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First Appearance: December 21, 1983
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Charles Keating, December 21, 1983 - March 12, 1985; May 22, 1985; August 23, 1985 - November 29, 1985; March 22, 1991 - November 20, 1991; May 6, 1992 - July 30, 1992; November 13 and 16, 1992; January 15, 1993 - February 5, 1993; June 11, 1993 - May 15, 1998; June 16-25, 1999.
Arrival: (1983) Came to renew his romance with Felicia Gallant and to attempt a take-over of Cory Publishing.
(May 1985) Returned for the funeral of his son, Perry Hutchins.
(August 1985) Returned after being released on furlough to find Egyptian treasure.
(1991) Returned to extract information from Kathleen McKinnon.
(1992) Returned because he was released from prison.
(1993) Returned to try to reunite son Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson.
Departure: (March 1985) Arrested and extradited to Chicago to face Federal criminal charges.
(November 1985) Presumed dead from drowning in an Arizona lake.
(1991) Left to go to jail.
(1992) Left because Grant Harrison blackmailed him into it.

Introduction Scenes: (1983) Arriving for Felicia's party in his honor at the Country Club, "Hello Donna. Perry."
(August 1985) To his lawyer about the ancient artifact he was looking at, "Very nice. Very nice detail."
(1991) To Cass Winthrop's televised threat,"Why, Cass. You're just as sweet and as tiresome as ever."
(May 1992) Crashing Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame's party, "Good evening, everyone! Oh, it's going to be a dreadful night tonight, not fit for man or beast. Might I warm myself with a cup of tea?"

Young Carl(November 1992) Ryan Harrison's apartment, after Ryan has read about Grant Harrison and Vicky Hudson's engagement, "Times like this a boy needs his father."
(January 1993) His apartment, "I am displeased with the methods by which my agenda is being promulgated. I think it time to exercise my veto, Ito."
(June 1993) In Canada, "Ah, Canada. So scenic this time of year. Everything the color of money."

Freeze Frame, with AlliExit Scenes: (March 1985) The station house to Jamie Frame, "You tell your old man that this is far from over, hmmm...You tell Mr. Mackenzie Cory, mark each word, it will be finished."
(November 1985) In Arizona, fighting with Chris Chapin on a lakeshore.
(1991) Jail, "I'll be back. Sooner than you think. Yes. Yes, I'm already looking forward to the rematch. Yes..."
(July 1992) Ryan Harrison's office, to Ryan, "Until the next time."
(November 1992) Ryan Harrison's apartment to Ryan, "Goodnight, sweet prince. You know how to reach me. White Knight to Black King."
(February 1993) The Harrison mansion, to Ryan Harrison, "Ryan, I love you, lad. With all my heart. There, I said it."
(1998) BCUH emergency room, to Rachel Cory Hutchins who has just exited, "Goodbye, my love. Goodbye."
(1999) The Cory Mansion living room, to Rachel Cory Hutchins, "All's well."
Birthplace: London, England.
Other Aliases: Carl Andrew Hutchins (full name).

Freeze FrameFAMILY

Barbara Hutchins (RIP)
(Married and divorced in the 1970s.)

Freeze FrameAbout thirty years ago Carl was married to Barbara, the mother of his first son, Perry. She died in 1984, off-camera, about 20 years after her marriage to Carl had ended.

Freeze FrameDonna Love

Rachel Cory Hutchins

Lorna Devon
Felicia Gallant


Carl went through life pretty much unmaimed considering his lengthy career as a villain.

In 1985 when Carl returned for Perry's funeral he was in a wheelchair. This was explained by saying that Carl had been injured during a prison riot when he saved the warden from being kidnapped.

In 1985 he was shot by Nancy McGowan. He fell off a cliff and drowned after a fight with Chris Chapin. Carl was presumed dead for many years until he resurfaced in 1991.

During Hallowe'en of 1991 he had been duped into thinking he had been poisoned, but it proved just to be an elaborate ploy to coerce him into confessing his crimes.

In June of 1994 he was shot by Iris Wheeler during his wedding to Rachel Cory. When he woke up in the hospital, he had amnesia. It lasted for several weeks. His memory returned at the beginning of August.

In 1998, Carl was shot by Scott Guthrie but pulled through with little damage. Doctors noticed a malformation in his brain but were unable to perform a catscan. In 1999, an amnesiac Carl revealed doctors last year had excised a tumor from his brain.

Carl was presumed dead several times: January 1985 (in a plane crash), November 1985 (drowning), February 1993 (helicopter crash), and May 18, 1999 (a hospital fire).

Carl wore reading glasses.

Carl devoted almost 30 years to criminal wrongdoing until his reformation in 1994. His passion was counterfeiting.

During his first years in Bay City in 1984 and 1985, Carl went after Mac Cory, seeking revenge for the suicide death of Carl's father. His various dastardly deeds included poisoning Sandy Cory, murdering Daphne Grimaldi (RIP), kidnaping Rachel Cory and Marley Hudson, and swindling Donna Love out of her family's fortune. He was put in prison in March 1985, but was released on furlough in August 1985.

In 1991 Carl shot Grant Harrison. Carl was seeking revenge on him because he had just discovered that Grant had once used his political power to help have Carl put in prison in 1987.

Carl, with Ito (Freeze Frame)Later that year, Carl detonated a bomb that claimed Frankie Frame as a victim.

In 1993, Carl arranged to have Vicky Hudson kidnapped. This was part of a complicated plan to get Vicky and his son Ryan Harrison back together.

In September 1993, Carl was put on trial for harassing Lorna Devon, but he was proved innocent.

In November 1994, Carl took the blame for rigging Evan Frame's car, causing the car accident that left Amanda Cory paralyzed. Even though his manservant Ito had done the deed all on his own, Carl felt that Ito was just carrying out his unspoken wishes. By Christmas, Ito had come forward and took the blame.

As a major villain throughout the years, Carl's business ventures had been far from legitimate. While Carl was wealthy, it was never established what his source of income actually was. However, he did have a history in the publishing industry through his father's company.

In 1994, Rachel Cory instated Carl as Chairman of the Board of Cory Publishing, much to the dismay of the rest of the Cory family.

He founded a company called Hutchins Ltd. and once owned a hotel.

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