First Appearance:
July 21, 1982
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Stephen Schnetzer, July 21, 1982 - December 5, 1986; July 24, 1987 - June 25, 1999.
Arrival: (1982) Introduced as a new Cory Publishing executive.
(1987) Returned to resume his life in Bay City.
Departure: Left to go on an around-the-world honeymoon with Kathleen McKinnon.
Introduction Scenes: (1982) To Elena DePoulignac on the Cory Mansion terrace, "Hi, Elena."
(Reintro, 1987) Mary's Place, explaining the presence of a priest to Vince and Mary McKinnon, "He's here because I asked him to come."
Exit Scenes: (1986) The back seat of a car, to Vince McKinnon, supplementing Kathleen McKinnon's exit line, "You heard the lady."
(1999) Affectionately to Charlie Frame Winthrop in Foster Park, "Come here, you."
Birthday: October 22.
Other Aliases: Cass Cadwallader Winthrop (full name). Krystal Lake (female identity).

Cass vs. RexFAMILY

Kathleen McKinnon

Frankie Frame (RIP)

Lila Roberts

Felicia Gallant

Donna Love

Sally Frame (RIP)

Cass cast a roving eye Sally's way in 1982.

Cass and Julia Julia Shearer (RIP)
Julia was one of Winthrop Publishing's authors. Cass worked her to the bone, but was generous in applying the charm.

M.J. McKinnon
M.J. developed a crush on Cass in 1986, but it quickly disappeared.

Cass in lawyer modeFreeze FrameMEDICAL HISTORY
Cass had a clean bill of health until 1994. The shock of learning that it was his genes that were to blame for his daughter Charlie's heart defect consumed him with guilt. He began showing signs of erratic behavior and wild mood swings. His brother Morgan Winthrop, a doctor, noticed that he was exhibiting the symptoms of manic depression. Cass was later diagnosed with this disease.

He first strenuously denied being ill, but when one of his mood swings almost cost Charlie her life, Cass realized that he had to be hospitalized. He received treatment under the care of psychiatrist Emily Bradford, and by the end of the year was able to function on his own, although he was forced to take medication (Lithium) for the rest of his life. The Lithium made him thirsty, and he was often seen with a water bottle at hand.

With Christy (Freeze Frame)He was poisoned by Christy Carson in 1993.

He grew a beard in 1993 (for 2 weeks), from October-December 1996, and from January-February 1997.

He wore reading glasses as of 1996.

During his long stay in Bay City, Cass was accused of the murders of three people: Alma Rudder, Daphne Grimaldi, and Monique Berajacques. These incidents completely slipped from the memories of Bay City residents soon after.

Cass made his mark as an attorney. He was regarded as one of the state's finest lawyers and had at one time or another represented the lion's share of the cast of characters.

In 1995 he gave up his practice to open a bookstore (Wallingford's) with long-time friend Felicia Gallant. After Frankie's death, he found he couldn't bear to go there anymore as it brought back many memories. Since Felicia didn't want to run the store without him, they sold it to Page Turners, a book store chain.

In 1983, he founded Winthrop Publishing, a publishing company with Felicia as his star author. This was a minor venture that folded before the year was out.

Freeze FrameFrom 1987-1989, Cass was involved in the fashion business with Nicole Love, handling the legal end of the business. When she left town in 1989, she left him the Design House, which he redesigned and used as his legal offices until 1994.

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