Anne Heche as Marley


Ellen Wheeler as Marley GENERAL INFORMATION
First Appearance: May 14, 1984
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayers: Ellen Wheeler, May 14, 1984 - September 29, 1986; May 19, 1998 - June 25, 1999.

Jensen Buchanan as Marley Anne Heche, October 15 - 20, 1987; May 6, 1988 - August 25, 1989; April 10, 1990 - June 26, 1991.
Jensen Buchanan, August 16, 1991 - May 2, 1994; November 19 - 25, 1997; February 26, 1998 - May 18, 1998.
Arrival: (1984) Returned from boarding school to finish high school in the Bay City public school.
Departure: (1986) Left with Jake McKinnon to escape Reginald Love's interference.
(1989) Left to travel Europe and find herself.
(1994) Left to work at a wellness clinic in Los Angeles.
Introduction Scenes: (Ellen Wheeler, 1984) The Love Mansion living room, to a startled Donna Love, "Is that how you greet your little sister?"
(Anne Heche, 1987) The Love Mansion, to Donna Love, "Donna?"
(1988) To Michael Hudson and Donna Love, "Mom...Dad."
(1990) A house in Los Angeles over the phone, "I want this to stop, do you understand me? No more flowers. No more phone calls."
(Jensen Buchanan, 1991) The church, interrupting Jake McKinnon and Paulina Cory's wedding, to Jamie Frame, "Hi."
(Ellen Wheeler, Reintro 1998) A hospital bed, to Donna Love while waking from surgery, "Mother?"
Exit Scenes: (Ellen Wheeler, 1986) The church, with a large crowd to Jake McKinnon about throwing the bridal bouquet, "All right, you spin me all the way around and when I have my back to them stop."
(Anne Heche, 1989) To Jake McKinnon in their apartment, "If I ever come back to Bay City, I will be a completely different person. You can count on that."
(Anne Heche, 1991) A hotel room in Switzerland, over the phone to Vicky Hudson, "I love you."
(Jensen Buchanan, 1998) In a hospital bed, waking from surgery with Donna Love, "Jake...Jake..."
(Ellen Wheeler, 1999) To Jake McKinnon and Vicky Hudson on their front lawn, "Night."
Birthday: July 19, 1967.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Marley Love (birth name). Marnie Stone (alias, 1998).
Last Known Whereabouts: China. Japan. San Francisco, California (1994-1995).


Jake McKinnon


Marley had haemosynthosis (a rare, non-malignant, fatal blood disease) in 1985. Her life was saved by a bone-marrow donation from her newly discovered sister Vicky.

In 1988 Marley discovered that she was unable to conceive a child. She was devastated by the news and for the next four years tried everything the doctors suggested to cure her condition. All her attempts proved futile. Marley eventually reconciled to being childless.

Marley was raped by Jake McKinnon on October 25, 1990.

Marley was run down in 1998 and then was caught in a hospital fire. Extensive facial damage required plastic surgery. When the bandages were removed, Marley and Vicky were no longer identical twins.

She wore reading glasses.

In late 1990, Marley was accused of shooting Jake McKinnon. She was put before a jury in a trial that lasted several months. Though Marley was innocent, the situation looked bad for her. As Jake's rape victim, she was thought to have a perfect motive. When things were at their worst, Marley's mother, Donna Love, stood up and confessed to the crime in order to protect her daughter. It was later revealed that Paulina Cory had shot Jake.

Marley came from a very wealthy family and consequently has not worked much.

Probably her first real job was waitressing at Smiley's Diner in 1985 when the Love family was in dire straits.

In 1988, Marley began interning at the Stafford Gallery. From 1991-1993, she worked at the Wheeler Gallery helping to handle clients and manage exhibitions.

In 1994, Marley became infant-care director at the waterfront clinic and counselor for the Bayside Community Center. A few months she moved to Los Angeles where she became the director of a well-baby clinic.