First Appearance:
January 22, 1986
Last Appearance: April 10, 1998
Portrayer: Kale Browne, January 22, 1986 - January 10, 1992; February 3 - 9, 1993; April 28, 1995 - February 16, 1998; April 10, 1998.
Arrival: (1986) Came to get reacquainted with his childhood sweetheart Donna Love.
(1995) Returned so that his son Nick Hudson could be under the positive influence of his family.
Departure: (1992) Left to go to a job in Hawaii.
Introduction Scenes: (1986) To his secretary, "The complaint was made by a woman named Love from Bay City?"
(Reintro, 1995) The Hudson farm, to John Hudson, "And I thought I'd try to save myself the long-distance charge."
Exit Scenes: (1992) A taxi, to the cab driver, "Let's get this show on the road. We got a plane to catch."
(1998) Crashing his car into Shane Roberts's car on Route 12W, "I can't see a thing."
Birthday: June 20, 1946.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Date of Death: February 16, 1998.
Cause of Death: Crashing into a ravine after colliding with Shane Roberts' car.
Place of Death: A ravine off of Route 12W.
Other Aliases: Michael Hudson Garrison (birth name).
Other Whereabouts: Massachussetts (-1986). Hawaii (1992-1995).

With John, Vicky, Clara, and Donna (Freeze Frame)FAMILY
Michael's mother, Clara Hudson, was a semi-regular in 1987. Since then she has only appeared twice: for one day during John's first wedding in 1989, and then for several months in 1995. In those six years she was mentioned often, usually as babysitter for John's son, Gregory. In 1995, Clara began exhibiting the signs of Alzheimer's, though this was never developed. Clara is currently in Green Farm Retirement Home.

Freeze FrameMichael's father died of alcoholism when he was young. He has never been named. Michael resented his father's behavior so much that he changed the family name from Garrison to his own middle name, Hudson. Another reason was that the government "botched up" his name during the Vietnam war.

Freeze FrameSiblings
John Hudson. Both brothers have been close, except for the major falling out they had in 1987 over Michael's wife, Donna. In 1995 John helped Michael through his bout with leukemia. He seemed to forget about his brother's fragile health the next year when he traded blows with him after learning Michael had slept with Sharlene.

Marley Hudson. The two had been very close ever since they discovered each other in 1986.

Freeze FrameVicky Hudson. The two had been very close ever since they discovered each other in 1986. Michael had always stood by Vicky, no matter what schemes she has pulled. When Michael left town in 1992, they parted on very good terms. When he returned in 1995 after a long absence, Vicky was furious with him and very hurt at having been abandoned by him during her recent troubles. When Michael finally explained that he had been seeking treatment for his leukemia, Vicky immediately forgave him.

Nick Hudson. Michael didn't know he had fathered Nick until Nick was 19. Nick greatly resented Michael at first, but Michael chipped away little by little at Nick's defenses. When Nick discovered that Michael was dying of leukemia, he repented, and even offered to donate his bone marrow. In their last couple years together, Michael and Nick were quite close, although both were often shy about admitting it.

Michael, with StevenOther Relatives
Steven Frame, grandson. Kirkland Harrison, grandson. Gregory Hudson, nephew.

Michael had an aunt Edna from Maine.

During a perusal of the Hudson family bible, the following names were mentioned: Jeremiah, Enoch, and Jacob. The first was a riverboat gambler and the rest were farmers.

Donna Love

Sharlene Frame

Rachel Cory


In late 1994 Michael was diagnosed with leukemia. He traveled the world to find a cure, but when he found none, he returned home to Bay City to die. Fortunately, his son Nick had compatible bone marrow and a subsequent donation saved his life.

Michael made his fortunes with Hudson Enterprises. That entity continued to exist, but in 1995 Michael decided he wanted to be a farmer.

In 1996 he campaigned for, and won, the job of Chair of BCGH, mostly to keep Grant from attaining the position.

When he returned to Bay City in 1986, he ran a multinational corporation called "New Resources," which was perhaps located in Barnesville or Boston.

"You killed my son, Reg...."