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How do you create the hair styles?
"We read the script, find out whatís going on - the storylines. And then we just use our imagination for the story lines, and of course the actors have their input- 'I want to wear my hair this way or that way, can we please, please do it.' Sometimes we do, sometimes we canít. We have to do whatís best for the show."

How do you keep consistency if a show is taped over a week?
"We try to be as close as we can. We try to have the same people working, but if someone isnít going to be there the next day, you need to make sure that the person working with you that next day knows how to copy the same hairstyle."

"We take Polaroid shots of the styles, and put numbers on them and we keep them. Itís easier than relying on memory." Kim Rhodes

How often do you dye the actors' hair?
"Sometimes the actors will go out to places that they always go, and theyíll come back with another color. No more of that.

What happens if someone wants to cut their hair?
"It might jeopardize their job. It has nothing to do with us. They take the responsibility. If hair changes, itís hard to film shots that look aligned."
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