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DECEMBER 31, 1979 - JANUARY 4, 1980
Angie left town determined to put Willis behind her. Ada and Charlie were married. Willis was conflicted over Gwen starting a new construction firm. Joey became close to student nurse, Kit as she reminded him of Eileen. Blaine began a romance with affable cop, Jerry. Gwen agreed to design a restaurant for Rose and a cardiac unit for Kevin. Bud, Larry, and Jerry investigated a drug ring. Pat and Tracy went to Houston to complete their story on "Texas Women." Dennis admitted to Joey he hopes to win Cecile's love. Blaine wondered if Hazel planned to appoint her as a replacement when Hazel mentioned possibly quitting the mob. Striker and Reena ensured that Kevin and Pat did not have a moment alone. Cecile daydreamed of making love to Philip. Mac told Rachel he objects to Mitch spending time with her and Amanda. Pat ignored her attraction to Kevin and warned him they can be nothing more than friends. Philip blackmailed Iris into getting more money. Brian's suspicions of Iris's involvement in Jamie and Cecile's problems grew after learning Iris is short on cash and Philip has none of his own. At his disco opening, Mitch urged Janice to carry out the plan to drug Mac since Mac and Rachel are getting closer.

JANUARY 7-11, 1980
Mac and Janice moved into Elena's former place. Striker offered Kevin funding for another clinic under the condition that he reunite with Reena. Hazel grew nervous over being questioned by Larry and panicked upon learning Bud knows the identity of the informant. Reena ordered Pat away from Kevin. Mitch goaded Janice so she'd continue to poison Mac by hinting he'd marry Rachel. Scott urged Larry to look after Bud, who is working alone in the drug ring investigation. Tracy admitted her past musical aspirations and that promoter Jason Dunlap is the only other man she ever loved besides her dead husband. Jamie worried about losing Cecile should he leave for medical school. Mitch bought drugs for Janice and gave her instructions on administering them. Sally was jealous that Kit was attentive to Joey. Kevin rebuffed Reena's advances. Kit denied knowing Philip, who swore he recognized her from the past. Cecile told Jamie she cannot marry him until she gets over Philip. Tracy was shocked to see Jason, who was guest of honor for a band's promotional party and reminded her of the star she could be.

JANUARY 14-18, 1980
Bud was killed after stopping a speeding car. Larry didn't realize that Bud said "Hazel" before he died because Bud knew she was the police leak. Russ romanced Tracy, who was convinced by Jason to resume singing. Janice lost the "poison" manuscript." Reena threw a tantrum when Kevin brought her mother Victoria to see Striker after he had a heart attack. Jason promised Tracy he'll keep business and pleasure separated. Larry gave the news Bud was murdered to Blaine, Clarice, and Hazel. Cecile admitted to Jamie she doesn't love him or Philip and broke their engagement. Blaine grew suspicious of Hazel's involvement in Bud's murder when she fainted. Mac became tired, listless, and absent-minded under the influence of the drugs Janice was giving him. Victoria and Striker had a pleasant visit but Reena refused to acknowledge her mother's presence. Janice panicked when she thought Mac had died instead of just sleeping and had doubts of carrying out the plan.

JANUARY 21-25, 1980
Victoria told Striker she left because Reena used their fights to get closer to Striker and alienated her. Rachel was shocked by Mac's condition when he came to visit Amanda. Paul urged Joey to give his friendship with Kit a chance to blossom into romance. Mac was irritated by Mitch's presence and insisted he is in good health when Rachel suggested he see a doctor. Reena threw a tantrum because Striker wished to reconcile with Victoria. Ada and Charlie went on a belated Hawaiian honeymoon. Joey took Kit to Rose's new restaurant opening as his date. Mitch told Janice to stop drugging Mac so the drug will be cleared from his system in time for Mac to get a physical examination from Russ. Willis was jealous of Gwen's business success. Larry was cleared of Bud's murder. Janice almost fainted when Mac and Jamie agreed to have the "Harry Must Die" manuscript reviewed by another editor for potential publishing. Paul quit his job at the foundry to become Rose's business partner at her Italian restaurant. Gwen embarrassed herself by getting extremely drunk because Willis took Tracy to Iris's party. Pat took over Janice's responsibilities so she could devote full time to Mac. Blaine plotted to use her connections to the police force to be a mob leak. Kit had flashbacks of being menaced by two unknown men.

Tracy assured Gwen she has no interest in Willis and warned they are pawns in games Iris and Janice are playing. Blaine agreed to join Hazel and Aunt Meg's mob operations and planned to use Jerry so she could be an informant. Mitch tried to retrieve the manuscript that was left on Jamie's desk. Larry and Blaine received word their father died. Jim and Liz realized they have feelings for each other. Janice convinced Mac to stay at home and work less so his deteriorating health will go unnoticed. Hazel was interested in purchasing the land Blaine inherited from her father. Sally met Dan Cooper, a surgical intern with a reputation as a lady's man. Pat rejected Kevin's declarations of love. Janice was unable to make love to Mitch after she resumed her poison plot against Mac. Rachel accused Iris of scheming to break up Jamie and Cecile so she can be with Dennis. Tracy warned Philip she dislikes being used by him and Iris as the reason he's in town. Rose's restaurant assistant, Renaldo befriended Vivien. Iris helped Philip get a job at Cory Publishing so Cecile will gain respect for him. Jason convinced Mitch to hire Tracy as a singer for the new disco.

FEBRUARY 4-8, 1980
Iris feared Brian would want a divorce should he discover her schemes with Philip. Mac decided to read the manuscript himself after being impressed by Philip's editorial report. Victoria recognized Kit as Kit Halloway, a debutante who had been kidnapped by the Red Brigade for ransom in Italy. Rose agreed to marry Paul when his annulment from Rita was finalized. Mac accidentally left the manuscript with Rachel after visiting Amanda. Victoria promised to keep mum once Kit revealed her true identity and expressed fears Joey would dump her if he knew of her family wealth. Joey asked Kit to consider marriage. Hazel arranged to have Blaine's inherited property sold to cover up the loot Blaine will be making as a mob informer. Paul and Rose were thrilled Joey proposed to Kit but Joey was evasive towards them meeting Kit's family. Reena fought a losing battle to keep Striker and Victoria separated. Impressed by Cecile's artwork, Dennis and Philip arranged a meeting for her with Pat and recommended an art gallery owner to view her work. Russ feared that Tracy's career will push him out of her life. Kevin had regrets about accepting the cardiac care unit Striker bought him so he'd stay with Reena. Brian wasn't ready to reconcile with Iris.

FEBRUARY 11-15, 1980
Rachel read the manuscript and joked that Janice resembles the character who tried to kill her husband. Janice pressured Mac into letting Willis run the company since Mac is feeling poorly. Hazel and Blaine had a power struggle within the mob. Iris became concerned over Philip's enthusiasm for his work and commitment to carrying out their plan. Victoria begged Kevin to stand by Reena and support her. Tracy decided to leave Brava and pursue her singing career to pay off her debts. Pat hinted she loves Kevin, who insisted he has no choice but to stay with Reena. Mitch was moved as Rachel swore to Mac she and Amanda would always be part of his life. Jamie went to New York to meet with Donald Tanner, the author of "Harry Must Die." Rachel suspected that Janice is causing Mac's deteriorating health. Rose was curious about Kit's family while Kit and Joey made wedding plans. Sally dated intern Dan Cooper but told him she still loves Joey. Vivien was romanced by Renaldo and Rudy. Brian wanted Iris to be sure she wants to reconcile. Striker and Victoria reunited despite Reena's accusations that Victoria is using Striker for his money. Rachel failed to convince Mac's friends that Janice is poisoning him. Blaine agreed to marry Jerry.

FEBRUARY 18-22, 1980
Janice was livid and accused Mitch of harboring feelings for Rachel when Mitch wanted out of their plot against Mac. Rose opened her Italian restaurant. Tracy began her new nightclub career and was a resounding success. Kevin rejected Victoria's offer to get him released from Striker's deal and reconciled with Reena. Janice recorded her last conversation with Mitch and erased the part when he insisted he no longer wanted to be involved. Iris believed Janice's lie she and Mac are taking a vacation and Mac has recovered from the flu. Pat told Rachel and Liz she hasn't seen Mac in weeks and he sounded awkward and confused on a tape she received from him. Philip proposed marriage to Cecile. Jerry suspected that someone is still tipping off the local drug dealers about impending police raids. Gwen realized that Willis knows more about Mac than he's telling. Sally was puzzled by Blaine's new lavish lifestyle despite being married to a cop. Striker and Victoria returned to Houston. Jamie told Rachel about the plot of "Harry Must Die" and Janice being incensed upon learning copies of the manuscript were found. Brian and Dennis were unnerved by Iris's joy over Philip's marriage proposal to Cecile. Janice made plans to take Mac to the Caribbean and Mitch would later join them.

FEBRUARY 25-29, 1980
Mitch found himself trapped once Janice played the taped conversation they had about poisoning Mac. Gwen didn't believe Willis' insistence that Janice took Mac out of town to overcome alcoholism. Blaine became a darling of the mob once she tricked the cops into believing there isn't a leak in the police department anymore. Scott was convinced that Bud's death and the mob leak are connected. Liz and Rachel were alarmed that Janice refused to let Liz see Mac and he was napping while Amanda was visiting him. Cecile overheard Iris and Philip argue about the money Iris paid him to break up Cecile and Dennis. Cecile didn't hear Philip's admission of love, stole Iris and Philip's contract, and swore revenge. Kit feared Sally may find out about Kit's past and use it to win Joey for herself. Jason convinced Pat to write an article on Tracy's career. Janice attacked Gwen during a confrontation. Blaine was undeterred by Hazel's warnings she'll make trouble for herself with the mob bosses by acting superior. Reena was pleased to have Kevin back. Iris accused Rachel of being obsessed with Mac and refused to listen to her suspicions about Janice. On a tip from Willis, Rachel went to St. Lucia but was unable to locate Mac and Janice.

MARCH 3-7, 1980
Rachel didn't get any help from Jason when Mitch broke their date and left town suddenly. Larry had no idea that his father's land was purchased by the mob. Tracy forgave Philip for his involvement with Iris but warned him to tell Cecile the truth. Joey and Rose became suspicious of the reason Kit doesn't want her parents attending the wedding. Tracy found Mitch's address on a matchbook cover Jason left and gave it to Rachel. Gwen and Willis disagreed that Janice is capable of committing murder. Brian worried about legal trouble for Rachel because of her accusations against Janice. Cecile played the loving fiance while making copies of Iris and Philip's contract. Willis begged Ada, Brooks, and Louise to reveal Rachel's whereabouts to no avail. Russ refused to prescribe sleeping pills for Tracy, who has been fatigued and is suffering from dizzy spells. Philip agreed to destroy their contract after Iris confessed she thought Dennis would find happiness with Cecile and is afraid of losing Brian. Blaine cringed over Sally's assertion she cannot love Jerry the same way she did Buzz. Janice became more desperate as Mac's health deteriorated further and was relieved when Mitch arrived. Reena grew despondent over Striker reconciling with Victoria. Brian decided to help Rachel in case charges are pressed against her for slandering Janice. Mitch lied to Janice, promising to carry out the plan and be together once Mac dies.

MARCH 10-14, 1980
Mitch caught Rachel spying on him in St. Croix. Rachel charmed Mitch, claiming she discovered his whereabouts through Jason and hoped to see him. Russ threatened Jason after he was caught giving pills to Tracy. Kit worried that her Aunt Miranda and Uncle Lloyd will reveal her true identity upon their arrival. Gwen and Willis fought about Janice until he began to question Janice's intentions toward Mac. Blaine agreed to meet Buzz, who has joined the mob since being out on parole, at a coffee shop. Rachel seduced Mitch after they enjoyed a day of sailing in hopes Mitch would lead her to Mac. Reena drunkenly threatened Pat even though Kevin agreed to make a go of his marriage to Reena. Brian and Iris reconciled, but Cecile plotted to ruin their marriage to get revenge against Iris. Mitch secretly vowed to help Rachel in saving Mac's life. Buzz convinced Blaine to meet him at a motel room on the condition that Jerry doesn't find out. Pat warned Kevin he shouldn't expect Reena to change for anyone. Ada refused to give Rachel's whereabouts to Brian, who questioned the reasons that Mac has not called anyone in days. Mitch tried to assure Janice that his motives with Rachel were a one-night stand and to ensure their protection. Hazel wanted to recruit Sally for the mob. Jason pushed Tracy hard in preparation for her singing debut. Rachel followed Mitch and Janice to Mac. Rachel slipped into the house while Mitch distracted Janice, who agreed to stop poisoning Mac and summon a doctor.

MARCH 17-21, 1980
Janice went mad after spotting Rachel trying to rescue Mac and grabbed a knife. Janice accused Mitch of betraying her and stabbed him. Janice was killed by her own knife in the struggle with Rachel. Iris badmouthed Pat to Reena and encouraged her to keep Pat away from Kevin. Iris went into a rage against Willis when Brian told them about Mac being in the hospital because of Janice. Gwen comforted a distraught Willis. Kit tried to avoid her Aunt Miranda, who arrived to check her husband, Lloyd, into the hospital because of a serious illness. Mitch was hospitalized in St. Croix, while Mac was flown to Bay City for surgery. Joey grew more irritated at Rose for pressing Kit about her background. Russ and Jamie were alarmed over the amount of poison Janice had given Mac. Jason threatened to fire Dooley for urging Tracy to get a medical exam. Everyone was shocked by the events in St. Croix and regretted they didn't listen to Rachel's warnings about Mitch and Janice's plot against Mac. Miranda was appalled that Kit enjoys working, her modest life, and loves Joey. Jason gave Tracy an ultimatum to prepare for a Las Vegas opening or be replaced by newcomer Cindy Lee. Scott got nowhere while questioning Rachel. Gwen warned Brian she won't be held responsible for her actions if Iris doesn't stop harassing Willis.

MARCH 24-28, 1980
Mac had Brian act as legal counsel for Mitch upon learning he saved his and Rachel's lives. Iris maintained her belief that Willis and Rachel were in cahoots with Janice. Tracy confessed to Dooley she plans to quit singing once her debts are paid. Mac's condition improved. Rachel told Ada that Mac will never know Rachel slept with Mitch. Iris was furious that Rachel took Mac to Rachel's house to recuperate. Jason fed Tracy drugs to keep her going, and Russ warned that her health is slipping. Willis and Rachel made amends. Miranda Bishop tipped Kit's parents about her wedding plans with Joey, whom Miranda doesn't think is socially acceptable. Scott advised Mac, Ada, and Rachel that Mitch was delirious and spoke nonsense while being questioned. Kit's former fiance, Craig, arrived. Blaine succumbed to Buzz. Larry tailed Dade, Bud's suspected assassin. Mac and Rachel refused to press charges against Mitch, who took Brian's advise so he could return to Bay City and insisted Rachel's reputation must be preserved. Kevin told Reena he would give Pat the brush off if Reena laid off her. Russ advised Jason to let Tracy see a doctor and warned against using Tracy to feed his ego. Miranda found herself attracted to several men in Bay City and tried to convince Kit that money is all that matters. Charlie and Ada were pleased Mac and Rachel made wedding plans.

MARCH 31 - APRIL 4, 1980
Rachel banned Iris from the Cory estate after they argued about Mitch and Janice. Ada was disturbed that Mitch admitted his love for Rachel and refused her suggestion he not return to Bay City. Jamie and Sally went to celebrate before he left for New York. Rachel and Mac remarried. Larry and Clarice warned Buzz to steer clear of Blaine even though Blaine denied she's seeing Buzz on the sly. Mitch agreed to Rachel's request that Mac never learn Mitch and Janice were an item or that Rachel and Mitch slept together. Joey warned Rose to get off Kit's back about her family or Rose wouldn't attend their wedding. Paul offered Vivien a job. Tracy collapsed at the supper club. Willis reconciled with Mac and rejected Gwen's offer to accompany him to Chadwell for Janice's burial. Mac and Willis forgave Mitch because he saved Mac and Rachel's lives. Cecile left Philip waiting at the altar, then told Brian about Philip and Iris's schemes. Cecile vowed not to trust anyone again and refused Dennis's consoling efforts. Lloyd died and Miranda was pleased that Kit's father, Taylor is coming to Bay City. Iris's claims to Brian that the contract was phony fell on deaf ears as Brian left town for a couple days before starting divorce proceedings. Tracy tried to convince Cecile that Philip loves her and ended his contract with Iris. Miranda became attracted to Philip. Scott dropped his case against Mitch due to lack of evidence.

APRIL 7-11, 1980
Scott accepted a position with the Justice Department in Washington D.C. Hazel pumped Buzz and Clarice for information on Blaine, Jerry, and Larry's involvement in Bud's murder investigation. Taylor, who is having an affair with Miranda, approved of Joey and Kit's relationship. Russ told Tracy she has a heart condition and cannot work heavily without having a dangerous operation. Jason hired a new singer, Cindy Lee, to let Tracy know the job is on the line. Cecile took an interest in Willis while also seducing Dennis. Gwen was suspicious that Cecile may be trying to undermine Pat by stealing Pat's ideas for future articles and presenting them to Willis as her own. Renaldo and Rudy sparred for Vivien's affections. Hazel was livid that Blaine kept secret that Larry is undergoing hypnosis to recall details of Bud's murder, which could implicate Hazel and the mob. Liz suggested marriage to Jim. Miranda predicted Joey and Kit's different backgrounds will destroy their marriage. Reena wore Kevin ragged while Mac and Rachel honeymooned. Cecile kept her reasons for not marrying Philip from Dennis and questioned whether he was involved in Iris and Philip's scheme. Kit stood firm on wanting anonymity despite Rose's persistence in learning about Kit's family. Iris decided to go on a cruise alone to think.

APRIL 14-18, 1980
Miranda and Taylor's affair began to dwindle due to Miranda's guilt she was contributing to her sister, Ellen's unhappiness. While undergoing a check for appendicitis, Rachel learned she's pregnant with Mitch's child. Blaine taunted Cecile for snatching Dennis so quickly. Miranda and Philip started dating much to Cecile's chagrin. Kevin and Russ convinced Tracy she is compromising her life and convinced her to undergo heart surgery. Cecile insisted to Mac that Philip will return to his playboy ways once he's bored with his job at Cory Publishing. Mitch searched for Janice's doctored tape in the house she shared with Mac. Kit promised Rose she wouldn't hurt Joey when they're married next week. Jason terminated his partnerships with Tracy and Mitch and promised Cindy he'd take her to the top. Mitch professed his love to Rachel, but promised to stay away from her. Cecile backstabbed Pat to Mac and Willis. Rachel was reticent on keeping her baby's paternity secret despite Russ's concerns over her health and nightmares. Larry urged Blaine to reveal her past with Buzz to Jerry, who has fallen in love with her. Cecile reconciled with Jamie, whom Mac is grooming as his successor while Dennis planned a future with her. Mitch and Tracy consoled each other over their respective misfortunes. Ada and Mac were perplexed spotting Mitch at the hospital awaiting news on Rachel.

APRIL 21-25, 1980
Blaine suggested Sally step in to catch Joey if Kit's identity causes a break-up in the new marriage. Jason accused Russ of giving Tracy a fake diagnoses to become dependent on him and stop her career. Rachel believed Mitch, who was remorseful for his involvement with Janice and searched for the doctored tape. Rose had Joey and Kit's wedding photo published and news broke that she's an heiress. Buzz threatened Blaine he'd expose their past and involvement in the mob so Blaine would give in to his sexual demands. Rachel told Ada and Russ that her baby is Mitch's but he must never know it and Mac must be convinced the child is his. Tracy was touched when Brian revealed Mac paid her taxes and hospital bills and debated on the importance of her career if she had a love life. Miranda urged Kit's former fiance, Craig to console Kit once she's exposed and her marriage falls apart. Clarice told Ada that she was contacted by the press for information on Kit. Accompanist Dooley bragged to Jason that Cindy is no match for Tracy's talent. Larry lied to Jerry about Blaine's past. Jason tried to make Tracy jealous of Cindy. Charlie wondered what was bothering Ada, who felt the strain of keeping Rachel's secret. Mac offered Tracy a job at Brava after her heart surgery.

APRIL 28 - MAY 2, 1980
Willis agreed to Cecile's idea of doing a cover story on Kit despite Pat's objections. Larry feared Blaine would lose Jerry if he learned about her past with Buzz. Taylor came to town so Kit's homecoming would be easier. Ada worried that Mitch and Rachel have found staying away from each other difficult. Cecile milked her friendship with Mac in attempts to gain his favor. Blaine vowed revenge on Buzz after having another tryst with him. Kit was petrified her life and marriage have been ruined after being recognized at a country grocery store. Taylor urged Kit to accept who she is and return home. Larry and Jerry realized there's still a mob leak in the police department but were unaware it's Blaine. Pat was furious when Willis went over her head and planned the cover story. Russ worried about Mitch's love for Rachel and the chances that Mitch will suspect he fathered Rachel's baby. Blaine suggested to Buzz she meet their boss and work out a better deal for them. Rose was incensed that Kit lied to Joey and rejected Taylor's explanations of the trauma the kidnapping caused Kit. Ada and Charlie sensed trouble as they made note of Mitch's paternal streak. Tracy fainted after Russ tried to convince her that Jason is manipulating her into working.

MAY 5-9, 1980
Mac vetoed the planned cover story for Brava because he felt it would exploit Kit's life. Blaine tried to assure Larry that Jerry will never learn about her past since she plans to stay away from Buzz. Mitch realized that Rachel is keeping a secret from him that could be about the baby she's carrying. Thanks to Reena, a fatigued Kevin couldn't make it through Tracy's heart surgery and Russ had to take over. Amy accused Joey of marrying Kit for her money. Cecile lied to Willis in front of Pat, swearing she never intended to do a cover story on Kit like the other magazines. Ada grew concerned over Rachel's sympathy and understanding towards Mitch. Amy wanted to resume a past relationship with Philip but suspected Miranda has snagged him for herself. Willis was jealous that Taylor gave Gwen a building project. Jason came running to Tracy because of being in financial trouble. Kit struggled to understand how she was exposed and whether to tell Joey the truth before they returned. Hazel reported to the mob that Blaine may be double-dealing them. Pat realized Cecile is out to do her in professionally by maligning her abilities. Rose upset everyone by giving an interview accusing Kit of being a liar who tricked her son. Mac started to have suspicions upon hearing about Cecile's underhanded tactics.

MAY 12-16, 1980
Kit revealed her background and kidnapping to Joey. Rachel, Larry, and Clarice worried about Buzz's presence and Jerry's finding out Blaine kept her past with Buzz from him. Miranda hired Vivien part-time. Cecile considered telling Mac that Pat is having an affair with Kevin so Mac would lose respect for Pat. Amy decided to stay in Bay City to pursue a social life and dating. Russ and Pat were shocked over Kevin's decision to give up being a surgeon. Aunt Meg informed Hazel that Blaine must be dealt with if Buzz is Blaine's mob contact and part of Blaine's past. Jason manipulated Tracy into feeling responsible for his financial woes and being indebted to him. Philip and Pat were impressed by Craig's photographs and considered him for a job at Brava. Brian admitted to Cecile that he can't forgive Iris and plans to make a new start. Kevin and Reena agreed he'd remain a doctor so they'd have more time for a social life. Rose blamed the Halloways for deceiving Joey while alienating Paul in the process. Tracy's condition improved though she remained in intensive care. Jason was upset Tracy refused to see him. Cecile swore to Mac that she never maligned Pat's competency. Kit was forced to temporarily resign from her nursing job because of her notoriety and the scandal. Gwen urged Joey to understand Kit's past ordeals and lend her support. Larry caught Blaine on the phone with Buzz and swore he'd cut her out of his life if she's deceiving Jerry.

MAY 19-23, 1980
Rose ruined her chance to soften her ways towards Joey, Kit, Paul, and Ada, by accusing Kit of being ashamed of her in-laws. Kit rejected Craig by confessing she never loved him. Willis was jealous of Gwen and Taylor's working relationship and suspected Taylor has ulterior motives. Mitch questioned Rachel about why she's avoiding him since her pregnancy. Craig used blackmail photos of Miranda and Taylor to get her help in reuniting Craig and Kit. Mac became curious over Mitch spending time with Amanda and Rachel's anxiety. Pat agreed to date Brian once he's divorced from Iris. Paul hedged making wedding plans with Rose because she's alienating Joey and Kit. Philip told Miranda he wants to put his playboy past behind him, but Miranda confessed her money comes from Taylor. Cecile stole Pat's story ideas and had Willis submit them to Mac. Blaine and Buzz cooled their secret trysts so Hazel would stop spying on them and Blaine could get back into Larry's good graces. Dennis didn't believe Cecile's claim that Pat is attempting to get her fired. Rachel panicked after Jamie told her "Harry Must Die" is being revised to put more emphasis on the drug and it's side effects. The Halloways and Perrinis presenting a united front backfired when Jason exploited it for publicity and Joey told Kit he can't handle their lives being in the press.

MAY 26-30, 1980
Ada and Russ fretted that Mitch will learn he's the father of Rachel's baby. Hazel made the connection that Buzz is Blaine's contact and the two share a past. Rachel worried that Janice's drugs made Mac sterile, and knowledge of it would arouse Mitch's suspicions. Kit's brother, Rick arrived to start the lab project Taylor had offered him. Jerry was forgiving when Blaine confessed everything about her marriage to Jamie, extorting money from Iris, and past with Buzz. Brooks and Louise moved to Ireland and got married. Jerry's down-on-her-luck mother, Margo arrived. Pat couldn't prove to Mac that Cecile stole her ideas since Pat could not locate her original notes. Rick tried to stay away from Amy and Miranda. Reena shoved Cecile toward marrying Jamie, who is dating Sally, in order to move up the corporate ladder since Jamie will inherit Mac's wealth. Russ and Tracy discussed marriage while she recuperated at Pat's apartment. Rose stubbornly dismissed Kit's appeals that she quit pressuring Joey. Craig reminded Cindy she was once an exotic dancer and warned her to keep their past affair quiet. Donald told Jamie the revisions for "Harry Must Die" are nearly complete. Rose blamed the Halloways for causing Paul to break their engagement and abruptly leave town.

JUNE 2-6, 1980
Blaine was surprised that Hazel along with Larry, Clarice, and Buzz, backed up her confessions to Jerry. Vivien decided to work for Mac and Rachel instead of Miranda. Rick urged Joey to fight to save his marriage to Kit the way he fought against his upbringing. Miranda called Craig's bluff after he threatened to publicize her affair with Taylor. Willis bought Cecile's innocent and honest act, claiming she believed Pat had article notes but couldn't find them. Amy tipped off Kit that Craig expected her to break up with Joey and return to Craig. Liz was jealous because Jim is working on Margo's tax returns. Kevin fired Kit because of the publicity she caused the hospital. Reena suggested to Mac that Kevin and Pat are having an affair which Cecile confirmed. Craig agreed to share the fortune he'd have by marrying Kit with Cindy, who is tired of working for Jason. Kit continued to be hounded by the press while having lunch with Clarice. Mitch sympathized with Jason since they are both in love with women they can't have. Cecile made plans to make Brava more racy and scandalous. Tracy enjoyed an evening with Jim, Liz, and Pat, but was hospitalized by Russ after falling ill. Rachel asked Russ to question Jamie about the book's details before it is published.

JUNE 9-13, 1980
Rachel fell into Mitch's arms during a fainting spell. Mac got closer to learning he might be sterile. Rick saw Miranda and Taylor kissing but didn't hear Miranda state she can't hurt her sister. Willis volunteered to head up Mac's Australian company. Jason agreed to Russ's proposal that Tracy can handle both a marriage and career. Reena convinced Mac that Kevin and Pat are having an affair. Craig and Cindy formed an alliance because he'll be wealthy when he marries Kit. Liz's jealousy flared over Jim and Margo. Jason warned Cindy that he could make or break her singing career. Pat was shocked and felt betrayed that Mac believed Cecile and Reena's claims against her. Hazel was frazzled once Blaine convinced Aunt Meg that Hazel is risking the mob's cover. Joey and Kit felt the strain of the feud between Rose and the Halloways concerning their marriage. Larry remembered details of Bud's murder. Margo noted Ada's hostility toward Blaine. Gwen accused Willis of having a wandering eye towards other women once he ordered Gwen to sever ties with Taylor. Jamie gave Russ the galleys of "Harry Must Die" to check for medical accuracy. Taylor bribed Kevin by funding the new cardiac unit so Kit could resume nursing and go house hunting with Joey. Cecile assumed Pat's job as editor-in-chief when she resigned. Sally postponed a date with Jamie because of work and school. Rachel got upset once Jamie revealed the motive of murder in "Harry Must Die" was changed to the wife not wanting children like Harry did.

JUNE 16-20, 1980
Cecile hired Amy as fashion editor of Brava then told her that Philip isn't long for his job. Joey was frustrated when realtors raised the price of homes they looked at because Kit's a wealthy heiress. Pat told Kevin they can't be in each other's lives anymore, not even as friends. Mac was bewildered by Rachel's unhappiness during her pregnancy. Reena and Cecile celebrated Pat's job downfall. Amy's chum Brad Garrick arrived. Aunt Meg refused to put a hit on Larry while Buzz and Blaine were uncertain of Hazel's plans and plotted to get rid of her. Amy told Cecile that Taylor supports Miranda, who has no money of her own. Gwen angered Willis by refusing to move to Australia with him. Pat told Mac that there's no physical love between her and Kevin. Hazel cleaned her gun when she learned Larry was undergoing hypnosis. Rick saw through Cecile's act. Philip had concern for Pat and felt Cecile was too inexperienced to handle Pat's job. Joey felt like a misfit in Kit's world and mistakenly assumed she wants the posh life. Rachel went to meet the author of "Harry Must Die" author, Donald Tanner, before Mac to convince him not to mention the drug's side effects. Kevin thanked Pat for helping him return to surgery. Jason decided he'll remain Tracy's manager but was confident Tracy's career would hurt her marriage.

JUNE 23-27, 1980
Iris's return was marred by Brian starting divorce proceedings and news from Philip and Reena about Cecile's schemes. Jason was sad as he watched Tracy accept Russ's marriage proposal. Hazel convinced Larry to meet her at a power plant under the pretense she has information about Bud's death. Philip blamed himself and Iris for Cecile's transformation. Pat hit the bottle and couldn't be convinced to resume her job at Brava. Jerry, Clarice, and Blaine realized Hazel may kill Larry if he recalls details of Bud's murder through hypnosis. Cindy Lee accused Jason of only being interested in Tracy for the profits earned from her career. Taylor's concern for his wife, Ellen, caused his affair with Miranda to fizzle. Mac agreed to Cecile's new feature "Party of the Month," in Brava, not knowing Cecile planned to run a scandal piece on Joey and Kit and gossip article on Margo's past in Vegas. Dennis overheard Cecile admit to Iris she's been using Dennis out of revenge. Iris noted Miranda's attraction to Mac. Larry was shot while trying to protect Clarice as Hazel tumbled to her death upon seeing Jerry. Kevin and Russ performed surgery on Larry. Dennis accepted Reena's job offer as an art curator in Houston. Cecile tricked Joey and Kit, claiming their photos wouldn't be in the final article. Miranda plotted to snare Mac from Rachel. Jamie was suspicious that Blaine was concerned about whether Hazel talked to Larry.

JUNE 30 - JULY 4, 1980
Miranda shunned Philip and Taylor in order to zero in on Mac. Dennis was hired to work at Mike Marshall's Houston art gallery with Mike's daughter, Dawn. Reena invited Iris to Houston when Striker wanted Kevin to do surgery on Mike's oil partner, Sheik Zehedi. The sheik arrived with his bodyguard, Ryan Conner, nephew of Mike's business rival Alex Wheeler. Yasmine is pals with Mike's daughter, Courtney, who studied medicine under Kevin. Dawn introduced Dennis to restaurant owner Maggie Dekker, whose nephew Max is foreman of the Marshall ranch. Blaine was relieved that Hazel didn't tell Larry about her mob involvement. Jordan told Buzz the mob wants Blaine taken care of but that she might be saved if Buzz sets himself up with Blaine. Vicky Bellman worried that Reena would learn of her affair with Alex and squeal to Striker.

JULY 7-11, 1980
Mac was baffled at Rachel's strange behaviour. Rachel convinced author Donald Tanner to keep quiet around Mac about his book plot concerning drugs and sterilization. But Mitch was nobody's dummy and nosed around Tanner's business. Amy admitted to Joey that she always envied Kit. Cecile planned to oust Philip when she was assured that Pat won't return to Brava. Jordan pressured Blaine to be his date at a casino opening, where they were spotted by Margo.
Texas: Alex Wheeler confided to his secretary, Terry, that he and Iris had a fling years ago when he was penniless. Clipper, Terry's flame, spied on Iris for Alex. Dawn introduced Dennis to her ranch-owner grandmother, Kate. Vicky suspected that Alex's mind is on another woman, while Iris freaked out when she saw Alex. Ryan was wary that Col. Hassine is plotting against the Sheik. Reena despises her cousin, Samantha, whom Vicky favoured as head of a TV station. Dr. Bart Walker questioned Kevin's competence, but Courtney, who has eyes for Kevin, defended him. Maggie's head waitress, Nita, was overjoyed that her jailbird husband, Billy Joe, was released. Mike will lose millions if the Sheik's country is overtaken by rebels.

JULY 14-18, 1980
Joey admitted to Kit that Amy is coming on strong with him. Miranda milked Rachel's friendship to find a weakness in her marriage. Buzz warned Blaine that she'll never be able to get rid of him or Jordan. Rick dated Sally. Liz planned Tracy and Russ's marriage. Craig was jealous that Brad is going after Kit. Cecile revamped Brava to erase Pat's memory. Jim worried that Pat won't be a sober matron of honour.
Texas: Iris remembered her affair with Alex and learned that he has since become a multimillionaire. Michael's empire collapsed when the Sheik died. Alex wouldn't help Michael financially. Courtney defended Kevin's surgery of the Sheik. Clipper recorded Hassine giving the order to substitute the Sheik's pacemaker, which was the cause of death. Kevin railed at Reena for Striker's teaching offer without Kevin's approval.

JULY 21-25, 1980
Rachel finally admitted to Mitch that she's carrying his child. He put the pieces together after hearing Tanner on a talk show. Jason's attempt to halt Russ and Tracy's wedding failed. Felice Carpenter arrived to work at Brava. Joey accused Kit of not caring that Amy is after him. Sally's eyes lit up after learning that Rick is a Halloway. Craig and Cindy made a pact for her to chase Brad so that Craig will have a clear field to Kit. Robert Delaney, Cory's natural father, wrote Clarice that he wants to see the child. Jordan forced Blaine to cuddle after he convinced the cops she had been unwittingly used by Hazel.
Texas: Mike's out-of-town children, car-racer Justin and singer Paige, were notified that Mike committed suicide. Alex blames himself since he didn't keep an appointment with Mike because Alex was preoccupied with avoiding Iris. Samantha kept publicity about the Sheik's death to a minimum so that Kevin's career won't be jeopardized until the autopsy. Dawn blamed Alex for Mike's death while ranch foreman, Max Dekker, was grieved.

JULY 28 - AUGUST 1, 1980
Rachel offered to do anything if Mitch keeps quiet about their baby. Russ was slightly injured in an accident that Jason arranged. Russ and Tracy were married. Miranda ranted about Gwen being crazy about Taylor. Larry pressured Clarice to deny Robert's request to see Cory. Tanner blackmailed Rachel to get more publicity for his book. A fellow cop told a disbelieving Jerry that he spotted Blaine at the casino opening. Amy joined Cecile's plot to undermine Philip. Cecile published bad publicity about Kit which caused another riff with Joey.
Texas: Justin vowed he'd get even with Alex for Mike's suicide. Justin got drunk and reminded Reena of their torrid past. Kevin was cleared in the Sheik's death when Ryan proved that the pacemaker had been switched by a murderer. Clipper blackmailed Hassine with a tape recording of Hassine's pacemaker-switch plot. Vicky was knocked out when Alex admitted he has loved Iris for twenty-five years even though Vicky was special. Rikki, Max's brother, envied Justin's car-racing reputation. Paige returned for Mike's funeral but only because the movie he financed for her folded. Bart chided Courtney about her crush on Kevin. Dennis arranged to buy the gallery to stay close to Dawn. Iris and Alex decided to renew their romance.

AUGUST 4-8, 1980
Cecile pulled a crying act on Jamie, claiming she loves him, but she's interested because he's the Cory heir. Rachel denied to Mitch that she married Mac for his money. Jerry walked out on Blaine. Miranda tipped off Mac that Mitch visited Rachel while Mac was away. Russ and Tracy's honeymoon was called off when he was needed for surgery. Gwen caught on to what kind of woman Cecile is. Rachel had a fit when Mac wanted to see a tape of Tanner's talk show. Buzz attacked Blaine when he learned she conned Jordan to get Buzz out of her life by moving him to San Francisco. Partly because of Cecile's publicity stunt, Kit was fired.

AUGUST 11-15, 1980
Miranda was peeved that Taylor dated Gwen for her party for Kit and Joey. Both Miranda and Amy eyed Joey lustily. Blaine realized how dangerous Jordan can be when Buzz was killed in a car "accident." She's pretending to be Jordan's "property" to save her life. Rachel refused to go to Miranda's party since Miranda is on the scent about Rachel and Mitch. Joey was uncomfortable moving into Miranda's rich digs. Philip worried that Pat is drinking more than she's eating.

AUGUST 18-22, 1980
Amy entertained Jerry sexually while Jordan forced Blaine into his bed. Taylor hired bodyguards after Kit shrieked that a prowler was lurking around Miranda's house. Cecile tore up Pat's resignation letter but pretended that Pat is returning to work. In front of Mac, Tracy told Rachel that Mitch has strong paternal instincts. Jordan warned Margo not to mention his Vegas days and his girlfriend Hildy to Blaine. Jason was thrown to discover that Tracy wants a family. Jerry warned Blaine that the cops are investigating Jordan's mob connections.

AUGUST 25-29, 1980
Amy blamed Kit for coming between her and Jerry, who felt guilty about them making love. Gwen faced the dilemma on whether to remain in Bay City or join Willis. Joey, Kit, Cecile, and Miranda experienced a prowler breaking into their residences. Mitch didn't know where the taped conversation between him and Janice was after telling Rachel about it. Cecile tried to reconcile with Jamie. Joey was unhappy with living at Miranda's. Jerry planned to divorce Blaine after learning she's involved with Jordan. Ada and Charlie tried to keep Mitch from making a claim to his child. Brian offered Jerry a job at his firm. Gwen tried to help Joey with his marital problems. Carrie warned Blaine about asking too many questions about Jordan and his business practices. Brad didn't trust Craig who became angry when Kit refused to accept his comfort. Rachel worried about Mac finding out about the baby. Liz interferred after suspecting a budding relationship between Jim and Margo. Clarice received a letter from Robert Delaney.

SEPTEMBER 1-5, 1980
Miranda learned about Janice and Mitch's attempt to kill Mac from a tape. Clarice tried to hide her correspondence with Robert from Larry. Philip warned Cecile she'll pay for letting Mac think Pat was a drunk. Amy cautioned Jerry against trying to reconcile with Blaine. Rick was the voice of reason when Joey was stubborn about understanding Kit better. Mac named Cecile Editor in Chief of Brava after discussing Pat's resignation with Cecile and Philip. Miranda remained suspicious of Mitch and Rachel, who wanted to show Miranda how happy she is with Mac. Ada and Charlie warned Mitch to stay away from Rachel. Craig took advantage of Joey and Kit's estrangment to get closer to her. Cecile aimed to use Jamie since he's heir to Cory Publishing and bragged about Iris' departure and career success. Jason wasn't pleased about Russ and Tracy's hopes of having children. Blaine was hurt over Jerry seeing Amy but lied to Jordan that she no longer cares for him.

SEPTEMBER 8-12, 1980
Rachel struggled with Mitch who wanted to tell Mac about the baby, and she accidentally fired a gun. She ran away from his apparently dead body. Linda overheard Rachel threaten Mitch, and Miranda overheard them make a date to meet in the barn where Mitch was shot. A prowler poked around Mitch's prone body. Jason increased Tracy's rehearsals so she won't have time to get pregnant. Cindy Lee quit and packed her bags. Carrie, who was later found dead of a drug overdose, tried to warn Blaine to stay away from Jordan. D.A. Zachary Colton questioned Blaine about Carrie. Jerry asked Amy to meet his mother, Margo. Pat assured Philip she's off the sauce. Joey refused Taylor's job offer.

SEPTEMBER 15-19, 1980
Zachary worked to prosecute Rachel for Mitch's murder. Unbeknownst to anyone, Mitch had struggled and killed the prowler, whose burned body was found in the burned barn. Mitch crawled away and found refuge in a camper owned by two other burglars. But, Mitch has amnesia. Gwen left for Australia to join Willis. Sally departed to join Alice. Joey was upset that Kit spent time with Amy's crowd. Amy warned Kit that Craig is still after Kit. Jerry joined Amy in Canada and Kit wrote Joey to join her there. Zachary hid the fact that he gambles at Jordan's club. Brian realized Rachel wasn't telling the whole truth when she admitted to Mac she was trying to get Mitch off her back because he loved her. Blaine helped Cecile and Craig do a story on the club. Larry investigated Carrie's death.

SEPTEMBER 22-26, 1980
Cecile got Jamie to her bed and fumed that Philip convinced Pat to return to work. Zachary sent Larry to St. Croix to investigate Mac's poisoning. Zachary questioned everyone about Rachel's involvement with Mitch and got the most dirt from Miranda. Zachary also found a copy of "Harry Must Die" in Mitch's room.

Larry blew a fuse that Clarice and Cory met with Robert Delaney, Cory's natural father. Mel brought Mitch to Ma Davis, who will shelter him until he regains his memory. Blaine signed Jerry's divorce papers and accused him of running into Amy's arms. Cecile plotted to discredit Pat as an alcoholic.

OCTOBER 6-10, 1980
Joey packed his bags and told Kit to get an annulment after a photo of her kissing Brad was published. Cecile taunted Pat that she can't handle her booze well since Pat is secretly drinking on the job. Rachel was hospitalized after fainting when she learned Brian convinced Zachary to read "Harry Must Die." Zachary pushed Miranda to become a close friend of the Corys to get evidence against Rachel. Linda unwittingly told Zachary that Rachel had once said Mitch would be better off dead.

OCTOBER 13-17, 1980
Larry and Clarice's marriage crumbled as Robert insisted on a role in Cory's life. Margo told Jerry that Blaine is being dragged into Jordan's life against her will. But Blaine insisted to Jerry that Jordan can give her everything she wants. Russ and Tracy moved into a new house, but Jason told her she won't be Mrs. Matthews while on the singing tour.

OCTOBER 20-24, 1980
Kit returned to her "vampish" ways after she signed annulment papers with Joey. Pat drowned in booze believing Philip will stay in Europe with the Duchess of Essex, a situation Cecile pumped for all its worth. Amy worried that Kit is trying to win Jerry's attentions. Robert begged Clarice to run away with him and Cory. Miranda lost Mitch and Janice's tape and had doubts about helping Zachary send Rachel up the river to prison. Zachary told her that without the tape there's no proof that Mitch helped poison Mac. Tracy was a smash hit in Frisco. Zachary gave Larry a warrant for Rachel's arrest.

OCTOBER 27-31, 1980
Rachel was arrested but released on bail. Robert vanished but his ex-wife, Olivia, consulted with Russ about joining the hospital staff. Cecile spread gossip about Philip and the Duchess which drove Pat further into the alcoholic pits.

NOVEMBER 3-7, 1980
Rachel's trial began as Zachary pressured Miranda to be a prosecution witness. The Duchess died and left Philip a fortune. Pat was too drunk to accept his calls, and he was pursued by fortune-hunter, Jenna. Liz organized a welcome-home party for Marianne. Larry ordered Olivia to stay away from Cory. Olivia began working with Russ, while Jordan made a play for her.

NOVEMBER 10-14, 1980
Rachel refused to plea-bargain for a lesser sentence. Brad confessed his love to Kit, who admitted she likes Jerry. Marianne and Rick hit it off nicely. Vivien, Miranda, and Tracy's testimonies were damaging to Rachel's case, and she worried when Tanner was called into court. Amy suckered Jerry with the old "I don't want to get hurt by love" line. Blaine assured Zachary that his credit is good at Jordan's club. Liz tried to get the lowdown on Olivia. Larry passed his bar exam but offered to work undercover as a crooked cop in order to exposed Jordan. Cecile taunted Pat that she's commissioned a story about men who live off rich women, implying Philip fits the mould.

NOVEMBER 17-21, 1980
Joey returned, hid his love for Kit, and accepted a casino job. Jerry broke off with Amy because of Kit. Jerry learned Larry will be his undercover contact to nail Jordan and his boss, Jeff Cooper. Pat found herself in Philip's loving arms upon his return. Jason squired Olivia, who was thrown together with Russ while Tracy toured. Captain Ben Petroni warned Larry he might lose his family and friends by posing as a crooked cop. Zachary put Tanner on the stand, but Rachel stopped Brian from cross-examining him. Brad got hot under the collar because Kit rebuffed his advances. Amy's jealousy of Kit made her threaten Miranda again to get Jerry in Amy's corner or Amy will expose Miranda's intentions toward Mac.

NOVEMBER 24-28, 1980
Mac broke down on the witness stand and later shunned Rachel when Zachary revealed that Mac was sterile from Janice's drugs and couldn't have fathered Rachel's baby. Rachel confessed she's carrying Mitch's child, and the jury deliberated. Miranda trailed Mac to offer him her special brand of comfort. Cecile also eyed Mac after learning that Jamie may not be Mac's heir-apparent. Brad went into a rage when Kit nixed his marriage proposal, and it was revealed he once had a mental breakdown. Rachel told Tracy and Russ she wants them to have her baby because if Mac doesn't want Rachel, he sure won't want someone else's child. Larry began his coverup by making Clarice believe he's spending money wildly.

DECEMBER 1-5, 1980
Mac returned to court to hear that Rachel was sentenced to eight years in the slammer for murdering Mitch. In his isolated mountain cabin, Mitch dreamed of the shooting. Rachel insisted on giving Mac his freedom, and didn't resist beginning a divorce. Jason encouraged Cecile to move in on Mac before Miranda makes too much headway. Cecile decided to pursue kingpin Mac rather than small-fry Jamie. Rick and Jerry investigated Brad's mental history because Kit fears Brad's outbursts.

DECEMBER 8-12, 1980
Miranda cosied up to Amanda to get closer to Mac. Cecile realized Miranda is also after Mac. Ruby, a fellow prisoner, told Rachel about Sue and Danny finding a man in their van after pulling some robberies in the Cory neighbourhood. Rachel told Ruby that prison life wouldn't get the best of her. Philip pleaded with Pat to stop ignoring him. Amy left town after being accused of fabricating Brad's breakdown and realizing she would get nowhere with Jerry. Rachel reconsidered her decision to give Tracy and Russ her baby. With Blaine away, Jordan cast his roving eye on employee Suzanne, who dated Joey.

DECEMBER 15-19, 1980
Rachel gave birth to Mitch's child. Mac realized Mitch may be alive, and tried to contact Sue and Danny about the injured man they had picked up. Jason and Olivia collaborated to keep Tracy and Russ apart. Cecile noticed vibes between Zachary and Miranda. Blaine advised Joey not to question Jordan's rigged gambling set-up.

DECEMBER 22-26, 1980
Mac decided to reconcile with Rachel and raise Matthew, Mitch's son, as his own. Ada grieved after discovering Charlie had died in his sleep. Rachel hoped that Mac's theory about Mitch being alive would get her off the jail hook. Jason succeeded in making Tracy feel insecure about juggling motherhood and a career. Jamie and Rick vied for Marianne's attentions, but she leaned in favour of Rick. Brad blamed Jerry when Kit turned down Brad's marriage proposal. Brad harassed Kit with anonymous phone calls. Miranda vowed to win Mac away from Rachel during Rachel's imprisonment.

DECEMBER 29, 1980 - JANUARY 2, 1981
Clarice and Blaine worried about Larry wanting the good life. Miranda questioned Brad's reason for leaving town because of his pursuit of Kit. Rachel was skeptical about Mac believing Mitch is alive and efforts to find him. Joey comforted Ada after realizing that Charlie died in his sleep. Russ and Tracy realized the conflicts in their marriage and careers while Jason kept Tracy busy with work. Marianne noticed Pat's drinking problem. Cecile planned to dig into Miranda's life while suspecting that she is interested in Mac. Leigh arrived to attend his father Charlie's funeral. Larry agreed to accept a loan from Jordan while secretly vowing to nail him. Joey helped Ada grieve for Charlie. Kit and Jerry began dating. Jamie joined Mac with his pursuit of Mitch. Olivia denied having an interest in Russ to Jason. Jamie and Cecile spent more time together. Zachary tried to convince Miranda to be his ally.