Robin Christopher as LornaAlicia Coppola as LornaLORNA DEVON

First Appearance:
April 25, 1991
Last Appearance: February 7, 1997
Portrayers: Alicia Coppola, April 25, 1991 - January 12, 1994.
Robin Christopher, February 16, 1994 - February 7, 1997.
Arrival: Came to enlist up-and-coming music star Dean Frame.
Departure: Left to hide from Cindy Brooke.
Introduction Scenes: (Alicia Coppola) At Sassy's to Dean Frame, who is sweeping with a broom, “Ahem. You won't be needing that anymore.”
(Robin Christopher) Felicia's apartment, to Felicia Gallant, "Hi, mom."
Exit Scenes: (Alicia Coppola) Her apartment, hearing Victor Rodriguez's voice on her answering machine, "You I'm gonna miss most of all."
(Robin Christopher) To Felicia Gallant from her hospital bed disguised as Mrs. Gazella, "So how's my new look?"
Birthday: April 6, 1966.
Birthplace: Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.


Carl Hutchins
Matthew Cory
Grant Harrison
Gabe McNamara (RIP)

Morgan Winthrop
Morgan met Lorna when she came on to him one night at Sassy's. Lorna went so far as to kiss him, but her plan had simply been to show her independence to her then-flame, Victor Rodriguez. She invited Morgan and his friend Kyle Barkley back to her apartment. Later that night events took a tragic turn as Lorna was raped. Not entirely sure of the identity of her attacker, she nevertheless pointed the finger at Morgan. He was charged with the crime and brought to trial, but the charges were dropped when Kyle admitted to the deed.

Needless to say, Morgan and Lorna hated each other for a long time. However, Morgan forgave Lorna for almost ruining his life, and they became friends. As 1994 progressed, Lorna and Morgan found themselves the objects of Felicia's, Lorna's mother, matchmaking. They humored Felicia and pretended to be interested in each other, but eventually their play-acting developed into the real thing. Morgan set about courting Lorna in earnest, but he faced competition from Grant Harrison, who was interested in Lorna for his own depraved purposes.

Alicia Coppola as LornaIt was no contest. Lorna left Morgan high and dry for Grant, which really hurt Morgan's ego. Eventually Lorna came to her senses and left Grant, and Morgan was there to pick up the pieces. They had their first real date at the Harbor Club. That same night Morgan found out that Lorna had slept with Grant while they had been together previously. Livid, he yelled at her then walked out on her. Lorna took it badly too, and blamed Morgan for his attitude.

While both were quick to come around and apologize for their overreactions, neither seemed to have the heart to continue with their relationship. They parted and went their separate ways. They remain friends.

Freeze FrameRyan Harrison
Lorna was a friend to Ryan when Vicky ran off with Kirkland in 1994 and provided him with a soft shoulder to cry on. They shared a kiss before Vicky decided to return to town.

Jake McKinnon
In 1994, Jake and Lorna went out on several business lunches. On a business meeting at Jake's home, their flirting got serious and both began making out on the couch. But neither was able to go through with lovemaking. Aside from the fact that neither had any deep feelings for the other, Lorna was still too shook up over her recent rape, and Jake was still in love with Paulina Cory.

On October 22, 1993, Lorna was raped by Kyle Barkley. Though she had been drinking at the time and could not remember who her assailant was, she accused Morgan Winthrop. Lorna was traumatized for a long time because of the rape.

In 1994, Lorna was poisoned by Justine Duvalier, who wanted her out her son Grant's life. Lorna became quite ill, but once the doctors were able to identify the poison they were able to counter it.

She had an appendectomy.

She was caught in a car bombing in 1993.

In 1997 Cindy Brooke shoved her backwards into a chair armrest. Even though the armrest was wooden and rounded, and Cindy is quite puny, Lorna's lung was punctured and she almost died.

Lorna is a public relations wizard. She usually works where her current love interest can be found.

When she was younger, she posed nude for photos, which Carl would hold over her head in later years whenever she went out of line.

freeze FrameWhen she was seeing Matthew Cory, she worked at D & M Productions managing Dean Frame and Sam Fowler until it closed in late 1993.

In 1994 she delved into politics and became her lover Grant Harrison's public relations manager.

In 1995, during her flirtation with Morgan Winthrop, she got a job as public relations manager of Bay City General Hospital.

Lorna is formally introduced as Felicia and Lucas's daughter