Anna Kathryn Holbrook as SharleneSHARLENE FRAME Laurie Heineman as Sharlene

First Appearance:
September 22, 1975
Last Appearance: March 30, 1999
Portrayers: Laurie Heineman, September 22, 1975 - March 23, 1977.
Anna Kathryn Holbrook, June 9, 1988 - October 18, 1991; December 20, 1993 - June 12, 1997; July 21-23, 1997; March 9, 10, 16, 18, and 30, 1999.
Arrival: (1975) Invited to visit Bay City by Emma Frame Ordway to leave her shameful past behind.
(1988) Returned to get Josie Watts away from a bad crowd in Chadwell, Oklahoma.
Departure: (1977) Moved back to Chadwell, Oklahoma after leaving Russ Matthews.
(1997) Left to deal with her break up with John Hudson.
Introduction Scenes: (Laurie Heineman) Frame farm kitchen (Chadwell), to Emma Ordway, "Oh, Emma... I didn't hear you come in."
(Anna Kathryn Holbrook, 1988) (June 9) Voice only to Josie Watts, "Don't even think about using that phone."
Laurie Heineman as Sharlene (June 13) In the Frame farm interrupting Jason Frame talking to Josie Watts, "Ahem. A talk about what? Jason Frame, you're not going to turn away your own family, are you?"
(Anna Kathryn Holbrook, 1993) In the community center kitchen, after dropping a frying pan, "Heads up."
Exit Scenes: (Laurie Heineman) To Alice Matthews Frame, about being happy, "Yeah, someday, if I m lucky."
(Anna Kathryn Holbrook, 1991) The Frame farm kitchen, after giving John Hudson a spontaneous kiss and him asking "What was that for?", "Because I love you so much".
(Anna Kathryn Holbrook, 1997) Outside BCUH, to John Hudson, "Goodbye.... Yeah....yeah..."
Birthday: A Gemini (May 21 - June 20). In the 1970s, she was born about 1952.
Birthplace: Chadwell, Oklahoma.
Other Aliases: Sharlene Rose Frame (full name). Named after her great-aunt. Sharly Watts and Kate Baker (named after Katherine Hepburn) (alternate personalities).

Sharlene's parents, Henry and Jenny Frame, died when all the Frame children were quite young. Eldest child Emma raised Sharlene and her siblings.

Sharlene has two children.

Josie Watts. They were very close, though they often had mother/daughter disagreements. Josie was devastated when her mother died in 1991. In 1994, she was ecstatic to learn her mother was still alive, though buried beneath the Kate Baker personality. She and her mother enjoyed a tear-filled reunion when Sharlene re-emerged.

Gregory Hudson. Gregory was born in February 1991. Sharlene left him at a young age, but when he saw her again in 1994 he said, "She looks like Mommy." Sharlene went down on her knees, called him her Sugar-Lamb, and took him in her arms.

Sharlene, with EmmaSiblings
Sharlene has seven siblings. None of them still live in Bay City, having left many years ago. Sharlene remains close to her sister, Emma whom she often visits though off-screen.

Steve Frame (deceased). Janice Frame (deceased). Jason Frame (deceased). Emma Frame Ordway. Vince Frame. Willis Frame. Norman Frame.

Freeze FrameOther Relatives
Rose *, grandmother. Frankie Frame (RIP), niece. Molly Ordway, niece. Jamie Frame, nephew. Evan Frame, nephew. Wade Ordway, nephew. Henry Ordway, nephew. Sterling Ordway, nephew. Dean Frame, nephew. Sharlene *, cousin. Steven Frame, great-nephew. Charlie Frame Winthrop, great-niece. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), grandson.

Floyd Watts
Floyd was never seen on the show and exists only as part of Sharlene's history. They were married out of high school in the early 1970s. Floyd was almost immediately drafted into the Vietnam War, and she went to San Francisco to be near him till he shipped out. She only 21, waitressing at a cocktail lounge, when she received word he had been killed (at age 22 about 1973). Sharlene was devastated by his death and began sleeping with army officers to make her feel close to Floyd. From that point she became a prostitute.

Russ Matthews

John Hudson

Lucas (RIP)
Grant Harrison
Michael Hudson (RIP)

Fax Newman (RIP)

When Sharlene began working at BCGH, Dr. Newman began putting the moves on her. Sharlene was flattered by the attention and went out on a date with him. Fax being the Bay City stalker put the kibosh on any future together.

When she was about eight years old, Sharlene was sexually abused by her brother Jason's friend, Bailey Thompson. This devastating experience left her with a multiple personality disorder. Her mind created the persona of Sharly to be able to handle the abuse. Sharly is an extremely cold and brutal person who cares only for herself.

In 1990, Sharlene's alter ego, Sharly (now using Watts as a last name) emerged and wreaked havoc with Sharlene's life.

Later that year, Sharlene went into therapy and succeeded in integrating her two personalities.

Sharlene as a childIn fall 1991, Sharlene was caught in an explosion that almost killed her. Under the stress, her mind created a third personality. This person, known as Kate Baker, had no memory of her other selves. Kate left Bay City in a daze and Sharlene was presumed dead by her family and friends. Within a short while, Kate's mind had created a past history for herself, which she believed to be real.

Sharlene, with Taylor Benson (Freeze Frame)Kate came to Bay City in December 1993, where she encountered Sharlene's ex-husband, John Hudson. John knew that Kate was Sharlene. He convinced Kate that she was just an alternate personality of Sharlene's. When John was lying near death from a car crash, Kate sacrificed herself so that Sharlene could re-emerge and help John recover.

Freeze FrameIn 1996 Sharlene stupidly wandered into the Hudson barn during a standoff between cops and escaped con Cody Murcer. Sharlene was shot and was paralyzed from November 1996 to April 1997.

She is allergic to seafood.

She attempted suicide in 1976.

Sharlene spent a couple years as a prostitute in the early 1970s.

While in Bay City in the mid-1970s, Sharlene worked at Lamonte and Associates architecture firm.

In the late 1980s, she made most of her money by making and selling canned preserves. When money was tight she worked briefly as a waitress at TOPS.

Freeze FrameIn her Kate Baker persona, she worked as a cook at the community center and at Bay City General Hospital.

Newly divorced in 1996, Sharlene was forced to return to the workforce to support herself and Gregory. She found employment as secretary to Rita Madison, BCGH's hospital administrator.