Robin Strasser as Rachel


First Appearance:
March 8, 1967
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayers: Robin Strasser, March 8, 1967 - December 10, 1971; February 17, 1972 - June 29, 1972.
Margie Impert, December 27, 1971 - February 15, 1972.
Victoria Wyndham, July 21, 1972 - June 25, 1999.
Introduction Scenes: (Robin Strasser, 1967) To Ada Hobson and Sam Lucas upon arriving home, "Hi."
(Margie Impert) To Jamie Frame, "That's very good, Jamie. I didn't know you could draw horses."
(Robin Strasser, Reintro 1972) To Peggy Harris Nolan at the Fireside Inn, "Here's your ginger ale, Peggy."
(Victoria Wyndham) To Steve Frame from the other side of her hotel room door, "Who is it?"
Margie Impert as Rachel Exit Scenes: (Robin Strasser, 1971) To Steve Frame, "I think wives ought to know as much about their husbands as some girl they once spent the night with."
(Margie Impert) To Peggy Harris Nolan over the phone, "Thanks. 'Bye, Peggy."
(Robin Strasser, 1972) To Ada Hobson in her kitchen about Ted Clark, "He won't talk to me."
(Victoria Wyndham) To Carl Hutchins in the Cory Mansion living room, "All's well that end's well."
Birthday: September 1947.
Other Aliases: Rachel Davis (maiden name).


Russ Matthews

Ted Clark

Steve Frame

Mac Cory

Carl Hutchins

Brian Blake

Rachel romped in the sack with her divorce lawyer from Russ from 1970-1971. He appreciated her drive to fight for the things she wanted out of life and Rachel was attracted to his charms and ambitious nature. When Brian was offered a lucrative partnership at a law firm in New York, Rachel convinced herself that Brian would marry her and that they would start a new life there. In New York, Rachel was shattered to catch Brian with another woman and was devastated once he revealed that he never intended to marry her and demanded that she get out of his life.

Mitch Blake

Ken Jordan

Dave Gilchrist

He and Rachel had a few dates while Rachel was on the outs with Mac around 1977. He had kind of a crush on her, but she didn't reciprocate.

Kirk Laverty
Kirk was a wealthy older businessman that Rachel went on several dates with in 1979 during a stay in New York City while on the outs with Mac. Rachel disliked that Kirk had an "open marriage" with his wife, June. Rachel resisted Kirk's efforts to turn their friendly dates into a romance. Kirk and Rachel were introduced to each other at an airport by Ted Bancroft.

Sam Egan
Sam was a publisher who agreed to publish Jamie's novel, "A View of the Bay," in 1982. Rachel was flattered by Sam's affections and they dated. She was put off by Sam's marriage idea and jealous streak when she spent a platonic night with Steve Frame. Sam realized Rachel was noncommittal and returned to New York.

Michael Hudson

Philip Wainwright

Iris hired Philip to come to town to seduce Rachel away from Mac shortly after they were married in 1975. Iris was appalled that Rachel would be involved with such an old man, and thought she was only in it for the money. She assumed a vital younger man could easily tempt Rachel into bed. He tried for several months to get close to Rachel, insinuating himself into her life. Mac did feel some competition from the younger Philip, and the story climaxed when Mac was injured in a polo match trying to prove his own vitality. Rachel refused Philip's advances and Iris was found out.

Ken Palmer
Ken was Rachel's sculpting instructor in 1976. Because they spent a good deal of time together, he developed feelings for her, which she did not return. He said he couldn't stand to see her if she didn't love him, so he left town with a broken heart.

Quentin Ames
In 1977, Rachel quickly shot down Quentin's one attempt at advancing their relationship beyond friendship, which Iris used to trick Mac into believing they were lovers.

Spencer Harrison
In 1991, Rachel began a flirtation with Spencer. Their relationship never went very far. Seemingly tired of Rachel, Spencer began an affair with Iris Wheeler.

Rachel and Spencer became enemies in 1993 when he formed a hostile takeover of her company, Cory Publishing.

By the summer of 1994 they were apparently on friendly terms again, probably due to the engagement of their children.

In 1967 Rachel was diagnosed with bacterial endocarditis after fainting while modeling during a fashion show.

Rachel miscarried Russ Matthews' baby on July 11, 1968, and Mac Cory's baby on March 9, 1976.

Rachel has been blind several times. In 1978, she was blinded temporarily while being rescued from Sven. In 1983 she was in a car accident that left her sightless for several months. In 1991, she was attacked by one of Carl Hutchins's henchmen. The attack left her with vision problems for several months.

She had appendicitis in 1980.

From March 1985 to July 1985, Rachel suffered a bout of amnesia after being injured during a shoot-out between Mac and Carl. Rachel's fear that Carl would harm Mac and her sister Nancy blocked her memory from returning. In 1995 she suffered localized amnesia of the night Ryan Harrison was killed. In 1995, Rachel was abducted by her evil double, Justine Duvalier, and drugged into stupefaction. She recovered with no ill after-effects.

In November 1996, Rachel became pregnant with Carl Hutchins' baby. In her sixth month, the doctors discovered a tumor growing in her uterus. Rachel chose to continue with her pregnancy rather than allow doctors to remove the growth as it would likely kill the fetus. After her twins were born, the tumor was tested and found to be benign. In fact, the fetuses had been protecting their mother from the growth.

She was sentenced to eight years in prison for killing Mitch Blake, but this ruling was reversed when Mitch turned up alive.