1965-1984 / 1985-1986 / 1987-1989 / 1990-1995 / 1996-1998

In the 1970s, exterior shots were used to introduce certain specific locales, including: Jim and Mary's house, Steve and Alice's house, Robert and Lenore's house, Pat and John's house, Iris's house, John's law office, the Frame Enterprises building, and Mac and Rachel's house.

May 1965: John and Pat. Bedfordtown. [Shot in Manhattan, New York]

December 1967: Bill, Missy, and others. Outside the Matthews house.

January 1972: Walter and two police officers. An alley. [Shot directly outside of the studio]

March 1972: Rachel, Steve, and Jamie. "Nursery school exterior." [Shot directly outside of the studio]

November 1972: Pat and two couples. "Parking lot of The Firesde Inn." [Shot directly outside of the studio]

Jamie Frame and Dennis Wheeler

February 1974: Jamie, Dennis, Rachel, and Steve. The schoolyard of Bay City High School. [Shot directly outside of the studio]

April 1974: Jamie and Dennis. Street with Bay City Junior High School at the end of it. Jamie sleeping in a battered, abandoned car. Dennis dragging Jamie out of the car, escorting him to Eliot's apartment since he did not want to go home.

July 1974: Rachel and John. The Seaside Bar on Marblehead Road. John being kicked out of the bar. Rachel coming out of the shop next door, looking in the window of the bar, and seeing John.

March 1975: Mac (possibly Rachel and/or Russ). The entrance to BCGH. Mac being unloaded from ambulance on a gurney and wheeled into hospital.

August 1976: Ada, Dave, and Clarice. The entrance to BCGH.

March 1979: Alice, John, Olive, and Dan. Grace Hewitt's cottage on the Bay.

July 1979: Rachel. Walking along the lake of the Cory estate.

March 1980: Rachel, Mac, Janice, and Mitch. St. Croix, the Virgin Islands.

July 1980: Alex Wheeler and Terry Dekker. Helicopter landing pad.

February 1981: Jamie and Sandy. The Cory-Halloway Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

May 1981: Blaine, Jerry, and Sandy. New York City.

February 1982: Pete, Diana, Steve, Alice, and Sally. Oak Valley Farms Horse Show. Filmed at the "Far West Farms" in Bedford, New York.

March 1982: Rachel, Mitch, and Steve. San Diego.

July 1982: Harry. A construction site.

October 1982: Sandy, Blaine, and Buzz. Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

August 1983: Ada, Rachel, Mac, Clarice, Brian, Blaine, Larry, Sandy, Quinn, Amanda, Henrietta, Peter, Stacey, Roy, Felicia, Gil, Donna, Abel, Julia, Mark, Sally, and Jamie. Mac and Rachel and Sandy and Blaine's double wedding. An estate's grounds.

January - February 1984: Mac and Rachel. Canadian wilderness. [Shot in British Columbia, Canada]

May 1984: Filmed at Long Island Sound, New York.
Alice, Rachel, Mac, Blaine, Sandy, Cecile, Cass, Peter, Felicia, Donna, Mark, Sally, Perry, Nicole, Jamie, Carl, and Marley. Carl Hutchins' yacht. Filmed in Long Island Sound.

August 1984: Julia, Perry, Thomasina, Marley, Nancy, Ben, and Carter. New York City

August 1984: Sally and Catlin. The Cory estate.

November 1984: Majorca.