Nick. Sofia believed Nick when he told he couldn't have raped Toni. Alexander saw Carl for the first time when he picked up Felicia after Rachel's belated baby shower. Alexander told Felicia that Carl, whom he knew as Laslo Carlsson, was responsible for the death of his wife, Diana. Alexander was skeptical when Felicia said Carl has changed. Jake saved Vicky when her house caught on fire. Vicky and Jake spent the day in Central park, New York City. Lila let Vicky think things are great between her and Shane. Gary gave Lila a job at his detective agency.

JULY 7-11, 1997
Paulina collapsed after taking too many diet pills, but let Joe think the cause was stress from worrying about Nick being arrested for rape. Carl and Rachel's twins, Elizabeth and Cory, were christened. Rachel recalled moments from her past. Things were tense when Alexander accompanied Felicia to lunch with Rachel and Carl. Cass arranged Nick's bail after Toni claimed her was her rapist and he was arrested. Nick wondered if he raped Toni, but doesn't remember the attack because of his alcoholic blackout. Nick decided to stay away from Sofia to protect her from the fallout of his arrest. After returning from New York City, Vicky rejected Shane's marriage proposal. Lila is determined to keep Shane, who said he wants a divorce. After Cindy admitted she is the Silver Rose thief, Grant realized her can't turn her in without ruining his campaign for mayor. John told Felicia her won't give up on her.

JULY 14-18, 1997
After seeing one of Grant's "I'm a changed man" mayoral campaign TV spots, Donna threw her hat into the ring to keep him from being elected. Cindy was angry that Grant returned all the jewelry she stole during her run as the Silver Rose jewel thief. Alexander accused Carl of killing his wife. Carl reminded Alexander that he lost a lot of money thanks to Alexander. After Joe found diet pills in the garbage, Paulina was forced to admit that she had been taking them. Realizing Lila was making Vicky think they are reconciling, Shane started the ball rolling to divorce Lila. Lila went to Grant for legal advice on stopping the divorce. Shane vowed to get Vicky back after she ended their romance. Shane was upset when he later saw Vicky kissing Jake. Jake told Vicky that he only wants her if she wants to be with him. Nick underwent hypnosis in hopes that he would remember if he raped Toni.

JULY 21-25, 1997
Gary and Josie exchanged vows. Gary and Josie later told Sharlene that she is going to be a grandmother. Vicky caught the bridal bouquet, but assured Jake that she is not going to reconsider Shane's marriage proposal. Lila suggested that she and Jake team up to keep Vicky and Shane apart. Grant and Cindy crashed Gary and Josie's wedding, then Grant made a campaign speech. Felicia agreed to think about Alexander's marriage proposal. Sharlene, Michael, John, and Felicia agreed to forget their past hostilities toward one another. Grant told Cindy that if she doesn't produce an heir, she is out of his will and out of his life. After undergoing fertility tests, Cindy lied to Grant that she can have his children. Rachel was stunned that Alexander blames Carl for his wife's death. Paulina lied to Joe that she no longer takes diet pills. As Grant planned, Donna was attracted to hunky Rusty, a new waiter at the Harbor Club.

JULY 28 - AUGUST 1, 1997
Cindy admitted it was true after Grant learned from her doctor that she can't have children. Paulina berated Grant for putting Cindy in a fertility clinic, then, as part of his campaign strategy, lying to the public that she's pregnant. After Grant gave Paulina more diet pills from Cindy, Joe became worried about Paulina's erratic behavior, but she lied she isn't taking pills. At his rape trial, Nick pleaded not guilty. Cass forced Toni to admit on the stand that she could be mistaken about Nick being her rapist. Josie located a woman in Chicago willing to testify that Nick tried to rape her years ago. After agreeing to meet Jake in Lassiter, Vicky went to tell Shane that she is embarking upon a romance with Jake. Vicky was stunned when Shane told her that he is now legally separated from Lila. John admitted to Felicia that he spent some platonic time at the cabin with Sharlene. Josie and Gary are excited about parenthood.

AUGUST 4-8, 1997
Vicky threw Shane out when he climbed through her bedroom window and begged her not to marry Jake. Vicky met Jake in Lassiter and he accepted her marriage proposal. Lila failed to keep Shane away from Vicky, but he was crushed to arrive in Lassiter in time to see Jake put an engagement ring on Vicky's finger. Grant assured Lila he will continue to stall Shane's divorce. Cass got tough with Joe and Josie, who testified against Nick at his rape trial. Sofia was surprised when surprise witness Joanne Taylor told the court that Nick had tried to rape her when they were teenagers. Nick told Cass he would take Dana's offer to let him plead guilty to raping Toni because he thinks Sofia no longer believes he is innocent. Nick was unaware that Carrie Weathers, the second rape victim, was unable to identify him in a line-up. On Grant's orders, Rusty manoeuvred Donna into a compromising position. Alexander agreed to secretly back Grant for mayor.

AUGUST 11-15, 1997
Alexander gave Amanda a dossier on Carl's past illegal deeds and love affairs, which made Amanda decide Rachel would be better off without Carl. Carl threatened to ruin Alexander if he doesn't stay away from Rachel and the rest of the family. Nick admitted on the witness stand that he can't say he didn't rape Toni because of his alcoholic blackout. Carl suspected Grant was behind Rusty charging Donna with sexual harassment. Jake and Vicky broke the news of their engagement, and decided not to sleep together until they're wed. After learning Cindy came home from the fertility clinic still infertile, Grant told her their (shame) marriage is over. Grant and his public relations representative, Ms. Dunston, told the press that Cindy had a miscarriage. Lila flirted with Grant after Shane rejected her despite losing Vicky. Paulina panicked when Shane suspected she uses diet pills. Felicia accepted a friendship ring from Alexander.

AUGUST 18-22, 1997
As the judge sentenced Nick to 20 years in prison for rape, Toni wondered if Nick was really the man who raped her. Toni, who had nightmares, realized she hasn't remembered everything about her rape. A fellow officer, Chip Rayburn, heard Josie tell Gary about a female police cadet who was nearly raped. Josie recalled the cadet and a second rape victim noticed the rapist wore a distinctive belt buckle. Felicia called for help when Alexander accidentally ran down Carl with his car. When Carl said it was no accident, Alexander said Carl would be dead if he wanted him dead. Amanda and Alexander teamed up against Carl. Carl convinced Donna to stay in the mayoral race despite Rusty charging her with sexual harassment. Cindy gave Paulina more pills even as Paulina swore she was going to stop taking them. Lila lured Vicky and Shane to San Dominica after forcing Shane to take her along to get a quickie divorce.

AUGUST 25-29, 1997
As Lila planned, Vicky was stunned to open Shane's hotel-room door and see him in bed with Lila. Lila is determined to get Shane back even though they obtained a divorce in San Dominica. While on a date with Jake, Vicky was upset to see Shane on a date with Amanda. Toni told her family and Josie that she is convinced that Nick is not the man who raped her. Josie remembered Rayburn once told her to "act like a lady," which is what the rapist said to all his victims. Josie also learned that Rayburn wears a belt buckle like the one the rapist's victims described. Despite promising Toni that she wouldn't do anything foolish, Josie tailed Rayburn. Grant paid Rusty to leave town. Gary told Carl that Grant was behind Rusty's suit against Donna. Amanda plotted to make Rachel think Carl was having an affair. John warned Felicia not to marry Alexander. On Grant's orders, Cindy gave Paulina stronger diet pills.

SEPTEMBER 1-5, 1997
High on what she thought were diet pills (Cindy gave Paulina speed on Grant's orders), Paulina ran down Kirkland. At the hospital, Vicky learned Kirkland has an aneurism and needs surgery. Cindy is worried about how Grant is going to react to the news about Kirkland. Paulina admitted her addiction to Joe. Jake, who was waiting to marry Vicky in Lassiter, rushed to her side when Shane told him about Kirkland. While Lila dreamed that Shane returned to her, Shane realized Lila planned for Vicky to see them in bed. Josie wore a disguise as part of her and Toni's plot to prove Rayburn is the rapist. Unaware Rayburn kidnaped Josie, Toni waited for word from her. Sofia told Nick that he's cleared of charges in the second rape, and Toni told him she doesn't think he raped her. As Amanda planned, Rachel began to wonder about the evidence pointing to Carl's having an affair. Carl fired Cass as the Cory lawyer because Cass refused to stop working for Alexander.

SEPTEMBER 8-12, 1997
Vicky agreed to let Shane perform brain surgery on Kirkland, who could have died from an aneurism. Vicky and Shane shared a close moment after he told her Kirkland suffered no neurological damage during the surgery. Grant was thrown out of the hospital when he tried to stop Shane from operating on Kirkland. Grant turned his anger on Cindy for giving Paulina the drugs that made her high, then caused her to run down Kirkland. Grant didn't want to be reminded that he ordered Cindy to give Paulina the drugs. Toni came to the rescue just as Rayburn was about to rape Josie, who was knocked out during a scuffle with him. Toni and Josie held Rayburn hostage and tried to force him to confess that he is a serial rapist, and that he raped Toni. Joe helped Paulina fight her drug addiction, but insisted she had to remain hospitalized. Felicia didn't believe Gary, who told her that Alexander is dangerous.

SEPTEMBER 15-19, 1997
Josie and Toni forced Rayburn to admit that he is the serial rapist after nearly getting him run over by a train. Gary and Chris rescued Josie and Toni from Rayburn, who was jailed, but later escaped. Joe suspended Josie and Toni for conducting their own investigation of Rayburn. Rayburn plotted to get revenge on Toni and Josie. Toni told Nick that he had been cleared of rape charges. Nick, whose blood was compatible, had an experimental drug tested on him before it was given to Kirkland, who nearly died from an allergic reaction to the medication. To make sure she wouldn't lose Grant, Cindy doctored Kirkland and Grant's medical records so they indicated Grant isn't Kirkland's father. Matthew Cory returned to Bay City. Rachel confronted Carl after Amanda arranged to have her think Carl is having an affair. Alexander convinced Amanda to continue disguising herself as Hadley. Paulina doesn't believe she has a pill addiction.

SEPTEMBER 22-26, 1997
Paulina convinced the doctor and Joe to let her be treated for pill addiction as an out-patient. Paulina, who felt everyone was watching her to make sure she wasn't taking pills, had flashbacks to hitting Kirkland with her car. Thinking Rayburn had been captured, Gary went on a case out of town. Joe wanted to lock up Josie and Toni for their own safety after they received threats from Rayburn. Amanda ignored Matt, who wanted her to abandon her plot to make Rachel think Carl is having an affair with Hadley (a disguised Amanda). Rachel was upset when Alexander said Carl was having an affair. Matt is intrigued with Lila. Lila fumed that Grant took it upon himself to file papers stating she is contesting Shane's divorce. Grant then subpoenaed Vicky (so she can't leave town with Kirkland) and Shane to testify at the trial.

Jake suspects Lila is out to snare a new man (Matt). Rayburn forced Etta Mae to phone Toni and say she has been attacked and is in the hospital. As planned, Toni and Josie talked an officer into letting them out of jail, then rushed to Etta Mae, where Rayburn trapped them in a hospital room. Toni risked her own life to save Rayburn when he was trapped out on a window ledge, but as thanks, Rayburn shoved Josie out of the window. Amanda made phone calls to Rachel in which she pretended to be Hadley, and like Alexander, told Rachel that Carl is having an affair. Amanda arranged for Rachel to "hear" Carl talking to Hadley via an audiotape of Carl's voice, which Amanda doctored from taped conversations. Amanda also told Carl that Rachel thinks he's having an affair. To keep Grant, Cindy changed his hospital records back to show he is Kirkland's father. Grant won the mayoral race.

OCTOBER 6-10, 1997
Josie survived when Rayburn pushed her out of the window, but she later miscarried. When Joe had to go to Italy for his grandfather's funeral, Josie agreed to become acting police captain while he is out of town. While accepting a medal for herself and Josie for the capture of Rayburn, Toni publicly apologized to Nick for falsely accusing him of raping her. Cindy persuaded Paulina not to tell anyone that Cindy has been her source for the diet pills she is addicted to. Paulina is worried that she will be tempted to take pills while Joe is away. Lila was pleased by Matt's attentiveness. After confronting Carl about his possible affair, Rachel took him to Hadley's hotel room. Rachel was skeptical when Carl insisted Alexander engineered his supposed affair to break up Carl and Rachel.

OCTOBER 13-17, 1997
When Carl accused Matt of trying to break up him and Rachel by lying that Carl is having an affair, Matt kept mum that Amanda is the real culprit. Carl and Alexander got into a fight after Carl confronted him about being the one behind the scheme to break up Carl and Rachel's marriage. During the struggle, Felicia was accidentally pushed through the skylight. Felicia was rushed into surgery. After Amanda stopped posing as Hadley, Matt was angry to see her dressed as Hadley while on a date with Shane. Gary and Josie's relationship was strained after he admitted feeling she caused her miscarriage because she wouldn't give up her efforts to capture Rayburn. To prove he's worthy of Sofia, Nick decided on a journalism career. Cindy tried to steal the fertility statue after Grant gave it to Donna for the museum.

OCTOBER 20-24, 1997
Grant pressured Josie to arrest Carl for assaulting Felicia, then fumed when Felicia insisted her fall was accidental. Felicia, who is upset her face is so badly damaged by the fall, ran away from the hospital. Realizing things aren't good between her and Alexander, Felicia left her engagement ring behind. A homeless person named Wally came to Felicia's aid after she was robed by a drug pusher. Gary rescue a homeless girl, Rain, then he and Josie were upset to learn the child had been abused. Josie learned Rain's mother died of an overdose of the drug Paulina was using when she hit Kirkland. Grant warned Paulina to keep mum that Cindy was her supplier. Vicky was upset when Shane said he still loves her. Rachel disowned Matt, who, to protect Amanda, lied that he concocted the plan to break up Rachel and Carl. Cindy stole the fertility statue, leaving a phony for the museum.

OCTOBER 27-31, 1997
Wally led Rachel to Felicia's hiding place in a condemned church. Rachel told Gary where to find Felicia, then he talked Felicia into returning to the hospital. Alexander tied Rachel up, gagged her, and left her in the church knowing it was slated for immediate demolition. After Rachel threw Matt out of the Cory mansion, he moved into the hotel suite where Hadley had supposedly lived. Matt refused when Amanda wanted him to tell Rachel that she created Hadley. Paulina threatened to tell the police that Cindy gave her the pills she is addicted to after learning Rain's mother died from the same drug. At her and Jake's engagement party, Vicky returned Shane's passionate kiss, but Vicky and Jake later made love for the first time in years. Tomas is unhappy about Nick and Sofia's romance. Donna and Cindy both want the fertility statue.

NOVEMBER 3-7, 1997
Rain's abusive father, Popper, warned the girl to keep her mouth shut after he was arrested on drug charges. Josie and Paulina learned Popper supplied Grant with the drugs he had Cindy give Paulina. After exposing Cindy as her diet-pill pusher, Paulina urged her to testify against Grant. Alexander ordered a delay in the leveling of the old church after Felicia asked him to see that Rachel was returned unharmed. Realizing Alexander was holding Rachel prisoner in the old church, Carl rushed to rescue her, but the building was dynamited before he could get her out. A rescued Carl believed that Rachel perished in the explosion. On Shane's recommendation, Felicia decided to fly to California to have plastic surgery. Shane learned he has a tropical parasite, and it could be terminal. Shane begged Vicky to admit she loves him. Sofia mistakenly thinks Tomas is sending her anonymous love notes.

NOVEMBER 10-14, 1997
Alexander hid Rachel in a clock tower after rescuing her from the church explosion. Alexander created a blackout in Bay City, then secretly returned Rachel to her home after she regained consciousness, but appears to have amnesia. Lila agreed to keep mum after Shane confessed that he has a potentially fatal disease. While Vicky told Shane to get her out of her life, he vowed to stop her from marrying Jake. Shane set up a meeting with Vicky, who thought his note was from Jake. Gary is worried that Josie will be hurt after she said she cares a great deal about Rain and wants to raise the girl. Josie tried to trick Cindy into admitting Grant procured the drugs Cindy gave Paulina. Tomas was happy when, for the sake of their romance, Sofia and Nick decided not to live together. After receiving another love note from her anonymous admirer, Sofia wrote back that she wants to meet with him. Jake gave Nick a part-time job on his newspaper.

NOVEMBER 17-21, 1997
Shane, who has a blood virus, collapsed after Lila tried to get him to stop chasing after Vicky and concentrate on getting well. Shane heard Vicky ask Lila to help Shane realize that the feelings they once shared are over. Marley arrived for Vicky's wedding. Shane kissed Marley when he mistook her for Vicky. On the day of her wedding, Vicky admitted to Shane that she has feelings for him, but insisted she is going to marry Jake. Marley covered for Vicky when Grant threatened to cause trouble at Jake and Vicky's wedding. After his release from jail, Popper tried to sell Rain to Gary and Josie. Josie, who wants to adopt Rain, learned she may have a relative in Iowa. Sofia, who is not aware Tomas is in love with her, asked him to help her identify her secret admirer. Nick thought Sofia has feelings for Matt when he found a letter she wrote Matt because she thought he was her secret admirer.

NOVEMBER 24-28, 1997
Shane's attempts to stop Vicky from marrying Jake failed, and he was to upset to see Vicky and Jake pronounced man and wife. Shane asked Michael for a leave of absence from his hospital job after tests showed Shane's illness is terminal. Shane later collapsed on a plane bound for San Francisco. Grant learned Carl followed Alexander, who went to Los Angeles. After her plastic surgery, Felicia told Cass of her plans to make some changes in her life. Felicia was anxious before the removal of her bandages, but later she and Cass celebrated her "new" face. Josie is worried that she will have to give up Rain if the girl's grandmother is alive. Nick wrongly suspected Matt was the author of a love letter Tomas anonymously sent Sofia. Toni and Tyrone shared a romantic kiss.

DECEMBER 1-5, 1997
Felicia covered for Alexander when Carl and Gary tracked them down in Los Angeles. After Alex promised him financial support, Grant teamed up with him to get revenge against Carl. Carl was suspicious when Alex phoned him to say Carl had defeated him. Felicia moved her things out of Alex's penthouse after telling him they no longer have a future together. Matt told Rachel that he is ready to make amends with Carl. Donna gloated to Grant that his photo of Shane kissing "Vicky" was really Shane kissing Marley. To lure Shane home, Lila forged a letter to him saying Vicky wants him back. Lila panicked to learn the letter was later "returned to sender." A puzzled Tyrone found love letters to "Satin" in a box of things belonging to his deceased mother. Toni told Etta Mae that she and Tyrone still have feelings for each other. Tomas admitted he loves Sofia after she and Nick confronted him about his love letters to her.

DECEMBER 8-12, 1997
Felicia reported a burglary after Alex sent Grant to his penthouse to get some money from the safe. To keep tabs on Joe's investigation of him via Paulina, Grant planted a "bug" in a broach he gave Cindy, who is friendly with Paulina. Jake suspected Grant was behind the photo of "Vicky" kissing Shane when he learned it was Marley in the photo. Jake learned from Lila, who talked Shane into returning to Bay City, that Shane is dying. Shane make Jake promise not to tell Vicky that he is ill. Paulina got angry when Joe said he thinks she drinks too much. Paulina passed out from gas fumes after she turned the stove on but forgot to light the oven. Toni was puzzled at how upset Etta Mae got when Toni said she thinks she's falling for Tyrone. Etta Mae cried while looking at things that belonged to Tyrone's mother. Nick and Tomas argued over Sofia. Thinking of Sofia, Nick arranged to get his grandmother's engagement ring.

DECEMBER 15-19, 1997
Jake saved Paulina, who nearly died from gas fumes. Joe was upset that Paulina admitted her mind was fuzzy when she turned on the stove because she mixed wine and pills. Lila switched Shane's new medical test results with old ones after the doctor said the new tests show Shane is not dying. Lila told Shane she wanted his baby, but he refused. After being rejected by Shane, Lila agreed to Grant's request that she forge a love letter from Vicky to Shane as part of Grant's plot to get custody of Kirkland. After finding the "bug" in her broach, Cindy caused Grant to panic by letting him hear her say she will tell Joe that Grant's in cahoots with Alex. When King Monroe called Etta Mae "Satin," which was Tyrone's mother's nickname, Tyrone suspected Etta Mae is his real mother. Josie told Gary she's quitting the force. Nick proposed to Sofia.

DECEMBER 22-26, 1997
Jake warned Lila that he intends to tell Vicky that Shane is dying unless Shane tells her first. Vicky confronted Shane about a Christmas gift he said he didn't send her. Vicky was stunned when Shane collapsed while they were talking. Vicky realized Shane wasn't well when she overheard Shane and Lila talking about his condition. Josie and Gary were upset that Rain's grandmother is in town and plans to take the girl home with her. Paulina felt Joe doesn't trust her after learning he threw out all the liquor in their house. To make Paulina an unreliable witness in his custody suit for Kirkland, Grant secretly drugged her tea. Grant set a fire and then put it out to make it look like Paulina started the fire after she used drugs. Later the fire flared up again, trapping Paulina and Dante in the house. Tyrone didn't believe Etta Mae, who denied being his mother. Tyrone feels guilty he loves Toni, but not like a sister.

DECEMBER 29, 1997 - JANUARY 2, 1998
Joe rescued Paulina and Dante from their burning home. A suspicious Joe ordered a drug test on Paulina. Paulina was stunned when she tested positive for drugs. Joe didn't believe Paulina, who insisted she had not taken any drugs. Joe wants Paulina committed. Grant was secretly relieved to learn Paulina and Dante survived the fire, which Grant set but thought he had put out before leaving. Gary made a tearful Josie realize they were putting their own needs above Rain's by trying to dissuade her grandmother, Queenie, from taking the child home with her. Believing his medicine to be useless, Shane threw it away. Knowing the medicine is curing Shane, Lila persuaded him to take it again. Lila and Shane made love on his boat. Grant warned Alex that Felicia and Carl are out to get him.