1970s-1984 / 1985-1986 / 1987-1989 / 1990-1995 / 1996-1998

Freeze Frame

February 1987: Scott, Cheryl, and Vince. Forest and a lake, "Colorado," winter.

February 1987: Mitch, Felicia, Michael, and Donna, et al. Outside the Love Tower.

April 1987: John and Michael. The streets of Bay City.

May 1987: Michael, Adam, Lisa, Donna, John, and Alan Glaser. A lighthouse in Bay City.

November 1987: Cass and Nicole. An inn and horse stables.

November 1987: Cass and Nicole. The streets of Bay City; the grounds of a church.

November 1987: Sam and Amanda. Fields in Bay City. Playing in the leaves.

November 1987: Amanda. Chicago.

January 1988: Sam and Amanda. New York City.

October 1988: Rachel, Mac, Mitch, Cass, Felicia, Lisa, Sam, Amanda, Nicole, Matthew, and Josie. Belmont Park in New York. Felicia and Mitch's wedding.

April 1989: Sam, Amanda, Evan, and Dustin Trent. A forest and a lake.

April 1989: John and Sharlene. The Frame farm.

June 1989: Sam and Amanda. Fields and lake.