Robyn Griggs as MaggieJodi O'Keefe as MaggieLisa Brenner as Maggie (Freeze Frame)

Caitlin Roark as MaggieMAGGIE CORY Nicole Schrink

First Appearance: April 23, 1982
Last Appearance: November 11, 1996
Portrayers: Nicole Schrink, April 23, 1982 - May 19, 1983.
Caitlin Roark, August 24, 1983 - December 25, 1984.
Robyn Griggs, May 5, 1993 - March 21, 1995.
Jodi O'Keefe, June 8, 1995 - November 27, 1995.
Lisa Brenner, November 28, 1995 - November 11, 1996.
Arrival: (1983) Returned with Sandy Cory and Blaine Ewing Cory to start a life as a family.
(1993) Returned in amorous pursuit of Ian Rain.
Departure: (1983) Elena DePoulignac took her to Paris to protect her from Alma Rudder.
(1984) Sandy Cory and Blaine Ewing Cory took Maggie with them when they moved to San Francisco, California.
(1996) Ran off with Rafael Santiero so she could get married and inherit her trust fund.
Introduction Scenes: (Robyn Griggs) An apartment, in response to Dean Frame's "Who are you?", "I was about to ask you the same thing, you big jerk!"
(Jodi O'Keefe) Lying on the couch in the Cory Mansion living room, talking to Amanda Cory on the phone, "I'll hold. Why not?"
(Lisa Brenner) The Cory Mansion foyer, then living room, to Cecile DePoulignac, "Hey. What's that?"
Exit Scenes: (Robyn Griggs) The Frame farmhouse kitchen, to Tomas Rivera, "Until now."
(Jodi O'Keefe) The hospital, to Tomas Rivera, "What's wrong?"
(Lisa Brenner) Center Street, to Rafael Santiero, "Let's run away and never look back."
Birthday: (Former) April 19, 1982. (Current) April 18, 1976. In 1996 it was repeatedly stated that Maggie was 21.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Margaret/Marguerite Cory (full name. Named after Margaret, the woman Cecile believed to be her mother). Joy Lamont (alias).
Other Whereabouts: San Francisco, California.

Freeze FrameFAMILY
Maggie's mother is the infamous Cecile DePoulignac. Maggie has visited her mother throughout her life. Cecile has a hard time accepting the fact that she is a mother and her relationship with Maggie is somewhat strained, though there is no loss of love.

Maggie was shocked when Cecile showed up for a visit in late 1995. She was even further shocked when Cecile arranged to have her kidnapped so that Cecile could get her hands on the ransom money. Maggie got her revenge by faking her death. When she showed up alive, she vowed never to become like her mother.

Sandy Cory is Maggie's father. He visited Bay City for one week in June 1993, when he gave permission for Maggie to live in the Cory mansion in Bay City. Father and daughter are somewhat distant. Maggie felt neglected because Sandy had spent so much time with his business and so little with her.

In 1996, Cecile revealed that Cass Winthrop was Maggie's biological father. She got close to Cass very quickly and was overjoyed that she now had a father that showed interest in her. She was devastated when a few months later Cecile pulled the rug out from under her by telling her that Cass was not in fact her real father.

Maggie has a half-brother on her father's side, Alex Cory. Alex was seen as a baby for two years in the mid-eighties before moving to San Francisco with Maggie and his parents. He has not been seen in Bay City since, and it is not known what his relationship with Maggie is like.

Other RelativesWith Rachel (Freeze Frame)
Elena DePoulignac, maternal grandmother. Louis St. George (RIP), maternal grandfather. Miriam Sanderson (RIP), paternal grandmother. Mac Cory (RIP), paternal grandfather. Donna Sanderson, half-aunt. Iris Wheeler, half-aunt. Paulina Cory Carlino, half-aunt. Amanda Cory, half-aunt. Dennis Wheeler, half-cousin. Remy Woods, half-cousin. Alli Fowler, half-cousin. Dante Carlino, half-cousin. Alfred Cory, great-uncle. Neal Cory, second cousin. Adam Cory, second cousin. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, second-half-cousin.

Nick Hudson

Freeze FrameRafael Santiero
(Married in November 1996.)

Mags and Raf got off to a bad start when he kidnaped her on New Year's Eve. She directed her wrath toward her mother, and pretended to be interested in Rafael to upset her mother. Rafael was attracted to Maggie, especially her trust fund. They made plans to run away together, but after arguing in the seedy motel room, they aborted those plans.

With Ryan (Freeze Frame)Maggie then focused her attentions on Nick Hudson. Rafael's attempt at stealing money from Carl Hutchins came crashing down around his ears, and now whenever he saw Maggie dollar signs danced in his vision. Despite his attempts to charm, or deceive her, Maggie wasn't the least bit interested in him.

Stepping up his plans to get his hands on her trust fund, Rafael enlisted Nick's help in curing Maggie of her obsession with him. It worked, and now Rafael's smooth talking was able to penetrate Maggie's thick skull. He convinced her to run off and elope, and was able to finagle out of signing a pre-nuptial agreement. They were married off-screen in Spain.

Tomas Rivera

Dean Frame
Maggie had a major crush on Dean when she first came to town. Though she tried to get between him and his girlfriend, Jenna Norris, she didn't succeed.

Freeze FrameMaggie now realizes that she never had any true feelings for Dean and looks back on the relationship with mingled amusement and embarrassment. She and Dean have since become friends.

In December 1994 Dean invited Maggie to join him on the set of his musical in New York City. Dean helped her deal with a rough patch in her relationship with Tomas Rivera. They also sang on stage together.

Ian Rain

Maggie fell for Ian in 1993 when he took a job with the San Francisco branch of the Cory family. Maggie followed him when he came to Bay City and hid from her family using the alias Joy Lamont. Ian used her to spy on Ryan.

Morgan Winthrop
In 1993 Maggie flirted with Morgan at the Daily Grind Halloween party.

Maggie is an accomplished singer. She was heavily involved in singing on Dean Frame's album in 1993. Though not a professional singer, Maggie will often sing as a sideline, such as when she sang during the opening night of the Harbor Club.

She worked as a gopher at The Herald, for about five minutes. She was also a volunteer candy striper at BCGH for several years.

Maggie was an on-again, off-again student at university before quitting in 1996.