Daily Synopses: January - June, July - December

DECEMBER 29, 1997 - JANUARY 2, 1998
Joe rescued Paulina and Dante from their burning home. A suspicious Joe ordered a drug test on Paulina. Paulina was stunned when she tested positive for drugs. Joe didn't believe Paulina, who insisted she had not taken any drugs. Joe wants Paulina committed. Grant was secretly relieved to learn Paulina and Dante survived the fire, which Grant set but thought he had put out before leaving. Gary made a tearful Josie realize they were putting their own needs above Rain's by trying to dissuade her grandmother, Queenie, from taking the child home with her. Believing his medicine to be useless, Shane threw it away. Knowing the medicine is curing Shane, Lila persuaded him to take it again. Lila and Shane made love on his boat. Grant warned Alex that Felicia and Carl are out to get him.

JANUARY 5-9, 1998
Josie and Gary said a tearful goodbye to Rain, who left town with her grandmother. At Gary's urging, Josie accepted a chance to enter a special FBI training program. As planned by Alex, Felicia told Carl that Alex had contacted her, and Carl tracked Alex down at the clock tower. Alex dropped his gun when Alex threatened to kill Matt, who failed an attempt to get back in Rachel's good graces by capturing Alex and turning him over to the police. Alex forced Carl on to his private jet, then shots were fired while it was airborne. The Cory's learned the plane crashed, but there was one survivor. At the Lake Michigan crash site, a hand emerged from the water. Hoping for a future with Shane, Lila revealed that he's not dying. Lila was upset that Shane rushed to tell Vicky his news. Jake was angry to see Vicky hug Shane after learning he's not dying. Tyrone talked Joe out of committing Paulina.

JANUARY 12-16, 1998
Rachel and Carl, who survived the plane crash, think Matt was Alex's accomplice against Carl. Alex, who also survived the crash, enlisted Cindy to lure Carl to his hideout, then knocked Carl out and disguised himself as Carl. Disguised as Carl, Alex tried to kill Rachel in her studio. Rachel shot Alex, and he later died at Felicia's side. Etta Mae told Tyrone she is not his mother but admitted she had a girl that she gave up for adoption. Etta Mae begged Tyrone not to tell Toni her story. Jake admitted to Vicky that he's afraid Shane is going to try to take her away from him. After Vicky dreamed about Shane, Donna urged her to ask Shane to leave town. Learning she's not pregnant, Lila plotted to seduce Shane. Grant talked Cindy out of leaving him, after she learned he started the fire that burned down Paulina and Joe's home. Paulina fumed that Joe talked to Father Gordon about her addiction.

JANUARY 19-23, 1998
Lila set out to get Shane back after learning the drug he invented to cure his illness could someday make him very rich. Matt sold his Cory stock to Carl in order to start a pharmaceutical company. Shane ignored Vicky's request he leave town. In Hadley's (Amanda's) apartment, Carl found a pen with the initials "A.C." on it. A suspicious Paulina nixed giving Cindy the dragonfly pin containing the "bug" Grant had Cindy plant in the Carlino home. Paulina was upset to realize Joe thought she apologized for starting the fire. Grant officially closed the case on the Carlino house fire after he heard Gary asking questions about the fire. Nick wrote a follow-up news story about Alexander after Sofia innocently told him Matt feels guilty he was involved with Alexander. Rachel apologized to Felicia for killing Alexander as he was about to kill Carl.

JANUARY 26-30, 1998
After using Shane's memory to draw a picture of Hadley, Carl was stunned to realize Hadley is really Amanda. Upset when he learned Rachel knew Amanda was Hadley and didn't tell him, Carl went to New York City to spend some time alone. Joe asked Sofia to keep tabs on Paulina. Paulina nixed returning the dragonfly pin after she caught Cindy, who broke into the Cory mansion looking for the "bug." A suspicious Joe opened the pin, but Cindy had been able to remove the "bug" from the pin. To get away from Shane, Vicky suggested to Jake that they move away from Bay City. Lila is still trying to seduce Shane to get pregnant. Lila cried on Matt's shoulder when Shane rejected her romantically again. Mat hopes to market Shane's cure via his new pharmaceutical company, Cory Med. Nick told Matt he decided not to publish his story about Matt's involvement with Alex.

FEBRUARY 2-6, 1998
After sleeping with Matt, Lila hoped she would get pregnant. If she's pregnant, Lila plans to pass off the baby as Shane's in order to get Shane back. Lila panicked when Shane almost caught her in bed with Matt. Jake was skeptical when Vicky said Shane agreed to stay away from her. After learning Vicky is planning to move to New York City, Grant told Cindy that he is going to seek custody of Kirkland. Paulina changed her sweater after Jake accidentally spilled some booze on her. While Paulina and Dante spent some time with Jake, Joe and Sofia were worried that Paulina was drunk and that she had Dante with her. Paulina was hurt that Joe doesn't trust her. Felicia learned someone sent Toni a pair of lovebirds like the plot in one of Felicia's novels, "Embers in the Snow." Searching for Wally the homeless man, Felicia and Cass found a copy of the novel at his place.

FEBRUARY 9-13, 1998
Vicky broke up a fight between Jake and Shane, then gave Shane the key to the Love lodge so he could work on his medical cure. Vicky later went to the lodge to tell Shane, who was about to destroy his research, that Lila lied about his cure not working. Vicky denied Shane's belief that she still loves him, but gave in to his kisses. Vicky broke away and told Shane she realizes Jake is the only man she loves. Lila convinced Jake Vicky was with Shane. Jake and Michael separately drove to the lodge on icy roads to get Vicky. Shane insisted on driving Vicky to her car despite the icy roads. Matt threatened Lila, then demanded that she persuade Shane to let him market Shane's cure. Paulina was angry that Cindy lied to Joe that Paulina might have been on drugs the night their home burned down. Paulina and Joe argued over who will care for Dante after Paulina threw Joe out of the mansion when he believed her lie that she was using drugs. Sofia isn't sure she should marry Nick.

FEBRUARY 16-20, 1998
Michael, who was on his way to the lodge, and Shane, who was giving Vicky a lift, both died when their cars crashed on the icy road. Moments before the crash, Shane shoved Vicky out of his car, saving her life. After Donna found Vicky wandering in the woods, she made Vicky promise not to tell anyone she had been at the lodge or in Shane's car. Jake, who went to the lodge but didn't see Vicky, blamed himself for the crash because he didn't warn Shane that the roads were icy. Lila, who learned she is pregnant, got hysterical when Shane died in the emergency room. Donna, Vicky, and Nick were devastated by Michael's death. Lila vowed to get revenge against Vicky, whom she blames for Shane's death. Gary and Josie had a romantic reunion after her return from FBI training at Quantico, but he suspects Josie is keeping something from him. Rachel and Carl made up.

FEBRUARY 23-27, 1998
Marley, who returned for Michael's funeral, was furious when Vicky admitted Michael died trying to get to the lodge because he knew Vicky was there with Shane. While Vicky erased all traces she had been at the lodge, Lila talked Jake into taking her to the lodge to see the place where Shane died. Lila found one of Vicky's earrings at the lodge. Lila learned that to inherit Shane's fortunes she must have proof that he fathered her baby. Toni realized Josie is keeping a secret. Gary was upset when he learned Josie no longer wants to start a family. Upset about Michael's death, Kirkland ran away, but went to Grant. Joe decided to reopen the investigation into the fire that destroyed his and Paulina's home. Cindy accused Grant of manipulating her. Matt is still trying to undermine Rachel's faith in Carl.

MARCH 2-6, 1998
Lila was relieved the doctor told Matt that she can not have a paternity test done on her baby until after it is born. As part of her revenge plot against Vicky, Lila decided to tell Jake that Vicky was with Shane at the Love lodge, and at the time of the car crash. Matt is convinced that Shane and Lila's divorce is legal. Cass and Felicia caught Lila breaking into Cass's law office. Joe is determined to prove that Paulina is not responsible for the fire that burned down their home. After spending a day with Joe and Dante, Paulina was hopeful that she and Joe will reconcile. Carl cautioned Joe about his separation from Paulina. As part of his plan to get custody of Kirkland, Grant gathered information to use against Vicky. After seeing Wally spying on him and Felicia, Cass was convinced Wally is causing events from Felicia's novel, "Embers in the Snow," to happen in real life. Cass is upset that events in the novel lead up to the death of the character of Winthrop Crass, who was patterned after Cass.

MARCH 9-13, 1998
After Paulina heard Carl say Joe hired a lawyer, she wrongly concluded Joe plans to take Dante away from her. Paulina later overheard Joe quizzing Cindy about her. After asking Jake for help, Paulina took Dante and split town when she feared Joe had come to take the baby from her. Joe planned to tell Paulina he no longer thinks she burned down their house. Gary told Josie he has a brother who is in jail. Gary was later relieved to learn his brother was denied parole. Josie is still keeping a secret from Gary. Lila vowed revenge when, at Shane's grave, she heard Vicky say she is going to tell Jake that she was with Shane at the lodge, and when he crashed his car. Lila decided to use Jake to extract her revenge on Vicky. After finding proof that Wally left a dead bat at Cass's house, Carl phoned a mystery person and said things were going according to plan. Chris and Toni went out on a date.

MARCH 16-20, 1998
Lila was pleased that the police arrested Jake for negligence in Shane's death after she tipped them that he could have saved Shane's life by telling him about the icy roads. As Lila planned, Vicky came to Jake's defence and admitted she had been with Shane the night he died. Vicky suspected that Grant bailed Jake as part of his plan to try to get custody of Kirkland. Lila threatened to lodge a civil suit against Jake unless Vicky gives up her position as executor of Shane's estate. A thief told Joe he stole Paulina's car from the airport. Joe decided to go on TV and plead with Paulina to return home. Paulina and Dante are hiding in Chicago with Hannah Moore. Grant panicked when Joe said he knows what really happened the night his and Paulina's home burned down. Matt told Amanda he may soon be a father, but didn't tell her Lila is the mother. Carl is not pleased Rachel and Amanda are back on good terms again.

MARCH 23-27, 1998
Nick comforted Donna over Michael's death. Nick and Sofia argued after he came home and found her in Matt's arms, and Nick said he quit his job at the newspaper. Joe suspects Paulina has gone to Gold Street, but decided he must find the person who burned down their home before Paulina will believe he doesn't think she was responsible for the fire. Joe served as a decoy while Jake and Gary broke into Grant's apartment, where they found an incriminating audiotape. Jake told Vicky that it's over between them, then gave her his wedding ring. Jake assured Steven and Kirkland that he still wants to be part of their lives. Vicky was suspicious when Grant said he has dropped his efforts to get custody of Kirkland. Grant warned Lila to drop her civil suit against Jake. Lila talked Dr. Nolan into helping her make Matt think Shane is the father of her baby. Rachel was suspicious when Carl hired a new chauffeur.

MARCH 30 - APRIL 3, 1998
Cindy told Joe where Paulina was hiding after Joe agreed not to charge Grant with starting the fire that burned down Joe and Paulina's home. Gary was angry that he let Grant and Cindy get the best of him after he returned the incriminating evidence to Grant's home. When Josie went looking for the tape, Cindy told her she had burned it. Paulina and Joe returned to Bay City after he made her see he believes she didn't start the fire and is no longer using drugs or booze. Paulina didn't believe Cindy's story that Grant has changed for the better. After returning, Josie didn't tell Gary why she had been out of town. Gary was distracted before he could tell Josie that he's keeping a secret from her. Jake nixed reconciling with Vicky, who told him she signed Shane's estate over to Lila, who dropped her civil suit against Jake. Cass suspected Wally again when Felicia said she is not recreating scenes from her novel, Embers in the Snow.

APRIL 6-10, 1998
Jake comforted Vicky, who feels partly to blame for Michael's death, and rushed from the room while everyone watched Michael's videotaped will. Vicky realized Jake still loves her. Rachel was shocked when Cass showed her papers that revealed Carl had authorized a reorganization of Cory Enterprises. Matt told Amanda that Carl called him "Mac." Rachel was angry that Carl hired a new chauffeur named Cameron. Cass and Felicia noted the tension between Rachel and Carl. Amanda dreamed of the mystery man (Cameron) she had seen jogging, then caught him snooping in her room. Cameron fingered a gun while Amanda was knocking on his door. Josie continued keeping secret the reason she went to Chicago. Sofia admitted to Paulina that she wants to put her wedding to Nick on hold. Sofia was stunned when Nick said he saw a nude sketch of her in Matt's apartment.

APRIL 13-17, 1998
Cameron ignored Carl's orders to stay away from Amanda. Amanda was upset by Cameron's negative reaction to her plans to bring her daughter Alli home for the summer. Rachel heard Amanda tell Matt that she found the Cory Publishing reorganization papers Carl had drawn up. Worried about Carl's weird behavior, Rachel suggested he be checked out by a doctor. Carl rejected Rachel's suggestion then accused her of plotting against him with Matt and Amanda. Vicky and Jake ended up in a heated confrontation after she told him she will do whatever it takes to win him back. Lila was stunned to realize Dr. Nolan, who helped her convince everyone she is having Shane's baby, has blackmail on his mind. Sofia was upset when Nick told her he decided on a date for their wedding. Sofia doesn't like it that Nick wants to live on Michael's farm after they marry. Josie realized Gary has been keeping secrets about his past.

APRIL 20-24, 1998
Amanda covered when Cameron caught her snooping in his room. Cameron later appeared in Amanda's bedroom and demanded to know why she stole one of the bullets for his rifle. Josie covered the fact she knows Cameron. Rachel was alarmed when she thought she heard a (deceased) Mac arguing with Carl. Carl agreed to see a doctor after Rachel offered to move with him away from Bay City. Amanda and Cameron were both stunned when Rachel revealed she plans to leave town with Carl. Carl and Felicia accused Carl of causing the happenings that are right out of Felicia's novel, Embers in the Snow. Vicky phoned Marley for moral support after Jake told Vicky that he wants a divorce. Vicky was upset Kirkland refused to enjoy his birthday party because Michael and Jake weren't there. Grant told Lila that they have to make Jake think Vicky slept with Shane before he died. Cass suspected Shane may not be the father of Lila's baby.

APRIL 27-MAY 1, 1998
Carl saw a neurologist at Rachel's insistence, then fumed when the doctor wouldn't reveal what Rachel had told him about Carl. When the doctor later turned up dead, Amanda accused Carl, but he had proof he was innocent. Josie had a confrontation with Cameron after Joe and Amanda quizzed him about the doctor's death. Gary was suspicious when Josie received flowers from a stranger. Vicky was upset that her plan to seduce Jake was a flop. Jake phoned Marley for support after Tyrone urged him to reconsider his decision to divorce Vicky. Cindy vowed revenge after learning Grant stayed out all night comforting Vicky, and then heard him tell Lila he "settled" for Cindy when he wanted Vicky. Lila is upset her revenge plot against Vicky is going south. Lila realized Jake loves Vicky despite Lila's lie that Vicky slept with Shane. Nick objected to Sofia going on a New York City business trip with Matt.

MAY 4-8, 1998
Grant fumed that Lila let Donna get away with the fake journal Lila wrote to make it appear Shane had written about his "affair" with Vicky. Jake went to confront Donna after Lila "slipped" and told him Donna had information about Vicky and Shane's relationship. Donna planned to use the journal against Vicky so that she can't hurt Jake again. Believing Vicky was having an affair with Shane, Marley advised Donna to use the journal against Vicky. Donna arrived with the journal just as Vicky was making headway with Jake. Cindy told Paulina that if she can't have Grant, then no one else will have him, including Vicky. Lila blamed Vicky and vowed revenge after Tyrone told her Shane's estate was worthless. Carl was upset to hear Rachel tell Amanda Paulina would care for the twins if anything happened to her. In New York City, Matt met with Dean Frame, then he and Sofia celebrated after singer Billy Rush signed with their music company.

MAY 11-15, 1998
Upset at seeing "Vicky" walking along the cemetery road with Grant, Donna raced her car toward them and ran them down. Donna blacked out briefly after realizing what she had done. At the hospital, Donna was stunned to learn she had struck down Marley instead of Vicky. The police took Lila for questioning after Donna accused her of hitting Marley and Grant, and a witness saw Lila's car at the scene. Cindy, who had lied to Grant that he wasn't Kirkland's father, learned Kirkland is the only one who can give blood for the transfusion Grant needs. Jake told Marley he loves Vicky. Carl was shot when he flung himself between Rachel and a bullet fired by a man who stole Cameron's gun. Amanda learned Carl was shot with Cameron's gun. While kissing Matt, Sofia realized it's over between her and Nick. There was an explosion at the hospital as Vicky confronted Donna about trying to cause a rift between Vicky and Marley.

MAY 18-22, 1998
Jake rescued Marley when a fire set off an explosion in the hospital ICU. Rachel was devastated when Joe told her that Carl was dead and his body had been burned beyond recognition. Carl, who was saved from the fire by his hitman, reminisced about his life with Rachel while on a private jet. Marley, who was badly burned, went into cardiac arrest when she learned Jake and Vicky had recited their marriage vows in the hospital chapel. Convinced Jake is the only person who can make Marley want to live, Donna talked a reluctant Marley into helping her split up Vicky and Jake. It was revealed the FBI took Cameron out of prison and teamed him up with Josie in hopes of catching Carl in some criminal wrongdoing. Matt told Amanda he's glad Carl was shot saving Rachel, who they fear was the intended target. Grant broke up with Cindy when he discovered she had lied to him about not being Kirkland's father. Cindy threatened to send Grant up the river if he dumps her, but he counter-threatened to have her committed.

MAY 25-29, 1998
Nick was devastated when Sofia called off their engagement. At Shane's grave, Lila vowed that she will marry Matt even though she overheard Matt tell Paulina he loves Sofia. Lila plotted to ruin Matt's romance with Sofia after learning of Sofia's split from Nick. During a confrontation with Lila, Cass said he knows Matt is the father of Lila's baby, and not Shane. When Amanda asked Cass to pay Cameron's bail, Cass learned someone cleaned out all the Cory Publishing accounts a couple days before Carl was shot. Matt and Amanda told a stunned Rachel that the family business is broke. Hitman Scott Guthrie plotted to kill Cameron, who was released on bail. Scott later went to the Cory mansion and asked to see Carl. As planned by Donna, Jake was angry when Marley told him that Vicky had slept with Shane. Jake later found himself face-to-face with an angry and confused Vicky. Grant hired Gary to spy on Cindy and told him he thinks Cindy started the hospital fire. Grant decided to blackmail Donna when he remembered it was she who ran him down.

JUNE 1-5, 1998
Jake refused to listen when Vicky said she did not sleep with Shane the night he died. Vicky realized Marley must have told Jake that she slept with Shane. Jake continued helping Marley, who had her bandages removed. Jake nixed letting Vicky see Marley's "new" face. Donna panicked when Grant said he knows she was the hit-and-run driver who struck him and Marley. Grant warned Donna that if she doesn't help him get Vicky back, he will reveal Donna was the hit-and-run driver. Grant interrupted Cindy, who was telling Gary all about Grant's dastardly deeds. Cindy vowed to keep Grant and Vicky from getting back together. Scott was upset to learn Cameron moved back to the Cory mansion. Cameron and Amanda were suspicious when Scott got Rachel to give him a job. Cass insisted to Felicia that he has no feelings for Lila, but he later asked Lila to marry him. Lila made sure Sofia learned Matt is the father of Lila's baby.

JUNE 8-12, 1998
To keep Cindy from telling Vicky that Shane's journal is a fake, Grant accused Cindy of running him and Marley down. When Cindy threw a fit, Grant had her sedated and then committed to the hospital psych ward. Twins Vicky and Marley got used to the fact that since Marley's surgery, they no longer look alike. Jake comforted Marley, who was upset that Steven didn't recognize her. Jake and Vicky worked together to find Steven when the boy went missing. Matt confronted Lila after a devastated Sofia told him about Lila's claim that he is her baby's father. Cass agreed to be Lila's lawyer. Carl secretly watched Rachel's arrival in Key West to scatter ashes she thought were his. Felicia joined Rachel in Key West. While on the phone with Scott, Carl's plane exploded. Cameron and Amanda are convinced Scott is up to no good. Amanda and Cameron got romantic while trapped in a barn in a storm.

JUNE 15-19, 1998
Marley felt close to Jake, who promised she will never be alone, then moved her into Vince and Mary's old house, which is were they lived for a year while married. Marley, who thought Jake was moving in with her, was devastated to learn he has no plans to resurrect their past romance. Marley kept mum when Vicky asked why Jake thinks Vicky was unfaithful to him with Shane. Sofia found a bloody Matt lying in an alley, then accused Nick of beating him up. Scott remembered beating up Matt because he blames him for Carl's death. Josie interrupted when Cameron and Amanda were about to make love. Scott comforted Amanda, who now thinks she was wrong to trust Cameron. Amanda later fired Cameron. Amanda realized that Scott is up to something. Gary sneaked Cindy out of the psych ward and then hid her at a safe house. Cameron moved into the same building. Grant panicked when he learned Cindy was missing.

JUNE 22-26, 1998
Rachel was disappointed with Matt after he told her about Lila's pregnancy. As part of her plot to get Matt to marry her, Lila had papers drawn up releasing him from any obligation toward the baby. Lila fired Cass when he was suspicious of her connection to Grant. Sofia admitted to Felicia that she loves Matt even though he got Lila pregnant. Later, Sofia pulled away when Matt tried to kiss her. Vicky was suspicious when she saw Grant and Donna together. Jake continued divorce proceedings while Vicky is still trying to find out why he thinks she slept with Shane. Josie interrupted Amanda and Cameron, who were getting passionate. Amanda is unaware Scott has been tailing her. Suspecting Scott beat up Matt, Cameron "kidnaped" Amanda to protect her from Scott. Cameron and Amanda shared more passionate kisses. Nick was relieved when newcomer Remy Woods was not injured when he ran into her with his motorcycle. Paulina gave Remy a job at Carlino's. Rachel decided to take the twins to England for awhile. Marley decided to fight for Jake. Cass and Lila shared a kiss. Chris and Toni slept together after she assured him she had put her rape behind her.

JUNE 29-JULY 3, 1998
Another World was pre-empted all week for Wimbledon Tennis.

JULY 6-10, 1998
After trapping Donna, Grant, and Lila on Shane's boat, Vicky learned Grant bribed Lila to forge a journal that revealed details of Vicky and Shane's affair. Vicky and Jake reconciled and then made love after she told him about the forged journal. Marley began to lose it mentally after Donna told her that Jake went back to Vicky. Jake defended Vicky after Marley lied that Shane told her he had slept with Vicky. Marley had conversations with a vengeful alter ego. Aware that Gary has been hiding Cindy, Josie was upset when he nixed turning her into the cops. Cindy remembered a terrifying incident with Grant after she fell and hit her head. Josie helped Gary and Cindy break into Grant's apartment, but their attempt to get incriminating evidence against Grant was a bust. Cameron tailed Amanda while she was on a date with Scott. Lila collapsed for real after faking a pregnancy problem to get Matt's attention.

JULY 13-17, 1998
Cass rushed Lila to the hospital after she collapsed for real. Sofia was upset that Matt moved Lila into the Cory mansion so he could watch over her. Matt told Sofia that he loves her. Josie nearly blabbed to Cameron that Gary has been hiding Cindy. Cindy's fall caused her amnesia to worsen. While trapped in Grant's pad, Cindy was terrified to hear him order his henchman to find her and eliminate her permanently. Cindy told Gary that she did not find the tape that incriminates Grant. Realizing Grant is determined to hunt her down, Cindy went on the run after watching his televised plea for her return. Cameron told Josie that he and Amanda are planning to trap Scott. Scott sent Cameron a tracking device that he had planted on Amanda. Scott later caught Amanda and Cameron together. Marley got chummy with Cindy after she heard Jake say Cindy is jealous to want Vicky dead. Marley hid when she feared Tyrone would recognize her.

JULY 20-24, 1998
Marley, who is using Cindy in her plot to take Jake away from Vicky, let Cindy hide in her attic. Marley sent Vicky a threatening note, and as Marley planned, Vicky and Jake thought the note was from Cindy. Marley went ballistic when Jake said he and Vicky have decided to start a family. From a bugging device, Cameron was led to believe Scott and Amanda slept together. Joe and Josie took Cameron in for questioning when Scott anonymously tipped them to evidence (he planted) indicating Cameron tried to kill Carl. Scott knocked Cass unconscious, then made it look like Cameron was the assailant. Cameron admitted to Amanda that he had been in prison for murder. Amanda and Cameron started to make love. As Lila planned, Matt nixed letting her find adoptive parents for their baby. Sofia was devastated that Matt proposed to Lila after he learned marrying Lila is the only way he can get parental rights to the baby.

JULY 27-31, 1998
Sofia was shocked, then angry, when she heard Matt propose to Lila on the same day he had proposed to Sofia. Matt, who plans to marry Lila in order to get parental rights to "his" child, asked Sofia to wait for him, but she refused. Rachel returned and ordered Lila out of her room and her mansion, then was stunned to learn Matt and Lila are engaged. Angry that Lila went back on her word not to trap Matt into marriage, Cass delighted in telling her Matt is broke, but she didn't believe him. While Lila planned an expensive wedding, Matt decided not to tell her his family has no money. Nick likes Remy, who saved Paulina's life when the ceiling collapsed at Carlino's. Gary told Felicia about his long-lost brother, then was stunned to see his brother, Cameron, embracing Josie. Gary thought a love note Cameron wrote Amanda was meant for Josie. Rachel was curious that Scott carries a photo of the Hutchins family crest.

AUGUST 3-7, 1998
Marley had Cindy drive her to the cemetery in a plot to have her run down Vicky. Vicky, who was visiting Michael's grave, jumped out of the way when Cindy and Marley struggled over the wheel. Marley took off, but Vicky captured Cindy and accused her of trying to run her down for the second time. Donna covered for Marley, who lied that she was not behind the attempt on Vicky's life. Marley was stunned when Donna confessed she was the hit-and-run driver who nearly killed her. Marley vowed revenge against Vicky and Donna for ruining her life, and is determined to get Jake back. Grant had Cindy returned to the mental hospital, then fumed when his thug botched an attempt to give her a lethal injection. Cindy told Gary, but not Grant, that she remembers Grant's plots to get her out of his life. The day she was to marry Matt, Lila learned Rachel canceled her elaborate wedding plans. The wedding was aborted when Cass arrived and provided Matt with a legal loophole, then Matt went to see Sofia. Remy contacted a mystery person via computer. Josie tried to reconcile Gary and Cameron.

AUGUST 10-14, 1998
Cameron was furious with Amanda for checking out his past. Amanda didn't believe Cameron, who said he killed his father in cold blood, then stole money hidden away under his father's mattress. Scott kidnaped Amanda, when she kept him from kidnaping Cory and Elizabeth as part of a plan to get the money Carl stashed in Boca Lynda. At first Cameron was suspected of kidnaping Amanda, but he later went to Boca Lynda to help Gary find her. Amanda's escape attempt failed. Reluctant to start over with Matt, Sofia didn't accept his proposal, but they are getting closer. Matt kicked Lila out of the Cory mansion. Cass worried about Lila after learning Matt hired a nurse to take care of her. As part of her revenge plot, Marley made Vicky believe Donna is mentally unstable. While spending the night at Vicky's home at Steven's behest, Vicky was pleased she had a late-night encounter with Jake.

AUGUST 17-21, 1998
Mystery man Zak Wilder told Lila to think positive, then he later spied on Matt and Sofia. After learning Vicky plans to get pregnant, Marley sabotaged their car so that Vicky and Jake had to cancel a romantic getaway. After being invited on a camping trip with Vicky, Jake, and the boys, Marley schemed to come between Vicky and Jake. Vicky is worried that Marley is right about Donna being unbalanced. In Boca Lynda, Scott fumed when Amanda tried to tip a banker that she is Scott's hostage. To Cass's chagrin, Matt was impressed when Lila told Rachel that Scott probably took Amanda to Boca Lynda. Scott's thug abducted Alli and then threatened to kill her if Rachel tried to rescue Amanda. Cameron was able to free Amanda from the secret bunker in the Hutchins estate, but Scott blocked their escape. Remy and Nick kissed after a dinner at Vicky's. When Remy did not come clean that she has a file on Nick, he asked Chris to check out her past.

AUGUST 24-28, 1998
In Boca Lynda, Scott tied Amanda and Cameron together, then had the floor beneath them flooded with acid. After crawling through an air shaft, Gary pulled Amanda into the tunnel with him. When Scott returned, Gary splashed acid in his face, and Scott was shot when he and Cameron struggled over Scott's gun. A dying Scott set off a bomb, caving in the tunnel as Gary and Amanda tried to escape. Rachel refused to believe Amanda died in the tunnel. On the camping trip, Marley made sure Vicky fell into a patch of poison ivy, which made it impossible for Jake and Vicky to sleep in the same tent. Marley, who shared Jake's tent, was upset that she got nowhere with him romantically. Matt rushed a pregnant Lila to the hospital when she had abdominal pains. Zak noted Lila's jealous of Sofia. News of Gary's "death" triggered Cindy's memory.

Marley arranged to meet Grant at a carnival so he could see Kirkland. Jake confronted Marley after Steven said she lied to Vicky that she and Kirkland accidentally ran into Grant. After hours of trying to rescue Gary and Amanda, Joe told Josie and Cameron there was no hope left. Josie and Cameron comforted each other by making love. Amanda, who escaped from the tunnel, heard Josie and Cameron agree not to tell anyone they had made love. Cameron and Josie saved Gary's life. Amanda told Cameron that he ruined their relationship by sleeping with Josie. Josie felt guilty when Gary said he is lucky to be with her again. Cameron felt guilty when Gary asked him to watch out for Josie while Gary recuperates from his injuries. Cindy found the incriminating evidence she had on Grant, but it was gone when she went to show it to Joe. Remy evaded Nick's questions about her past.

SEPTEMBER 7-11, 1998
Gary had to undergo emergency surgery just as Josie was about to tell him she slept with Cameron. After his surgery, Gary told Josie that he loves her. Amanda, who thinks Cameron and Josie were having an affair all along, got the wrong impression when she found them together after Gary asked Cameron to check up on Josie. Joe told Amanda that Cameron loves her. Amanda and Cameron were relieved Dana dropped the charges against him. Jake kept Vicky from seeing a letter in which Marley wrote that she loves him. Vicky unwittingly took the letter after she tried to seduce Jake in his office. When Jake went to confront Marley, she attempted to seduce him, then lost it when he said he has no romantic feelings for her. Joe was curious about Cindy, who attempted to tell Gary that she has evidence against Grant. After Sofia locked them in the hospital chapel, Cass tricked Lila into admitting she cares about him.

SEPTEMBER 14-18, 1998
After begging Jake not to tell Vicky about the love letter, Marley went to Michael's grave and vowed to get revenge against Vicky. Marley, who thought she would look like her old self again, underwent plastic surgery, but was irate that the doctors only removed the scars from her face. Amanda doesn't believe Cameron and Josie only slept together because they thought Amanda and Gary had died in the tunnel. Sparks flew between Amanda and Cameron after Gary sent him to help the Cory family with their financial woes. A devastated Lila saw Matt and Sofia after they had made love. Lila bet Cass that she will marry Matt before her baby's birth. Felicia warned Lila not to hurt Cass. Toni is unaware Chris is writing the Love Lady advice column. Cindy told Gary that she hid her evidence against Grant in Kirkland's stuffed dog. Grant found Cindy's hiding place behind the wallpaper. Remy was intrigued with a photo of Paulina.

SEPTEMBER 21-25, 1998
Cindy rebuffed Grant, who tried to seduce her after realizing she has information that could put him in prison. Gary agreed to help Cindy find the tape that incriminates Grant. To keep Grant from going to prison, Kirkland lied that his stuffed dog (containing the taped evidence against Grant) fell out of the car window. Furious that the plastic surgeon didn't restore her old face, Marley denied Jake's suggestion she thought she could win him back if she looked like Vicky again. Donna and Jake broke up the fight when Marley attacked Vicky. Jake told Vicky that Marley had written the letter to him which Vicky found. Marley told Jake and Vicky that Donna was the hit-and-run driver who left her for dead. Because she feels guilty about sleeping with Cameron, Josie couldn't make love to Gary. Chris kept mum that he is the Love Lady when Toni didn't like the response to her letter.

Vicky and Jake confronted Donna after Marley drugged Donna into admitting she was the hit-and-run driver who ran them down when she thought Grant was with Vicky. Marley panicked when Donna decided to tell Vicky and Jake everything, including all the lies Marley has told. With Marley on her heels, Donna tripped on Vicky's doorstep and was knocked unconscious. Donna was hospitalized. After hiding his stuffed dog in a tree, Kirkland fell off a wood pile and was knocked out. Cindy, who revived Kirkland, panicked when Kirkland vowed to tell Grant that she hid something in his stuffed dog. After Josie learned that she's pregnant, Felicia urged her to tell Gary. Cameron tried to woo Amanda, who doesn't think she can forgive him for sleeping with Josie. Zak, who met with a mystery man, is still trying to break up Sofia and Matt. Rachel interrupted a cozy Matt and Sofia to tell them Lila had been hospitalized. Matt blamed Sofia for taking the batteries out of his beeper, but Zak was the culprit.

OCTOBER 5-9, 1998
Cameron realized Josie is pregnant with his baby. Josie thought about an abortion. Cameron warned that Josie will have to tell Gary he is not the father of her baby, or keep the secret forever. Donna, who has been unable to speak since her fall, failed to communicate with Vicky that she is terrified of Marley. Marley asked Cindy to see that Donna never speaks again, then told Donna that Cindy will be her private nurse. Marley later prevented Tyrone from taking Donna from the hospital when she wanted to go with Vicky. Marley also saw to it that Vicky and Jake's offer to let Donna recuperate in their home was rejected. Grant told Cindy he knows she hid evidence against him in Kirkland's stuffed dog. Zak told his mystery boss that Matt and Sofia will be breaking up soon. The mystery man sent Lumina pins to Rachel, Lila, and Felicia. Paulina admitted to Joe that she took money from Carlino's to get Remy out of a jam.

OCTOBER 12-16, 1998
Donna was frustrated that Jake didn't catch on when she tried to tell him she is afraid of Marley. Thinking Donna disappeared, Marley called Jake, but they found Donna with Nick in the back yard. Donna tried to get help from Tyrone. Jake suspected the "Marnie"Tyrone knows is really Marley. Marley told Donna that she intends to take Jake away from Vicky. Cass nixed staying friends with Lila, who accepted then rejected his marriage proposal. Felicia fixed Cass up with a date. Lila was jealous when she saw Cass with his date. Unaware Josie changed her mind about telling Gary she is having Cameron's baby, Cameron wrote Amanda a letter admitting he is the baby's father. At Cameron's request, Josie got the letter back, then gave Amanda a substitute letter. The mystery man told Zak to see that Lila attends the Lumina Foundation Ball. Grant told Cindy he is divorcing her. Cindy found the tape that incriminates Grant.

OCTOBER 19-23, 1998
Grant told Cindy their divorce is final, then fumed when she refused to hand over the incriminating tape she has on him. Donna disappeared after writing a note to Tyrone that she wanted him to take her to the Lumina Foundation costume ball. Felicia had mysteriously taken Donna's place, and costume. While Vicky and Jake found Donna at home, Cindy and Marley blamed each other for her disappearance. Later, a confused Tyrone had no memory of bringing Donna to the ball. On orders from his mystery man, Jordan Stark, Zak arranged for Lila to attend the costume ball. Lila lost it when she heard Sofia agree to marry Matt after Lila's baby is born. While trapped in an elevator at the Lumina building, Matt helped Lila deliver a baby girl, Jasmine. Cass and Matt became worried when Lila fell unconscious after giving birth. After making Cameron keep mum that she is pregnant, Josie mistakenly told Gary. Cameron is determined to see that Amanda never knows he is the father of Josie's baby.

OCTOBER 26-30, 1998
Someone stole Jasmine during the confusion after her and Matt's rescue from the stalled elevator. Lila accepted when Matt said he will marry her after they find Jasmine. Zak denied Matt and then Lila's suspicion that he is connected to Jasmine's kidnaping, and to Lumina. Fearing that Jasmine may be sold in a black-market baby scam, Cameron and Amanda posed as a couple wanting to adopt a child. Sofia is upset that Jasmine's kidnaping has brought Matt and Lila closer. Cindy played the tape that incriminates Grant during the Lumina ball, but no one heard it because of the confusion over Matt, Lila, and Jasmine. When Donna tried to communicate with Vicky, Marley forced her to drink drugged tea that made her fall asleep. Gary almost heard Josie and Cameron, who agreed to keep mum he fathered her baby. Gary learned he may be sterile. A mystery person ordered Cass into a limo.

NOVEMBER 2-6, 1998
Sneaking into the doctor's office, Josie and Cameron saw Gary's test results, which showed he is sterile because of the injuries he received in Boca Lynda. After Cameron and Josie changed Gary's test results, she felt guilty when Gary talked about having a big family. Marley watched Vicky and Jake argue after she told Jake that Vicky pressured her not to forgive Jake after he raped her. Grant caught Cindy, who was planning to steal the million-dollar reward he offered for Jasmine's return. Grant and Cindy threatened to harm each other. A dazed and confused Cass was puzzled when he woke up in a hotel room. Cass was angry that Jordan Stark never met him. Cass later told Felicia he thinks someone from Lumina kidnaped Jasmine. Lila was ecstatic when she and Zak found Jasmine in the woods, but Cass accused Zak of being behind the abduction. Matt and Joe realized Lila is frightened at the mention of Lumina.

NOVEMBER 9-13, 1998
Matt, who had been hypnotized by Jordan, proposed to Lila after Jasmine's christening. Cass begged Lila not to accept, but she and Matt were married. Zak secretly knew Sofia was right when she accused him of making Matt marry Lila. Felicia didn't believe Cass's theory that Lila and Matt have been under mind control since their visits to the Lumina building. Josie fretted that there may be something wrong with her baby. Amanda and Cameron's attempts to get romantic were interrupted. Marley inwardly fumed when Donna managed to contact Vicky via a beeper. Marley panicked after Donna managed to write the word "trouble" when Vicky asked what was wrong. Vicky tailed Marley, who met with Jordan. Marley later took Donna to Lumina. When Vicky and Jake went to confront Marley at Lumina, they were shocked to see Donna and hear her speak. Remy was embarrassed to witness a tender moment between Sofia and Nick.

NOVEMBER 16-20, 1998
As Jake and Vicky asked Marley why she brought Donna to Lumina, Tyrone wheeled Donna into the ballroom. Jake, Vicky, and Marley were stunned when Lumina was able to cure Donna's aphasia. When Marley asked Jordan to make Vicky disappear, he gave her the tape that incriminates Grant. Grant threw Cindy out after he learned she no longer had the tape. Marley suggested Cindy shoot Grant so she can get his love back by helping him recuperate. After Grant is shot, Marley plans to frame Vicky for attempting murder so Marley can have Jake. Cass is curious about Matt's strange behavior. While Josie worried she will miscarry her baby, Paulina placed a missing-persons ad in The Herald in hopes of locating a bay she gave up years ago. Remy was upset to see Tito, a man from her past.

NOVEMBER 23-27, 1998
After Grant was shot, Jake was upset to learn Vicky was the suspected shooter. Joe thought Cindy pulled the trigger until he learned her actions saved Grant's life. Cindy reminded Jake that she saved Grant when he accused her of framing Vicky for the shooting. After Grant's shooting, Marley stunned Vicky by kidnaping her and locking her in her basement. Marley taunted Vicky by putting a baby monitor in her cell so she could listen to everything going on upstairs. Marley foiled Vicky's escape attempt. Jake searched for Vicky. Sofia said goodbye during the Cory Thanksgiving dinner before leaving for London. Josie is terrified she will lose her baby. Cameron felt guilty when Amanda said she believes his story that Gary is the father of Josie's baby. Cass tailed Lila, who was summoned to Lumina by Jordan. After forcing their way into Lumina, Cass and Joe came face-to-face with Jordan.

Cass and Joe learned Jordan stays shrouded in darkness because his face is horribly scarred. Jordan told Lila that he needs another favor. Lila accused Jordan of getting some investors to back out on a deal to finance Brave. Cindy caught Vicky trying to escape from Marley, then berated Marley for holding her sister prisoner. Cindy covered when Chris heard her tell a comatose Grant his shooting shouldn't have happened. Marley warned Grant that she will use the incriminating tape against him if he talks to Joe about his shooting. Jake fumed when Grant told Joe that he remembered nothing about his shooting. Vicky sneaked in a coded message when Marley forced her to tell Jake in writing that she shot Grant. Joe issued a warrant for Vicky's arrest. Lila was thrilled when Matt gave her the Cory family wedding ring. Paulina went to see someone who answered her missing-persons ad. Tito pressured Remy to con Nick.

DECEMBER 7-11, 1998
Paulina is unaware Remy is the person who attempted to meet her after seeing her missing-persons ad. Tito told Remy about Paulina's trust fund, then fumed when she refused to con Paulina. Tito took Remy's locket and then went to meet Paulina. Paulina recalled giving up her baby when she was a teenager. Marley was upset that Jake didn't believe Vicky's "confession" that she split because she shot Grant. Marley wrongly thinks she is winning Jake back. On Marley's orders, Cindy injected Grant with sedatives. Cindy told Grant that he was shot by Vicky. Jake found the fibers Vicky put in with her confession letter, then saw Marley wearing a scarf that had the same fibers. Dr. Hale tried to have Josie and Cameron killed after learning they are investigating his black-market baby operation. Cameron later saved Josie from being killed on a construction site. Lila continued working for Jordan because she fears he will harm Jasmine.

DECEMBER 14-18, 1998
Jordan was surprised that Rachel was not repelled by the sight of his disfigured face. Jordan lied to Rachel that he had nothing to do with Matt's decision to marry Lila. After talking to Rachel, Jordan thought about a woman from his past. Cass caught Lila, who was reluctantly following Jordan's orders to steal Rachel's ring. As part of a plot to get the ring, Jordan asked the Corys to dine with him. Cass brought Felicia into his plot to find out what Jordan is up to. Zak destroyed the copy of Jordan's book, "Beyond Imagination," that was delivered to Cass and Chris. Marley made Cindy get Vicky out of the basement while she stalled Jake's search for her. After taking Vicky from the trunk of the car, Marley left her in the bowels of a deserted, freezing house. As part of his plan to find Vicky, Jake asked Marley to live with him. Tito plans to con Paulina into thinking he is her son. Cass foiled Lila's attempt to seduce Matt.

DECEMBER 21-25, 1998
After Cameron showed up in Key West, he and Amanda made love while trapped in a storm. Cameron felt it was his fault that Alli decided not to spend Christmas with Amanda. Marley nixed moving Vicky out of the freezing basement of the old Love mansion. An ailing Vicky failed another escape attempt. Marley realized Jake and Tyrone are following her in hopes she will lead them to Vicky. When Marley threatened to leave town, Jake lied that he needs her because Vicky isn't coming home. Tito convinced Paulina that he is her son. Josie arrested black-market baby seller Dr. Hale, but set him free when he threatened to tell Gary that Cameron fathered Josie's baby. Rachel was intrigued after a chat with Jordan, who was a no-show for dinner. Jordan was surprised Rachel wants him to pose for a sculpture. Upset with her loveless marriage to Matt, Lila turned to Cass. Cindy mistakenly thinks she is winning Grant back.

DECEMBER 28, 1998 - JANUARY 1, 1999
Vicky, who is very ill as a result of being locked in the unheated basement of the old Love mansion, remembered last Christmas with her family. Vicky, who passed out, told Bridget she's not ready to follow her to Heaven. Marley forced Cindy to get some penicillin for Vicky, and later to register at a motel using Vicky's name. Jake and Joe rushed to the motel in search of Vicky. Donna realized where Marley is hiding Vicky. Grant suspects Cindy shot him. To fake proof that he is Paulina's son, Tito passed off a hair sample from Remy as his own for DNA testing. While working on her sculpture of Jordan, Rachel revealed a Cory family history is kept in a family bible. After learning about the bible, Jordan forced Lila to create a diversion to empty the Cory house while he looked for the bible. When Jordan saw Amanda, he morphed into handsome David Halliday, and said he's the new investor for Brava.