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Special New Year's Update: 2021

Behind-The-Scenes photos of rehearsals and tapings from the 1960s: Backstage Photos.

New photos in the Galleries include:
Individual: Steve Frame and Alice Matthews Frame, Kathleen McKinnon, Wallingford, Mac Cory and Rachel Cory Hutchins, Ryan Harrison, Catlin Ewing and Sally Frame, Sofia Carlino, 30th Anniversary, Cast Photo: 1993, Willis Frame and Angie Perrini, Amanda Cory and Vicky Hudson, Matthew Cory and Tom Nelson, Lucas and Donna Love, Lucas and Matthew Cory, Neil Johnson and Carol Lamonte, Carl Hutchins and Rachel Cory Hutchins, Nancy McGowan, Clarice Ewing, Madge Murray, Julia Shearer
Multiple: Rachel Cory (1), (2), (3), (4); Vicky Hudson (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6); Liz Matthews (1), (2); Katherine Corning (1), (2); Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson (1), (2); Cast Photo: 1979, Cast Photo: 1979 (Legend).

Fleshed out Scripts section on the Miscellaneous page.

Short Audition story for Amy Carlson, who played Josie Watts from 1993-1998.


Dated August 16, 1967: Featuring Ralph Oliver who played Charlie Rushinberger from 1966 to 1967.
The sign in the restaurant read: "No service 'til 3:30. Ralph is on television." The waiters and a few customers gathered around the small screen to watch Ralph Oliver in his role on NBC-TV's daytime serial, "Another World." He was playing a waiter and doing it superbly. And why not? When he isn't engaged in his important and continuing role in "Another World" Oliver is one of the waiters in that restaurant. The other day Oliver paused on his way to set up the tables for lunch in his present off-screen job to discuss his unusual double life - a waiter in reality and in the fantasy world of television.

He said it happened like this: "I was a clarinetist in the Glenn Miller orchestra during the war but I gave up music to study acting. It's tough for an unknown and I needed a source of income that wouldn't take hours a day of practice. A friend suggested being a waiter. "I said I had never done any waiting on tables. Said my friend 'You're an actor aren't you? Act like a waiter!' So I went into a restaurant and asked for a job, acting all the time. I must have given a believable performance because they gave me a job and I've been a waiter ever since, combining it with my acting career. "I used to send cards to agents reading: I'm appearing at Blank's Restaurant, Mondays through Fridays. Come and see me.'"

When the role of Charlie the waiter came up in "Another World" a casting director remembered my practical knowledge of the mechanics of the role and sent for me." Oliver's television part calls for considerable acting outside the prop restaurant. Since he has thus been gainfully employed for a year he was asked why he still felt it necessary to wait on tables in real life. 'You can never have enough security,' he said. "Besides being a waiter give you fantastic experience in meeting people. You can study typists in tea rooms or tycoons in 'The Four Seasons.' Also I've always found restaurant owners considerate about time off. In one place, after filming all night, I fell asleep in the waiters room. The other waiters covered for me. "When the owner found me he complained to the union representative who said 'lf Ralph makes it you'll be able to say you helped a star.' The owner gave in but grumbled: 'I wish someone would pay me for sleeping.'"

The world of daytime television is a surprising one. Oliver finds himself in demand by autograph collectors, even schoolgirls, and sometimes pauses, while serving the soup or fish, to scribble his name on a menu. "Not long ago I was working at the Forest Hills Tennis Club while the Monkees were out there." he said. "It sounds ridiculous but kids were yelling 'There's Charlie from Another World' and I think I signed more autographs than the Monkees. Me, the waiter."

1983 Soap Opera Digest article: Warren Burton (Jason Dunlap, 1980-1982) called Another World "horrendous" and "the most awful time in my life, in the business." He said, "a lot of the problem may have been his own. People at AW were isolated from each other. Certain people would have favors extended to them that others wouldn't. And the echelon, if that's the word for it, was well marked. I mean you knew what your status was. I don't believe in stars on soaps, at least not backstage. I certainly don't believe that one puts more work into it than another. I think it's all a body of supporting parts. There's no better example, I think, than someone like Susan Lucci. who couldn't be more popular with the audience, but who pitches in with the rest of the cast, sharing the work load and joy without special attention. There (on Another World) you were made to think like it was the old A movie and B movies system. It was not a happy place. So, in fact, I finally gave my notice, and I'd never left a show in my life."

Very Special New Episodes available on our You Tube Channel include: December 30, 1983, December 25, 1990.