First Appearance: February 4, 1985
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Tom Eplin, February 4, 1985 - September 29, 1986; May 13, 1988 - March 6, 1995; June 30, 1995 - June 25, 1999.
Arrival: (1985) Came to swindle money from the Love family.
(1988) Came to reunite with Marley Hudson.
(1995) Returned because he discovered he lived in Bay City.
Departure: (1986) Left with Marley Hudson to escape from Reginald Love's interference.
(1995) Left because, due to his amnesia, he believed he lived in San Francisco.
Introduction Scenes: (1985) At BCGH, to Nancy McGowan's "Why don't you watch where you're going?", "Why don't you?"
(Reintro, 1988) Donna Love's penthouse, to Marley Hudson, "Surprise."
(Reintro, 1995) Appearing on a Japanese talk show on the Carlino's television.
Exit Scenes: (1986) The church, with a crowd to Marley Hudson in response to her instructions on throwing the bridal bouquet, "You got it."
(1995) A limousine, toasting himself, "Cheers."
(1999) To Vicky Hudson in their living room, "I love you. I love our family. I love this place."
Birthplace: Lassiter, Pennsylvania.
Other Aliases: Jake Thomas McKinnon (full name). Bunny Eberhardt (alias). Doris Pepperdine (female identity. AKA Doris Schmedlap).
Other Whereabouts: Lassiter, Pennsylvania.


Marley Hudson

Paulina Cory Carlino

Vicky Hudson

Donna Love

Lorna Devon

In 1994, Jake and Lorna went out on several business lunches. On a business meeting at Jake's home, their flirting got serious and both began making out on the couch. But neither was able to go through with lovemaking. Aside from the fact that neither had any deep feelings for the other, Lorna was still too shook up over her recent rape, and Jake was still in love with Paulina Cory.

With Olivia (Freeze Frame) Olivia Matthews
Jake and Olivia flirted in 1989, and they had at least one date the following year.

Nancy McGowan

Jake flirted heavily with Nancy to keep her off-balance when he first came to town in 1985.

Amanda Cory

Hannah Moore
Hannah had a crush on Jake in 1991, but all she ever got from him were driving lessons.

Alli Fowler
In 1994 Alli developed a crush on Jake. It probably started when Jake found her at the bus station after she had run away upon hearing of her mother's engagement to Grant Harrison.

Their romance resumed when Alli returned to town in '96. She became determined to marry him when she got older. But she laughed in 1999 looking back on her crush.

Jake was allergic to hay, cats, cucumbers, cilantro, plaster, and latex.

In October 1990, Jake was shot by Paulina Cory. He spent the next five months in a coma.

Jake as Doris PepperdineOn February 24, 1995, Jake was presumed dead in a car crash. He escaped with a bout of amnesia that cleared up in August when Matthew Cory slugged him.

Although Jake concocted scheme after scheme, his machinations have been just shy of breaking the law.

In October 1990, Jake raped his ex-wife, Marley Hudson. She never pressed charges against him, being content with the fact that he was seeking rape counseling.

In 1996 Grant Harrison hatched a complicated plot to kill Vicky Hudson that involved framing Jake for the deed. Early the next year, a mountain of evidence was discovered implicating Jake and he was arrested.

Jake was a jack of all trades, quick to pick up a new skill. In 1986, he worked at the bar at Mary's Place, and in 1989, at the Cafe Paradise.

His main success lies in his directing skills. From 1986-1990, he ran a video-production company, which he renamed Visions when Donna Love became his partner in 1990.

When the town discovered that Jake was a rapist (he had raped Marley Hudson, his ex-wife), he found he couldn't get a job. Matthew Cory finally gave him a chance, and he began directing videos for D & M Productions.

Jake, in 1986When D & M folded in 1993, Jake needed a new line of work. Spencer Harrison approached him about forming an anonymous company to wage a hostile take-over of Cory Publishing. Jake readily agreed. Their take-over was successful, and Jake became CEO of Cory Publishing in late 1993. His reign lasted several months. Eventually Rachel Cory won her company back and kicked Jake out.

1985 In 1994 Jake formed his own book-publishing company, McKinnon Publishing. He tried to woo Cory Publishing's star author, Felicia Gallant over to his camp, but she turned him down.

In 1995, with amnesia and using the alias Bunny Eberhardt, Jake parlayed $75,000 he had got from Vicky Hudson into several million.

As 1996 got under way, Jake bought Bay City's newspaper, The Herald. He and his partner, Matt Cory, frequently disagreed over the paper's direction and even their own roles. Finally a flip of the coin settled that Jake was the publisher and Matt the editor-in-chief.

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