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First Appearance:
September 7, 1978
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayers: Laura Burgio, September 7, 1978 - January 16, 1979.
Nicole Catalanotto, March 23, 1979 - January 30, 1981.
Dana Klaboe, March 10, 1981 - March 13, 1986.
Sandra Ferguson, August 13, 1987 - June 15, 1993; March 13, 1998 - June 25, 1999.
Christine Tucci, July 13, 1993 - July 5, 1995.
Laura Moss, December 25, 1996 - March 3, 1998.
Introduction Scenes: (Laura Burgio) The Cory Mansion living room with Mac Cory, Rachel Cory Hutchins, and Ada Hobson.
(Nicole Catalanotto) The Cory Mansion living room with Rachel Cory Hutchins and Louise Goddard Brooks.
(Dana Klaboe) The Cory Mansion living room to Sandy Cory, "So my Mommy can have me..."
(Sandra Ferguson, 1987) The docks, to Matthew's dog, then to Matthew Cory, "Apple! Look at you! You're all fixed up!... Matthew! Give me a hug, you jerk!"
(Christine Tucci) Walking into the Cory Mansion, "Hi! Anybody home?"
(Laura Moss) The Cory Mansion living room, to Rachel Cory, "Merry Christmas, Mom."
(Sandra Ferguson, Reintro 1998) The Cory Mansion front door, to Sofia Carlino, "Uh, fine, fine. Do you want to tell me what I've missed? Is there something going on here?"
Mac with Amanda (Laura Burgio) Exit Scenes: (Laura Burgio) With Mac Cory and Sylvie Kosloff.
(Nicole Catalanotto) In the Cory Mansion living room with Mac Cory, Rachel Cory Hutchins, and Ada Hobson.
(Dana Klaboe) In the Cory Mansion living room, to Ada Hobson and Rachel Cory, "Good night."
(Sandra Ferguson, 1993) An airport restaurant, to Grant Harrison, "Thank you for listening."
Christine Tucci (Christine Tucci) The Cory Mansion foyer, to Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson, "Bye."
(Laura Moss) In the Cory Mansion living room, to Rachel Cory Hutchins, about an entry in Carl Hutchins' address book, "It's all over this page...Chris Chapin's name, his phone number, his address...and look what Carl put under his name..."
(Sandra Ferguson, 1999) At the end of Cass Winthrop and Lila Roberts' wedding celebration in Foster park, "So I guess this is it."
Birthday: (Former) August 11, 1978. (Current) May 15, 1969.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Amanda Davis Cory (full name). Mandy Ashtin (alias). Hadley Prescott (alias). Named after Mac Cory's mother.
Other Whereabouts: Los Angeles, California. Europe.

Dana Klaboe as Amanda

Nicole Catalanotto as Amanda


Sam Fowler

Grant Harrison

Cameron Sinclair

Evan Frame


Amanda was born premature and spent her first few weeks in an incubator.

In 1990, depressed over her recent divorce, Amanda began drinking more than was good for her. However, she was able to quit by the end of the year and never became an alcoholic.

She was caught in a building explosion in 1993.

In November of 1994, Amanda was in a car accident with Evan Frame which left her paralyzed. After four months of physical therapy she was able to walk again.

Amanda wore reading glasses.

Since 1987, Amanda has been an integral part of Cory Enterprises. She started out as a reporter and till 1999 would often pen an article herself. She was at one point CEO of Cory Publishing, a top-level position giving her a say in the conducting of business. In 1995 she left to help run the Los Angeles branch of Cory Publishing, but returned at the close of 1996.

Amanda was the editor of Sophisticate, although the magazine has not been mentioned in years.

In 1997 she joined The Herald as a reporter.

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