Matt Staff & KS Dhi

How long does it take to make a tape?
"It takes usually anywhere from 5 hours of video, about an hour of sound effects, and another hour or hour and a half of music. Thatís a basic show."

For a difficult show?
"Weíve been up here for 12 or 16 hours straight."

What are the "more difficult" shows?
"The weddings, on-location, the fires, etc."

Are these done 2 or 3 weeks ahead of air?
"About that time."

How about last minute changes?
"We have them all the time. There have been times where it was the day before air, and we were called back. For the bigger shows, thereís more producers, more people putting their input into it, so thatís why it takes a long time."
"Most of the call backs happen with the special shows. They really want it to be its very best." Editing Room

What kind of special effects do you do?
"A lot are done with the camera. We are your basic edit. We can also add a special effects reel, which creates smoke, smog, and fire. These are basic effects - nothing spectacular."

What do you use?
"We use Pro-Tools as a non-linear device, but everything else is linear."

Is the show shot with 3 cameras?
"Basically 3 cameras. We do a lot of cutting up. We point cameras at every available angle."
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