First Appearance:
January 6, 1983
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer:Linda Dano, January 6, 1983 - June 25, 1999.
Arrival: Came to arrange a book contract with Cory Publishing.
Introduction Scene: Dictating into her tape recorder in the back seat of her limousine, "Sonya stared into her mirror. Yes, there was the Parisian nose, the wide-set smoky grey eyes."
Exit Scene: Kissing Sergei Radzinsky for the first time at Foster Park.
Birthday: February 23, 1949.
Other Aliases: Fanny Grady (adoptive name. Edward Gerard named her Felicia Gallant).


Louis St. George

Zane Lindquist (RIP)

Mitch Blake

Lucas (RIP)

Sergei Radzinski
(Married on May 19, 1999)
Felicia married Sergei (suffering from aplastic anemia from exposure to Chernobyl) to keep him from being deported. It was then revealed that not only was he simply suffering from mono, but was a writer secretly writing a tell-all book about his recent experiences with Felicia. She quickly got over her anger at him and set about to help him edit the book. They shared their first kiss after Cass and Lila's wedding.

Cass Winthrop
Carl Hutchins
John Hudson

Felicia and SpencerDATES
Spencer Harrison

In 1992, Spencer and Felicia went on a couple friendly dates. They had gotten close due to their shared problem with alcohol.

Felicia and BeauBeau Wexler
Felicia met Beau in 1992 when she was drying out at the Betty Ford clinic. He was an agent who got her a guest spot on a Perry Mason movie.


After the death of her husband Lucas, Felicia began drinking heavily to ease the pain. Her drinking got out of hand, though, and she became an alcoholic. Her friends held an intervention to convince her of her problem, but she refused to listen to them and turned against all her friends. It wasn't until one of her drunken bouts ended up almost killing her daughter Jenna Norris that she faced up to her problem. She joined Alcoholics Anonymous under the guidance of counselor Victor Rodriguez and has remained sober thereafter. Her sponsor, Judy Burrell, and she became close friends.

During a struggle between Alexander and Carl, Felicia was accidentally pushed through a plate glass window, suffering severe facial lacerations.

In 1989, Felicia was accused of murdering Jason Frame. She looked guilty because she had fired a gun in his direction, though she was aiming at something else. It was later revealed that Jason was killed by another gun. Felicia endured a lengthy trial, at the end of which she was convicted of murder and sent to jail for a month. She was freed when the real murderer stepped forward.

Freeze FrameIn 1994, Felicia shot Kyle Barkley in self-defense. He died instantly, but it was later revealed that he had had a head injury and would have died soon after in any event.

Felicia was a world-famous romance novelist and the star author for Cory Publishing.

Felicia also had her own talk show, Jam Session, (formerly Breakfast with Felicia). Presumably she is no longer associated with it.

She ran a bookstore (Wallingford's) with her best friend, Cass Winthrop, from 1995-1996 until he backed out and she followed suit.

Freeze Frame, with Walter Trask In the past, Felicia has managed several restaurants. In April 1985, Wallingford goaded Felicia into buying the North Woods Inn for $100,000. Her last and most popular restaurant, TOPS, she sold to Franco, its head waiter, in 1995.

From 1985-1986 she ran her own health spa, Gallant's.