1970s-1984 / 1985-1986 / 1987-1989 / 1990-1995 / 1996-1998

May - June 1985: Felicia and Liberace. Librace's suite at the Trump Tower in NY.

August 1985: Jake and Marley. On the road to Lassiter; Lassiter

November 1985: Arizona. In Mountain Valley, Canyon de Chelly, and Lake Powell.

April 1986: Cass and Kathleen. Playland.

May - June 1986: Cecile, Cass, Kathleen, M.J., and Adam. St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands.

October 1986: Donna, Michael, Reginald, Mary, and Vicky. The Love estate.

November 1986: Rachel, Mac, Felicia, Donna, Bridget, Brittany, Peter, Michael, Reginald, and Vicky. The Love estate. Skeet-shooting party.

November 1986: Scott and Cheryl. Forest in Bay City. Playing in the leaves.

November 1986: Mitch and Matthew. New York City.