The "Classic Another World" CD Collection

In 1968, Dan Ahearn of Methuen, MA, ( started taping portions of Another World using an old reel-to-reel audio recorder. Since his primary interest was the organ music of Clarke Morgan (AW's own Pachelbel), he didn't tape any complete shows. The early tapes are comprised of mostly the beginning and ending of scenes which were often set to music. He would occasionally tape longer scenes of dialogue when something particularly exciting was happening, especially after Morgan's death on December 28, 1968. Each character and couple had their own little theme that played at the start of each scene, a practice that ended with Morgan's passing.

In 2002, working with the AWHP to preserve this rare material, Dan arranged to transfer his thirteen reels to compact disc. Each CD contained long scenes of key events in the show's history, along with other material including short scenes, musical snippets, and some brief extraneous matter including other soap theme music.

The CDs are described briefly below, along with a longer "audiodex" in which Dan supplies interesting commentary. Copies of these CDs are no longer available for purchase. However, the material is now available on our YouTube Channel.

The sound quality is excellent, especially considering the age of the material. Rumor has it that whale fat was used in tape binder production, to hold the oxide to the tape, starting in the late 1970s, and that this accounts for why much late 1970s and early 1980s audio material is of such poor quality. Luckily for us all, the audio of the best of the early Another World is being preserved for posterity in excellent condition.

The set, consisting of nine volumes in total, are identified below by the double number of each volume's length in minutes and seconds.

"Classic AW CD 77:51"
Highlights: Confrontation between Liz and Bill, his car accident, and the aftermath. Various reactions to Lee and Sam's breakup. Ada and Ernie's wedding.

"Classic AW CD 52:49"
Highlights: Lee learns Sam has proposed to Lahoma after hoping to reconcile. Bill and Missy's hospital scenes. 1967 music montage.

"Classic AW CD 50:21"
Highlights: Lots of Rachel, in scenes with Russ, Mary, Liz, Sam, and Steve.

"Classic AW CD 61:15"
Highlights: Flashback to Lee reuniting with Sam, just released from jail. Ada/Ernie's housewarming party. Holiday greeting from BW. Fallout of Rachel/Steve's lunch. Lee's nightmare of losing Sam and being all alone. "Secret Storm" bit of Mrs. Hollister admitting to shooting her husband. Some Top 40 songs. December 1969, Wayne/Bernice. More songs.

"Classic AW CD 73:33"
Highlights: Sam's proposal to Lahoma. Bill's operation. Rachel feeling that Alice can land Steve. Rachel/Russ argue about moving to Boston. John/Walter about Walter's jealousy. Summer of '68. Rare 1972 interview.

"Classic AW CD 56:22"
Highlights: Liz gossips and quarrels with her children. The wedding of Sam and Lahoma. Lee's car accident, death scene, and funeral.

"Classic AW CD 56:26"
Highlights: The Sam/Lee "release from jail" reunion. Liz throws a fit over Susan and Fred. The Exit of Bill and Missy. Rachel tells Alice that Steve fathered her baby. The wedding of Susan and Fred. Alice breaks up with Steve. Virginia Dwyer's finest moment. The birth of Jamie. Christmas 1969. Comes with Bonus CD: Christmas 1971.

"Classic AW CD 50:38"
Highlights: The death of Bill. Sam and Lahoma's going-away party. The debut episode of Somerset. The murder of Jasper Delaney. Robert's murder trial. The start of the wedding of Rachel and Ted.

"Classic AW CD 42:05"
Highlights: Walter confesses to Lenore. Lenore receives the scarf. Someone saying, "Tony Cooper is my son." Lenore comforting Walter Jr. Walter in car, crash, end credits. Dick Clark and the Supremes (5 minutes). Pat tells Lenore of Walter's death. Walter's funeral. Mary finds Alice, who's fallen off the stepladder. Supremes (4 minutes).