Matt Crane as Matthew Christian Maurice as Matthew


First Appearance:
December 18, 1980
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayers: Matthew and Michael Maienczyk (Niemcyzk), December 18, 1980 - February 1982.
Christian Maurice, March 1982.
Alexander Parker, March 1982 - February 11, 1986.
Daniel Dale, September 23, 1986 - December 31, 1987.
Matt Crane, March 25, 1988 - March 14, 1997; December 21, 1998 - June 25, 1999.
Brian Krause, September 19, 1997 - March 12, 1998.
Jeff Phillips, March 19, 1998 - December 14, 1998.
Jeff Phillips as Matthew Introduction Scenes: (Daniel Dale) A car, to Mac Cory (RIP), "But when did all this happen?"
(Matt Crane, 1988) Sam and Amanda's loft, to Sam Fowler and Amanda Cory after walking out of their bathroom, "I didn't hear you. I was drying my hair."
(Brian Krause) Center Street, to Lila Roberts, "Excuse me...could you help me?"
(Jeff Phillips) In a park with Amanda Cory while taking a break from jogging, about the missing person posters of Paulina Cory, "Yeah, we put them up all over town last night."
(Matt Crane, Reintro 1998) The Cory Mansion living room, to Rachel Cory Hutchins, "Morning, Mom."
Brian Krause as Matthew Exit Scenes: (Daniel Dale) To Sam Fowler about his Brava cover design, "Keep it up."
(Matt Crane, 1997) Carlino's restaurant, to Sofia Carlino after kissing her goodbye, "I'll remember you."
(Brian Krause) Talking to Lila Roberts at her apartment.
(Jeff Phillips) To Lila Roberts in her bedroom at the Cory Mansion, "Good night."
(Matt Crane, 1999) To Amanda Cory, about the fireworks at Foster Park, "Now that's the way to end a party."
Birthday: (Former) December 18, 1980. Matthew turned 15 in late 1987. (Current) May 3, 1970.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Daniel Dale as MatthewOther Aliases: Named after the Matthews family because he was supposed to be raised by Russ Matthews and his wife Tracy Dewitt since Rachel was in prison for the supposed murder of Mitch Blake.


Matt Crane as MatthewSPOUSES
Donna Love

Lila Roberts

Josie Watts

Lorna Devon

Freeze Frame Blair Baker
Feeling vulnerable and bitter after his recent split with Donna Love, Matthew prematurely fell for Blair Baker, who worked for Matthew and Jake McKinnon at The Herald. They first made love after Blair confessed her romantic past with Gary Sinclair. While the relationship only lasted a few months, Matthew was devastated when Blair was murdered by Fax Newman.

Sofia Carlino Freeze Frame


with Vicky



Matthew had always felt the need to prove his identity outside of the Cory family. He didn't work at the family business, Cory Publishing, until 1998 although he would occasionally sit in at meetings as an interested party.

Freeze Frame Freeze FrameIn late 1990, Matt founded D & M Productions with Dean Frame. D & M (which stands for Dean and Matthew) is a music business that promotes singers. Its star performer was Dean Frame, a singer. D & M was a very successful venture. It closed in late 1993 by mutual agreement. It had outlived its purpose as Dean and Matt were ready for other projects. Matt returned to the music business briefly in 1998 with C Squared Productions.

In 1994, Matt became co-owner of KBAY, Bay City's television studio. He made many of the managerial decisions and enjoyed a lot of success.

Freeze Frame Matt left KBAY at the end of 1996 and joined Jake McKinnon as owners of The Bay City Herald. He and Jake frequently disagreed over the paper's direction and even their own roles. Finally a flip of the coin settled that Jake was the publisher and Matt the editor-in-chief. In 1997, Matthew gave his half of the paper to Amanda.

In 1998, Matthew formed the short-lived Cory Med, to distribute Shane Roberts' new medicine.